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Santa’s Lap

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Word Count: 1169 
Pairings: Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: Christmas, Dirty Santa, Sexy Husband, Smut, Smutty Smut Smut!

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“C’mon, baby! Time to sit on Santa’s lap!” You exclaimed, pulling your four year old son along. The mall’s Santa looked extremely realistic this year and your son lit up like a Christmas tree. 

“Santa!” He babbled over and over again, making grabby hands toward the man’s face. Bucky chuckled deeply behind you. 

You grinned and nodded, “Gotta be nice, okay? You can’t pull Santa’s beard like you do your daddy’s.” 

Santa was quick to pull your son onto his lap before he could run away. When he looked up at you, his mouth seemed to drop slightly. He cleared his throat, and in a low tone he asked, “Would Mommy like to sit on my other leg?” 

Your brows furrowed.

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Hiiii! Could you recommend me some recent Harry fan fics??

oh wow unfortunately i haven’t had much time to read lately 😥 but i’ll tell you my faves!

@secret-rendezvous1d is always posting little blurbs and answering asks that melt my soul

i feel like @stylishmuser has posted a few things recently and all of palak’s writing is wonderful

 i know @cuddlemusclestyles has a fic with an original character and harry going right now called tell me that’s bound to be as amazing as she is and is the first thing on my reading list as soon as i have more time

@aboutalighthouse and @johnlennon-harrystyles have their styles twins series that is to die for and i’m pretty sure @johnlennon-harrystyles has a full fledged original character fic on wattpad 

@aqua-harry has harry lists and harry texts that ruin me (but not as much as Ruin You ruins me) 

@alrightpetal has three one shots that are incredibly filthy and wonderful and amazing 

all of  @stylesunchained ‘s one shots are fantastic, my personal favorite being leather 

i’m slowly making my way through @permanentcross ‘s snowbound series and it’s actually one of my favorite series i’ve ever read, and i don’t say that lightly because i avoid dad harold like the plague, yet she’s completely captivated me and made me fall in love with him

so that should get you started, and definitely check out my fic rec tag for more amazing writing! 


female character challenge: one character you will always defend
↳ Martha Jones, Doctor Who

I’m training to be a doctor. Not an alien doctor, a proper doctor. A doctor of medicine. Well that certainly is nonsense. Women might train to be doctors, but hardly a skivvy and hardly one of your colour. Oh, do you think? Bones of the hand. Carpal bones, proximal row. Scaphoid, lunate, triquetal, pisiform. Distal row. Trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate. Then the metacarpal bones extending in three distinct phalanges. Proximal, middle, distal.


Author: @riversong-sam
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Ah sorry accidentally pressed button before ready! Maybe a Cas one shot and he catches a cold, so every time he sneezes he accidently flies somewhere without meaning to. So the reader is alone in the bunker and Cas pops in to say hi, sneezes and disappears, so the reader is suuuuper confused?
Word Count: 531
Parings: Cas x Reader
Warnings: Fluff 
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated. Slowly making my way through my request lists. I apologize I’m so slow. not in a good place right now sorry…

Sam and Dean were out on a supply run leaving you alone in the bunker for a while. You spent the first half of the morning tidying up and now were relaxing in your room. You were in the middle of reading a book when Cas popped in.
“Hello (Y/N)”
“Hey Cas.” You smiled and marked your place in the book. If you weren’t so accustom to his popping in unannounced you may have gotten a good scare.
“What are you doing here?”
“I’d thought I’d pop in to say hello. Sam and Dean aren’t here I’d figured you could use the company.”
“Thanks Cas that’s very..” you don’t get a chance to finish as he sneezes and disappears.
“Cas?” you questioned. That was odd he just got here why would he disappear?
Sighing you went back to reading. Maybe he had something to take care of.
After the third time of a popping in and disappearing after a sneeze you trudge down to the dungeon. You were gonna stick this sneezing angel in some holy fire and see what’s wrong. Setting up the oil and a way for you to get the two of you out once you were done, you sat and waited for him to come back.
You didn’t have a long wait. As he appears you light the oil encasing you both in the holy fire.
“(Y/N)?” he looked around confused.
“I’m sorry Castiel this is for your own good. Now tell me why you keep disappearing?”
“I believe my vessel has a cold and I don’t handle it well. Every time I sneeze I transport to another place. This is unintentionally I apologize.”
“I know it is Cas. Now here drink this herbal tea it should help.”
“Thank you (Y/N).” he takes it.
“You’re welcome.” You smiled.
“How long will we stay down here?”
“I don’t know but I can’t holy fire you into my room where we could be more comfy and I could care for you.”
“Perhaps Deans angel cuffs?”
“Great idea Cas.” You smile and douse the fire.
“Come on Cas” you lead him to Deans bedroom and snag the cuffs. Cas was just about to sneeze again when you cuffed him. The cuffs worked because he didn’t go anywhere when he sneezes.
You grin and take him back to your room where you got him down to his boxers and tucked him in your bed.
“I’ll get you some soup. You stay here and rest.”
“Alright thank you (Y/N).”
“Of course Cas.” You smile and leave him to rest while you made him some chicken noodle soup.
After feeding Cas and making sure he was alright you climb into bed with him and fall asleep. This is how Sam and Dean find you. Cas spooning you, cuffs around his wrist and both of you asleep.  
“Look at em’ Sammy” Dean whispers smiling.
“I see but why is Cas cuffed?”
“Probably some kinky shit I can tease her with later.” Dean chuckles snapping a blackmail photo.
“Come on let’s let them sleep.” Sam pulls his brother from the room smiling as they went. Maybe after this you’d see you both liked each other.

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*adds books to list* Great! Thanks!

Yeah, I grew up with the “old” EU, so there’s a lot of the Disney!SW that’s taking some adjustment. Like, I read Bloodlines and was….. less than impressed. I get that they’re trying not to give a lot away, but… I’ve read fanfic better than this. And it reads like not-polished-fanfic.

(I also laughed my head off about the List of Star Wars Books in the front, going from 3 pages of tiny font to a half-dozen in 16-20pt font)

Kenobi is good, though I need to sit down and properly devour it. I’m only a couple chapters in, and you are very right. Pure pain in a good way.

I read Jedi Apprentice/Jedi Quest WAY back as a young Padawan, long before all the Jedi Quest books were written, and I liked them then. Should probably reread them as an adult. I’ve heard some people saying they’re written with a really awful power imbalance and Qui-Gon being an ass and expecting WAY too much of Obi-Wan (which I did not notice, but I was also younger than Obi, so…). Was there anything in particular that infuriated you about Watson’s stuff?

Did you ever read Yoda: Dark Rendezvous? It’s set shortly before Ep:III, and the interaction between Dooku and Yoda is just amazing. (also, fyi? Sith!Yoda would be terrifying)

evaceratops said: 

The second I saw “novel recs” I was like, “PICK ME!!!” I have read… so much Star Wars. SO MUCH. (Almost all canon stuff, but still.) A New Dawn (by John Jackson Miller, the same guy who wrote Kenobi) is REALLY GOOD; it’s a prequel to Rebels and it’s about how Hera and Kanan met, and it’s GOOD. Tarkin is also good, and… I’m forgetting something, I know I’m- OH! Heir to the Jedi! Which is Luke-centric, and has a lot of really great stuff about the Force.

(Continued from this post.)  Starting a new post because the other one would have been a bit of a dash killer!

I second @evaceratops‘ recs, who has read a lot of novels and is knowledgeable about these things!  I’ve not read any of them yet, but I’ve heard good about A New Dawn especially.  ♥

re: Bloodline – I feel much the same way, as well.  I liked it as a Leia story, I felt like it was truly her story, but the worldbuilding did not hold together well at all (the logic of “we can’t have a centralized government because we might get another Palpatine!” just makes no sense if you’re still going to have planetary level leaders or country level leaders or, hell, any kind of leaders at all, I say looking at you, General Organa, leading people in the Resistance) and none of the new characters really stuck with me and also apparently indentured servitude is fine and dandy in the New Republic??  Okay then.  But also that it was set only a handful of years before TFA, but they couldn’t give away any backstory, so Han and Luke and Ben are all just completely absent from a story where they should have been present, and so it felt very light plot-wise, when it should have been more solid, about the origins of the First Order. (I had the same remark–”I’ve read more satisfying Leia fic than this.”  And that’s because fic is allowed to do things, this novel wasn’t really.)

re: Jedi Apprentice/Jedi Quest – I read the first few when they started coming out, when I was a wee thing and I enjoyed them a lot!  But as an adult… none of the Jedi worldbuilding makes any goddamned sense (aging out by 13 makes NO SENSE and I’m glad TCW explicitly contradicts that) and everyone is written as a jerk and Anakin is written as inherently evil and Dooku was written as inherently evil as well.  Watson writes some interesting stuff about Obi-Wan (”The Last One Standing” really hit me in the feelings place, exactly as it was supposed to) but just about everyone else is god-awful and I’m glad they’ve been tossed out, especially as I don’t think they were compatible with actual canon after TCW.  That said, they definitely had their appeal when they first came out, I ate them up and never really thought much about it, they’re good for a person if you’re an Obi-Wan fan, I think.  And I do love the characters, I would love to see Bant and Siri and Tahl especially rescued from those books!

(So, basically, I’m cranky because everyone is such an ass in those books, as you’ve read criticism about, combined with worldbuilding that I greatly dislike and think was really pretty shoddily done.  But I don’t want to take away from anyone who enjoys them!  It’s been a long time since I read them all the way through properly, so I may be missing some good stuff in them!)

re: other books – I haven’t read Dark Rendezvous yet, but it’s on my list!  I haven’t read a lot of the PT-era novels, but I’m slowly making my way through the current canon books first, then picking up the PT novels.  (Which is relatively slow going, because I also read fic at the same time!)

As mentioned, the Ahsoka novel is probably my favorite of the new canon so far, it does a solid job of bridging the gap between ROTS and Ahsoka joining the Rebellion, it can’t really do anything majorly surprising, but it’s a lovely look at her character and the sense of loss she feels and her struggling to find her purpose again, as well as I’m easy to please because there’s f/f subtext (possibly actual text??) that’s pretty great.  The mentions of Obi-Wan and Anakin are spot on as well.

I’ve read Catalyst, which was hilarious for the Tarkin vs Krennic catfights, but also interesting to give depth and connection to the Rogue One part of the galaxy, where it drew on a lot of previously established SW stuff, instead of just making up all new stuff.  I also thought it did a really good job of giving a bit more weight to Galen and Lyra’s characters, as well as Krennic was hilarious in every scene.  The building of the Death Star stuff was also genuinely interesting!  I liked the plot a lot and it was a great book for bridging things together.

I’ve also read the Rogue One novelization by Alexander Freed and I highly recommend it.  It’s what novelizations should be–it takes the canon and gives it so much more depth, I really found that Jyn Erso as a character made a ton more sense to me after reading it, where she’s so jaded and damaged and not emotionally stable.  All the characters get some really good bonus stuff, but Jyn especially benefits from it.

I’m almost finished with the Thrawn novel that just came out about a week ago and I think I would definitely recommend it if you’re at all interested in the character.  Zahn writes really well, it’s super engaging, and it feels connected to the rest of the Star Wars universe in that way I like and I find Thrawn charismatic under his pen.  I don’t know that it would appeal if you hate the character or are bored by him, but if you have a vague interest, it’s a really good re-canonizing of the character, I find that I really want more of this author writing this character.

(As always, anyone should feel free to jump in with novel recs/thoughts!  ♥)

anonymous asked:

How do you think Lucas will be involved?? I'm super excited that something is happening with him

*Spoiler* if you don’t read the synopsis for the upcoming episodes. In 7x15 Hanna is looking in to Lucas more to prove he is innocent and finds evidence against him. Then in 7x16 she finds more against him and is struggling with the idea Lucas is connected to AD. So she is finding out more and more information against Lucas being this “nice guy” and starting to think of him as the no so nice guy some people saw coming.

I think what is important is Hanna isn’t just confirming or saying to the girls that Lucas is AD. If she went up to them and told them in 7x14 about Lucas, I would take him off my list right away. These girl cant guess who AD is to save their lives, so them not saying anything about him being AD make me still have hope. Plus the show wouldn’t just give us that answer, but maybe are slowly leading us there.

I think they will go one of two ways with Lucas, either he is AD and doing this to avenge Charlotte, plus everything he went through from the girls. OR he killed Charlotte and didn’t like her. I don’t see him being just a helper, he has too much against him.

Dancing in the Downpour (Phil Lester)


Hello this is my first Phil Lester fanfiction, I really hope that you enjoy it and I am slowly making my way through the list of fics that I am looking forward to writing. This was really fun to write and I am actually really proud of this one do thank you for requesting it! Requests are always appreciated however if they take longer for me to get to them quickly its because I am busy and a bit lazy so apologies however i try to write them to the best of my abilities as quickly as I can as well :)

Requested by: crybaby-cries-alot

I hope you dont mind that i changed it a little to your request however I am proud of the way that it turned out and I hope that you like it too!

Words: 1,800+



its a warm Sunday morning and Phil and I have just woken up after a long good night sleep. It is Spring and we are currently still lying in bed the both of us too weary to get out of bed and prepare for the day, however at the rate that this is going it doesnt look like a lot will be happening in the near future. I peer to my right and see my beautiful boyfriend lying next to me awake, dreary, but awake. I continue to stare lovingly over at Phil and take in his features that are lit up by the orange tinge that illuminates our surroundings. His dark locks had been pushed back on top of his head giving him a dark ruffled quiff. Though it was early his eyes still sparkled in the light (that was mainly coming from the glare on his phone), clouds of grey and blue enticing me even more everytime I see them. Moreover, it was hard for me to get a proper glimpse at his eyes when he had his dark frames carefully balanced on the bridge of his nose that were enabling him to read and absorb his twitter feed. He was wearing plain black top that he accidentally ordered in multiple sizes too big for him, and Phil being Phil he couldnt be bothered to send it back, I suppress a chuckle as I think back to the memory of Phil putting on that top for the first time. The clothing had hung low around his neck, the sleeves and the bottom of the top as well.

“Y/N you should really try and make your staring less obvious.” Phil says not taking his eyes off of his phone however he was grinning in pride that he had been able to catch you in the act.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I say trying to act innocent and brush off what he said. I turn my attention back to my phone hoping he would drop the subject. It must have been no more than 13 seconds afterwards when i felt the bed shuffling and the duvet was being pulled and tugged around all over the place.

“What on earth are you doing Phil?”

Phil didnt reply to me he just showed me when his head was placed on my stomach. He took a few more tries to get the position that he was comfortable in just right. His long legs that were being covered in his cookie monster pyjama trousers were dangling over the end of the bed.

“I have been with you for so long and I have that it is best to just not ask questions” I say laughing and shaking my head and my silly boyfriend.

“I love you Y/N” Phil had a wide grin spread across his face and was looking up at me with tired eyes.

“I love you too Phil”

There is a pause for a while where we both focus all our attention on our devices present until Phil chirps up.

“So what do you want to do today?” Phil asks

“I dont know, how about we go into London and get some lunch?”

“Sound good to me”

**Some time later**

We had eaten lunch at a small cafe that we had found in a small back alley in Islington and we were walking hand in hand through the street, we were surrounded by busy shoppers and commuters. When suddenly Phil stops in his tracks.

“Y/N, do you know what day it is today?”

“Yes Phil it is Thursday the 13th of Apr-”

I cut myself off and looked at Phil and he looked at me grinning, how had we not remembered.

“Its our 1 year anniversary and we completely forgot about it” Phil says trying to conceal his laughter.

It was typical that the two most forgetful and clumsy people ever had forgotten that it was a special day that marked one year that they had been together. it was at that moment when the pair of us were unable to contain our laughter for any longer and we stood there, in the street, on our one year anniversary and I was happy and content.

Phil suggested that we go on a small walk around a park that isnt too far from the flat, much to my protests about the the gloomy weather that was looming up ahead, however Phil persisted and we were now in a green park that was rather busy with families with their smaller children. You have to watch your step because of you are careless or not looking properly then you are risking kicking a small child. these factors are intensified when you are a 6ft 3 male who is also a massive clutz, i am constantly re directing phil and having to go “watch out” before he knocks an excitable toddler flying.

it is around 4:30 in the afternoon and me and Phil are now sitting on the swings of the park that earlier on in the day would have been infested with giddy young children. However, now in the early evening it had been inhabited by two lovesick grown up who were competing on how high they could swing on the swings.

The families have fled, I believe this is due to the fact that there is a daunting dirty grey cloud that is sneaking closer to us quicker than we both anticipated.

“Phil as much as I would love to sit here on the swings all day with you I do think that we should make our way home as I don’t fancy getting caught up in that rain that is getting closer to us” I tell Phil, however he doesnt seem to want to move.

“Let’s stay”

He catches a glimpse of the unimpressed look on my face

“Not for long though” 

he corrects himself and I nod in response thinking about how when we return home we will be soaked through our clothing. Phil grins, takes my hand with his large one and drags me over to the rather tall metal slide that remind me of days out to the park as a child.

I called it. Five minutes after I suggested we make our way home it starts to rain, this is not the sort of rain that would create a light pitter-patter sound on the roof that could be counted as somewhat relaxing, however this was the kind of rain that frustrates you and disturbs your television experience forcing you to turn it up over the trashing sound that can be heard a mile away. 

“Phil I told you it would rain and now look at us” I exclaim standing in a children’s play area in the middle of London at about 5 O’clock on the afternoon.

Phil doesn’t say a word just walk over to me with water dripping down his chiseled face, he brings his hands up to place them on my cheek brushing away some of the damp loose hairs as he does so. The tension builds as I wait for him to remove the space that was between us that felt like miles. We have kissed many times before but this one felt as though it was going to be different, it felt like all the emotions in our relationship were all going to be communicated through this one illuminating kiss.

Then he does it. the gap has been filled by the collision of our soft lips moulding together to create one. If feels like the first time we kissed again, who knew that two intimate body parts colliding could create such a rush of emotions and memories fill your body making you feel whole and pure. I was taken back to that night, that night on the sofa where Phil was desperate to kiss me however he was to nervous to make the first move, but when he did it I thought that that kiss would be the best kiss I have ever had in my life. It has been, until today, until now. It is similar to our first kiss however this one contains so much more passion, emotion and lust. This kiss communicated how much our love for eachother has grown and adapted to each others needs over time. That for me was special.

We pull away. then just as I think that the tender moment between us was over, the one that left me wondering if Phil was experiencing the same lust and emotions as I was had ended I notice that Phil has extended his palm to me as  a gesture for me to take it.

What was he doing? 

Phil noticed how hesitantly I have reacted and spoke up.

“Trust me Y/N”

And I do, I trust Phil with all my heart and I cant see me living in a world without Phil, and for that to be a figment of my imagination there needs to be trust.

I grab his strong hands that I trust with every inch of my body then instantaneously I am twirled around on the spot, I was shocked at the action from both parties.  it was unlike Phil to pursue such a vulnerable gesture however it was unlike myself to participate in the action itself. Embarrassment curses through my veins.

“Phil what are you doing people will see us?” I scold him, the embarrassment and lack of self esteem fuels through my body at an alarming rate. Only a minute ago I was relaxing my body into Phils delicate kiss now I am tense and ashamed about dancing in the rain where other members of the general public will see me.

“Who cares Y/N, its our anniversary live a little” Phil encourages me by pulling my soaked body closer to his chest and plays with my hands gently.

“I’m not too sure Phil, people will stare at us”

“So what if they stare they can stare all they like and even if people do stare I don’t think you have much to worry about considering the only people that I can see are currently leaving the park.”

 I turn and see that Phil was right I see a what I can only assume is a father who is pushing a pram at great speed whilst attempting to usher a couple of toddlers in the right direction and out of the downpour.

“Fuck it” I curse and grabs Phil’s hand and we dance together in the pouring rain, all our worries and cares had been washed away by the rain water and we are hear frolicking in a childs play area in a freezing shower of rain. As Phil spins me around again straight into a puddle I think for the second time today that I am happy and content where I am right now with who I am right now.

Request: @caylynn1122 Hey could you do an imagine where the reader is daryls daughter and carl finds her outside the walls while he’s on a run. He ask her what’s her name and she says (y/n) Dixon and carl brought her to the Hiltop so she can see daryl.

Word Count: 734

A/N: Hello Everyone! Cross another one off of the Daryl Dixon requests! I’m slowly making my way through the list. (I’ve got a few WIP at the moment). Enjoy! - Kellie

Originally posted by reedus-wifey

I was being followed, that was pretty fucking clear. The stupid bastard was louder than a fucking elephant, crashing through the forest. If I’d learned anything from my now absent father, it’s that you need to walk quietly, especially when you’re following something. Ugh, amateurs.

Taking a quick right, I circled back, raising my bow and arrow and pointing it at the guy’s head. My next step was purposeful, stepping on a large twig ensuring it would snap and get his attention. It worked, he swung around, raising the knife he had in his hands, ready to defend himself.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Could ask ya the same thing. Yer the one followin’ me.” I retorted, not wanting any bullshit.

“Fair enough.” He smiled, raising his hands in surrender, “Carl Grimes. And you are?”

“Y/n.” I didn’t like how easily he let up his defenses, “Y/n Dixon.”

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missyjenne  asked:

How does that stretching torture device kill people exactly? I'm watching Outlast 2 play throughs and in the chapel a lady was killed that way, and it piqued my curiosity

Oh, the rack is a horrible, absolutely terrible way to kill people. It is always listed on one of the very top torture devices.

It works by stretching your body slowly until your joints pop out of place, dislocating arms, legs, hands, feet in excruciating pain. If you keep going, it tears your muscles, making you unable to walk or move correctly even if you were let out at that point.

After your joints and muscles are torn, the rack keeps going to separate your bones. It literally tears you apart. Usually you will die before your body is in pieces.

It’s gruesome….and awful. 

englishable  asked:

Oh, I always have to say Psalm 139: "If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea/Even there would Thy hand lead me, and Thy right hand would hold me."

oh wow, that one is quite lovely!! I’m a bit new to the psalms, I’ve been wanting to read them for a while but it’s a bit intimidating to just jump right in and read them all (and not as special), but gosh that one is really nice. a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately. I really like “You hedge me before and behind, You lay Your hand upon me/It is beyond my knowledge; it is a mystery; I cannot fathom it.”

Sweet Scent pt.3

Word count: 3218

Author’s note: Wow! I seriously wasn’t expecting so many reads in such a short while! I’m so glad you like this story! <3

Your name: submit What is this?

After our first day at the beach house – which all of us had spent with packing out and taking the house as our own – I crouched down next to my still open suitcase to put the rest of my clothes away into drawers or into the wardrobe that I shared with Derek. The thought alone was enough to make my heart switch to an erratic rhythm, but I willed it to calm down by taking long, deep breaths. It was Derek’s turn in the bathroom now, since he’d agreed to be the last. I’d been there just before him, hence I still had only a towel on while the rest of my body was dripping wet, leaving droplets of water all over the place.

I wanted to be ready by the time Derek returned, but I couldn’t find my pyjamas, no matter how hard I’d looked for them, so I ended up putting on panties and ditching the cold, wet towel for a plaid spread out on the bed to wrap myself into.

When Derek arrived, he halted at the doorway, just staring at me. Even his hand,  which was wiping away the surplus water from his ebony black hair, stopped moving. I ignored the blush I was certain was already on my face and started to explain it to him before he misunderstood.

“I-it’s not what you think,” was what I decided to open with. I winced at the way his face scrunched up at that. I couldn’t decide if it was because of the idea itself in general or the idea of doing it with me. I tried not to over think it and instead focus on what I had to say. “I can’t seem to find my pyjamas. At all. I looked for it everywhere, I even checked twice and once more to make sure I didn’t just slip over it or something.” I knew I was rambling, but I couldn’t help it, especially because I was as nervous as possible.

Derek handled the whole situation stoically; he just nodded curtly, then headed for the drawer and pulled out a tee of his own for me. He slowly approached me, then handed it to me. “Here,” he said, then pointedly turned around and made his way over to the bed where one of my books had already been waiting. He picked it up and absentmindedly surveyed its cover before opening it and skimming through the contents list. When he could feel the mattress dipping near him, he crawled to the right side, which was closer to the door, and made himself comfortable at the headboard, his back resting against it and his eyes still trained on the pages.

“You interested in psychology?” I asked, a smile playing at the corner of my lips. He nodded, then handed the book back to me, still not looking at my face but at the blanket near my thighs.

“I am, for a fact,” he said eventually, simultaneously sliding his eyes up on my kneeling shape until they found my face and our gazes connected. His tee was too big for me; its sleeves reached my elbows and the hem of it was covering a bit more than a quarter of my thighs. I pushed myself off the bed to switch off the lights, then tried to find my way back to the king size bed in the darkness with my arms extended in front of me to protect me should I happen to fall. It didn’t make me wait for too long; I indeed faltered in the strap of a backpack, however, I never arrived to the ground, because I was close enough to the bed by then. “You okay?”

I looked up where I vaguely supposed Derek’s face must have been and nodded. “Yeah,” I whispered, my entire nervous system zeroing in solely on the spot where his and my skin were touching. He was squeezing my wrist and upper arm tightly, bordering on too tight, but not enough to hurt me.

“Come on,” he said, also in a quieter tone, which gave his voice a tender sweetness. His hand moved from my upper arm to my waist, and from my wrist to my hand, holding it gently to guide me to my side of the huge bed. My knees hit Derek’s legs a few times, but eventually I managed to climb over him and settle down. He let go of me, then both of us made ourselves comfortable under the sheets, trying to will ourselves to sleep.

. o O o .

Last night, I may have been successful at hiding my nervousness and the… hunger of the wolf, but in reality I had been anything but calm. After touching her and experiencing what it feels like to have a direct contact with her skin again, I could barely contain myself – even merely until she fell asleep. My mind had been attacking me with facts, like how much her heart had been pounding when I’d put my hand on her waist, the feeling I’d got when she straddled my stretched out legs for a second, and especially that she was still a virgin. The last one had especially not been unhelpful, and that had been the moment I just couldn’t do it for any longer, and bolted right out of the bed to take an abrupt run and explore the area.

When I’d got back, I’d found (Y/N), still fast asleep on the bed, but the blanket had halfway slipped down from her figure and the tee had been riding up, revealing a huge expanse of her skin of her back to me. I couldn’t help but adore her womanly shape with the wide hips and the narrow-looking shoulders – her sleeping position had emphasized her physique more, making my wolf crazy like it had rabies, and scratch restlessly on the imaginary wall in my mind. I’d tried to calm it down, but I hadn’t managed until I ventured to the bathroom and took an ice cold shower.

Yeah, I knew I was screwed.

In the early morning, I could hear faint noises, but I opted not to act on them. I couldn’t smell an intruder, still just the two of us – and then, I opened my mouth to breathe through that instead of my nose to prevent doing something I would most likely regret later. I listened to (Y/N)’s heartbeat as it travelled through the room, accompanied by her bare feet stepping all over the parquet. She opened the glass door of the balcony, and my skin adored the chilly morning air as it licked over it. The curtain in front of the door also moved, but its sounds were unimportant to me. I tuned out the noises – the birds, the soft waves of wind, all of the heartbeats in the house, because they were black and white to me – to be able to pay full attention to the sounds that belonged to (Y/N), since those sounds were what I considered rainbow-coloured. I tuned my ears to her heart’s rhythm, to her breathing pace, as though nothing existed besides those.

A little later I felt her hands close to my nude back. I had initially worn a shirt for bed, but I’d decided against it, because I was hot enough without that too, so I ended up wearing only a pair of black basketball shorts and boxers. The heat from her skin bled into mine, only adding to my already too high body warmth. She fixed the blanket on me, then made a beeline for the door – it was all over in a handful of seconds, but her close proximity still felt like ages to me. I opened one eye to see her back as she left the room, softly clicking the door closed. I listened to her steps, coming from gradually farther and farther, before pushing myself off the bed into a sitting position.

I reached for my phone under my pillow to check the time – it was 4:43 AM, and I had no idea what (Y/N) was doing up so early. I debated with myself whether I should join her or stay here, but I knew it had partially been decided already. After all, what could I do here for two more hours alone?

I resisted burying my face into my still warm tee, which she’d taken off a short while back, to inhale our scent (for too long, that is), and walked down the stairs, still typing away on my phone to get an idea about today’s weather, simultaneously following (Y/N)’s scent that led me to the kitchen.

“Did I wake you?” she asked, keeping her volume low as though the others were sleeping next to us. I shook my head.

“No,” I answered. I knew it was a lie, but I would have woken up to anyone’s presence in the room, so I considered it invalid. I took a seat at the island. I liked the idea of the tall bar chairs, and as such, I wanted to take advantage of them while we were here. She gave me a small smile before turning around to face the counter again.

“I was thinking about making a fruit salad for breakfast,” she said. “But there aren’t many fruit here, just some apples that Stiles brought and bananas, so I’ll go to the nearby shop to get more.”

“How do you know about the shop?” I asked. She shrugged as she was washing the mentioned apples.

“I checked it on my phone.”

After short moments of consideration, I blurted, “Mind if I join you?”

She turned around with a wide grin on her face and said, “Not at all.” She finished her work, then faced me again. “Want something, like a cup of coffee? Or anything else?”

Yes, you!, roared my wolf, but I hushed it and, again, shook my head no. She acknowledged it with a nod, then set the cloth on the counter and gestured to me to follow her, which I did happily. It was like she was the puppeteer and I was her puppet – it straight up scared me how easily and willingly I obliged to any of her requests.

She was fully clothed by then, wearing her sports bra, a tank top and a pair of shorts, but both of us had to go back to our room; me to change and her to grab a bag and her purse. I left my shorts on me and just put on a grey wife beater, then looked at myself in the mirror on the doors of the wardrobe, which faced the bed. My hair was standing in haphazard directions, but I was too lazy to do anything about it. In the end, I didn’t regret this decision, because (Y/N) approached me and asked me about it. I told her I didn’t mind, but she tsked and reached up to make my short strands look more decent. I had to hold myself back from putting my hands on her hips, pulling her flush to my body and reeling her in for a kiss. At the same time, I did adore her neck and her face without make-up. I preferred to see people naturally, and not behind a mask, even though she didn’t wear much and was beautiful both ways.

We left the house a few minutes after five. She guided us to the shop that was open 24/7. The cashier looked halfway to falling asleep, and since I’d worked at a place like this in my teens, I knew that the shift would end at six. I helped (Y/N) to collect everything she needed, then we carried the stuff to the counter in order to pay – I’d put my own wallet into the pocket of my pants, so I paid before she could have made a move to get her purse out. I helped her pack everything up and shouldered the backpack without a word. She protested a bit, but I hushed her and told her it was okay. The bag rested on one of my shoulders, hence one of my hands was free; I would lie if I said I didn’t hope she would take it in hers and we would go back holding hands, but I suppressed my desires.

Back in the kitchen, (Y/N) started slicing the freshly bought fruits while I sat on my previous spot on the bar chair, not moving my gaze off her figure. She’d told me to just sit back and wait for the breakfast, and trust her to do everything else. The only reason I agreed was because I knew then I would have the opportunity to ogle her body without any disturbance whatsoever.

We were there in accompanying silence, and for the first time in my life, it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. When she finished, she put the huge bowl in the fridge to keep it cold and let the tastes of the components to mix together. For the time being, we either talked or just sat there in silence, occasionally catching each other looking at the other, it ending up in lanes of chuckles and, on her part, blushing.

A while later she took the salad out of the fridge and served us both some. We ate our shares in silence, but I couldn’t resist telling her how tasty it was. The rest of the pack started filing in not soon after, joining us on the island. I saw Erica winking at me with a smirk, and trying to egg me on with a motion of her hand, non-verbally urging me to make further moves to hit on (Y/N), but I refused. I frowned at her in a warning, to which she just shrugged and went to get some salad too.

I could already hear Stiles mocking me, telling me things like “See, I told you it would be a good idea to take her with us, because she’s a genius and could take care of the house while we’re away.” He’d fought with such points at the pack meeting to try and convince everyone that dragging his human, ignorant-to-the-supernatural sister with us was a great idea.

Stiles sat on my left side, accidentally slipping on the chair and thus, pushing me up against (Y/N) for a few moments – I simply glared at him, hoping my murderous look would convey how much I wasn’t impressed by his acting skills. He just grinned at me in return, and took a bite off the piece of strawberry on (Y/N)’s fork. His sister just giggled and let him do it.

“So, what are today’s plans?” asked Isaac, hopping up on the counter on the opposite side of the island with his share in his hand. Again, I had to control the roaring wolf, viciously scratching at the door of my mind, desperately trying to get out and mark (Y/N) up. The animal telling me how well she could provide my pack was absolutely not helping me to calm down and concentrate on the task at hand. I was hauled out of my daydreaming when I noticed all of the other werewolves – Scott, Erica and Isaac – giving me the knowing looks. I cleared my throat.

“There will be a storm this afternoon,” I informed them. Scott rolled his eyes and went back to eating his breakfast. Stiles approached the fridge and poured some milk for himself, but (Y/N) asked for some too, so he also gave her a glass of it. I internally smiled at her demeanour that my wolf apparently found endearing and adorable, but then I snapped out of my thoughts again when Erica pointedly asked who wanted to leave the house.

“Does everyone want to leave?” I asked, looking around. I expected at least Stiles to say no, but he wanted to come with us, obviously. Suddenly a wave of uneasiness hit me from (Y/N)’s side and my nostrils flared. I looked at her. “You rather wanna stay?” She smiled at me a bit sheepishly, then nodded.

“It’s okay if I’m alone, though,” she said, and I couldn’t detect the tiniest hint of lie.

“Okay then,” I said, standing up before Stiles would have had another chance to try and push me closer to his sister again. The Betas and Allison left the kitchen, and I followed Stiles upstairs. When I was sure we were out of (Y/N)’s hearing range, I grabbed him by the neck and shoved him against the nearest wall. “You stole her pyjamas, didn’t you.” It would have been a mistake to call that accusation a question.

“Yeah,” he shrugged, not showing the least amount of apology at all. It infuriated me.

“She had to sleep in one of my T-shirts,” I told him only to make him grin again.

“Well, you wanted her to wear your stuff, didn’t you?” he asked, but it rather felt like a confident declaration too, just like mine. I didn’t answer, just let go of him so he could go and change. I retreated to (Y/N) and my room too.

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. I knew it was (Y/N), so I instantly gave permission to her to enter, without a thought.

“You really okay with staying here all by yourself?” I asked just to make sure. She nodded wordlessly, and approached the shelf where she’d set her books to pick one out to read for today. I felt a pang of guilt for leaving her alone here, with my wolf snarling at me not to leave her here without any kind of protection, but I knew I had to go. Scott might have been an Alpha too, but my Betas belonged to me, and they needed me to be in control. For some reason, I insanely wanted (Y/N) to be there with us too, but not as a mere Beta of mine, no. More like as my partner, the female Alpha of the pack to help me regulate those teenagers on the battlefield. “We should be back soon,” I promised, but all I got was a smile and a silent “I know”.

Then, she left the room – our room – and made her way back downstairs to wait for the others and say them goodbye before leaving. She hugged Scott and Stiles, and waved for the others. I could see her hesitating when it was my turn, but me – rather my wolf – made a decision instead of the both of us; I opened my arms up to her in an offer to hug, which she took entirely too enthusiastically and fast. It made my wolf whine contently, and I couldn’t not bury my nose in her hair to take a deep inhale. When I opened my eyes again, I could see my Betas giving me the looks again, but I ignored them and, after sparing a moment to slide my palm down (Y/N)’s back, I let go of her and ushered everyone out the door. I turned back once more to give (Y/N) a smile, which she returned, and I left with a feeling that this whole scenario felt as though she was already my partner and I was taking our children to kindergarten.

I’m trying to eat healthy so I’ve been avoiding my cravings but of course as soon as I make that commitment I get 50 million cravings so here they are listed so I can slowly make my way through them in a controlled manner:

-fried chicken
-Thai drunken noodles and Thai iced tea
-Irani or Turkish kababs
-that Turkish egg dish I had once
-3akawee cheese and pepperoni mana2eesh
-fast food burger
-yam fries
-raspberry Danish

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I want to adore the other seiyuus as much as I do for Shukashuu... Do you have any blog recommendations for that? c: (Shukashuu's really cute isn't she... aaaaaaa >///A///< Thank you for all your work~)

No problem~ o7 Thanks for enjoying my blog ;__;

Seiyuu blog recommendations? Whew, okay. I have a lot of these.

For blogs that tend to focus on a single seiyuu (but may post about other Love Live! seiyuu too!):

General seiyuu blogs:

Blogs with translated seiyuu content:

YouTube channels (mostly subbers):

Wow, this list got super long. My memory is not that great though so I still could have forgotten (or just not known about) some amazing seiyuu blogs! If any of you have any other seiyuu blogs to recommend, feel free to comment! (:D)| ̄|_

To cool down, last night I decided to go ahead and pop in my copy of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village to try and remember what I’ve been doing since I abandoned it for Trio of Towns for so many months, and it’s still pretty fun. I’m slowly working my way through the Mutations list & I kinda want to unlock all of the seeds now. Ha ha.

Though funny enough, I’ve discovered there are at least two things that I think Skytree Village handles/does better than Story of Seasons.


I’m going to say it, I like the child system in Skytree Village more. My kid has their own crib, they have waking/sleeping hours where you can visibly tell that they’re awake/asleep, and more importantly - I can interact with them.

I have to feed the kid (with Formula I make myself or buy), play with the kid & interact with him every day as a baby, which is a lot more than Story of Seasons “The kid stays in the shared parent’s bed and you can’t interact with him for the first 45 days” system.

I know later that you can have your child help you on the farm, so that’s cute too. Plus the Harvest Sprites tell you in a cut scene they’re watching your kid when you and your spouse aren’t in the farm house which I personally loved.

Now granted, Story of Seasons has a tiny bit more variety & You can give them gifts, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re recolors of each other and only have one outfit. I think Festival participation is the one big step-up from Skytree Village (but that game doesn’t have Festivals or Gift Giving, so it’s not a big surprise your kid can’t participate).

I think it mostly bothers me, because I saw that in Animal Parade, you could at least pick up your child & play with him while he was a baby. So the fact that’s gone feels like a step down in the newer games.

Run/Walk Cycles

The run & walk cycles look better in Skytree Village.

That’s a completely subjective opinion, but I really don’t like the skipping-style run feature in the Story of Seasons 3D games.

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How are finals coming along? Are you confident? Are you ready to kick ass?!??!?? (Yes you are)

Finals don’t start till 14th, but i’m slowly making my way through an extensive list of topics! It’s going well i guess, i’m a bit anxious but i’m trying my best. I have a paper due this tuesday so that’s a bit stressing as well, but i can’t wait to be done with it so i’m pushing through! Thanks for checking up on me, and for the vote of confidence. I very much look forward to kicking the finals’ ass!

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"We're neighbours and we've never met, but I hear you singing Disney songs in the shower every morning and I may have accidentally shouted a request" (Narry) 💗💗

sorry I took forever to actually write this but I doubt you’re surprised by that

Harry gets in from his morning jog at just before seven in the morning. He feels accomplished, not only from his run but also because he’s fairly certain he’s worked out the best route to take—one that doesn’t have him coming across too many other early-morning joggers and gives him an excellent scenic tour of the outskirts of the university campus. He’s rather excited about the autumn, thinks of all the trees he runs underneath that will have their leaves turning glowing reds and oranges and yellows in just a few weeks.

He stops by his dorm room to grab a towel and switch out his running shoes for his shower flip flops before he approaches the bathroom. All of the young men on the floor have a space in the shower room for their various soaps and washcloths in a grid of yellow squares just across from the sinks. Harry has his things in the top row, second column from the right, in a purple shower basket that he picks up and takes with him to the middle shower. Their floor is fairly small, so they only have three showers in the men’s bathroom. The middle one has the best water pressure, so Harry takes advantage of his peers’ lazier sleeping habits and claims said superior shower.

Mid-way through conditioning his hair, Harry hears the tell-tale sound of someone else entering the room. The other student is humming, that much Harry can hear, but not loud enough to truly carry over the sound of the water beating down on Harry’s head and shoulders. He goes for the shower nearest the door, which is the second best in terms of effectively getting someone wet and rinsing away soap. Harry, of course, goes along with his shower without sparing any more thought to the other.

That was the plan, anyway. But he couldn’t exactly ignore the singing.

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