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Yes, Your Bucky

Summary: This is a sequel to My James, Your Bucky. The reader and her plum dumpling come to terms with what happened to James.

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Angst central, people. You’ve been warned.

A/N: The response to My James, Your Bucky has been so awesome. I did say that if I write the next part it will be painful. You still wanted more. I hope you like it.

I went through all comments and asks to tag people so I hope I haven’t missed anyone out?

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It’s been good few hours since you discovered your flat in a complete mess. You’ve been practically dragged out of there by a man with the bow. Hawkeye, you think was his name. Frankly, quite a few people introduced themselves to you outside, but you couldn’t care less for who they were. Why would you? They all just barged into your life expecting you to be calm and understanding. Calm and understanding?!

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Could you do a James x reader request with 39 40 and 12 it's okay if you can't put all of them in but can 40 be the main one please and thank you and CONGRATS ON 1K you deserve it more than anything!!!!!

Thank you so much!!  💕💕

James Potter x Reader
12. “Are you flirting with me?”
39. “Like what you see?” 
40. “Sorry I’m late, I had some stuff I had to do.” - “By “stuff”, she means me.”
Warnings: Smut

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It was that kind of morning when you wished you could just sleep all day, or at least stay in bed for another hour or two. Getting up, you almost fell off while you crawled out, nearly broke your neck in the bathroom, chocked on your toothpaste – you felt it won’t be your day. Packing into your bag grudgingly, you couldn’t find the potions textbook, and after another ten minutes of searching in the depth of your trunk, you remembered James borrowed it a few days ago. After a loud, deep sigh, you left the room and dragged yourself up to the boys’ dormitory. The Marauder’s room was nearly empty; Sirius just exit when you appeared in front of the door. – “James?”

He raised an eyebrow, seeing your tired face and hearing your aren’t so friendly voice. “Good morning to you too. He’s still showering.”

You walked in and you knocked loudly on the bathroom’s door. “James! I need my potions book.”

After a few seconds of silence, you heard his muffled voice through the flowing water. “Just a moment.”

But minutes passed, and he was still nowhere. “For Merlin’s beard, what the hell are you doing for so long?” – you whined, leaning against the wall.

“Patience, love, I’m almost done.” – he said, and the water stopped. You could hear the smile behind his words. “Unless you want to see me naked… then I can just go out right away.”

Silently walking towards his bed with an eye roll, he said nothing, but you heard his voice again. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

With a small giggle, you plopped down on the edge of the bed; he know you so well. Soon the door opened and he stepped in, walking towards you with a towel around his waist, and you couldn’t help yourself but staring. His body was so much more nicer than you though, lightly but perfectly toned – probably from the constant quidditch practices. His hair was untidier than usual, but he messed it up when he was your flushed cheeks. “Like what you see?” – he asked with that mischievous smile of his.

Clearing your throat, you stood up, taking a few step backwards. “Yeah, sure.” – you said sarcastically, in the attempt to hide how nervous (and turned on) you were. – “Now, my book, please?”

He gave you a last, nasty look before turned to his trunk and picked up the book, then slowly walked to back to you, too close, until your faces almost touched, reaching out his hand; when you angrily snatched the book out from his hand. “Stop doing this.”

“Doing what, love?” – he grinned; his voice low and raspy.

“Trying to seduce me with your perfect body.”

His smile grew on his face even more. “Are you flirting with me?”

“In your dreams, Potter.” – you muttered, though you were still inches from each other, after a sudden movement your hands were around his neck instead of the book what somehow fell off on the floor with a big thud that none of you noticed. You pulled him closer, his lips were on yours roughly, his tongue gently caressing yours; hands sliding down on your back.

Running a hand through on his chest, until it was on the edge of the towel that you easily took off with an almost innocent movement, making him smirking onto the kiss. You looked down on his body, which made your cheeks blushed again. “I think you’re little overdressed.”

He started to unbuttoning your shirt while your soft palms were working on his length, making him taking in sharp breaths, and by the time when the shirt was off, he immediately started to placing rough kisses on your neck, collarbone, all over your breasts while you unclasped your bra – and it was his turn to blushing, just lightly. You took off your skirt and tossed it on to the other clothes on the floor. He opened his mouth, but the words stuck in his throat, so he just placed an arm around your waist and tugged two fingers into your knickers, pulling you closer until your bodies were pressed together tightly. James’ hands were all over you, touching and gripping every inch of your body he could reach, open mouthed kisses covered your skin before he pushed you down on the bed, hovering over you and pulling off your underwear almost impatiently. His fingers found your folds quickly, causing him to smiling smugly about how wet you were already. He rubbed gentle circles around your clit, but picked up his pace as you started to whimpering beneath him, and soon he pushed two fingers inside you, pumping in and out, which made you gripping the sheets, then grabbing his hair; you started to losing your mind slowly.

“James…” – you sighed, but he just kept moving his fingers, his lips attached to your neck.

“James, please.” – you repeated, and he raised his head up, looking into your eyes. – “I want you inside me.”

His hazel eyes darkened, looking deep into yours as he pressed his forehead to yours, asked if you’re sure, whispering, and you nodded fast before he gently started to push himself inside you, with a loud groan escaped his mouth as he filled you. He was slow, but you were so tensed up every movement he did sent you into the heaven. Tugging at his hair, you were gripping it harder, bucking your hips up before wrapped your legs around him, trying to push him deeper and deeper, and he fastened, burying his face into your neck. “You feel so good.” – he praised, causing you to let out a muffled moan, but still trying to keep your voice down. “Don’t hold it back.” – he whispered, but it wasn’t necessary, because soon you couldn’t, even if you wanted to. After a few hard and fast thrust your body shook and weakened beneath him; you were digging your nails into his skin and tightened your legs around him as you reached your high with the last moans of his name; squeezing him inside you, which made him came right after you.

Panting hard, he collapsed on top of you, trying to catch his breath.

Ten minutes later you were running through the corridors, down on the staircases. He was following you, an enormous, childish grin on him, still trying to knot his tie. You slowed down in the dungeon and stopped in front of the Potions classroom, and as he was still fiddling with his tie, you made it for him. “I don’t like this look on your face, Potter.” – you mumbled, glancing back at him.

He pouted, then smirked; wiping a strand of hair out from your eyes. “I liked it better when you called me on my first name.” – he said, leaning closer, whispering into your ear. – “Oh, James, yes, please…”

“Shut up.” you hit him in the shoulder, narrowing your eyes, but had to bite your lower lip to suppress a smile. Knocking in the door, you walked into the classroom, where the professor was already in the middle of making a potion.

“Professor Slughorn! I’m sorry I’m late, I had some stuff I had to do.”

He let out a half smile, but waved his hand. “No worries, we just started! Sit down!”

So you did, joining to the table that you shared with your friends. They threw suspicious glances at you before James muttered, “By “stuff”, she means me.”

Peter chocked back a giggle and Remus let out a smile, while Sirius gave a high five to James, causing you to throw a deadly look at both of them.

“Sorry.” – James whispered to you, placing a kiss on your cheek.

No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language, lewd comments.

word count: 3,532

“We’ve got a problem,” Hoseok tells Kihyun through the phone as he paces the length of the bathroom.

1 | 2 | 3 | …

Part 4: Breakups, Makeups, and Break-Ins.

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When you’re in love with someone you feel as if you need them, you need them to survive. And then when you lose them, you lose a piece of yourself that you won’t ever get back. It feels like you’re drowning, it feels like you’re slowly losing your mind as you claw at the surface, unable to reach the fresh air. But as time passes, the wounds start to heal. You’ll find yourself diving into other little things that make you happy to fill the empty void. You’ll learn to swim in the water that once tried to drown you, you’ll reach above the toxic surface, and you’ll realize that you’re doing just fine without the person you once thought you would die without.
—  I think I am finally clean//
Your Fault

Zach Werenski x Reader

Team: Columbus Blue Jackets

Warnings: Implied injury

POV: Second Person

Summary: Zach and (Y/n) have a slight altercation, but after Zach returns home with an injury, they cuddle it out.

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Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t mean to raise your voice at him, it just kinda happened. 

Zach was shocked, you were usually not that loud. 

“I’m sorry,” You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose and looking down. “I didn’t mean to yell,” 

“I understand you’re stressed and all,” Zach said. “But you don’t have to be a dick about it.”

“Zach-” You looked up to him and tried to make another excuse. 

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Pairing/s: Thorin x (human!wife)reader

Setting/Timeline: Years after BoTFA, Durins live!AU

Warning(s)/Genre(s): Angst, eventual fluff, may trigger depression, self-loathing, a little steamy (I think)

Word Count: 1,484

The Hobbit and the Durins © J.R.R. Tolkien
The Hobbit films and Tauriel(mentioned) © Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and New Line Cinema
Context © me

Based on my imagine.

A/N: I just wrote this to slightly make me feel a little better as I am now a year older. And it seems that I went overboard, again. This is clearly the longest that I’ve written in a one-shot/drabble so I’m sorry.

And this is also for the lovelies @fizzy-custard and @igotanaddixon, who’re having some tough times as I do. I hope this makes you both feel better. We do need Thorin in our lives. ;)

The Hobbit tag list: @fizzy-custard, @sdavid09@life-is-righteous, @igotanaddixon, @fromthedeskoftheraven, @kittenwritesstuff, @deepestfirefun, @dreamsofrivendell

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Part 1 - Insulted

“We are sure about this, Auntie.”

“Yes, Aunt (Y/N) let us take care of our little cousin.”

Bless Fili and Kili for always appearing at the very right moment, just like they did a few years ago during the quest to reclaim the now thriving Kingdom of Erebor.

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You Asked for It (John Murphy x reader smut)

Request:“Hiii :) What about Murohy smut, where ready his his best friend from childhood, and when they’re on the ground Murphy is protecting her all the time. They start dating and Murphy is always trying to be gentle with her but one time she tells him to just be himself and get’s rougher and stuff. . Murphy style.”~ Anonymous

Sure thing! ❤

A/N: I have been meaning to do more than just Jasper stuff, so now is as good a time as any! I hope you enjoy! And if this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t be afraid to send in a request! ^^

Warning: Sex, curing, the usual.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ever since you had landed on the ground with the 100, Murphy had barley left your side. Your best friend was constantly trying to keep you out of trouble. Trying to keep you away from some of the more rough groups. Trying to keep you well fed, and just, safe.

“If anything happened to you, I’d be devastated.” He’d told you over, and over again.

“I’m not a baby, Murphy. I’ll be fine.” You said back, standing and going to walk out of the tent. He grabbed your arm, gently, and looked in your eyes. A sweet, and desperate look you’d almost never seen before. You felt your heart race, and he slowly inched closer, testing the waters so to speak. You were unsure of him for a moment, before he got up the courage to lean forward and finally plant a tender kiss on your lips. You were stunned for a moment, but leaned up to kiss him again. From that point on, your best friend, became your boyfriend. An unexpected, but incredibly pleasant surprise. You’d wake up nearly every morning now beside him. He was so sweet when he was asleep. Not nearly as vicious as he’d like to think he was.

Your sexual relationship, was nice. But thats what it was, nice. Just, nice. It wasn’t bad, you had no complaints. He was passionate, and tender, and sweet. But you didn’t exactly have a sweettooth when it came to that. Not only that, but he was just a little different. Just, nice, like the sex. You sat on the make-shift bed you shared, and watched him remove his shirt after a long day. He loved nothing more than to end the day with you. He noticed your staring.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” He joked.

“I would if I had a camera.” He chuckled, and walked over to you. He leaned down and kissed you. “Mh stop that.” You hummed.

“Stop what?”

“Being so sweet.” He reached down and took off your shirt to gently glide his fingers across your skin.

“I thought you liked a little sugar every now and then.” His hands ran up and down your sides.

“Baby, you can be a little rougher with me, yknow that right? I’m not made of glass.” You watched him, as he knelt down and pulled down your pants. He kissed up your thighs. “You can be yourself with me.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You don’t have to worry about hurting me. Trust me, if somethings bothering me, I’ll tell you.” He gave that smirk that made your heart flutter.

“You sure?” With that, the last of your clothes were removed. You nodded, and slowly opened your legs for him. “Alright then.” He kissed you with a burning passion, his hands practically sticking to your skin. He leaned you back into the bed, and kissed your neck. His heated breath brushing against your skin. He pressed his hips against yours, his erection wild. Pulsating with need. He only pulled away from the kiss to kiss down your chest before looking down at you with lustful eyes. He didn’t ask if you were ready. He didn’t as for permission like usual. His cock was already at your entrance, and in one swift motion it filled you. You arched your back and moaned. He already started thrusting, holding your ass so it was easier for him to thrust deep, deep inside.

You felt him hit your cervix, and as he fucked you, you slowly started to lose your mind. He gave deep, hard, passionate thrusts. Enjoying watching you writhe beneath him as he pumped himself into you. He was at a good steady pace, until he leaned over, and balaned himself on the bed. His thrusts became more passionate, and faster. He looked into your eyes, watching you with that smile of his. His hips driving into yours. Your eached out, and held onto him tightly as you gasped and came around him. He grunted, and kissed you again. His thrusts never wavering. He continued to pound himself into her, forcing the bed to rock with his motions.

“Murphy, oh fuck John!” You couldn’t help but cry out for him.

“You asked for this baby.” He kissed your neck again, only taking the time to leave hickeys. “F-Fuck yes baby, scream my name.” He purred, holding you close as another orgasm started creeping up on you. You did so, you cried his name, over and over again while the orgasm ravaged your body. He grunged your named, as he held you by your hips. You felt his cum flow into you while he shook with pleasure. He panted, and let himself rest beside you. It took a good minute for the two of you to speak.

“Fuck, John. That was…amazing.”

“Glad you think so.” He kissed your temple and held you close to him in the after glow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The end! ✌❤
Dear Diary...(Harry Potter x Reader SMUT!)

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Requested by  anyfandomimaginex <3
Prompt:  Harry Potter one where he fiinds my diary and sees that i wrote something about a boy but it was before Harry and i see it and he gets angry and we break up ans after a couple days we make up. Can you do it with smut? :)
Warnings: smut ;)
Words: 1,138
A/N: hope ya’ll like it! 


Harry Potter always found you being an airhead completely adorable, and he would awkwardly voice his compliments which only resulted in pregnant silence and hell fire burning your cheeks. Though, most of the time it was definitely a problem – you’d lose your way around the castle, mistake birthdays with death days, but most of all you’d forget very important things in the most inconvenient of places.

This time, it was your diary, left open in the Gryffindor common room for all to read to their hearts content. Frankly, it was your boyfriend who found it. Sadly, it was your boyfriend who found it.

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27 Dresses (Bughead edition) Part 1

I decided to post this story in multiple parts because it is going to be quite long. This is my first fic that I have ever posted on here and I just wanted to thank @camelotskingz ,@ignorantradiance-blog , @bugheadotp, @birdlovesafish, @notanotherotherone, @art-and-other-rhythms, @bxchanan-barnes, @cyrokinetic, and @emmythedaydreamer for being so encouraging when I first mentioned posting a fic like this. This story will not include Polly. I made Veronica Betty’s adopted sister because I can’t imagine Polly and Archie paired together as a couple. I also made Kevin Betty’s coworker instead of a female because I just adore Kevin. No copyright infringement intended to the movie or show. Please let me know what you think! :) I would love some feedback.

Some people take years to find something that they are passionate about, but Betty Cooper wasn’t one of them. She found her passion when she was just 8 at a family member’s wedding. This wedding took place shortly after her mother Alice’s passing, which led Betty to play a maternal role for her younger adopted sister Veronica. Veronica’s parents had been close with Betty’s since they were younger and ended up adopting her after her parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver when she was 2. Hal had a lot on his plate raising two girls without his beloved Alice and being at an event that involved celebrating love wasn’t an easy thing. 

Betty had volunteered to take young Veronica to the restroom and was waiting for her when she heard a shriek. The bride had managed to rip the back of her dress and Betty came up with the clever idea of using Veronica’s ribbon that was in her hair to cover of the tear. The bride ended up asking Betty to hold the train of her dress and from that moment on Betty Cooper was in love with being involved in a bride’s special day. 

Betty Cooper was now 25 and trying to accomplish attending two wedding in one night. It wasn’t like she could just back out of going to one now because she was a bridesmaid in both weddings. She had planned to pay a taxi driver to take her back and forth between weddings that night. She arrived at the first wedding with her coworker Kevin Keller who went to go see if he could snag a seat by a mysterious man with long black hair and piercing light blue eyes. ;) 

The wedding began and Betty stood behind the bride with a smile on her face. However, Betty started to worry about the time and looked down at her watch, which didn’t go unnoticed by a certain raven haired writer that was currently a guest at the same venue. The journey between weddings started shortly after and at one point was caught changing in the taxi by the same man who had seen her checking her watch earlier. Betty arrived back at the first venue for the last time and was attempting to catch the bouquet when she got knocked out in the process. Betty would soon open her eyes and come face to face with a man dark hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. 

“You might want to take it easy when you are getting up”, said the mystery man. 

“Are you a doctor?”, Betty groaned. 

“No, but do you remember your name?”, said the stranger. 

“I’m Betty and you are?”, she asked while holding a hand to her head.

 “I’m Jughead”, he said with a smirk on his face. 

“I know I hit my head, but you don’t have to make fun of me!”, she exclaimed. 

“No really, I go by the name Jughead!”, he chuckled. 

Betty struggled to walk around on her own, so Jughead offered to help her catch a cab. They decided to share a cab because he wanted to make sure she made it home safely and was honestly intrigued by her. 

“I saw a certain bridesmaid changing gowns in a taxi earlier, who is either a secret agent or trying to attend two wedding in one night?”, asked Jughead. 

“Two of my close friends were getting married and I couldn’t miss their weddings”, said Betty.

 “Having to experience that once can be bad enough, I can’t even fathom the thought of dealing with that pain twice”, Jughead shuddered. 

“Well meeting pleasant people like yourself just makes attending weddings so much more tolerable”, said Betty with a raised brow. 

“Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind”, proclaimed Jughead. (No copyright infringement intended) 

“And what do you do for a living besides put down the idea of marriage Mr. Jughead?”, asked Betty.

 “I am a writer”, replied Jughead.

 “Well I’m guessing you don’t write love stories because you seem way to cynical for that”, Betty grumbled as she made her way out of the cab. 

The two parted ways and Betty got changed and sat down to read the Commitments section of the New York Journal. Betty always looked forward to reading articles written by a man named Forsythe Pendleton Jones III. Little did Betty Cooper know, that same man was currently in a cab reading her planner that she had left behind with hopes of meeting her once more. 


Please? Part 31

 2228 Words

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The word rings through Daryl’s head as each one of the men throws their bags down, picking a spot to sleep for the night. It haunts him in a way, the echo of the voices crowding around him, making his heart race against the clock, his stomach to twist up in knots. This isn’t his group, these aren’t his men, and he will not give in to their little game.

He sits his things down on the ground, not ‘claiming’ the spot except in his own mind. It’s a corner in the building, away from the others. He lays flat on his back, his chest heaving and falling with every hard breath. He can’t close his eyes without thinking of your face, Beth’s face. He lost you two, the two he was responsible for

A single tear escapes his eye, sliding down into his hair. He hates himself for it, he realizes. This is his punishment to himself, staying with this lot of assholes. They found him on that road, nearly crying for his two girls. He had chased that car for so long, though he could never catch up.

With all the trouble that has already been caused because of him, he thinks he should just walk away, be on his own. At least then he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but himself.

Daryl digs in his pocket and pulls out a single cigarette. It’s his last one, the one he keeps on him, even though you always nagged at him to throw it out. Your words spin through his head as he spins it through his fingers.

“They stink, just toss it. Daryl, come on. Don’t make me break it in half.”

He chuckled at the time, seeing the look of disgust on your face. You truly hated the smell. He would sneak the smokes in, have one or two, and hide the packet somewhere he knew you wouldn’t find them, and you never did, never commented on a smell. He was always careful when he found one.

Even now, he’s careful with it. He gets up and wanders outside, leaning up against the building with his foot propped up behind him, steadying himself. He takes that one match, the one match he has left, and strikes it. He lights up the cigarette and inhales.

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Imagine Daryl asking you to keep an eye on Merle, only to end up having sex with him (smut)

(Sorry if it the dialogue seems weird 😣I really tried my best for this smut XD Yay Merle! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D I mixed in two request in one :3 One where reader takes control over Merle and one where you have to look over him and it leads to sexy time 😏lol Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After Rick came back with Glenn and Maggie, he had told you that Daryl had found his brother, Merle and that they both left together.

It broke your heart a little to hear that your good friend had just left but at the same time you were glad he found his brother.

Since you had met all of them, you knew how dear the brothers were to one another. They had a strange way of showing it but nonetheless it was a rather strong bond.

With that in mind, you had convinced yourself you were fine with Daryl leaving the group.


However the day, they both came back, you instantly got up from your seat and jump to hug Daryl tightly.

You were nearly in tears to see him and couldn’t contain your excitement. You were squirming all in his arms and as Merle stood just near, he had to notice you.

He thanked the hot weather to make you have no choice but to wear a tank top and shorts that showcase all of your great assets.

He stared at you for a long while before chuckling. In his raspy loud voice, he then let you know of his presence.

“Honey! Where’s my hug?! Did you forget about me? Or something?!”

You turned to look over at him and noticed his big smile. His arms were wide open to you and as you stared at him, he started to pucker his lips, making kissing sounds in between.

You eyed him in a judging matter and simply shook your head at him. You approached him slowly only to turn around and leave him hanging, saying “I have other things to do than having to care for you, Merle…Just hug yourself and pretend it’s me!”

You grabbed Daryl by the arm and brought him along to go back at what you were working on.

As you walked away from him, he laughed at your comment and his eyes had lowered down from your neck to your hips swaying.

It had only been a couple of months since he had seen you but you seemed to have grown up so much, he could barely recognize you.

He wanted to follow you but was suddenly pulled away by Rick to show him his cell


A few days, had pass since Merle’s arrival and although the group had been divided, you tried your best to help resolve everything.

From the way you would handle things, it seemed as if you were the only one that Merle would listen and instantly stop talking.

Daryl had notice your ability and knew that he’ll have a good use for it once the time would come.

Fast enough, it came real soon. The group had a major argument with Merle about going on a supply run and you had to stop everything.

You pulled him away and excused yourself for him and escorted him back to his cell. He was boiling in anger and as you sat him down, you rubbed his shoulders and told him to breath and calm down.

Daryl had followed you from behind and finally here was his opportunity. He approached you carefully and pulled you away for a moment.

He stood by the door and looking over at Merle and back at you, he talked to you in a lower tone.

“Look I know this is the wrong timing and all but…We still need to go out there…and check on The Governor and all…We just don’t need him going on another rampage…So I just need you to keep an eye on him for a while…You think you can do that? Please?”

As you listened to him, you raised your eyebrow up and just didn’t knew what to answer. He was practically begging you with his eyes and although you felt like rejecting him, you couldn’t.

You simply smiled and awkwardly nodded in agreement to him.

“Sure…Why not? I got him out of there might as well just keep him company in here, right?”

He gave you a nod and squeezed your hand as a thanks.

“Thanks Y/N…I promise we’ll be back soon…”

He walked away from you and you sighed at the thought of being left alone with Merle. You didn’t knew how long it was really going to be. It could be an hour, half the day or even worst until later that evening.


If it were the other way around, it wouldn’t have bothered you but this is Merle. He was going to give you a hard time of being stubborn and just talking about how damn horny he is.

Despite being angry, you knew he was going to make some remarks about you and all just to try and get you to all hot and bothered.

You couldn’t deny his words had some effect on you, making you smirk to yourself and slightly feeling a tingling sensation down your spine.

As you thought about it, Merle stared at you from behind and slowly felt his anger changing into a different feeling.

He needed some sort of relief and just let it all go before he could calm himself down. He wanted you. Right there, right now.

However, he had a feeling you wouldn’t accept so easily so he had to ease you to him.

Exhaling, he stomped his prosthetic arm on the bed loudly enough for you to hear. As expected, you turned to him.

He looked at you from head to toe and the words from his plan had seem to go all away. He just wanted to pound into you and couldn’t think of anything proper to say to get you to him.

“Get over here…”

In a rough and demanding tone, it was all that he could manage. He found himself motioning you by his finger to get closer and his eyes staring at you hungrily.

For a strange reason, you felt your heart thumping harder in your chest and your breathing being shallower. You didn’t like being ordered around but the way his eyes looked at you made you move forward to him.

“That’s right, honey…Come closer to daddy…”

As you approached, your foot finally touched his slightly and instantly he felt the need to grab you.

He hooked his handless arm around your waist and tried to pull you down to him. His hand slithered all over you and suddenly slid under your shirt.

Lifting it slightly, he buried his face into your stomach to feel you, kissing, sucking and nipping along your skin. In a hushed but gruff tone he mumbled in between the care he was giving you.

“Let’s get rid of your clothes babydoll…”

His hand sliding around to grope your ass, approaching you closer to him, while he marked your stomach, only served you to make you warmer and wetter.

You wanted him as well at the moment, but not his way. You thought that if you were going to keep an eye on him for the day, might as well make it be about you rather than him.

You then showed him your resistance by backing away and pushing him by his shoulder towards the bed.

“I ain’t your bitch Dixon…You take off your clothes…”

He was surprised to hear you order him so eagerly. To see you stand there and look at him the way he had been looking at you, made him feel so wanted for once and he liked it.

He was getting harder by the seconds just thinking about it and without hesitation, he reached down to unbuckle his belt.

He was struggling though, he was fumbling with it and couldn’t get it off right. It ticked him off and his frustration showed.

You smirked and crossed your arms at the sight. Casually, you asked him, “You need help?”

He looked back at you and nodded in embarrassment.

You shrugged and shook your head at him.

“If you want it…Beg for it…”

You don’t know what went through your mind in that instant but you just wanted to make him feel vulnerable and submitted for once. You wanted to let him know that you weren’t going to have it his way.

He hated begging for anything but your eyes looking down at him and your voice resonating in such a demanding manner yet so sweet, made him do what he had never expected to do.

“Please…please help me out of my clothes…Y/N…”

He didn’t forget your name, he knew a simple mention of it was going to make you feel powerful and in control of the situation, at least that’s what he felt when women would say his name in bed.

You approached him and sitting down next to him as he laid there, you reached to unbuckle him. Your hand had brushed against his hard cock so many times, he was squirming beneath you to get you to notice him.

As his pants came off, his arousal was painfully aching for any kind of release. He started to touch himself but he just didn’t feel like it was enough.

“Come on, baby…do something about this…”

You smirked, enjoying the role of having dominance over him and quickly got rid of your clothes.

He had wanted to grab you in that instant to make you climb on top of him but instead you pushed him back and did so yourself.

Straddling him under you, you grind yourself to him and inched your hand behind you to get closer to his shaft.

You gripped him, making him groan and buck his hips forward. Feeling more playful, you grinned and started to slowly stroke him.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly, Merle…What is it that you want from me?

He felt like losing his mind from your touch and your wetness slowly spreading all over his stomach and waist and couldn’t form proper words.

You tortured him by adding some twists to your wrist and tugging him ever so lightly. You rubbed yourself against him and your ass could be felt painfully grazing on his cock.

“I asked you what did you say, Merle…Care to repeat yourself?”

Only moans and groans could escape his lips, as his eyes closed tight shut to feel you even more. You knew he wouldn’t be able to answer you for a while and you thought; Good, he’ll keep his mouth shut for a once.

Jaws clenched and hand firmly gripping you thigh, he felt the tension get worse with each touch and for once he knew what it felt to be at the mercy and submitted in bed and he loved it.

You were bringing him near orgasm but each time you’d go on, it only served to make him feel even more in ecstasy.

No words could come out but slowly, he felt like you might want him to return the favor. He slid his hand all over your thigh and finally arrived at your wet folds.

With as much control as he could, he started to rub and graze your clit with his thumb. It made you whimper and slowly you started to loosen your hold on him.

You threw your head back at the feeling and just as him, moans were coming out of your mouth. He got himself up to you and wrapped his arms around your to feel your body even closer. He pressed his lips to yours and quickly delved his tongue.

His hand gripped your hair and made you respond back to him. You enjoyed the feeling of his rough lips on yours, however, slowly you realize you were losing control.

You couldn’t accept that. There was no way he was going to have his way with you, especially not after what had just happened.

You pushed him back and as he fell down on the bed, you slid down his cock and inserted him inside you with no warning.

He let out a few curses at the sudden tightness and warmth, and couldn’t believe he was truly being handled in such a demanding manner.

“Fuck…Fucking shit…”

You chuckled and kept on torturing him by moving your hips slowly. He tried to make you ride him faster by conducting your hips with his hand but you didn’t let him.

You grabbed his wrist and pinned it above his head and smiled mischievously. You dipped down to kiss his lips very quickly and couldn’t help but find him adorable once under control.

“You forgot…That we’re doing this my way…didn’t you…”

“Please…Just a little bit faster…I-I can’t take it anymore…Y/N…I-I need you…to…to make me come…Fuck!”

You gradually moved your hips more to his favored rhythm but maintained him under your grip. You had, had enough of his annoying behavior and just had to get something of your chest.

“Then promise me…you’ll stop…you’ll stop…getting into fights…with the others…Do that, beg for it and i’ll let you come…”

He didn’t care at this point what he had to promise, he just needed for you to ride him hard. He nodded eagerly and managed to open his eyes a few instant to look you back in the eyes.

“I-I promise! I won’t! Now, please! Y/N! Make me come!”

At his words and struggle, you went harder at him just as he wanted. He bucked his hips to yours and you felt the pressure coming up to you as well.

You both cursed at the feeling of one another and before he could release inside you, you removed yourself.

It surprised him but as he sat up, he understood what you were doing. You gripped him back again and stroked him until his seed spread all over your hand.

At the sense of relief, he instantly fell back on the bed and was out of breath. He couldn’t believe how he was completely at your mercy and how he let himself being controlled that way.

He chuckled at it and as he looked at you, you had started to rub yourself to get yourself near the edge as well.

With as much strength he could muster up, he then got closer and removed your hand. He brought your fingers up to his lips and instantly sucked on them, enjoying the sweet taste.

He chuckled seeing your surprised reaction and simply winked at you.

“How about I pay you back for all of this…I think we still have time…”

You smirked and slowly nodded before looking down between your legs and back at him.

Summer Bucket List

Some inspiration for those who don’t want to leave the house during the summer/

1. Make a blanket fort or pillow nest
2. Nostalgia day- spend a day feeling nostalgic over the games, shows and activities of your younger days
3. Run through sprinklers
4. Water war
5. Ride around town on bikes or scooters with sunglasses
6. Make a flower crown
7. Collect seashells
8. Bake an apple or berry pie and leave on the windowsill to cool (cause you’re secretly a part of a fairytale
9. Get an arcade leaderboard
10. Prank call someone
11. Go to an amusement park, water park or carnival
12. Make a movie with your friends in a day
13. Cloud watching
14. Go park hopping
15. Go swimming
16. Play in a kiddie pool
17. Fill a kiddie pool with jello
18. All day Netflix or movie marathon
19. Make something for your friend/neighbor and randomly drop it off at their house
20. Picnic
21. Pet rocks
22. Go to a parade (pride *cough cough*)
23. Visit an IMAX or drive-in theater
24. Treasure hunt (pirate costumes optional but recommended)
25. Ice cream party
26. Go to a farmers market
27. Mini golf or bowling
28. Shaving cream balloon wars
29. Pillow fight
30. Jigsaw puzzle or legos with friends
31. Go to a thrift shop or yard sale
32. Fairy garden
33. Use sidewalk chalk to make art
34. Run through sprinklers
35. Make an outdoor board game with chalk and use yourself and friends as playing pieces
36. Have a Skype call with all your bromeos and play games online together
37. Gather your emo or musicals squad and either do karaoke or have a full on dance party
38. Actually mail a letter to someone you god dagit teens with your tech
39. Be the good smol bean I know you can and volunteer for charity
40. If you aren’t in camp then host a mini one for your friends
41. Go to the library with your bros
42. Have a bake off (competition and delicious treats)
43. Create an AU for your lives with your bros
44. Play hide and seek in a large grocery or convenience store
45. Play hide and seek in the library (text clues to each other)
46. Play flashlight tag
47. Go to a new park or zoo
48. Do a sport with your least judgmental friends
49. Have friends come over in cosplay (without telling anyone else who they’re coming as) then be given random scenarios in which they have to act as their characters and interact with everyone else’s
50. Pull an all nighter and film yourself every hour as you slowly lose your mind

anonymous asked:

31 with Stiles from Teen wolf please?

Stiles Stilinski - “I haven’t slept in ages.”

“Your father said that you were still awake…” You crossed your arms and leaned against the doorframe. You had actually not wanted to come here at this time, but you had nowhere else to go and you just needed to get out of the house.

“Yeah, I haven’t slept in ages, actually…” Stiles shrugged his shoulders and nonchalantly he took his eyes from his computer screen and turned around. “When I close my eyes I have nightmares, so instead I try to actually do something useful with my nights.”

You curled your lips up into a slight smile, but you didn’t manage to make your eyes smile along. “They say that people die if they don’t sleep at all for a few days.” You licked your lips and shifted your weight from one leg to the other. “You go insane, slowly lose your mind, start to hallucinate and then you just die.”

“I know.” Stiles nodded and then he kept silent for a short moment. “So, what are you doing here at this time of the day, well, night actually?” He cocked his head a little and you bent your head to stare at the ground beneath your feet.

“My parents were fighting and I just couldn’t stay in the house for one moment longer, so I went out for a little walk.” You took a deep breath. “I saw that the lights in the living room were still on.” Your voice was barely a whisper and you fought the burning tears in your eyes. “I’m actually waiting until they’ll start to throw vases and plates to each other’s head.”

“Hey…” Stiles stood up from his chair and wrapped his arms around you to press you as tightly to his chest as possible. “My parents fought sometimes too. It doesn’t always mean something.” His hands rubbed your back and you buried your face in his neck.

“They’re not fighting sometimes, Stiles.” You shook your head and the tears were now rolling down your cheeks. “They’re fighting all the time. They can’t be in the same room without yelling at each other. When we’re having dinner they ask me to pass messages to the other.” You sniffed and took a few deep breaths before you continued. “It’s that bad that I think that maybe they should just split up so I’m no longer stuck in the middle!” You felt your chest moving up and down and curled your fingers up.

“Do you want my father to go talk to them?” Stiles whispered and his lips were touching your ear. “It’s your house too and you live there too and if you feel like this…” He paused for a moment. “I hope your parents will listen when my father says that it can’t go on like this forever.”

“Would he really want to do that?” You looked up and forgot that your face was covered in tears and that your eyes were probably red and swollen from crying.

“Of course he would.” Stiles curled his lips up into a smile. “Would you want to stay here for the night?”

“I’d love to.”

EITM : Kiryu - Wedding night

After all the celebration and party had end, both you and Kiryu are finally making the way back to his room, the newlyweds room. Kiryu had been holding his alcohol well while you are already tipsy. With you leaning against him, he holds you and finally makes it back to the room.

“That was an amazing celebration.” You exclaimed upon sitting down on the futon.

“For once, I find it enjoyable. I guess because of you.” Kiryu whispered happily, as he embraced you from behind.

“This will be a start of our new chapter.” You smiled and placed your hands on his; fully enjoying every moment of your alone time with him.

“Yes, our new chapter. There is just one more thing we need to get it done.” Kiryu whispered seductively into your ear.

You soon feel his wet tongue licking up and down your earlobe, before you can even response to him. He then slowly licks his way down to your neck, before placing light small kisses on the nape of your neck. The kisses get deeper and deeper and you soon feel him sucking you deeply.

“Mm…Kiryu…mm…” You gasped softly; your breathing is getting hard, as his right hand slipped inside your kimono from your chest area. His hand groped your breast gently and rubbing your nipple with his fingers tip, sending shiver to your whole body. You arched your back in pleasure. The hem of your kimono near your thighs spread over as you moved your body in pleasure. He placed his left hand in between your thighs, caressing seductively upward and eventually reached your clitoris.

“So you did not put on any underwear.” Kiryu smirked, as he removed his lips from your neck.

“Well, since it a traditional wedding, I…. thought that…. I should follow it ….traditional way of wearing.” You blushed at his comment. “Ahhh…” You gasped loudly suddenly, as Kiryu pushed his fingers inside you. You turned to look at him in protest for not giving you any warning but his lips captured yours, kissing you deeply, making you losing your mind.

Still kissing you deeply, he slowly pushed you down on the futon. With one hand supporting himself up; his other hand moved to remove the sash holding your kimono. Slowly removing layer by layer, stripping you totally naked.

“You know how hard it is to control myself the moment I saw you in your kimono. I want to have you right now but at the same time wanted to show you how much I love you.” Kiryu whispered, as he undressed himself.

You can feel your heart beating faster as you watched him stripping himself naked. He hovers on top of you and both your naked skins rubbed against each other. He wrapped his hands around your back, kissing you deeply. You feel his tongue slipped inside your mouth and you wrapped your hands around his back, caressing him and feel his love through the kisses. Both your feet rubbed against each other and he soon slipped in between your legs. You gladly spread for him and wrapped your legs around his waist.

You feel his tip at your entrance, pushing in and out a little, purposely teasing you while his hands groped your breasts. Finally getting impatient of the teasing, you cross your legs firmly on his butt, pushing him toward you, allowing his erect member entered deep inside you. “Ahh… You are impatient… Mm… But I like it.” Kiryu smirked. His breathing get heavier and heavier with every thrust, you can see his eyes turn white with ecstasy.

“Ahh… Kiryu…” You moaned his name, making him even more excited.

The room is filled with both your heavy breathing and moaning sound, as he thrust faster and deeper inside you. His pre cum mixed with your love juice, making squishing sound when both your skins rubbed against each other. Both of you soon reached the climax together and you can feel his hot sperm ejaculated deep inside you. With his member still inside you, he rubbed his nose tip against your, occasionally give you light kisses.

“I love you so much.” Kiryu whispered in between kisses. He did not give you any chance to response to him as he continued kissing you. You simply return his kisses passionately, telling him how you feel and both of you enjoying the sweet wedding night until dawn.

Solace (Sherlock x Reader)

Title: Solace
Summary: You believe you are slowly losing your mind in your shared flat with Sherlock. So much so, that you only see one way out…
Author: Maddy @laterthantherabbit
Words: 2330
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x fem!reader
Warnings: Vivid descriptions of mental health issues and psychotic episodes. Suicidal thoughts, blood, self harm, mental instability

Request: Hay^^ Could you write a Sherlockxreader about them being in a relationship but the reader tries to commit suicide because of her schizophrenia? And how Sherlock tries to help her?
- anonymous

Author’s Notes: I’ve decided to change this slightly and make it that the reader doesn’t know they have schizophrenia and their symptoms become progressively worse until they become suicidal.

I was not wholly satisfied with my writing in this but I feel like I wrote this with the request in mind. I hope you guys like this as well and I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to get out another fic. My life is really draining me right now and I’m having a hard time getting myself t write. Thankyou all so much for putting up with my slack.

Also, I am not an expert nor have I experienced any of the symptoms I describe nor have I experienced mental issues such as this. I just wanted to make that clear and that if you are ever in need of someone to talk to, everyone here on this blog is willing to talk to you if you want, though if you are in need of professional aid, please seek out that help. Everyone and myself want you all to be the best and happiest you can be. Thank guys.


Sherlock had noticed you had become increasingly quiet over the past few months. Your usual bubbly personality and bright smiles had become less so, even though there wasn’t any apparent cause for your melancholy. It worried him sick. He knew of the crippling effects of depression and anxiety, how his mind would eat away at him, how it coaxed him into multiple relapses before Mycroft got him into rehabilitation, before Lestrade gave him an opportunity to use his mind and before you came and showed him what it meant to live. Now he was watching the person he loved lock herself away in her body just as he had done.

Keep reading