slowly understanding photoshop

Hello there nerds! 

The time has come for me to post another follower forever, this time celebrating an unbelievable 5,000!

Not only has my follower number increased, but the quality of my edits and gifs have too as I have (slowly) began to understand Photoshop. So, thanks for sticking with me through this journey and for following the absolute trash that is my blog.

Here are some cute nerds who I think deserve a special shoutout:

 howells-llama internetcultleader   dauntlester constipatedhowell  i-make-doodles-lol  moonlitdan  radianthowell  ▽ mchowelley  ▽ 

fobhowell  sassmasterhowell  gaypasta  philsmom​ unfphan   psychicphan hcwell  howltcrs​ lestericalphan​ howxll 

 Now for the bloggers I want to lowkey be friends with (but probs never will bc they are too cool):

 phanlight   yeezydan  sweaterlester   athletichowell  howllestr    aesthetic-howell  sunshinehowelll   sunshinelester   amazinqphil 

 sarcastichowell   phanicatthedisco   orchidlester danscrotch  ▼    dostmotherknowyou llster   

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Thanks to every single one of you nerds for being awesome! I wish you all the best and I want to thank you all for getting me and my blog to where I am now.