Shisui Week day 4: Tragedy

Shisui’s death


“The less you have to hold on to, the easier it is to let go”
#justin who was 17 when he met him#justin who was supposed to be nothing but a one-night stand#justin the persistent little kid who somehow got in under the wire#justin who brian never expected to love so deeply#justin who slowly became one of the most important things in brians life#justin who impacted brian in a way no one or nothing else has#justin is one person but to brian he is absolutely everything#the way he touches his face and looks into his eyes one last time before he has to go#and the way he holds him in his arms and squeezes his hair tightly#letting justin go is the hardest thing brian has ever had to do


“with each day, he felt the barriers melting. he let them melt. because of her genuine laugh, because he caught her one afternoon sleeping with her face in the middle of a book, because he knew that she would win. celaena laughed at something Dorian said. she’d survived endovier, and yet could still laugh. while it terrified him to see her down there, a hand’s breadth from dorian’s unprotected throat, what terrified him even more was that he trusted her. and he didn’t know what that meant about himself.”


idk how to do this height difference thing why do i find myself loving them so much more even after chapter 700


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GUYS !! I am honestly so scared that after the finale this fandom will slowly disappear into painful oblivion… You guys were the reason why I made it after 3x07 BECAUSE no one really understood how profoundly hurt I was. No one but all of you. You were here. You made it better.

If our Clexakru dies, so will Lexa. And I don’t think I can handle that !! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE

The Crotch Thing

Allow me to, quickly and simply, explain why (the SOLE and ONLY reason why) the majority of men sit with their legs spread on public transportation:

Their legs are naturally at rest when spread.

If I attempt to close my legs while seated, as soon as I stop actively closing them, they will spread open again. The longer I hold them closed, the harder it becomes, because I am actively fighting my body’s natural resting position in a way my muscles are not intended to hold. My thighs start to shake and shudder. An aching pain slowly creeps in and spreads through them. It has nothing to do with balls. They just rest right on top. It has to do with sexual dimorphism.

External image

Here are the two different human pelvis girdles, male (1) and female (2). Note that the second pelvic gurdle is built to be far more forward-facing than the first. Here, I’ll mark it for you:

Note particularly the orientation of the acetabulum (the hip joint), which I’ve underlined three times. In men, they face laterally, to the side. In women, they face the anterior, that is to say, in front of you. Guess what the orientation of your hip joint means for your legs when you’re sitting? Men’s legs will naturally tend towards the side. Women’s legs will naturally tend towards the front.

Wow, I guess the patriarchy isn’t at fault after all! MOVE THE FUCK OVER, BIOLOGY.

unrequited love au

i want a fic about unrequited love. the real unrequited love, not the miss communication bitch that people do in fanfic and say that’s unrequited love.

i want the heartfelt confession, i want the apologies and i want the pain you feel when your feelings are really unrequited. i want the tears, the avoidance, the comfort from the friends, the “it wasn’t meant to be”. i want the pain slowly fading away, i want the moment when you realize that it’s not the end of the world and you will be alright, i want the “let’s go out tonight”. i want the moment when it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore, the moment when you can talk to the person who rejected you without wanting to vanish in the air, i want the big smiles back, i want the laughs, i want polite smiles when you see them on the streets, i want the “yeah, i’m alright” . i want the moment when you meet somebody else, i want the fear of being rejected again, i want the hesitation and in the end i want the happiness, even if you’re alone, because you just realized you don’t need someone to make you feel happy and good about yourself, and even if you think you need i want the wait, the deceptions you’re gonna have along the way, till you find that one person who changes everything.

i want a unrequited love, and i want to overcome it.