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Djfox sleep ;D

“Well- it’s not very good V and I mostly just-”

“Please?” the hero cut him off, looking up at him in the dim light of his room. “I’ve always wanted to hear it.”

“I… well…” Nino hesitated again, but he was useless against her. She was curled into him and he could never deny her anything when they were like this, wrapped together on the covers of his bed. They were sitting up, Nino’s back to the wall and his arms wrapped around the visiting fox, as if to make sure she didn’t run off, but it was clear she wasn’t going anywhere. Even when she had been exhausted from the fight only a short time earlier she still came by, and it was a pretty simple request.

He didn’t finish his sentence, letting silence lap over them in the dark. He stared over her and set one hand absently on her hair, stroking his fingers on it before eventually, quietly…

He started to sing. 

It was gentle and soft, but his voice was deep. He managed not to falter when he felt her curl into his chest, unsure of what she was doing but determined continue his song. 

It took him awhile to realize she had one ear pressed against his chest, listening to the vibration of it. 

It was the combination of a lot of things that made the moment so… incredible. It was the sensation of his hand stroking her hair, the feeling of having him hold her against him, the warmth of his room, the sound of his voice. 

It was a short while later that he felt her start to relax, leaning into him so that the sound of his heart and the vibration of his voice in his chest would be all that she could hear. Her hands slowly went limp and before too long at all, she let his voice carry her to sleep.

He looked down at the gently sleeping hero and kept his voice quiet, but did not stop, knowing it might disturb her should it suddenly fall silent. He sang what he knew and caught her curls in his fingers, waiting until he knew absolutely that she was asleep before venturing into the more daring songs he had always saved for her but never knew how to say. 

“I don’t know you
But I want you
All the more for that…
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can’t react
And games that never amount
To more than they’re meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You’ll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can’t go back…”

He hesitated, his hand slowly trailing through her hair, and with only the light of his window he looked down at her sleeping face… realizing how true it was.

‘Falling slowly…’

Soul-crushing X Files season 11 concept: Scully sacrifices her immortality to save Mulder’s life

mama leia and bb-ben - Want a cookie, Benling? Yes!!!

space mothers know that growing younglings need lots of snacks on Rebellion picnics and pathfinder hikes. ben likes to jump around like a jedi in training and quickly gets really hungry and really cranky on family outings…

//part VI of a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben doodle tributes for 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹ROTJ throwback <3 yub yub, love you space mum!

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Robin!Steph: Enough


Bruce narrowed his eyes at Stephanie. It was their fifth night out together, and they still couldn’t figure out how to work with each other. But… this was new. This was the first time she refused him like this. Like he was wrong, and she had statistics to back it up.


“No. You walk through that door and I’m not gunna be here waitin’ for ya’ to come back out. I will not be left behind because you think I’ll hold you back-”

“You aren’t yet skilled enou-”

“Stop.” She cut him off, took a deep breath.

“I get that I’m not Tim,” he held back a wince, and Stephanie pushed on, eyeing him like she knew he’d done it. “But you don’t get to devalue me ‘cause I’m not someone else. Because it’s never been like that. I’m not meant to be my predecessor, right? Because Robins aren’t replaceable. I’m not supposed to be Tim’s Robin. I’m meant to change Robin to fit me.”

Stephanie was staring at him now. Intensely, straight on, like she was putting every ounce of emotion she had into her words. All of the pain, the anger, the longing and the the insecurity, but mostly the limitless determination.

Bruce thought she probably was.

“I’m not Tim’s replacement. I’m me. And you can’t leave me out here. Got that, Bats?”

She forced him to meet her eyes, and neither of them spoke for a minute.

“Got it?”

He looked at her, took everything in, and nodded. “Come on, Robin.”