Fantastic Beasts Headcanon

An Obscurus is a very extreme, physical representation of youth and teen depression.

In Fantastic Beasts, an Obscurus is created when a young, magical child attempts to repress their magical gifts.  A powerful darkness is born, treating the child (or young adult) as a host, slowly feeding off of them if they don’t perform magic.  Eventually, the host will die.

This seems like a very close synonym for young adults and children with depression at an early age, facing pressures much too soon and developing a growing fear of showing who they really are, for fear of being rejected.  Slowly, this pain and anguish eats away at them, and in the worst of cases, could lead to them lashing out at others or themselves.  It’s a creeping darkness that slowly chokes the life from what they could be, and they  end up destroying themselves.

Jerome Valeska x Reader

Warnings: Dirty talk & fingering

Description: You’re a police office working Jerome’s case, when you two finally meet, he’s provocative and sexual. 

Sitting up straight, your back cracked slowly, feeling the pain from sitting in an office all day, on the same chair, often gives you back problems. Hunching back over, you continued to type away on your computer, humming softly, cracking your neck as you typed. After awhile there was a knock at your door, without looking you called out; “Come in!” You hummed, continuing to type. “Y/N?” Looking up, you see your long time friend Jim Gordon “Hiya Jim” you smiled politely, pushing your chair away from the desk, standing up and making your way towards him. Smiling softly, you watched him, your face dropping once you see the worry on his face, biting down on your bottom lip, you ask “Jim… What is it?” He paused for minute, rubbing his brow, before making eye contact with you again. “We got him” 

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Jared Leto x Pregnant Reader

Author’s Note; They are definitely still open, and oh my gosh, stop with the flattery!! it means too much to me! i’ve actually never done a pregnancy one before so this should be immensely interesting!!! This sucks and i’m sorry but Your wish = My command lovely @bitch-its-bigbang  <3

A resonating feeling of unease plagued the outside of your stomach and you couldn’t stop the gentle display of frustration that slid down the features of your face. The inside of your hand came into contact with the smooth fabric of your maternity shirt as the pain slowly began to subside. Contrary to how they make it look on TV and online, being pregnant wasn’t exactly a simple task in the modern world. The constant nausea, torturous breast pain, rapid gain of weight, pressure on your joints and ultimate discomfort throughout the day and night was no where near as glamorous as it was portrayed.  Perhaps it was trapped gas this time, or maybe undigested food; whatever the case, you were more bothered by your current emotions of depression to really pay the physical pain any mind. Your doctor had informed you that depression would be common given the hormonal changes, as well as the whole “getting fat” and constantly feeling “ill” thing, but although you expected it, it never ceased to be a lot to bare. Even though all these things got under your skin, the more dominating emotion of them all was loneliness, you missed him. 

Shaking your head, you giggled at yourself as the fingers on your free hand traced over the small crib that sat only a few feet away from you, decorated in teal and a few off shades of green; it was one of your favorite colors. The overall scheme of the room was perfection, and Jared being the control freak that he was, didn’t mind taking on the entire task of the furniture himself. There was a rocking chair near the crib, a changing table to your left, a shelf full of much needed things for mom and dad to take care of the baby, a small humidifier  on your right, and a half put together night stand next to that. Superman he may be, but that one stand was his kryptonite. If he’d just read the instructions rather than insisting on doing it himself, it might have been fully functional by now. 

It’s funny, here you were planning for your future, and the only thoughts that stuck to the forefront of your mind were those of the past. How long had it taken for you and Jared to get to this point? 4 months, 5; you couldn’t recall.

your swollen ankles caused you to sit in the rocking chair near by as you attempted to think about it all. It had been a grand total of 7 months since you told Jared about your little surprise and he was anything but excited at first. As mature as he was, he was not very skilled at hiding his emotions when it came to his personal life, instead, he seemed as if he were in a daze. He was so engulfed in his work and his career that it seemed as though he was avoiding you rather than helping you. A part of you couldn’t help but sympathize with him because you never really wanted children and his current avoidance of you just proved to you that he wasn’t disappointed, he was afraid. Although you both were financially stable, Jared never really had much time to himself due to travel, his work and his growing interests, but at one point in the beginning stages of your pregnancy, you had, had enough. You packed your things, searched for a hotel and even called a cab to deliver you some where other than his home. It took him 3 days to even realize you were gone, or rather, to figure out where you were. 

his voice was casual at first until he pointed his finger at you sternly. “Don’t, ever. Do that, again.” he fumed before approaching you slowly. You weren’t prepared for his hands on your skin, or the not so gentle embrace that he bestowed on you in the doorway of the hotel room. You felt like you were there for hours with him, just standing in the door way taking in his scent, listening to his breathing, and taking in his heartbeat. 

The sound of the hotel door closing alerted you both that you had been there too long, and you instantly pulled away from him. Moving to the other side of the hotel room, you slipped your hands over your growing stomach and and shrugged. “Look, ya don’t want to be a dad or whatever, and that’s fine. I’m not gonna force ya to do anything you don’t want to do. We can call it quits now, and I can just ……do this by myself.” 

his features held a tone of disapproval while the rest of his frame stood completely still in the distance. It seemed like something you said had caught his attention and although he seemed calm, you could tell there was something growing underneath the surface. his eyes flickered to you for a moment before he casually walked over to level his eyes with yours. You couldn’t describe the look he was giving you, but it seemed to be a mixture of confusion and dominancy. “You really think, for a second, that I don’t want to be in my kid’s life?” he was almost offended, and you shrugged. “Come on, it’s the 21st century. How many kids have been planned or well thought out before being brought into the world? How many fathers could care less that they had an offspring running around out there in the universe?” You questioned in an as-a-matter-a-fact tone. His eyebrows knitted together and his stared sharpened on you. “I am not your father. Just because he decided to skip out on you, doesn’t mean that everyone else in your life will.” You felt an eyebrow arch as your upper half slightly slid back in offense. Although you didn’t have much of a relationship with your father, your mother was nearly your best friend. Watching her raise you and struggle every day nearly tore you a part and the idea of having to do it with your own child frightened you. However, if he truly didn’t want to be there, you were not going to force him. He had missed the sonogram due to work, when in all actuality you believed he was just avoiding you.  Then, the first few months of the pregnancy, you had to handle nearly everything by yourself. It all felt like an immense burden on him, and with you being you, you’d never accept being a burden to anyone.  “Well what am I supposed to think, Jared? - - That you’re just gonna give up your life and your career for knitting booties and making car payments. People like you …..don’t settle for normal. What if you get bored of us? What if you decide that normal isn’t what you want? I don’t want to be the “girl you knocked up” or the “annoying baby mama” I just want….you.” You sighed flapping your hands as you spoke before finally just letting them flop down at your side with your latest confession. He frowned before nodding his head and finally being overcome by a giant bolt of laughter. It was a strange laugh; it tickled your heart and set your pulse a flame. “Why are you laughing? This…..this isn’t funny.” You stuttered and attempted to keep your composure even though his laughter was contagious. 

 you weren’t prepared for his hand to capture yours and slowly his thumb ran over the delicate skin on the back of your hand. “Because… many times do I have to tell you that you’re more than that? I’m 45 years old, and I don’t believe in baby mama’s. If you’re having a child by me, you’re mine. Period. We didn’t plan this, but it’s not an accident, and you’re definitely not in this by yourself.” You scoffed. “Do you have any idea how I felt, coming home and you had just disappeared? Did you think I’d be pleased? Did you think I wouldn’t care? After all this time, what kind of man did you think you were dealing with?” his questions were coated in offense and you knew whole heartedly that he was hurt, but it was never your intention. “You’re Jared Leto, oh 30 seconds to mars, method actor, king of the Gods. I don’t know what I expected, but I definitely didn’t expect you to come here.” You admit, and his shoulders slide back in response. “Do you love me?” He asked simply and you narrowed your eyes. “That a joke?” You questioned and he frowned. “I expect an answer.” he demanded and you smiled. “No, I just willing put myself through getting fat, achy, gross and being extremely unfuckable for you because you’ve got good skin.” You answer sarcastically. 

his face grew more serious now, but his hand still kept a hold of yours firmly. his eyes captured yours in a grip so strong that you could have sworn that he hypnotized you. “Do you even know what love is? Do you know what it feels like to love someone so much and not be able to touch them, or look at them or talk to them as much as you want to because you’re so busy working? You don’t think I miss you, or think about you all the time? Do you know how hard it is to focus on work knowing that you’re here, alone, roaming around this big house …..without me? You could go into labor at any moment and I could moss everything. You don’t think that hurts me? Then you pack your shit and just…..disappear….” Although his hand remained on yours his free hand motioned in front of him as he spoke and illustrated his true feelings and you couldn’t help but suddenly feel your mood decline at the thought. “I wasn’t….trying to hurt you I…..just felt like you didn’t ….want me.” you admitted and he tilted his head to the side. “That’ll never happen.” he reassured. “I’m sorry, for leaving….” he shrugged. “You got a really good hotel room, bright side. Maybe you could plan the vacations from now on?” 

You were shaken from your thoughts by the sound of the room door closing and you hadn’t realized it before but you had dozed off. You wanted to open your eyes when you smelled the cologne of your love, but you were so tired that you simply sat there with your eyes closed. His feet shuffled closer and closer to you and you assumed he’d just throw a blanket over you and leave you there but instead you felt a strange heat near your body. Was he watching you, sleep? That’s …..not strange at all. Sure, stare at the fat girl while she’s trying to catch some z’s, super polite. You nearly laughed at your thoughts concerning yourself but instead you used what little energy you hand to reach up and brush a piece of your hair behind your ear. “I was….just…” he trailed off before you opened your eyes to stare at him absently. his arm was slightly extended in the direction of your stomach and you wrinkled your eyebrows slightly. “Did you….want to feel it?” You questioned. He had never touched your stomach before, not really, and the idea that he wanted to only made you smile. 

he was hesitant at first, almost scared that if he laid a hand on it, it would break or shatter, but you smiled to reassure him. “Can I?” He asked politely and you pushed your lips together. “Well….you put it in there, ya might as well.” You joked and he smiled. His hand rested on the outside of your stomach softly and you couldn’t stop the small chuckle that left your lips. It must have woken the baby because you felt her shift slightly inside. “Wow….” he trailed off staring down at your stomach as if he were inside his own little world. “Wanna….help me lay down?” You asked needing a little help to get to the bedroom. “Yeah….” he mumbled with his hand still connected to your stomach. “J….” you insisted and he laughed. “Ok.” He shifted in front of you before offering his hand for you to stand. It didn’t take too long to get you to the bedroom and down onto the sheets especially since your energy level wasn’t as vibrant as it usually was. His chest was against your back faster than you knew it and you frowned. “Don’t you have plans to go hiking today, what are you doing here?” You questioned and a strange sound resonated through his chest. “I can go tomorrow, I wanna nap with you.” He answered ,and you smiled against the pillow. You turned to face him only to have his fingers twirl the end of a few strands of your hair. Your index finger poked at his lips softly and you smiled. “You still growing this?” You asked referring to the caveman project of a beard attached to his face. He wrinkled his eyes as if to say “yeah” and you laughed. You two stayed that way for a while, but you knew you went to sleep long before him because you could still feel his eyes on your skin as you slept. 

You were dragged away from your comfort by a pain in your stomach so sudden that you jumped up from your sleeping position to rest your hand on your stomach. A glance over to Jared and he was completely asleep, and you couldn’t remember the last time you saw him that way. Your hand absently reached for him but you pulled away when the pain repeated. Something felt wrong, but you didn’t want to be dramatic about it. You stood from the bed and headed towards the bathroom, but the immense water that poured from your lower regions alerted you that you didn’t have as much time as you thought you did. “J….” you trailed off looking towards the bed, only for Jared to move slightly and turn over. “J!” you all but yelled only to have him pop up from his position on the bed and look at you confused. “What’s wrong?” he questioned. “We gotta go…” you stated looking down at your wet clothes. 

He came to life in only a matter of seconds, grabbing over night bags, clothes, keys, covers, pillow, and even photos. “Why are you grabbing photo albums and the camera?!” you questioned growing aggravated and he shrugged “So we can take pictures…” he trailed off and you pointed to the phone “Phones have cameras Jared, they also have numbers to call people so you don’t know a photo album, what the fuck?” His shoulders pulled back in offense again, but you couldn’t help it. “Careful.” he urged. “Let’s go!” you yelled. 

The hospital wasn’t too far away, but the delivery seemed as though it lasted longer than you were prepared for. You couldn’t figure out which part was worse; the pain or the constant yelling of the word “push.” It was currently your least favorite word at this point. Jared never left your side throughout the delivery and the small promises he whispered in your ear were nearly forgotten as you finally stared into the eyes of the one you had been dying to meet. 

she, was beautiful. 
“What…..should we name her?” he asked looking down at you and slightly tilting her to your view. Your mouth gaped open slightly, seeing them both stand there so perfect, and the realization that you hadn’t thought of a name for her sank in quickly. “Umm….” you answered slowly before he smiled at you. “Constance, her name is Constance.” you finally answered before he could speak. His eyes landed on your with an emotion you had never seen before, but it oozed approval. “Yeah…Constance.” he said gentle while gazing down at her, it was perfect, but you couldn’t stay awake long enough to enjoy it.  


R: “You will never marry this woman. She will destroy your life. I swear you my son, I will kill her if you will be her husband. I will murderer her. Slowly. She will die in pain. You dont need any woman, like me. Don’t make the same mistake as I did. You are a viking. A Ragnarsson!”.

unrequited love au

i want a fic about unrequited love. the real unrequited love, not the miss communication bitch that people do in fanfic and say that’s unrequited love.

i want the heartfelt confession, i want the apologies and i want the pain you feel when your feelings are really unrequited. i want the tears, the avoidance, the comfort from the friends, the “it wasn’t meant to be”. i want the pain slowly fading away, i want the moment when you realize that it’s not the end of the world and you will be alright, i want the “let’s go out tonight”. i want the moment when it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore, the moment when you can talk to the person who rejected you without wanting to vanish in the air, i want the big smiles back, i want the laughs, i want polite smiles when you see them on the streets, i want the “yeah, i’m alright” . i want the moment when you meet somebody else, i want the fear of being rejected again, i want the hesitation and in the end i want the happiness, even if you’re alone, because you just realized you don’t need someone to make you feel happy and good about yourself, and even if you think you need i want the wait, the deceptions you’re gonna have along the way, till you find that one person who changes everything.

i want a unrequited love, and i want to overcome it.

Ohmtoonz |Word-Count: 1,160+

Prompt: “‘Is that a knife in your shoulder?’ ‘Or maybe I’m just happy to see you?’ ‘Nope, that’s a knife.’ ‘But I am happy to see you.’” - @eyesxsewnxopenx & ya classic Gang AU.

(WARNING: Slight gore.)

“Ryan?” Luke looked at his boyfriend, and fellow ‘club’ member, his eyebrows furrowed in concern. There looked to be an object sticking out of his shoulder, but for all he knew it could’ve been the dumb ass novelty armor Ryan insisted on buying because it looked “Dope as shit”, it was impossible to tell though.

From the way his boyfriend moved slowly with small howls of pain, it couldn’t be good, he knew that much.

“What’s up, sweet ass?” The tone that Ryan always used when something simply wasn’t right. Luke had learned that over the years of knowing him.

“Is… Is that a knife in your shoulder?” Luke stepped closer to inspect the blood soaked black chest armor he had under his, also blood soaked, button up shirt. He wondered if it was his own blood or someone else’s. He traced the object with his eyes, but nothing seemed to click.

“Or am I just happy to see you?” Ryan let out a dry laugh as the two walked out to their shared car, parked in the back of a sketchy run-down building.

Luke stepped a bit closer, narrowing his eyes in concentration with a promise of, “Just a second, stay still. Then we’ll go home.” He studied the markings on said object, eyes widening when everything suddenly made sense. It looked to be a hunting knife of some sort, but the blade was buried to the hilt in Ryan’s shoulder.

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The first few days after you left were the worst… The tears and the pain tore me a part. A week went, and the slowly the tears diminished… Another week went by and the pain slowly diminished also… Week after week you stopped crossing my mind as much.. You were no longer the first thing on my mind as I woke up, or the last thing as I went to sleep… Soon I began to realize I was getting over you. I was getting over you.
—  The first few days
The noiseless streams of the earth ebb and flow, and my blood flows with them; it is borne along with them and has part in them all. Through the warm dark of the earth it is flowing with the meaning of crystals and quartzes, it is in the secret sound of the weight with which drops sink down among the roots and assemble to thin runnels in search of the springs. With them it breaks out again from under the ground, it is in brooks and in rivers, in the glistening banks, in the breadth of the sea and in the moist silver vapour the sun draws up again to the clouds—it circles and circles, it takes ever more and more of me with it and empties it into the earth and underground streams; the chest sinks and collapses, the arms fall away, slowly and without pain the body disappears; it is gone; now only the fabric, only the husks remain. The body has become the trickling of subterranean springs, the talk of the grasses, moving wind, rustling leaf, and silent, resounding sky. The meadow comes nearer, flowers grow through it, blossoms sway over it; I have sunk down, forgotten, poured away under poppies and yellow marsh marigolds, over which butterflies and dragon-flies hover.
—  Erich Maria Remarque, from The Road Back (Avon Books, 1931)

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Aiden x Reader

“You alright?” Aiden chuckled as he found you wriggling into an odd position as if you hoped it would relieve the pain.


“I’m dying.” You whined.


“You’ll be fine.” He chuckled and frowned as you flipped over of contorted to a new position.


“I’m cold and sweaty and hot to, my head hurts… everywhere hurts.” You tried to move and look at Aiden when he sat next to you and took your hand but the pain slowly eased and you found yourself falling asleep.


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As many of us are slowly being released from the painful grip of finals, it’s going to be so tempting to kick back and do a whole lot of nothing. Of course it’s important to catch your breath and relax for a bit (and even that can be considered worship with the right intention), but don’t let yourself get too comfortable with the lack of activity. Constantly remind your self that everything you long for in this dunya is either a) supposed to bring you closer to your Lord, or b) it’s misdirected.

Think about a surah you’ve been wanting to learn, a lecture you’ve been meaning to listen to, a book you’ve been wanting to read - then learn, listen, read. Or do something else. Just realize that the spare time you have as a student (as busy as it is) might be the most free you’ll ever be. Take the first step towards Allah and see how He makes things easier for you.

– “Relax” [Daily Writing Prompts - Day 56]

Trauma and Healing: Meeting the Outlaws [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Part 2 my dears! Hope you love it <3

Warning: Mental Illness (hearing voices)

Ch. 1


Ch. 2 Meeting the Outlaws

Waking up felt… strange. It’s warm and soft, comfortable even. There was a soft light trying to penetrate through your eyelids. Was this a dream? You haven’t felt like this in years, not since you were taken. Having forgotten this feeling, before it was just something you imagined and tried to remember, but now it’s real.

You move your hands around where you were laying. Feeling sheets and a comforter, the pillow under your head. Taking a deep breath, noticing the smell of cigarettes, gunpowder, and green apple? A surprisingly nice concoction. Opening your eyes, greeted by the warm light streaming in from the windows.

Sitting up slowly, wincing when feeling pain pulse through your temple. Bringing your hand up to massage the side of your head. Looking around, first noticing the red blanket wrapped around you. Then seeing a few guns on a dresser, also seeing a desk with a laptop and manilia files. A rather large collection of novels scattered on a bookshelf. There was a copy of ‘The Outsiders’ marked and on the night stand.

“Where?” Mumbling while still surveying the room. Hearing the door click, eyes shooting in the direction.

A woman peered in, she had green eyes with orange skin and hair. “You are awake” she smiled. Turning to what seemed like gesture someone to come.

Seeing a man with red hair come in, wearing sunglasses. Then the man who saved you the night prior, remembering the red helmet. “Who are you? Where am I?” staring at the three. The three exchanged looks, “I’m Arsenal, then there’s Red Hood and Starfire” the red haired man introduced them all.

You simply continued to stare, “You’re in our safe house, can you tell us your name and what happened to you?” Red Hood asked next.

“I, uh, I’m [F/n] [L/n]” you paused. “And I’d rather not talk about it” grip on the blanket tightening.

“We don’t mean about the trafficking. About your powers is what we mean.” Arsenal clarified whilst taking a hesitant step forward. You had to stand up, “I-I don’t know what you mean. W-What p-powers?” stuttering as, mind trying to wrap around the accusation.

The two looked at Red Hood who came and stood in front of you. A familiar smell of cigarettes and gunpowder wafting toward you. “When I took King down, you looked as if you were hearing things. You were yelling for something to ‘shut up’ before an energy pulse came from you.” He explained calmly, you stared at his mask before turning away and running a hand through your hair.

“I-I hear whispers sometimes. But it’s just from being held for so long.” You shook your head, trying to convince yourself. The three looked back at each other, “Were you in Central City the night of the particle accelerator explosion?” You heard Arsenal’s voice from behind you.

Thinking you walked and looked out the window, seeing the skyline. Remembering back through all of the times you were ever sent to Central City. Rubbing your face when remembering the night in question. You had been.

Crossing your arms across your chest and rubbing your upper arms. Looking over your shoulder nodding but keeping your gaze on the floor.

After that night the whispers started.

“We should let you get cleaned up, please use our bathroom and shower. I could let you borrow some clothes of mine.” Starfire offered.

“Thank you, I’d appreciate that” Looking down at your old, dirty clothes.

The three exited the room, leaving you to stare out the window. Taking a deep breath you went into the bathroom that seemed to adjoin the room. Seeing a towel laid out already. Closing the door behind you before turning on the shower. Not able to remember the last time you had taken a shower.

The warm water washed away all of the dirt and grime from your captivity. Observing the bottles of soaps. Eyes landing on the shampoo called ‘Harvest Apples,’ smiling upon remembering the scent that came off the sheets earlier. So, Red Hood was the one to offer you his bed.

The three outlaws stayed in the common room. Jason was leaning against the back of the couch, of which Roy was sitting, and Kori was sitting on the floor cross legged.

They didn’t speak until they heard the shower start. Kori broke the silence first, “Do you think she is a metahuman?” watching the two men in front of you.

“It’s possible, from what I saw it seems that way.” Jason looked between the two. “Maybe we should call Ollie and Bruce? They will know how to figure out what she can do.” Roy suggested, fiddling with one of his arrows.

“That may not be a bad idea” Kori affirmed, they both looked at Jason.

He may be on good terms with Bruce again after forming the Outlaws but he still preferred to keep Outlaw matters separate from the League. Though he knew they were right, they had a Tamaranean, an archer, and a marksman. They didn’t exactly know too much about metas.

Sighing, “Fine, but just them. The League doesn’t get involved.” Jason stated as they both nodded. Roy went to call Oliver while Jason headed on to the fire escape to call Bruce. Kori headed into her room to find some clothes for you.

Finding a pair of jeans and a sweater. Walking back to Jason’s room, where he offered to let you rest. She laid the clothes on the bed, noticing your discarded clothes on the floor and the bathroom door closed. She lifted up the dark green button up shirt you once wore, taking note of the holes and tears. It was dingy and tattered.

She heard the shower turn off and headed back to the common room, finding the two back and done with their phone calls. “Well?” questioning upon stopping in front of them.

“They’ll be here early tomorrow morning.” Roy began, crossing his arms. “Bats promised to keep it out of League matters.” Jason continued on relaying the messages they received. Kori nodded, “I put some clothes in there for her, I think I’ll let her keep them. The other clothes are littered with holes.”

“When I was in there the shower turned off, I’d get your helmet and glasses if you wish to keep your identities secret” Kori observed as the two men nodded and searched for the items. Though you never came out.

“Should we check on her? It’s been 45min.” Roy stared at the still closed door. “She will come out when she is ready” Kori commented, flipping through a magazine. Jason nodded reading the book he swept off the nightstand before leaving the room earlier.

After 15 more minutes Roy’s curiosity was getting the better of him. “I want to see what she’s doing” he stood and walked to the door. Quietly cracking the door open. He peered in the room the others coming behind him. You were sitting on the floor head in your hands, hands covering your ears. They could hear you faintly mumbling something. Listening closer, hearing “Just be quiet. Stop.. Stop!” in a faint whisper.

Though your voice grew, hands beginning to pound on the side of your head. “Stop! Stop! Just shut up!” yelling. Jason ran into the room, the others right behind him.

He grabbed your hands and kept you from hitting yourself, “Stop! [F/n] Stop!” yelling to get through to you. When you looked at him your eyes had changed color from [e/c] to fiery gold, a magic of the same color swirled around your hands. He let you go and stepped back as you stopped resisting.

Your eyes widened at the sight, taking deep breaths. The magic faded and your head dropped in your hands again. Rubbing your eyes before looking at the three, “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for” Kori kneeled beside you.

Jason and Roy looked at each other, Jason looked back at you. His hands went to his helmet, he pulled it off. Roy followed suit with his glasses.

“[F/n]” he sat in front of you. You were shocked to see the two without their mask and glasses on. “You’re welcome to stay with us, my real names Jason Todd. That’s Roy Harper and she’s Koriand’r or Kori. We want to help you with your powers.” He watched as your eyes returned to their initial shade as you relaxed.

“I-I couldn’t burden you like that.” You looked between the three.

“No burden at all, we’d be honored to help you.” Kori smiled, placing a hand on your shoulder. “You already almost punched Jay, you’re an Outlaw already” Roy laughed, receiving a glare from the marksman.

“I don’t know what to say” looking back at Jason. “That you’ll let us help you” he instructed. You were stunned at first before allowing a smile and nodding. Kori smiled and hugged you. It had been so long since you felt a friendly touch. Usually you’d recoil from such an embrace but no this time you accepted it. Though Roy was soon to tackle the both of you. Jason only laughed, you smiled up at him.

This caused what felt like butterflies to form in his stomach. What’s that about?

You were happy to have help from them, but you couldn’t help but think. ‘There’s still so much they don’t know’

Big Bang reactions to finding out you have regular seizures every 3 months because of brain tumor

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Idk if I got the idea of the seizure in the right way but anyways hope you all like it. 

You were both at home, he was reading the script for his next movie and you were currently cooking dinner. After a while you were getting dizzy and everything went spinning but it got away soon, so you kept cooking on. You never had experience with something like that so you were scared what happened. After 3 months it happened again. This time you were just walking towards the car where Seunghyun was waiting for you. He was a little angry at you because you spent so much on your makeup. You were slowly running when you felt pain in your head. It was like someone was screaming inside of your head. You stopped and fell to the ground unconscious. He noticed you fell and ran towards you. Your hands were shaking and he called an ambulance immediately. When you found out in the hospital you have a brain tumor, he just left the room for a while. He was sitting on the bench outside, thinking what that means for us. He wanted you to live and he was ready to give everything for your healing. After a while, he came back and wanted to talk to the doctor how dangerous this is and if he can help.
*to the doctor* “I will do everything, just tell me how can I help”

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You had sudden attack every couple weeks, but you always thought it was because of not eating properly or dehydration. But this time it was worse. You were on dinner together, he was wearing a suit and you wore a red dress, just like in the movies. You stopped eating and you were just gossiping about the latest trends in USA when you stopped feeling your hands and legs. You closed your eyes. There was nothing, you felt nothing and heard nothing. Your head hurt like someone is putting something heavy on your head. What you didn’t know was that you were lying on the ground shaking and you weren’t breathing for a few seconds. He was surprised and stood up, held you and screamed for help. He wanted to get an ambulance right away. He couldn’t watch you like that and he let one of the waiters to put you in the right position. When an ambulance came he was right there beside you. He waited all night for the results. Since you woke up soon, they had all of the results ready by the morning. When he heard the words tumor and brain, he just hoped it was not too late for healing.
“We’re not too late, right? We have time to heal, right?”

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While you were cleaning the living room and he was on the couch watching new variety show, your brains told you to stop. You couldn’t talk and when you tried you bit your tongue. Then you started shaking and lost control over your legs. It was painful so you closed your eyes and screamed because of the pain. You didn’t know how you felt at the moment but all you knew was you had to scream. You just got the signals and did it. You scared him and he thought you burned yourself and came to finding you on the ground shaking, with your mouth full of blood. He panicked and asked you what happened. He kept shaking you and wanted you to stop screaming but h didn’t know how. It stopped after that and you could finally open your eyes. Since it was your first time you were just tired and wanted to sleep, so you stayed on the ground sleeping. He was even more scared but since you were yourself and not hurt a lot he just called the doctor to come at your home. He diagnosed you by a brain tumor. He wanted to know how and if it can be healed. He promised to go to the hospital with you tomorrow.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s gonna heal*caresses your head*”

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He knew how hard headaches you had sometimes but you always said it was bearable, but now, when you were waiting for him to get in the car, you just felt sleepy and your head hurt again. You had to close your eyes and when he got inside you let go of the driving wheel and touched your head slowly since you couldn’t do it faster. He saw something was wrong and asked you. When he touched your hands you started shaking and after that, it all went away. You just forgot everything and when you opened your eyes you had no idea who you were or who he was. You just closed your eyes. He was confused about what just happened and how you ignored him. He wanted you to get out of the car and breather for a while. You remembered everything in a couple minutes and you ended up crying because you knew something was wrong with you. The next day when he heard you had a brain tumor, he cried too. He could’ve never imagined you could be sick. He held your hand as long as he could during your time in the hospital and just prayed for you to be okay.
“We’re going to be okay Jagi.”

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You did a lot of pranks on him. He didn’t know you sometimes had seizures, sudden attacks. They were always short and you were just sleepy afterward and forgot about them. This time Seungri was there. You were dancing in the kitchen when he heard you hit your head on the kitchen counter and he thought you were doing a prank on him again and screamed that it won’t work this time. When you didn’t reply and he heard weird noises he stood up and checked up what is going on. He found you laying on the ground, shaking and a wound on your forehead. He kneeled and held your head. He just wanted to call the ambulance when you opened your eyes. Instead, he drove you there immediately. He was scarred why you would have a short attack like that. He was scared the whole time, waiting for results. When the doctor came and told you about the situation, he just stayed quiet and listened to him what to do if this happens again. He felt like he is not responsible enough to take care of the situation and promised himself he’ll help you get through this.

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Don’t Deserve You

Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)

Pairing: Teen!Remus Lupin x reader

Request: “Could you maybe do a Young!Remus one shot based on song “Don’t deserve you” (as in Remus thinks that he doesn’t deserve reader because of his furry problem)

A/N: @skymundane477​ thank you so much for this request, I really like this and I hope you do too! Just wondering, would you like me to start tagging you whenever I post Remus fics?

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(I swear to Durin I’m marrying this gif. Sadly I don’t own it, credit to owner)

You’re the first face that I see
And the last thing I think about
You’re the reason that I’m alive
You’re what I can’t live without

Remus blinked groggily as he woke up in the uncomfortable hospital bed. There were two things that he noticed immediately; the pain slowly spreading to every part of his body, and the girl asleep in the chair by his bed. Her hair fell across her face, but he could still see the worried expression she wore even as she slept. She had a loose grip on his hand, a grip he knew would be vice-like as soon as she woke.
“Hey,” he croaked, squeezing your hand weakly. Your eyes fluttered open, and you nearly fell out of the chair as you tried to get your blood circulating again. Your eyes landed on your boyfriend, lying in the hospital bed covered in blankets and scars and bruises. Your grip on his hand tightened as he smiled weakly at you.
“How’re you feeling?” you asked worriedly, running a hand through his messy light brown hair. It was just one of the perks of having a werewolf boyfriend, having to wait and worry every full moon about him. You knew, however, that you couldn’t love anyone else more than you loved Remus.
“Bit sore,” he mumbled. “You know what would help? A kiss,” he said, grinning cheekily. You rolled your eyes, pressing a gentle kiss to his chapped lips anyway.

You never give up when I’m falling apart
Your arms are always open wide
And you’re quick to forgive when I make a mistake
You love me in the blink of an eye

“I could have hurt you, (Y/N)! Hell, I could have killed you!”
Tears stung at the backs of your eyes, threatening to spill as you helplessly watched your boyfriend pace back and forth in front of the fireplace. It had all been a simple miscalculation; you’d all thought the full moon was due in two days’ time, meaning it was alright for you and Remus to take a walk outside alone the night before. You’d both gotten a nasty shock when he started to transform, and you an even nastier one when he’d lashed out at you. You didn’t have it in you to tell him that he’d left a deep gash on your arm, he was beating himself up enough as it was.
“Remus, it wasn’t your fault!” you told him. “Neither of us knew that was going to happen!”
He stopped his frantic pacing to turn and stare at you, tears flowing thick and fast down his scarred cheeks. “I’m a monster,” he whispered. You got to your feet, standing directly in front of him and holding his face so he had to look into your eyes.
“Say that again, Remus John Lupin, and I’ll show you which one of us is the monster,” you threatened. “Anyone who ever dares to even think that you’re a monster is signing a contract to get cursed into next week by me, and that includes you.”
He smiled slightly at your fierce loyalty to him. “(Y/N), I’m not safe to be around,” he said sadly. “You saw how bad I got.”
“Yes, I did see that, and yes, it did get bad,” you replied. “But you know what I see now? I see a boy who regrets everything that happened, who would never hurt anyone. That’s the boy I fell in love with, Remus.”
You wrapped your arms tightly around him, smiling softly as he rested his chin on top of your head and held your waist gently. “And that’s the boy I’m sticking with,” you whispered softly.

I don’t deserve your love but you give it to me anyway
Can’t get enough
You’re everything I need
And when I walk away
You take off running and come right after me
It’s what you do
And I don’t deserve you

The Marauders’ Christmas party was always brilliant, but tonight there was something missing, you thought. Looking around, you saw James and Lily slow dancing, Peter by the snack table, and Sirius trying to get Marlene McKinnon under the mistletoe. But no Remus.
Leaving your goblet by your chair, you quietly left the classroom your friends had “borrowed” for the night. Your feet made little to no noise as you crept through the draughty corridors, reaching a small spiral staircase that you’d never seen before. The sunset shone through a beautiful stained glass window, your boyfriend’s silhouette visible halfway up the stairs.
Wordlessly, you sat down beside him and took his hand in yours, watching the sunset while you waited for him to speak.
“Why aren’t you with the others?” he asked eventually.
“I could ask you the same thing,” you replied. He sighed wearily.
“I just spoil their fun. It’s better if I’m not there.”
You nudged his shoulder gently. “It’s not better for me. You really think I want to watch Marlene turn down Sirius without you there laughing beside me?”
He shifted his gaze to where his fingers were intertwined with yours, brushing his thumb over your knuckles gently. “I don’t understand why you want me there,” he murmured. You lifted the hand you weren’t clasping his with, turning his face so that he would look at you.
“Because you’re not just my boyfriend, you’re my best friend,” you whispered. “And I love you more than anything in the world.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Even more than chocolate?”
“Hey, one step at a time,” you joked, smiling when he laughed. “See? There’s that smile I love. Now c’mon, we’re going back to the common room and making a pillow fort.”
Remus smiled to himself as you ran on ahead, in awe at the way you could make him this happy so easily. Not even his best friends could do that, and yet one lame joke from you would have him in fits of laughter. You just had that effect on him.

Your heart is gold
And how am I the one that you’ve chosen to love?
I still can’t believe that you’re right next to me
After all that I’ve done

Remus smiled down at your sleeping figure, curled into his side on the sofa by the fireplace, both of your Charms essays lying unfinished and forgotten about on the table. A few loose tendrils of your hair tickled his arm, but he didn’t ever want to move you. He shifted carefully so that his legs were up on the sofa too, your head resting over his heart. He placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, rubbing your back soothingly. He chuckled when you mumbled something incomprehensible in your sleep, moving even closer to his warm figure.
It still amazed him that he never woke up in the morning to find out it had all been a dream. He was clever, but he could barely get his head around the fact that you’d chosen to love him, and more importantly that you’d never changed your mind about him. Right now, with your sleepy breathing tickling his neck and your head over his heart, he found he was starting to believe in it. He was starting to believe in you.
“Hey sleepyhead,” he teased as you stirred slightly, your eyes opening slowly. You wrapped your arms more securely around him, burying your face in the crook of his neck sleepily.
“Hey yourself,” you tried to retort, a loud yawn slightly ruining the effect. Remus chuckled, kissing your forehead again.
“You’re adorable when you’re sleepy,” he told you, grinning.
“Shut up, I’m wide awake,” you mumbled, your voice muffled slightly.
He smiled, massaging your scalp gently, knowing that it would send you straight to sleep within minutes. “No you’re not,” he said as another yawn escaped your lips.
“Stop doing that,” you grumbled.
“Doing what?” he asked innocently.
“Being right,” you mumbled. “It’s…annoying…” And just like that, you were sound asleep. Remus nuzzled the top of your head gently, letting his own eyes drift shut at last.

Bully Pt. 4

Title: Bully pt. 4
Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader
Genre: angst, fluff
Warning(s): cursing, physical violence

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three

This part doesn’t involve Wonwoo but it is important, so be careful if you plan on skipping it.

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Replaced Twice 2

Prompt ~ “Could you do an imagine where the reader and Jason were a thing but after his death you became really close to Tim.”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader - Tim Drake x Reader

 You gasped as you opened your eyes, you blinked a few times. You looked around, you were in your room. You stood up slowly, a sudden pain shooting up near your abdomen. You looked down, a bandage wrapped around your stomach blood splattered here and there.

“[Y/N] you’re awake?” Tim stepped into your view, your bedroom door closing shut behind him.

“Are you okay? Do you want to eat? Are you lightheaded? Do you need-”

“Tim I’m fine, besides the pain, but that will subside.” You groaned out as you stepped out the room. You pathetically tried to go down the staircase, your hands gripping the railing harshly in fear that you would lose your balance.

 Just as you took the second step Tim interlocked his arm with your free one, helping you down the rest of the steps. He helped you through the manor, taking you to the kitchen insisting that you needed to get food in your system.

“You need to get out of here, I’m certain she doesn’t want to see you.” You could here commotion in the living room, that was surely Bruce’s voice.

“Please, let me see her. I know I fucked up but let me see her please.” Another voice begged.

“Master Bruce what harm could possibly be done if he just talks to Miss [Y/N]?” Alfred asked a determined tone laced into his comment.

Tim desperately tried to make you step into the kitchen, but you being stubborn escaped his grip and turned to the living room. Ignoring the flaring pain in your stomach.

“Jason?” You gasped out once you stepped in, everyone’s attention turning towards you. You stared at Jason, his jet black hair now had a white streak, his ice blue eyes staring into yours. No longer the same mischievous glint in them you fondly remembered, but a broken look, almost as if he was silently screaming for help.

“[Y-Y/N]” He stuttered out, walking closer to you, “Please forgive me, I know what I did was wrong and all I want is your forgiveness please.” His strong stance broke, his eyes glazing over, tears threatening to fall out. Bruce looked at you as if anticipating your response. Tim had waked in waiting as well for what you had to say.

“Jason, you were my bestfriend growing up. You were my first love and when you died I was devastated. When you shot at Tim, I had to take the bullet. Tim was there to help me through all this crap. I know you didn’t intend to hurt me, I want to scream at you and tell you to get out.” You reached out for his hand, holding it up with yours, “But I cant, because I miss you so fucking much and I love you. Seeing you here right now is all I ever wanted. I would do anything to have one more day with you and here you are. I forgive you but just come home and fix all your wrongs.”

 “I love you so much, I’m sorry for what I’ve done.” His hand slowly slipping out of yours, “I’ll come back and I’ll make you proud, I might not be the same guy you fell in love with. But I still love you and I hope you’ll love me back with all these flaws.” Jason let go of your hand and began to walk away.

“Promise you’ll come back Jay.” You whispered not expecting him to hear it.

“I promise.” He said as he walked outside, leaving you behind wondering why it had to be this way.