slowly stands up and rests his hands on your hips

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Imagine: Klaus fucking you in front of your mirror and whispering dirty things in your ear as he fucks you. (Requested ~Smut~)

Klaus positioned your stand-up mirror in front of your bed with a small smile on his lips. You knew he was up to something, considering you were naked and standing in front of the mirror. He walked back around to you, watching you stare at yourself. One of his hands snaked around your waist and up to cup your left breast and he squeezed it gently. Your head rolled back onto his shoulder, his hot breath fanning over your collar bones. 

Your lips parted when his other hand shot up to cup your right breast, his lips attaching to your neck. Slowly, his right hand trailed down your stomach and to your hip where he rested it there and then slid to your folds. You gasped, his fingers pushing into your clit and to your entrance. Klaus grunted and moved his lips to your ear. His left hand reached up and wrapped around your throat to hold you into him.

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