slowly retreating

Long before Dawn - written by me (Deusn)

As the rays of the sun, who slowly gaved in too the presence of the heavy, grey clouds, slowly retreated from the planes of snow, it seemed clear that the gods have abbandoned those, who in theyre name, or in the name of richess and battle went out too find theyre destiny.

A dance of light and steel was performed under the skies, in a place that was forgotten by men long decades ago. And now, again after more then three hundred years, this ground was again tainted by the blood of the living. Snoflakes flew stronger in the space, that was filled by the song of clashing steel and sparks jumped from the blades into the air, burning brightly only for mere seconds, before with a powerfull battle cry they were blown away and followed shortly by a few more, when the blades clashed again.

Screams of long dead filled the valley where once a proud churche stood, but now in the unending waves of snow, the living fought the dead. Rusty, deteriorating cleavers, sabres and spears clashed with polished steel that cut deeply into the armor of the dead ones.

A quick thrust from Thane´s dagger came through the tough breastplate of the undead warrior in front of him. As the body of the dead absorbed the attack, chunks of flesh flew through the air, tainting Thane´s face. The young thief quickly dodged, half way through changing his stance, too quickly grab the spear right behind its piercing spike, before it could burrow itself in his side, with a scream of hatred, turning quickly, hitting the undead swordsman into his chin with his elbow, before leading the undead spearman next too his right side, kicking him swiftly in his knee, too make both of them fall into the snow.

His breath was heavy, he looked quickly around him, wiping away the blood coming from the small cut over his right eyebrow. He could barely recognize the small, slim figure of the groups priest Azy just a few meters away from him. He saw her rising her hands and her glowing scepter too the air, before he needed too yet again dodge, against the overwhelming storm of thrusts and slashes that the undead gifted him with.

“KERU !”, his voice called out, as he used his daggers pummel too break away the metal of the annoying spear. He wished too call something more, yet the undead proved too great too ignore, or not take seriously. Only barely did he realize, how the earth under him got hotter, and the snow itself started too melt, before jumping too the side, and rolling as far as he could.

Even after that he could feel the fire of the thrown fireball burning his long cloak, as Scar heard his plea for help and came too his rescue. The powerfull sorceress stood as a pillar of power and destruction, yelling out incantations and powerfull spells, which she used too clean large portions of the area around her and her companions. Lighting, dazzling bolts of energy bit deep into the bodies of the undead throwing them meters away, from the gesturing woman. Shortly before finishing her last fire spell, she yelled out another formula of power, and waved her hand upwards throwing the bones of the undead that were attack herself in a pair, too the air, with raging bolts of energy, making theyre parts fly towards the ruined structure.

Thane spat out snow that filled his mouth and quickly stood up. He didnt see his green haired friend nowhere, nor did he see his leader, or his heavy armoured friend, yet as he was blinded by a light stronger the the rays of sun itself, he could hear the singing, clean voice of Azy coming through the storm itself, dominating the area with her presence, making the blizzard itself avoid her figure and the powerfull aura of her scepter, before the priestess slammed its head into the ground. The hungry pack of undead that tried too get too her were eaten alive by the powerfull magic of her faith, and dissapeared in the light.

A short pause, that was so needed finally came. Thane quickly ran towards Azy, packing Scar by her hand as he ran past her bringing them together. All of them breathed heavily, and stood side by side, forming a small circle, against the rising army of the undead.

Scar was as always in the role, of the caring, overprotective sister, as her voice filled the storm of snow.

“So…anyone hurt ?”, she asked as she fought for air.

“I´m calling dibs on the first teeth i beat out of the next skeleton, sis.”, answered Thane with his voice being changed by his breathing.

“We need…too regroup. They are too many, for only the three of us.”, Azy added, keeping her scepter close too her chest, holding it with both hands its radiating light slowly extinquishing as it was overwhelmed by her magic.

“Agreed.”, Scar answered and as she gritted her teeth, the magical lightning answered covering her hands in cracking sounds and power, that belonged too every sorcerer.

“Everyone, stay behind me. If they try too use theyre numbers again i will turn them too dust. Thane please…guard my flanks.”, said Azy as her eyes shined again with pure blue magic and her back straightened, determination filling her gaze.

The young thief smiled wildly, turning his dagger between his fingers as if it was but a simple toy, before taking his stance, one hand outstretched with his weapon, the other close by, prepared for disarming and grabbing.

“Im with you, sis !”

They knew theyre chances, they knew what they were up against, but neither of them would give up. For they knew also one other thing. Once they would be again besieged by death, there was non better then the person standing by theyre side too save them from such fate. 

As they stood, waiting for another wall of rusty steel they could clearly hear the sounds of counting and yelling that came from somewhere close by. They knew very well too whom these voices belonged. And non of them could hide a smile. If “they” were alive, they just might make it out of here.


The metal gauntlet burrowed itself with loud cracking sounds in the face of the woud be undead warrior, as a long grey cloak flew in the air, followed by an warhammer that blocked the slashing, horizontal attack from another skeletal warrior, that was covered head and toe in rusty, plate armor. 

“Fifteen !”, came from the closed plate helmet, before the heavy blows of the twohanded weapons met each other over the snow of the lost valley. Blow after blow, cursed magical steel of the undead, against the unbreakable steel of dwarven forges. 

“Seventeen !”, came from somewhere left of the by plated covered warrior, and a flash of green color came through the air, before as a hailstorm of blades a dancer came through a group of undead.

Each step was calculated, each swing of one of the two swords was lead with unmatched belief in one owns strenghts and abilities, before using a balanced step too the side and attacking. Light armor, only barely protecting the warrior from incoming attacks. Yet with such speed and dexterity no one needed much cover from damage.

Two swords followed each other, letting thrusts of spears pass, before cutting theyre hilts into two, together with the hands and knees of theyre owners. Two eyes, in the color of malachite looked through the falling snow, looking and following the swings of the undead marauders, and leading effective counter attacks. 

Keru, the swordsman of the group blocked another wide swing of the undead soldier, who followed his attack with his shield held up high, performing another wide swing against the thick duelist, hoping too chop off his head. How surprised the undead was, when Keru bow under the blow, turning half-way before making a thrust with his left blae against another incoming undead, thrusting through his nose and into his helmet, while at the same time slashing against the knees of the undead sending it too the ground. Holding his position he was able too dodge another thrust of the charging spearman, only too turn again in the direction of the hour, too block three wild swings of an rusty axe, that one of the undead must have stolen from the dead woodcutters that came too this place before his group.

“Eighteen !”

Turning yet again and taking three steps back, the swordsman had a good idea where his enemies were and continued too perform his dance of death, answering the chaotic attacks of the undead, with unmatched flurries of attacks. His face was twisted in a victorious smile, and his concentration was complete, as he took his blades and with each one in hand, he stomped into the ground, making the snow fly too the air, taking in the attacks of the trio of undead warriors. Standing, keeping his ground, his swords singing theyre own song of metal and steel, letting the sparks fly and the weapons of the undead break.

Only barely did he realize as two of the undead were cut down by arrows that had the glow of sapphires. His smirk went away and he slashed down the remaining undead warrior of the undead, before waving with his sword, towards the archer that was standing atop a broken pillar, shooting magical arrows without stop.

“No fair ! That one was mine !” , he called out, before seeing as his friend in heavy armor fell next too him, a deep cutting wound in his shoulder guard. Only seconds have saved the green haired swordsman from his head being chopped off, as he turned with a quick gesture and took a parrying position. The hammering twohander that hit his guard had the power of an bear, and sended the young swordsman flying. He burrowed into the snow, gliding over it, far away from his compatriots, before doing a back roll and ending on his feet. Only too watch as all around him, the dead came back too the light, too once again conquer the ground above.

Deusn, the knight of the group took his warhammer and stoop up facing the giant in heavy armor, with a scream of revenge, he swinged his hammer, only too be again met with equal force, making his heavy weapon fly and quickly change direction, too attack his foe from another direction. But as always, his enemy managed too block his attack. Yet this time, it was a faint, too allow the knight too get closer. Following the swing of his hammer, the knight came close enough too deliver a loud headbutt into the face of the undead warrior, sending him steps back, before performing a crushing swing of his warhammer against the undeads chest. The hammer head slammed itself into the shoulder guard of the undead champion and sended him flying, ripping him too pieces and letting him in the snow.

While those two fought, Milei, the archer and leader of the group, kneeled on the pillar and sended one arrow after the other, too loosen the numbers of the incoming undead horde. She understood she needed too rally her companions and make a plan of battle…and this pillar was the key. The fallen parts of the ruins provided for well defended barricades, and they would have better chances against the undead on a higher postiion. She was just about too call out her orders, before she saw as from the clouds with screeching, more beasts of the undead army´s arsenal came. Beasts of bat wings and dead bird corpses sewn together. She didnt wait for a second. Already her body moved on her own, sending one arrow after another, ripping the flying monsters too pieces.

She knew she had only twenty more arrows left, before she would be without any ammunition, but her spirit didnt waver. Arrows or not, if those beasts make it too her friends, they will rip them apart. Another arrow flew from her majestic bow and it pierced the eye of one flying creature sending it down against the marching army of the undead, that were trying too surround Azy, Thane and Scar. With a leading voice and a waving weapon, she gaved them the signal too rally too her side. And her friends listened too her leadership.

As one they left theyre current position and ran out against the broken numbers of the undead, kicking, punching, burning, blessing and ripping the undead too pieces.


Surrounded by death, the swordsman fought for his very own life. Filthy fingers of the undead grabbed him by his throath, face, cheeks, chest, arms, legs and tried too bury him alive. Yet Keru was too experienced too loose his head in such a scenario and with calculated, short but devastating blows of his sword pummels he kept the undead away for long enough too give him the chance too swing. Yet for every undead monstrosity he cut down, two more rose up too take its place. Every step he made back too his friends was hard fought, yet he knew he could not escape this death trap.

Just as one of the undead grabbed him by the neck, a swarm of arrows flew around him pinning the undead down, yet the undead that grabbed him by his chin and tried too rip his face in half, was slammed down by an thrown warhammer, before Keru was free too react. A heavy two handed sword flew through the air and cut the two undead around him in halves, before he was grabbed by the collar of his tunic and dragged away with sounds of clancing armor.

“I wont say thank you…! Could have handled them by my own, just fine !”, he grumbled as he stumbled back towards theyre group.

“You can kill them, when they come too kill us ! Cabbage head !”, Deusn answered and showed him too the circle that was created by theyre group, around the pillar that was theyre rally point.

 A place that they would defend till theyre final moments.

Azy breathed heavily, letting Thane too offer her support. Her magic drained her strenght too much and during the running she exhausted herself even more, as she tried too keep the undead at base. Thane didnt look much better, yet his eyes spoke of a different story. With one hand he held Azy, with the other, he held his dagger, ready for his final dance.

Scar cracked her knuckles and through her fingers lighting played its own, horrible melody of destruction. She stayed by herself, towards the north, where most of the undead came. One hand covered by flame, the other by lighting.

With both of his hands, covered in plate armor, around the newest weapon, in the form of the undead zwehander, Deusn stood on the tip of the formation, aiming against the undead, quiet and concentrated.

Keru eased the pressure on his hands, slowly moving his hands in circles, too release tension in his muscles, before swinging wildly in a circle as he took his stance, staying completely stiff, not moving an inch.

Over all of them Milei overlooked the fields of snow, taking another arrow in her hands and preparing her bow. Touching her right cheek, the last rays of the sun were dissapearing as the clouds started too choke its glorious light. She smiled and pulled her hair a little bit back behind her ear. It was a silly gesture, but a neccesary one. If she was intending too kill each and every single one of these beasts…then neither the sun, fear or anything else, would stay in the way of her gaze.

They would get out of here. Dead or alive. But together.

- written by Deusn

People in the story.

Priest - @azy-arty
Swordsman - @keru-the-green
Thief - @captainthane
Knight - @deusn
Magician - @scartale-an-undertale-au
Archer/leader - @xxmileikaivanaxx

Thirteen Reasons Why - Explained

Thirteen Reasons Why

I’ve seen a lot of posts about Hannah being a ‘drama queen’ or overreacting to small things everyone did so I thought I’d explain a bit about what I understood.

1. Justin - Justin exaggerated what he and Hannah did. While this seems mild, it set Hannah up for a terrible high school career because she earned the reputation of 'slut’. This happens so often in schools and in the adult world and can RUIN someone’s life in a certain, if not all areas.

2. Alex - Alex put Hannah as having the best ass against Jessica as the worst. It is clear that the internet is doing its thing again and not taking time to understand things properly; this was NOT A COMPLIMENT AND HANNAH HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY. It was a clear violation of friendship and an obvious example of men pitting women against each other for their own benefit.

3. Jessica - I’m going more by the book here, but Jessica was on the tapes because she didn’t believe Hannah and abandoned her when she needed her. A clear example of how people can easily be lead by others and girls turning on each other because of guys. Jessica deserved to be on the tapes because she didn’t hear Hannah’s side of the story and instead took her anger out on her first friend at the school.

4. Tyler - I don’t think I need to explain much about this, but he abused his position as a photographer in school to violate boundaries for his own pleasure similar to how a lot of people in a power exploit those below them. He made Hannah feel vulnerable and took the lack of comfort she felt at school to her own bedroom.

5. Courtney - I suppose this is kind of harder to understand. Courtney was a closeted lesbian and therefore it is understandable that she was upset at the thought of her being outed before she was ready, but Hannah confided in her to help her expose someone else and instead she protected herself by further ruining Hannah. This shows the selfishness of those who feel the need to protect themselves by harming others.

6. Marcus - I haven’t seen much on Marcus honestly, but I dislike him immensely. He took advantage of Hannah because of the impression of her he had put together from rumours created by other reasons (Justin, Courtney) which is an expression of how men feel owed something from women, especially those who are seen as 'slutty’.

7. Zach - At first glance, Zach doesn’t seem too bad. At half a second glimpse, this changes. Hannah rejected him because he said something silly, a mistake, and if he had made an obvious effort to explain and apologise, he could have helped Hannah. Instead, he chooses to punish her by preventing her from receiving happiness from others. This is one of the clearest examples of how men can’t handle a woman’s right to say 'no’ and reject him…

8. Ryan - This tape is similar to that of Tyler in that he made her feel unsafe. What Tyler did was worse than Ryan, however the effect of Ryan’s actions had (in my opinion) worse consequences that Tyler’s. Ryan published her poem because he thought it was something that needed to be shared, a selfish and naive action (when considering the maturity of high school students), which meant that Hannah’s personal thoughts were no longer her own. She was not comfortable at school, home or in her own mind.

9. Clay - Though I agree when Hannah states that he shouldn’t have been on the tapes, Clay does represent 'everyone else’ who stands by and watched people like Hannah slowly fade and retreat into themselves because of the actions of others. The 'bystanders’ if you will, whose lack of part in our stories can be just as important as those who intrude on us.

10. Justin - It is evident in the series that Justin was extremely haunted by the rape at Jessica’s party and this is probably why he is gaining so much sympathy… this is also why I recommend you all READ THE BOOK. Justin stood by and watched his friend rape his girlfriend, why is he receiving more sympathy than I’ve seen for Jessica? Of course it was hard for Justin to witness that, but staying friends with Bryce and staying with Jessica without telling her is reason enough for him to be on the tapes again.

11. Jenny - Jenny was kind to Hannah, offering her a lift home, but she didn’t take responsibility for knocking down the stop sign which lead to someone’s DEATH. The guilt that Hannah was left with from this (because she was in the car) was understandably overwhelming, especially as the victim was a classmate who was blamed for drunk driving. Jenny is an example of how our reckless actions and lack of responsibility for them can destroy other lives; is that not the entire plot?

12. Bryce - Lord help you if you need an explaination.

13. Mr Porter - A perfect example of how there is not enough support out there for students (and people in general, honestly). The counsellor advising Hannah to 'move on’ after she confides in him that she was raped is one of the most haunting moments in the entire series, solidifying her reason for suicide- she had no comfort amongst her classmates, in her own home, in her mind and now, the specialist designated for dealing with situations like this bore no real interest in her problems and told her to 'move on’.

It’s extremely important for us when watching shows with topics like this to remember many things.

First, the show is not just this situation. Everything represents something more in society; each tape side is a problem in the world that leads to suicide, not only a small action by one character leading to Hannah Baker’s suicide. If you need help in understanding this, or want something else similar to this story, I recommend watching or reading 'An Inspector Calls’ by J.B. Priestly- a masterful piece tackling classism/sexism and how each person’s seemingly small actions lead to a girl’s suicide.

Second, memes are sometimes funny. The 'Clay every time he sees Tony’ memes are really funny, the 'fuck off, Courtney’ memes are funny, but the 'welcome to your tape over a slight inconvenience’ memes, they’re not. The show is raising awareness for the seriousness of suicide, not to create a fanbase of jokes about it. Promoting these after you watch the show, is a clear statement that you haven’t understood why it was made and is completely unacceptable.

Third, separate the character from the actor. Justin Prentice is NOT Bryce Walker, do not spam his comments with disgusting name calling or threatening- this is CLEARLY wrong and unnecessary. This also works the other way: Brandon Flynn is NOT Justin Foley. Just because Brandon is attractive and nice, doesn’t mean his character becomes as such.

Please don’t turn 13 reasons why into another generic element of pop culture. I love pop culture, don’t get me wrong, but we have a tendency to begin digging for meaning and giving up halfway; overusing the profound starting points of progress we find by loosely throwing them around, emptying them of all meaning.

Now I’ve Got You In My Arms

Pairing: Richie Tozier/ Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: hickeys, lots of hickey talk, implications of oral sex, implied top!eddie, a lot of fluff sorry

they are 18

word count: 2,726

@delicateloser @killerxqueer @richiietozierr

THANK YOU @tastes-like-cherry-coke FOR BEING MY BETA

AO3 Link

Eddie sucks in a breath when he watches Richie slide on a clean shirt, his back muscles flexing. He shudders and shakes away the thoughts because, Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier are not gay, okay? Especially not together. Just sometimes they kiss and give each other hickeys when they’re alone. (They don’t admit to anyone they’re from each other, but they wear their bruises proudly.) (Okay, so they’re a little gay.) (They’re hella gay.)

It’s just another day in Derry. The Losers are in the hallway grouping up before their classes start. Richie and Eddie are running late. Again.

Just as the warning bell sounds, the two are rushing in toward their friends.

“Where have you guys been?” Stan asks, his eyes immediately adverting to Eddie’s neck, “And what the hell is that?”  

“Richie’s truck wouldn’t start,” Eddie said, initially ignoring Stan’s question before he covers his neck, “Yes, shut up, it’s exactly what it looks like.”

“From who?”

Eddie side-eyes Richie nervously, “S-some girl.. I went out last night.”

“Out?” Bill asks.

“Yeah..” Eddie trails off, remembering the night before.

He and Richie were both shirtless, Eddie in his lap, slowly moving himself around, moaning loudly as Richie attacked his neck like the leech he is.

“Eddie,” Bev calls out while dramatically waving her hand in front of Eddie’s face, “You good? You spaced out for a minute there.”

“Yeah, m’fine. I’ll see you guys at lunch.” Eddie turns and walks away in the opposite direction.

“Not gonna kiss your best friend goodbye?” Richie laughs when Eddie flips him off without turning around.

“Is it me or did Eddie seem really off when he responded to our questions?” Mike asks as the group watched the smallest boy go.

“Maybe it’s because he got fucking mauled last night. Did you see the size of those hickeys?” Ben makes a face and chuckles with Bill.

Richie awkwardly scratches the back of his neck and it must be his lucky day, because before his uncomfortable stance could be sensed by the group the second bell rings, “Yeeaaahh.. I’ll catch you guys later..”

After Richie leaves, the group disbands.

Two periods later, Eddie is in science when his phone vibrates on the desk. He slides it between two books, trying not to get caught checking it.

Richie: what’re you doing  [9:56AM]

Eddie rolls his eyes and types back, ‘im in science. cant skip today.’  [9:57AM]

Richie: you dont even kno what i was gonna ask  [10:01AM]

Eddie: was it that?  [10:01AM]

Richie: ok yeah but this time its different  [10:04AM]

Eddie’s mouth turns into a frown. Different? How? Everytime he skips with Richie they always go get fast food together and only sometimes he convinces Eddie to smoke with him.

Eddie: what do you mean?  [10:06AM]

Within seconds he gets a message back, but this time it’s a picture attachment. He opens it, almost regretting he did (he really doesn’t), eyes widening. Richie had taken a picture of himself- only showing his mouth and below. He’s biting his lip and- Eddie slams his phone down when he sees it- Richie has a hand down his jeans. Eddie’s face is flushed red.

“Mr. Kaspbrak, are you okay?” His teacher turns around from the chalkboard, shooting him a worried glance.

“Yes, fine. Can I use the restroom?”

“Sign out, please.”

Eddie does quickly and nearly runs out of the classroom. He unlocks his phone, Richie’s contact still up, and types out a blatant, ‘where the fuck are you’

Richie: downstairs bathroom, near the music department  [10:12AM]

Eddie narrows his eyes and walks down a flight of steps, turning a few corners, before attempting to pull open the bathroom door. It’s locked. That bastard fucking planned this.

“Open the door, asshole.”

The lock clicks, and the second it does, Eddie is pushing himself through the doorway, locking it again. He faces Richie.

“You’re such a little shit. You know that?”

“What’re you gonna do about it?” Richie challenges.

Eddie shoves him against the sink, “I shouldn’t do anything about it- you’re practically begging me to.”

Richie smiles cheekily, “Hm. I am.”

Eddie pulls Richie’s head back by his hair, lips immediately attaching to his neck, sucking hard. He has his other hand on the boy’s hip, tucking his fingers into the hem of his shirt, yanking it over his head, throwing it on the counter. He marks up Richie’s entire chest.

“Enough marks, I look like a fucking cheetah.”

Eddie gives him one more on his hip just to spite him. He stands back up, cupping his cheek, leaning in to kiss him on the mouth, but isn’t surprised when Richie doesn’t let him. Richie doesn’t do mouth kisses. He thinks back to a few weeks ago when they were sitting in Eddie’s room when he first tried to kiss him.

“No,” Richie had said quietly, “Too intimate. No kissing.”

But Eddie still wants to kiss Richie. No homo, of course, because that’s gay and Eddie Kaspbrak is not gay.

Those thoughts are interrupted when Richie flips him to the counter, kissing down his neck softly, taking off his shirt.

“You don’t always have to be in control, Eddie,” He whispers against the smaller brunettes pale skin.

“I know, but I want to. I like it.”

“Let’s change that..” Richie kneels down, unbuttoning his jeans, shoving the clothing to his ankles.

“Richie-” Eddie tries to protest, but cuts himself off. His eyes flutter to the back of his head and brings one hand to his mouth to bite his wrist, and the other one to pull on Richie’s hair because good god.

The next time The Losers meet up again is at lunch. Everyone but Eddie is there.

“Hey-hey, you guuuys,” Bev sings, setting her tray down. “Anybody want to trade their french fries for my tater tots?”

“T-They’re the same thing,” Bill tells her.

“You’re a fake friend. Everyone knows it’s about the texture.”

Ben rolls his eyes, “Nuh uh, it tastes all the same. You’re so weird.”

“No, you both are weird. Texture is everything, it-”

“I’ll trade with you, Bev.” Stan speaks up. “I understand.”

“At least someone d-”

Mike cuts her off when he sees Richie parading over, bruises covering his neck, “Holy shit. You guys. Horton spots a hoe.”

“That’s not the correct quote.” Richie says while narrowing his eyes behind his glasses.

“Look at this, kids! What do we have here?” Ben pokes one of the many hickeys. Richie hisses in pain.

“Whoever gave you those must have been fucking rough. I mean damn, you’re wincing like a bitch. They’re so purple they’re almost black,“ Mike said with a small laugh before digging into his fries.

“You look like a cheetah.” Ben laughs.

“I told him that.” Richie mutters. If they heard him, they don’t say anything.

“W-Why did you let someone give you all of those i-if it h-hurts? And in s-school?”

“Because, my dear Billy,” Richie slings an arm over Bill’s shoulders, “At the time it felt fucking amazing.” He ignores Bill’s second question, but it’s just his luck that Eddie walks over just as he kisses and tells. Richie winks at him.

“Hey, Ed. You missed it. Richie was just telling us about his new lover,” Bev says, her voice filled with a tone salty enough to season McDonald’s fries.

“Excuse me,” Richie sputters, “You guys were pestering me about my hickeys- I said nothing about a lover.”

“Yeah, because there’s so many,” Ben says, reaching to poke at them again but reviving a slap on the wrist from Richie.

“You should see his chest.” Eddie tells them absentmindedly.

Richie shoots him a look, but it’s too late.

“There’s hickeys there, too? Damn, Richie.. Wait- Eddie, how do you know that?” Bev asks, almost knowingly, that salty tone almost tripled.

Eddie panics, “We have gym together.”

They don’t have gym together.

Mike changes the topic for Eddie’s sake, “Hey, are you gonna eat lunch, Richie?”

Richie looks at Eddie, “Nah, I ate earlier.”

Eddie’s face turns a bright red.

Eddie lays on Richie’s chest, tracing patterns onto his stomach. The other boy had fallen asleep minutes after Eddie snuck into his room. He’s been playing with his hair for merely an hour and his hand is getting tired. He retreats it slowly, resting it on Richie’s cheek, rubbing his freckled skin softly. He pauses his movements, suddenly extremely interested in what his lips would feel like, pressed onto the other boy’s. He doesn’t stop himself from leaning into Richie’s space.

Eddie places his lips onto his friend’s, cautiously, not trying to wake him. He pulls back only to do it again, however, this time he was not so lucky.

Richie’s breath hitches, and his eyes open. He sees Eddie hovering over him, and judging by how close he was, he realizes what he was doing. He sits up abruptly, letting the sheets fall from his body, and Eddie detangle from him. Richie searches Eddie’s eyes, unsure of what he could be thinking.

Eddie tries to speak but Richie touches his face and he closes his mouth.

Richie grabs Eddie by the neck, dragging him closer. His lips ghost over the smaller boys, before pressing his hickey-littered chest to Eddie’s, and parting his lips with his own. It’s not needy, surprisingly. That’s all the atmosphere has been between them, recently. Richie lets himself lay back down, not breaking their kiss.

Eddie gets the hint and crawls on top of him, mouths never leaving each other’s. It’s slow and open-mouthed and really, really messy. But it’s great. Fucking fantastic, actually.

The two kiss lazily until they fall asleep, Eddie still on top of Richie.

“Rise and shine, princess.”

A pillow comes in contact with Eddie’s face. “Did you know that you doing that could have like, killed me?”

“What? Me, kill you? I’d never, Eds.” Richie leans down, kissing him gently.

Oh, okay, so that’s a thing now.

Eddie sucks in a breath when he watches Richie slide on a clean shirt, his back muscles flexing. He shudders and shakes away the thoughts because, Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier are not gay, okay? Especially not together. Just sometimes they kiss and give each other hickeys when they’re alone. (They don’t admit to anyone they’re from each other, but they wear their bruises proudly.) (Okay, so they’re a little gay.) (They’re hella gay.)

“I don’t want to go to school,” Eddie groans and throws his head back onto the pillow.

“You have to, bubba. C’mon, up, up, up.” Richie pats his legs.

“Don’t have clean clothes,” Eddie says.

“You can wear some of mine.”

Eddie picks out a hoodie (it smells like Richie) and a pair of basketball shorts (Richie’s jeans are too long for him- curse that long ass bitch).

They brush their teeth together quickly before heading out.

It takes a few minutes for Richie’s truck to start. They end up having the neighbor help him jump it.

“Think we’re late?” Eddie asks.

“Nah, we should be fine. If not, we could skip first.”

Eddie catches the wiggle of his eyebrow. “You’re fucking disgusting.”

Richie grabs Eddie’s hand, raising it to his mouth, and presses a soft kiss to it. “Kidding, babe.”

Eddie’s heart soars.

“Well if it isn’t Richie and Eddie, almost late. As usual.” Stan gives them a look.

“My truck wouldn’t start this morning, again.”

“Hey, aren’t those Richie’s clothes?” Ben points out.

“Yeah,” Eddie shrugs, “I stayed over last night and I didn’t have any extra clothes with me.”

“Isn’t that s-sweet.”

“Yeah, sure.” Richie rolls his eyes at Bill’s snickering.

After the warning bell goes off, Richie and Eddie had never left The Loser’s so quickly.

Despite Eddie’s whines, they spend all of first period making out in the bathroom.

“You’ve never wanted to kiss me before,” Eddie says into Richie’s mouth.

Richie pulls back, “Mhm, I was missing out, obviously.” He connects their lips back together, weaving a hand into his hair, nudges his head into an easier angle to work with. Richie has his tongue shoved so far down his throat, Eddie feels as if he could choke (not that he’d complain).

But here he was, that feeling coming back again. Eddie groans, pulling away.

Richie notices and trails butterfly kisses down Eddie’s neck, making sure to kiss all of his hickeys.



“S-Stop.. Stop.”

Richie jerks back immediately, his heart about to leap from his chest, “Did I hurt you? What’s wrong?”

“We can’t keep doing this if we aren’t going to address the elephant in the room.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t.. Don’t act so incredulous, Rich.”

“I’m not, I-”

“We can’t keep fooling around if we can’t discuss.. Us.”

Richie swallows and avoids eye contact.

“Look at me.. Look at me, damn it.”

The older boy does as he’s told.

“Richie.. I-  I can’t do this unless.. Unless we can be more. I want more, I want all of it. I want to go on cute dates with you, and I want to hold your hand. I want to kiss you in public. Hell, I want to kiss you all the time. I want you. I want all of this, because I have fallen head over heals in love with you, Richie Tozier.”

Richie stares in shock as his best friend confesses this to him.

“Please, say something..”

Richie is too speechless. Yet the second he tries to, Eddie is backing away. “Forget it. I-I’m sorry.”

Which means, the next few days are really awkward. Eddie ignores Richie in school. He doesn’t go visit him in the middle of the night, and he locks his window so Richie can’t, either.

Eddie has been trying to eat his lunch as quick as possible and get the fuck out of there before Richie spots him.

Today he was not that lucky.

Just as he is throwing his trash away, he turns and bumps into none other than the boy he was avoiding.

“Hey,” Richie grabs at his arm.

“Let go.”

“We.. need to talk.”

“Oh, we already did. Well, I did.” Eddie pulls out of his grip. Richie watches him leave.

“Eddie Kaspbrak!” He calls out. When he doesn’t turn around, he sits on the seat next to Bill.

“W-What did you d-do?”

“Eddie is in love with me.” Richie states.

“Whaaat? Nooo,” Stan said without looking up from his textbook, his voice filled with sarcasm.

“Wait, so you guys knew and didn’t tell me?”

“Not our place.” Ben says, also without looking up.

“Yeah, plus we didn’t know what you guys were doing. You two have been out boning god knows who, because you both are stupid.”

Mike is clueless, Richie thinks.

“You guys.. Eddie and I have been.. Um.. hooking up with each other for the last few months now.. But, we finally kissed. On the mouth. Just a few days ago. And he doesn’t think I want him as.. As my boyfriend. But I do! I just was shocked to even say anything when he told me. Now he wants nothing to do with me.”

His friends are surprised by that (all except Stan), because they didn’t actually think they were with each other like that.

“You fuckass.” Bev rolls her eyes. “Eddie has been leaving school early, so if you go now.. You might be able to catch him.”

Richie has never run so fast in his life, and, obviously, The Losers needed to see this. They’re having trouble keeping up.

Richie is standing in the bed of his truck when he sees Eddie walking in the opposite direction.

“Eddie Kaspbrak!”

This time Eddie turns to look at him. The students around him are looking, too. He rolls his eyes and walks back to him. “What are you doing?”

“I want it too, Eds! I want more, I want all of it. I want to take you on those cute dates and I want to hold your hand and kiss you in public, in private, all the time. I, too, am in love. More specifically, in love with you, Eddie Kaspbrak. I want to give you so much more.. But I think you’ll have to be my boyfriend first.” Richie hops down from his truck and reaches out for Eddie’s face, “What do you say, bug?”

Eddie nods, his eyes brimming with tears he tried to will away, “Took you long enough,” and lets Richie kiss him into oblivion. “I’m so in love with you.”

“And I you.” Richie leans back in, capturing Eddie’s lips in his own, with every ounce of energy he has inside of him. There are stars behind his eyes and honestly, Richie never wants to leave the presence of Eddie’s arms.

What Passengers Do In Private

Request: “Hi I’d like to request just some jealous sirius, well not jealous more super protective and possessive (is that the word I’m looking for, idk😅) And the reader doesn’t really mind and that’s what makes them the power couple from Hogwarts. Hope you understood everything 😅💚”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k


Originally posted by ferxxy

The vibrations of the moving train cart caused your head to gently bounce on the glass window you leant against, watching the monotonous landscape sweep by while you waited for your friends to come back after packing their luggage away. You peered up keenly as a knock sounded from the compartment door, only to realise it was one of the prefects, a young man named Johnathan. You nodded at him to come in, and he slid the door, quickly coming to sit beside you.

“How are you (Y/n)?” He asked, sitting a bit too close for comfort. “I couldn’t help but notice you’re all alone in here. I’m just in the cart next door.” He motioned with his thumb. “Would you mind if I kept you company?”

You fought the urge to roll your eyes. Always a million questions with this guy; none of which he’d ever wait for you to answer. It was obvious from the way he spoke in a condescending tone that he only initiated these conversations to get into your pants, not caring about actually getting to know you.

“I appreciate it, really Johnathan, but I’m waiting for my friends.” You forced a polite smile, edging away from him.

“Aren’t I your friend?” He questioned, placing his hand firmly on your thigh. At this point your back was up against the train window, attempting to recoil away from his touch. You opened your mouth to reproach him, but was interrupted by the sounds of boyish laughter flooding into the cart, only to be instantly cut off.

Sirius eyed the scene, analysing your uncomfortable posture, as his three friends stood awkwardly in the hallway behind him.

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percyyoulittleshit  asked:

I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ Or ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’ For Percabeth

“Coffee guy has a crush on you,” Piper says without preamble, flicking a page in her reading.

“Uh huh,” Annabeth mutters, dragging a highlighter over a line in her book. It’s only after she’s finished an irritated scribble in the margin that the words really penetrate. She glances up at her friend, who is leaning across the table looking amused. “What? No. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m always ridiculous. And always right. He keeps refilling your coffee.”

Annabeth, who has been lost in a haze of architecture for longer than the hour Piper has been sitting in the cafe with her, has not really been aware of her drink being refilled. She’s reached for her mug when she wanted a drink, and the mug has always had coffee in it. The logical inconsistency between the amount of times she’d reached for the cup and the cup never being empty had not really jumped out at her until now.

“If he’s refilling my coffee and not yours, that just makes him rude.”

“Oh, no. He’s been refilling mine. When you started swearing at your book before, it nearly overflowed, and it wasn’t because he was scandalised.”

Annabeth sighs, refusing to glance over her shoulder at the coffee guy in question. It’s not like she doesn’t already know what he looks like, the guy is six foot tall with a build like an Olympian swimmer and a jawline that could cut glass. She manages to drag her brain to a halt before it starts listing things to compare his eye colour to: Piper is smirking at her reading in a way that suggests she’s learnt how to read minds.

“He was probably impressed with my command of the english language.”

“He was impressed with something, all right.” Piper shuts her folder with a snap. “Right, i’m done here.”

“That reading was fifty-one pages, you’re so full of shit.”

“The fact that you know how long my readings are is terrifying, you know that?”

“Do your homework!”

“Can’t hear you, running away to get a restraining order!” She’s halfway to the door by the time she sing-songs that, leaving Annabeth with her nearly empty coffee mug and a cafe full of people giving her the stink eye.

“If you need an alibi, I can testify that you’ve been here pretty much all day.”

Coffee guy has a nice voice. Warm, smooth, just this side of deep without sounding like the trailer guy. It takes Annabeth an embarrassing amount of time to register that she’s thinking this because he’s standing right next to her, holding a coffee pot. It’s a good thing her self control is world renowned, because she uses all of it to keep from jumping out of her skin.

“What? I - no, she’s joking. We’re friends. Really.”

His grin is distractingly crooked. “I’m convinced.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Annabeth mutters, hoping against hope that she’s not blushing, or something equally ridiculous.

“That’s probably not going to help in court.”

Her brain is - slowly - retreating out of coffee-and-study survival mode. A joke, she realises belatedly, and the rueful laugh escapes her before she can think to bite it back. And - something in coffee guy’s shoulders relaxes, just a little bit. Nervous, she thinks, and finds herself predisposed to like him. Smart boys know to think very carefully before approaching Annabeth Chase, and that’s the way she likes it.

She tucks an errant curl behind her ear. “I’ll plea insanity. Over-caffeination.” She glances down at her cup. “Actually, would you mind–?”

His face scrunches up with something like concern. “That’ll be your sixth cup.”

“Aren’t you the guy who’s been topping me up?”

“Grover seemed to think you might, I dunno, eat us or something if you ran out. I was protecting the good people of the cafe, but apparently cutting you off means stopping a murder.”

A groan escapes her, something like shame crawling up the back of her throat. Annabeth knows she’s got a serious case of resting bitch face (and she’ll fight anyone who suggests that’s a problem),but she doesn’t want the entire campus to be terrified of her.

Just wary.

“I’m not…actually some hyper-violent lady with a hair-trigger, honestly.”

“Oh hey no, I didn’t mean to–” And he’s groaning? He rubs the back of his neck, which is slowly turning red, and Annabeth starts to feel less off-kilter. “I’m bad at flirting.”

She’s definitely going to murder Piper. This is her fault somehow, Annabeth’s sure.

“Same,” she rushes out, before over-thinking can make this even messier. Her whole body feels energised, jittery, and she doesn’t think it’s the coffee. “Um. Just one more refill? To get me through the last bit of this chapter?”

“Wh - uh, right. Sure!” He squints at her. “You don’t mind?”

Annabeth rocks her mug from side to side, watching the dregs of her drink slosh from side to side. Black, no sugar. It seems like the safer option right now.

She takes a breath.

“Haven’t decided yet,” she says. “I’ll let you know when i’m done with this chapter.”

She’s not looking at him directly, but his grin is wide enough to be seen from space, let alone the corner of her eye.

“You got it,” he says happily, topping her mug off. He’s on the verge of pulling away when he pauses, like he’s remembered something. “It’s Percy, by the way. So you don’t have to keep calling me coffee guy.”

And then he’s gone, leaving Annabeth to seriously reconsider committing that murder.


Request: If your doing requests I have a Steve thing that came into mind. It’s pretty much just smut, inspired by lyrics from the song ‘tied down - James young’. Specifically “So please can I be selfish with your body, cause I don’t think I can share you with nobody” and “When I have you, I’m gonna brand you with my lips, so all of the world will know that your mine now”. -however you want it is fine with me :) -also sorry for bothering you :E I just couldn’t resist 

Words: 3,973

A/N: Smut warning. I also haven’t had the chance to edit I’m sorry

Originally posted by urmychilicheesecake

“Y/N!” You ignored Steve yelling at you through the earpiece. Grabbing the gun off one of the Hydra agents, you checked to make sure there were enough bullets to get through the next hallway. Four bullets.

“Y/N there are too many agents in that room, forget the extra intel we got what we needed,” Steve spoke through sternly again. You ignored him once again, holding the gun up, finger on the trigger, ready to fire at any given moment.

“Sorry Cap, we can’t just walk away when we know there’s more information that we could use.” You whispered through the earpiece. You rounded the corner, gun aimed high, shooting once, effectively taking out two Hydra agents that were rounding the corner together. One would think not to walk right behind the other.

“Y/N. Get out of there and start heading for the Quinjet. Now.” You rolled your eyes. You continued making turned until you found the door that led to the information you were looking for. You jiggled the doorknob, hoping that there was a small chance that it wasn’t going to be locked. You backed away from the door, contemplating whether or not you were going to shoot the lock and fight however many people were in there with two bullets or walk away like you were told. You raised your gun, thinking to hell with it, before shooting the lock once and kicking the door open, gun still raised. To your surprise, the room was empty. You rushed to one of the computers, inserting a flash drive before hurriedly tapping away on the computer.

“I thought I told you to go to the Quinjet.” You turned around, holding the gun up out of instinct, caught off guard by how quiet Steve had been. There were deep frown lines on the edges of his mouth, his usual bright baby blues that typically reminded you of the sky on a sunny day were now a dark navy blue that reminded you of the deepest edges of the ocean. You swallowed, the tension in the room growing thick. Your heartbeat rose, waiting for him to yell at you. You watched as he tightened and untightened his jaw, something you know he did when he was annoyed. His broad chest rose and fell so lightly that if you hadn’t been studying him so closely you would think that he wasn’t breathing. His hands were in fists, knuckles white that you could only imagine were from how hard he was digging his nails into his palm. You didn’t know what to say.

You heard the computer beeping, you turned your attention from the very angry looking super soldier to the Hydra computer. You read the big green letters that popped on the screen.

Transfer complete

You let yourself smile a little bit, ejecting the flash drive before turning around to face Steve again. His eyes kept burning holes into you.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or are we going to head back to the Quinjet?” You asked, praying to whoever was listening that didn’t sound as snappy as it sounded. He turned around stalking out of the room cautiously.

You trailed behind him, looking behind you to see one agent rounding the corner. You raised your gun and shot them in the arms, not lethal but definitely enough to knock them out. You looked forward again, hearing grunts and punches landing. You rounded the corner, hoping that it wasn’t Steve who was receiving such painful sounding punches. You felt your body relax when he saw that he had taken out six agents. He may have been a good fighter but he wasn’t perfect. When he turned around he avoided eye contact, but you saw the gash on his right shoulder. He kicked his foot down, causing the shield to fly up and allowing his arm to grab it before ordering you to follow him.

You started to move but one of the agents that were lying on the ground cocked his gun and aimed it at you. You froze, staring at his bloodied mouth curl up, watching his finger move slowly towards the trigger before hearing him fire. You closed your eyes and flinched, waiting to feel the bullet pierce through your skin. You opened one eye, looking at the wall to your right and seeing a very familiar shield wedged into the wall. You looked over to where the agent was lying, seeing him shot dead. Steve was at the other end of the hallway, eyes trained on the agent, a gun pointed at the dead body. You let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding, tears pricking your eyes. You swallowed again, blinking away the tears. You grabbed the shield, following him out of the building.

You raced to get on the plane, feeling it begin to take off once the both of you were on it. Steve had his back to you. You looked down to see the shield in your hands. Your fingers traced over the scratch marks and a fresh bullet mark on it. The black spot was warm, it caused a cold shiver to travel up your spine, thinking about what could have happened if the shield wasn’t there. If Steve wasn’t there. You turned and started walking deeper into the plane, looking for Steve. You saw Natasha and Agent Hill by Tony who was flying the plane. You kept walking towards the emergency medical wing, spotting Steve going through the cabinets in the room. You knocked gently on the door, catching his attention. He opened the door, looking at you silently before his eyes trailed to his shield. You handed him his beloved armor.

“Thank you.” You said quietly. You looked up at him again and saw that his fingers were tracing the same bullet mark that you were minutes ago.

“You’re not coming on our next mission.”  He said harshly, catching you by surprise. You blinked a few times, processing the words that just came out of his mouth.

“What?” You asked, more to yourself than him.

“You’re off the next mission.” He turned around again, setting the shield down by the door, looking through the drawers.

“You can’t do that!” You argued, angry that he thought he could control you and tell you what to do. He ignored your protest, eyes scanning the labels on the many bottles he had taken out.

“I’m going on the next mission whether you liked it or not. There is no reason for me to be taken off of it.” At your words Steve snapped his head towards you, standing up to his full height.

“You’re off the next three missions.”

“You can’t do that!” You exclaimed again, throwing your hands up in anger.

“I just did.” He muttered, pushing past you. You followed behind him, refusing to let this go by.

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dungeons & witches [ richie tozier x reader ] pt.1

summary: (name) is rumored to be a witch and richie want’s to find out the truth. he also has this dorky crush oml

words: 1 910

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 8 and prompt witch. Also, I used @horrificmemes 
31 Horrific Days v2 [October Writing Challenge] ! same day, prompt basement. i just love the movie IT so much i can’t–


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All of Derry middle school knew who (Name) (Lastname) is…Or, at the very least, the rumors about her. The said girl spent most of her time in solitude, hardly looking up from her books, but it was said that when she did decide to gaze at the general audience that always seemed to be surrounding her, her eyes would shine like small diamonds in a kaleidoscope of colors, and whose ever eyes she met would turn to stone. (Latsname) had a few friends that always tagged along, but they too bit into the rumors and avoided her gaze. There was even gossip, one time a year back, that she had charmed her friends and that’s why they never left her side. Even Greta did not dare to look at her directly. Carrying around old books in complex writings did not help to clear her name, either.  Everyone just assumed that they were filled with spells and curses, when in reality…It was only Estonian since you’re only partly American.

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Red - Losers Club


how the reader met and became a part of the losers club

words: 2441

pairing: none (well, it’s a reader insert so a slight of everyone)

note: this is my first reader insert so it might not be that good. should i start writing x reader imagines? i kinda want to, it sounds fun.

“Here you go, Y/N.”

Y/N smiles warmly at the older woman behind the desk. She grabs the freshly stamped book she had planned to borrow for a week.

She hugs the book against her front, another small smile gracing her features. “Thank you.”

“Of course.” Mrs. Starrett returns her smile. “Enjoy your book, dear.”

Y/N’s eyes shift quickly over to the clock on the side, it read 5:37. A frown replaces the smile on her lips and a sigh escapes her.

“I’m afraid I’d have to get going, Mrs. Starrett.”

The woman waves at her goodbye. “Be careful on your way home, Y/N. With everything that’s happening and the children disappearing…” Mrs. Starrett frowns as her words trail off.

She nods her head. “I will.”

Y/N pushed the huge front door open and stepped out to the fresh air of Derry.

Before starting to walk, she observes her surroundings cautiously, afraid she’d run into Henry and his gang. Sighing in relief that they were nowhere to be found, she sets on her way with haste.

She thought back to what her mother had told her that morning.

I expect you to be back at exactly 6 PM. Alright, Y/N? You know how worried I get. Her mother had reminded sternly before she had allowed Y/N to take a step out their front door.

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anonymous asked:


So many of you want this. I’m here to…deliver?

You shouldn’t be surprised that halfway through the night he’s stripped his shirt off. Whether it’s due to the heat or to get you hot and bothered is up in the air. You settle for the latter, however, when his gaze keeps catching yours and his tongue snakes out to wet his lips. It almost makes you forget that the two of you are not alone, but that familiar need creeps up on you and you wish you were.

“That’s it, Shawn. That’s the one,” Scott remarks. He’s at the soundboard, elbows propped up, as he listens to the replay. You can hear Shawn agree in the booth, bouncing on the balls of his feet from the excitement of crushing it with the last take. Teddy’s on the other side of the booth, phone fixed on Shawn, and you assume he’s recording him for another story.

“I think that’s a wrap for tonight guys,” Shawn’s voice echoes through the speakers, his eyes lingering on you. The rest of the guys agree in unison, cheering over another success before they slowly retreat for the night.

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Zodiac archetype facts 💛

I thought it would be interesting to contemplate on the archetypes, don’t get hung up on literal things but…what does your archetype mean to you?

Aries the RAM:
~living in the mountains, Rams are male big horn sheep, who settle arguments by bashing heads. Their horns can weigh more than all the bones in their body combined. They have great balance and keen eyesight. Walking ledges only 2 inches wide and jumping up to 20 feet.

Taurus the BULL:
~male cattle, weighing 1700-1800 pounds. They are red/green colorblind. Don’t corner them, and if you do you need to retreat backwards slowly. “Foster mothers to the human race” throughout history they have been a status of wealth.

Gemini the TWINS:
~identical twins don’t have identical fingerprints. Twins interact with each other in the womb and are extra delicate around the eyes. 40% of twins invent their own language called idioglossia and it disappears once they learn a real language.

Cancer the CRAB:
~spiders of the sea, it’s skeleton is external. They have large eyes with hundreds of lenses. Crab lice can live on the human body where there is hair and feed only on blood. They communicate by flapping their pincers. They can suffer pain and remember it. They can loose a claw in a fight and it will grow back. They work together to protect their family.

Leo the LION:
~second largest cat in the world. Social animals that live in groups called prides. They keep track of each other by roaring which can be heard up to 5 miles away. The males mane protects their neck when they fight. Very affectionate with each other they sleep 16-20 hours a day. The females are the hunters.

Virgo the virgin or FAIR MAIDEN:
~represents the divine mother and the 3 goddesses Astraea, Persephone and Artemis. Astraea was the last immortal to leave earth and once she left it was because man had become so corrupted. The term Virgin meant purified emotions and had nothing to do with sex.

Libra the SCALES:
~although extremely accurate results can be found with a balance it is impossible to find a perfect balance. There are many types of scales that can weigh things such as railroad cars or things as small as pills.

Scorpio the SCORPION:
~dangerous, poisonous and lethal. They don’t chew their food, they dissolve it. Their venom can help treat heart disease and cancer. They can live up to 20 years. The worst enemy of a scorpion is man because they take it out of its natural habitat. They prefer to go unnoticed to find prey and avoid predators.

Sagittarius the ARCHER:
~half man half horse carrying a bow. Usually seen as lustful and wild. They represent the struggle between good and bad. Caught between worlds. Greek myths considered them untamed horses. They are at their prime at the age of 3.

Capricorn the GOAT:
~great climbers, will climb to tops of mountains, trees or dams. They are herd animals and become depressed if alone. Picky eaters they have sensitive lips and won’t eat dirty food. Their pupils are rectangular giving them 340 degrees of vision without moving their head.

Aquarius the WATER BEARER:
~relating to water and the symbolism or liberation. Cleansing, illuminating and purifying. Extending to others what is within yourself.

Pisces the FISH:
~they have backbones giving them a spine, classifying them as a vertebrae. They breathe through their gils. They have good senses, eyesight, taste and touch, and they do feel pain. They vary a lot since there are 30,000 different fish species. They have a special organ so they can navigate through the dark.


O Romeo, Romeo...

So this is my contribution to Marichat May, now no one can tell me I never did anything for it xD I hope you enjoy :) 

“Ugh, this is so stupid, Tikki,” Marinette complained, crinkling the pages of the Literature book she was holding in her hands. “There’s no way I can make this convincing.”

“Not with that attitude,” Tikki giggled. “Relax, Marinette, you’ll be a great Juliette! Don’t push yourself too hard. Besides, you’ll have the book right in front of you in class; you don’t have to memorize anything.”

“I know,” Marinette sighed dejectedly. “But I have to practice this, at least. What if Adrien plays Romeo? I want him to be captivated by my Juliette, and that can’t happen if I just read straight from the book.”

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anonymous asked:

taakitz & blupjeans fall-themed double date (apple picking or some other romanticized autumn activities?)

Silence fell upon the living room where a pair of twins eyed their significant others, dressed warmly and endearingly in fall attire. “You want us to—“ Taako’s voice drifted.

And Lup picked up seamlessly right after, “double date?” They shared a collective look that didn’t seem as pumped as their counterparts. Personally Taako had big plans to …do nothing all day and Lup thought she and Barry were going to kanoodle around in private. “I don’t know I mean, double dates are kinda lame, where would we even go?”

“Well, there is an autumn festival happening in town. We can check it out…” Barry smiled at Lup who’s face went from unsure to completely uninterested, he decided to sweeten the pot a little. “There is a ‘dunk’ game where you toss balls at a target and dunk a person into a vat of port wine.”

Lup’s eyes seemed to gleam with a unsettled fire for mischief. “Ooo~” She purred already quite interested. “And who are we dunking?”

“I believe the person who volunteered was Magnus. Its for charity and…OFT!” Before Barry could finish Lup had bounded over to him and linked arms pulling him towards the door.

“Well come on, babe! I want to get first dibs to sink that meathead into some good sherry~”

Barry chuckled allowed himself to be carted off by his beloved. He gave Kravitz and Taako a small wave and yelled out, “we’ll meet you guys there!” And just like that they were gone. Kravitz bashfully turned his attention to Taako who was still on the couch, sprawled like a model waiting to be painted. He carefully looked over his nails showing the same amount of distant disinterest as before.

“Like I said, I-I-uh had some serious plans to do…nothing, absolutely nothing. Now I have to reschedule for some…outdoorsy, folk thing?” Taako rolled his eyes at Kravitz’s direction. “Plus if I wanted to see Mangus doused in wine I could have done that myself without throwing a thing.”

Gently and with very minimal touching Kravitz sat down on the couch by Taako’s feet. “Actually I was hoping you’d walk around the apple orchard with me. Pick some fresh, seasonal apples.” He spoke with a softness that made Taako’s ears droop and flush at the end of them. Kravitz gently placed his cold hand on Taako’s covered arm. That devilishly handsome face combined with the wholesome sweetness that coated every inch of his expression, it was downright unfair.

“Apple picking might be nice…pie season is among us.” He began to melt a little.

“And I believe there is going to be a pie tasting contest and…” just as Lup had done to Barry, Taako was suddenly on his feet. In one fluid motion of getting up he had also transformed into another outfit. An orange, thick knitted sweater and high waisted shorts, even his hat changed colors and was decorated with pinecones and twigs for a more festive look.

“What are we waiting for, Taako is making a surprise debut~”

The fall faire was pretty much as one would expect it to be. As promised Magnus was shirtlessly displayed, sitting on a geared platform that would drop and dunk him into a vat of old port wine. Somewhere around Lucretia and Davenport were discussing coolly the tragedy of the wasted wine once Magnus’s body tainted it. To everyone’s surprise it was a fairly hard target to hit. Not at all charmed by Angus who Magnus asked politely to help him, a charm that would have been detected and demolished the second Lup stepped up to the plate. Magnus, who was dry at one point was at the mercy of Lup and without fail she managed to dunk him each and every time he took his seat back on the top of the stool.

There were after little stands, mostly food and candles, trinkets that were homemade. Taako and Kravitz enjoyed some quiet apple picking. Taako spoke only to talk about the different traits and qualities of the types of apples. Sampling each one without the intention to pick most of them, a free sample was a free sample. They would have stayed longer around the trees if the two didn’t run into Merle having a very intimate conversation with a Granny Smith. With Kravitz’s hand in his, Taako very slowly retreated out of the orchard with a small basket of goodies.

The day was nice, Taako would admit and having Kravitz on his arm was well, eye candy for miles. But his grasp on his boyfriend was loosened when the sign to a ‘pie bake off’ was put up and just like that, Kravitz found himself partnerless.

“Taako! Oh gosh, TAAKO!” Ren waved from a table where her, Angus and Mavis were setting up prep work.

“Ren, Aggie…Mauve?”

“Close enough.” Both Angus and Mavis adjusted their glasses with a small smile. “Are you gonna be baking here too, sir?” Angus beamed.

“Well i—“

“That would be a tad unfair to the rest of us, Taako baking we might as well pack up shop.” Ren smiled with only a smallest defeat in her eyes. Taako had planned on joining in …but she had a point, it would have been a waste of time for everyone involved if Taako was going to enter. Taako pondered for only a second, tapping a slender finger against his lips.

“Actually” he smiled constructing a natural lie, “I’m here as a celebrity judge~”

“Really?! What an honor!” Ren clapped her hands together, the defeat replaced with unmatched ambition to impress her long time idol and her current mentor and business partner.

“Oh yea, I wasn’t going to join because nat, would have won by a landslide. I figure I could uh-uh use my vast knowledge of the cooking arts to uh-you know, eat some mad rad pie.”

Kravitz didn’t intervene much. He did look over at Lup and Barry, hand in hand constantly as she howled with laughter, tossing flaming baseballs at the target and dunking Magnus before he even had a chance to fully reset himself on his seat. Kravitz noticed, truly, how different the twins were in personality. Lup was raw power, raw emotion, everything she felt and she was clear on the surface like a crystalline raging river constantly moving and powering through. He looked away from the inseparable pair at his boyfriend and saw something different.

If Lup was a raging riptide of glass like translucency then Taako was a misted lake. Taako was still water lake, murky and misted with emotions. He knew Taako had many fronts, the ones he wore so perfectly like a second skin. He wore the part of over the top celebrity, acting as though this was all his original intentions. He spoke, joked, teased and smiled living for the publicity in them moment. Kravitz enjoyed observing him, he had for a while and that hadn’t changed even now while they were together.

Watching Taako, the century old enigma that stole him away from what was supposed to be a pretty bleak eternity.

“Ugh…” Taako groaned leaning against Kravitz. The both had stolen away after Taako had completely destroyed Lucas with criticism over his pie. Of course, Ren and her team managed a pie so good Taako might have taken more than one piece. “I’m stuffed.” He laid back on a bile of hay watching the warm, orange sunset settle by the tops of the tricolored autumn colored trees.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have went in for thirds of Ren’s pie.”

“They roasted the cinnamon themselves, you can taste the difference.” Taako smiled up at Kravtiz, “this was fun.”

“But?” He gently wrapped his arm around Taako making sure not to touch any bare or exposed skin.

“But nothing, I’m happy.” Taako paused and then chuckled a bit, “huh…you know its weird to say that outloud. Like I’m pretty fucking stoked about life these days.”

Kravitz turned slowly, his head inclining towards Taako who was already semi beginning to coil himself around his reaper. “I wonder why”

“I wonder~”

“TAAKO” Lup pulled Barry around and paused finding her brother with a deadpan expression and his leg half hitched on a now embarrassed to death Kravitz. “Oh…”

“This better be hilarious”

“Magnus is purple.” She answered immediately, then started to bite back tearful laughter. “I dunked him—so much…he’s actually stained purple and-and Merle and Carey and trying to …hose him down in front of everyone—PFT AHHAA” She held her side again and started to laugh.

“Babe…Lup…you’re actually going to laugh yourself to death…” He spoke with some concern that Lup’s physical form would give out.

Taako’s eyes lit up a bit and he unfurled himself from his boyfriend. “I gotta see, this, my god this is great. I’m totally going to transfigure the water into wine again.”

“OH GOD, TAAKO THAT’S HILAROUS” Lup roared in joyful laughter and abandoned her link with Barry to link arms with Taako and take off to cause more mischief.

“…those two are going to terrorize the town if we let them.” Barry watched their happy, retreating figures. A sight everyone would have died to see.

“Its…pretty great.” Kravitz stood by Barry with a smile.

“Yea…yeah it is.”


Don’t Speak // Spencer Reid x Reader

Originally posted by elle-gubler

Spencer knew something was wrong. He’d watched as you slowly retreated into yourself in such a complex manner that others wouldn’t know there was something wrong if they didn’t actively search for the signs. But he knew. He saw past your smiles, past the way you still laughed at whatever silly banter Penelope and Morgan exchanged. Past your routine greetings of hugs and kisses, past the way you still tried to crack jokes to fulfill your ultimate life goal of making Hotch laugh.

He noticed the dark circles beneath your eyes that you expertly hid beneath makeup. He noticed the split second longer that it took you to react to someone’s conversation, to their jokes. He noticed the way your hair was pulled back slightly less refined than usual, something others would look over as just another day of you rushing to work that morning.

But you were his. You were everything he’d ever dreamt of and because of that even the smallest change did not go unnoticed. He noticed the desperation in your kisses, the longing behind your soft lips as you tried to find love. You always did find it behind his touch and this only made you cling to his hands a little tighter as you both walked through the aisles of stores, your gaze showing your mind was elsewhere.

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Dr. Flug slaps Black Hat.

(Based on some art I saw- forgive any spelling mistakes it’s going to be late where I am- I’m also not the best writer so please bear with me xD)

Dr. Flug’s eyes shot open at the sound of a loud crash in the hallway. Quickly getting up, the scientist grabbed his paper bag and goggles, slipping them on, as well as his gloves and his shoes. After years of practice, he could now do this quickly and even with his eyes closed, due to Black Hat waking him early in the morning every day.

The young male opened his room door and peeked out to see Black Hat throwing objects and punching the walls. Not again… It was another one of his rages. Once in a while, his boss would go into a trance and destroy everything in his path. Normally, Flug would have to lure him into the lab and lock him in there, but it was simply too far this time. He was tired and rather anxious but stepped out, calling out to the demon.

“S-Sir, please, calm down-!”

His tone was not very confident, nor loud, but it was heard. Black Hat turned to face him, eye a crimson red. He had tentacle looking limbs coming out of his back, seeming a lot more lanky than usual. The demon let out a vicious snarl and crawled to the scientist, backing him into a corner, grinning as he smelt the fear radiating off of him. Black Hat opened his mouth, green saliva dripping from his teeth as he was ready to take a big bite out of the other. Flug panicked and raised his hand, giving his boss a hard slap to the face.

Oh. Oh fuck.

Flug was filled with absolutely horror. Black Hat was still, before the tentacles slowly retreated into his back, features returning to their normal state. The gentleman straightened up and raised a hand to touch his own cheek. Flug flinched.

“Did… You just fucking slap me?”

Black Hat asked this with a hard glare, lips curling as he snarled. Flug nearly sighed in relief, and he would have, if Black Hat didn’t look like he was going to murder him still.


His boss stared at him dead in the eye for a long moment before grinning and hitting the others shoulder.

“I knew you had it in you, Dr. Flug! Let us celebrate!”

Jesus Christ, he needed a new job.

She Knows (M)

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Summary: He says he’s never coming back, but he wants you to come along for the ride. An impromptu road trip with Jinyoung leads to desires surfacing, among other things. (High!Jinyoung x Reader)

Genre: Smut / Angst

Drug use

Word Count: 2,981

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

A/n: I don’t know where this came from., but I needed to finish it. Shoutout to the other fairies, @xiustories , and @disenchanteddreamers for reassuring me it wasn’t bad. OTL Please enjoy.

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Prompt: Fic request for Bones where you and the crew all get together and end up playing spin the bottle which leads to you and Bones in a closet/ten minutes in heaven? Idk if you’re taking requests but here you go 😊  @-hiddlesdweeb-
Word Count: 1538
Tags: @dolamrothianlady, @supermoonpanda @kirkaholic123 @shewhorunswithfandoms @youdonebeengarthed, @starmission @emmkolenn  @auduna-druitt @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @pinkamour1588 @impalaanddemons @flirtswithdanger @southernbellestatues @engineeringtrashcan @rayleyanns @sistasarah-sallysaidso @samaxraph99 @lonolulu @distinguishedqueenofbooks @superwholock734 @feelmyroarrrr, @anyakinamidala @ladygofuckyourself17 @dirajunara @anotherotter @little-study-bug @tellmeoflegends @rampant-salamander @goodnightwife

You had decided, against your better judgment, to attend the after-party that followed Jim’s birthday. It was a reticent decision, and you were already reconsidering going before Chekov had even turned away. But when you saw Bones shrug and nod to Chekov to confirm he would be attending, you no longer seemed able to make up your mind, and instead allowed your ridiculous crush on the doctor to dictate your final decision. You watched from across the room as Pavel cajoled and badgered until finally McCoy broke.

“Horosho!” Chekov exclaimed, clapping his hands together. “You know, Lieutenant Y/L/N will also be there.” You overheard the kid and wanted to choke him. It was your goal to keep the lust you felt for Bones both in check and a secret. How Chekov had figured it out, and why he was trying to help you, you weren’t sure. But you did want to choke him.

The booze was flowing freely, and a quick glance around reassured you that despite Chekov’s insistence that he come, Bones had not made an appearance. As you surveyed the room, you caught Chekov amongst a group of his fellow Ensigns, playing what appeared to be spin the bottle. You rolled your eyes and smirked. Chekov caught you and waved you over.

“You should play, Y/N!” He exclaimed, slipping an arm around your waist. “I don’t think your spouse would mind, it’s just fun.”

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Andrew gets an anonymous gift for his birthday. He knows it has to be one of the Foxes because literally no one else would bother. But as he holds the box in his hand no one fesses up so Andrew takes it to his room and throws it down on his bed.

Andrew forgets about the gift for a while until Nicky asks him about it a few days later at practice and prayers him until he gives in and gets the present.

It’s a large, triangular shaped box and very light.

So Andrew pulls off the offensively bright pink bow and the princess wrapping paper and pulls off the box lid. To find a slightly smaller box.

He makes a huff of frustration imperceptible to all but Neil and pulls off the next lid. Again. He is shown another box.

At this point all the Foxes are looking at each other like wtf????? And Andrew is getting increasingly annoyed

Until e finally makes it down to a smaller box- about a third of the size of the original- with note attached to it

Andrew snatched up the note and passes it to Neil who reads it and puts a hand out to stop Andrew opening to final box

But he already has

And in his hands is a bright orange ukulele with ‘I ❤ 10 Josten’ painted on it

Everyone just stares and blinks and sort of back away into the cushions of their sofas/seat as if trying to become the cushions

And Andrew snatches the note from Neil

‘Dear Mini,

I would have bought you a guitar, but I thought this was more your size.


Andrew picks up the ukulele and seems to storm out of the room. Well, as much as Andrew does.

When he comes back he threatens anyone who dares to bring it up

So much so that no one would dare mention any instrument in front of Andrew

But later that night, Neil walks up to the roof

And there is Andrew

Sitting cross legged

Strumming away

And singing

And Neil just kind of stops dead and walks up

And Andrew curls around the ukulele protectively and mutters 'fucking Aaron’

And strokes the ukulele protectively

Neil just does not know how to react to this. So he claims of just backs away slowly and retreats to his room

If Neil sees Andrew tracing the letters of Josten on the ukulele he definitely does not mention it


Vibrating Panties (Luke smut)

Summary: With this title do I even need a summary… Luke teases you with a pair of vibrating panties and then fucks you realllll good ;)

Warnings: This is ridiculously smutty + involves the use of vibrating panties

Word Count: 2.6k 

A/N: If you don’t know what vibrating panties are, they’re basically a pair of underwear with a vibrator over where your clit goes. The pair used in this uses a remote to control the speed of the vibe! 

Originally posted by queenlukes

“L-Luke,” You stammer, tugging on the sleeve of your boyfriend’s shirt. 

When you receive no answer, you tilt your head and look back to see him talking to Michael, his face lined with concentration.

The conversation between the two friends seems calm, both of them chatting about guitars. You want to laugh. 

Michael wouldn’t have that smile stretched across his face if he knew what was going on between your legs. 

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