A Leo child and its Scorpio parent enjoy a vigorous and energetic relationship. They understand each other`s needs well; Scorpio likes to be respected and honored, while Leo wants to be adored and complimented. Both are intensely loyal, but tend to cling to each other possessively. Leo tends to be flamboyant, and the Scorpio parent will be more than happy to give Leo the attention required. When The Leo child shines, the Scorpio parent is delighted to applaud from the sidelines. As both the signs are so resolute, they really need to work hard to understand and accept each other`s differences. Both are able to provide what the other needs and also respond favorably to one another`s strengths. Scorpio wants to feel needed and Leo wants to be approved. Parent and child rarely have disagreements. Both signs have very powerful, yet different personalities but their mutual commitment to fulfilling their goals makes theirs a powerful and reliable family.



Tecnica muscolare - SLPC

Tecnica muscolare – SLPC

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Per introdurre l’argomento vi invito ad affrontare le definizioni e gli acronimi QUI e QUI.

Sappiamo che il tono muscolare nella fase REM , quindi spesso mentre sogniamo, è quasi del tutto inattivo.

In questa fase però se si è molto lucidi è possibile, tramite delle tecniche, a forzare il livello muscolare nel mondo reale e addirittura comandarlo dal sogno. Ci vuole molto impegno ed esperienza ma…

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John A. Jones

I called my grandfather this weekend to tell him I was visiting for the first time in several years. I caught him in a confused state, and we spent most of the call arguing about whether such a thing as winter break exists. 

My therapist says that I have worked hard to navigate a relationship with him where I am still connected but not too vulnerable. One of the methods I use is to ask him how the neighbors are doing whenever he brings up a topic I don’t want to discuss with him. Another is to avoid visiting for years.

When I was in elementary school, he would drive to my house and watch Power Rangers with me everyday. He got a kick out of the angry witch. He taught me about the Southern Poverty Law Center and his hatred of Catholics. 

Noted transphobe Tony Perkins gets grilled on FOX News

Noted transphobe Tony Perkins gets grilled on FOX News

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LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — I had to double-check, was this satire? Nope. FOX News was boiling one of its own in a cauldron.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has a history of using transphobic statements like “Can you imagine walking into your child’s classroom and meeting a teacher dressed in drag?”to undercut proposed trans/LGBT equality legislation and administrative rules. He…

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