slowly losing you

Beneath This Scar | M

“Are you willing to stay by his side knowing what he truly is?”

Précis: It was supposed to be a story written only in fairytales, and somehow, you were destined to live it.

Note: Inspired by the movie Wolf Children, totally different from this fic tho, so no need to worry. this was supposed to be 3k what happened-

Genre & Warnings: Angsty, alotta fluff, mentions of blood, death & implied smut. | Words ➳ 10.3k

To you, he was something you would have never known could actually exist.

He was as mysterious as they would come, holding his pencil in a way so elegant that you didn’t know was possible, the look of boredom sprouting through his features as he scrunched his nose in concentration; ears twitching while he tried to draw something perfect and pleasing to his eyes. You watched him sketch with such wonder in your irises, and even though you wondered how he could draw while ignoring the professor speak and try to teach his students about the basic wonders of the world — you hadn’t known that whilst watching the boy draw, you were also in a little world of your own and not paying attention yourself.

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One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.
Digital Love
Daft Punk
Digital Love

Treat your ears and let your mind escape

Have you ever watched the person you love slowly lose interest in you? It starts off little, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is different, something has changed. Everything feels slightly off, off like a monday. You can almost hear it in their voice, you can see it in their eyes. You think it’s you, you start over thinking every single little thing, wondering what you did, where it all went wrong, how you can fix it. It starts off with little things like waking up to no text, calls become fewer and farther between, the lack of effort, emotion and the excuses begin to pile up. Soon it starts tearing you apart, the feeling of not being good enough begins to make you feel physically sick. Soon you find yourself hysterically crying in your car at three in the morning because you can’t hold yourself together anymore. You know it’s coming, you know you can’t do anything to stop it. The aching doesn’t stop.

I’m losing you.
In some ways I already have. I wish you would just leave so I wouldn’t have to hold my breath as every agonizing second ticks by.
I dream of the sound of the door closing behind you.
I’m sorry I chased you away.

You’re losing me.
In some ways you already have. I wish you would just push me out the door so I wouldn’t have to torture you anymore.
I dream of ways that I can make you happy even after I’m gone.
I’m sorry I kept you hopeful for so long.

—  perspectives by shelby leigh

Have you ever watched the person you love slowly lose interest in you? It starts off little, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is different, something has changed. Everything feels slightly off, off like a Monday. You can almost hear it in their voice, you can see it in their eyes. You think it’s you, you start over thinking every single little thing, wondering what you did, where it all went wrong, how you can fix it. It starts off with little things like waking up to no text, calls becoming fewer and farther between, the lack of effort, emotion and the excuses begin to pile up. Soon it starts tearing you apart, the feeling of not being good enough beings to make you feel physically sick. You know it’s coming, you know you can’t do anything to stop it. The aching doesn’t stop.

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Author’s note: YES!!! You can read part one here 

The Other Girl part 2

The hell?

You shifted uncomfortably in your seat, trying to avoid Zen’s glare. His scarlet eyes narrowed as you squirmed.

Just ignore him… ignorehimignorehimignorehimignore


“Him-Ah, I-I mean, what?”

Crap, I’m not crying again, am I?

“…I asked if you invited Allergy to the next party,” Seven leaned forward, slightly tilting his head. His eyes softened, silently asking if everything was okay.

You gave him a reassuring smile. “Yeah, I sent an-”

“MC, can you help me with something in the kitchen?”

Zen moved his petite girlfriend off his lap and stood up. He walked out of the room without an answer.

I guess I don’t have much of a choice…

You sunk farther back into your chair and closed your eyes.

Maybe I can pretend I didn’t hear him.

“MC, aren’t you going to help him?”

You gritted your teeth and slowly stood.

“I guess I will, Yoosung.”

As you walked away, Yoosung ‘hmph’ed.

“Who spit in her coffee this morning,” he muttered.

Life. Life spit in my coffee.

You peeked your head into the kitchen.


“Over here.”

Zen looked over at you, the familiar glare returning to his face.

Oh my gosh-

“-What the hell is your problem?”

Zen continued to stare at you, completely ignoring your question. The kitchen light above you flickered, and the low hum of the refrigerator filled the heavy silence.

“I don’t have to put up with this.”

As you turned away, a warm hand grabbed your wrist.


Slowly, Zen pulled you back in front of him. He closed his eyes and sighed.

You looked down at the iron grip he had on your wrist, and then back up to his face.

Seriously? First he acts like some angsty teenager, giving me the silent treatment, and now I can’t even leave?

The burning in your chest overwhelmed you, rage bubbling up inside every inch of your body.

Okay, okay, I need to calm down. 

You looked down at your shoes, trying to remember what Seven told you before the party.

Seven placed both his hands on your shoulders. “Okay, MC, listen up. I’m about to give you some grade A wisdom!”

You sighed and tilted your head. “What is it this time?”

“If you ever feel too overwhelmed just count to ten!”


“You know… one, two, three-”

“I-I know how to count,” you playfully pushed him away, “but does that really work? I mean, is that what you do?”

“No, I just push away the people I love and dig myself into a hole of self-hatred.”

“Anddddd, why can’t I do that??”

“Because,” Seven patted the top of your head, “I care about you too much to let you do that.”

Zen let out a heavy sighed, bringing you back to reality. 

Counting to ten, huh? Alright… I’ll try your way first.

You let out a breath and looked back up at Zen. He opened his eyes, loosening the grip on your wrist.


Zen moved closer to you, his eyes trained on your face.


Your back hit the counter, trapping you between the wall and him.


His cold eyes turned soft, and the smile you had grown to love appeared on his face once again.


You heart was beating so loud you could’ve sworn he heard it.


He let go of your wrist, slowly moving his hand up to your cheek.


The world around you stopped. Your stomach flipped, and you mentally cursed at your now flushed face.


Zen’s eyes looked down at your lips, his hand slowly pulling your face toward him.


You held your breath.


He leaned in to close the gap.



Zen’s warm and ragged breath tickled your nose. Your eyes wandered up to look into his red ones, his faces only centimeters away.

Despite everything your heart was telling you, you pulled away. Your back hit the cold counter again and you winced, readjusting your stance. You leaned against the wall and stared at the white tile floor, avoiding the confused look Zen was giving you. He cleared his throat.

“I thought-”

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

You bit your lip, failing to hold back the tears already streaming down your face. You looked up at Zen through blurry eyes. “You have a girlfriend… you didn’t choose me, you chose her.”

Your voice felt distant and unfamiliar. Slowly, you began losing control of your surroundings. The world-


Your world came crashing down. In one short burst of courage, you pushed past him.

“Can’t I love both of you?”

Those words stopped you in your tracks.

I’m such an idiot.

Everything felt cold and numb. Without turning around, you spoke up.

“Are you really so selfish as to keep dragging me along like some kind of… kind of… cat toy?”

Despite the situation, you smiled.

Jumin would be ecstatic right now.

You felt a hand on your shoulder.

“I’m not selfish, I just don’t want you to end up with… anyone else.”

“That’s the definition of selfish!! And who the hell else would I-”

That’s when it clicked. That’s when everything clicked.

Zen’s glaring.

Seven’s kindness.

Your feelings.

You shrugged off Zen’s hand and opened the door to the living room.

“MC, please just… wait!”

But you were done waiting. You stormed out of the kitchen, Zen on your heels.

I finally understand now.

“There they are, we’ve been waiting! We’re gonna play charades.”

Jaehee smiled at you and Zen, oblivious to the fight that had just occurred in the kitchen.

“MC, pleaseeee be on my team!! I’ll be your best frienddddd!!!!”

Zen’s stare burned holes in the back of your head and you heard him audibly scoff.  Seven stood up and smiled at you, extending one hand toward you.


In one big swoop, you grabbed his hand and pulled him toward you. You placed a hand on the back of his neck, connecting your lips with his.

It didn’t take long for him to react. He cupped your chin, deepening the kiss. When the two of you pulled apart, you were both out of breath.

You wiped your mouth, sending a cold glare Zen’s way. When you looked back at Seven he was as red as his hair.

“I-I thought you liked-“

You leaned your forehead against his.

“I like you, Seven. It just took one selfish prick,” you glanced back at Zen, “to help me figure that out.”

Seven gave you a goofy smile and-oh no…

“SevEN PUT ME DOWN!! D-Don’t spin me, I’M GONNA HURL!”

He laughed as he released you from his giant bear hug, plopping you back on the ground. You grabbed his arm for balance.

After you re-orientated yourself, you looked back at the shocked group.

“So… charades?”

I almost can’t believe it, but I’m actually posting two fics within the space of a few days!! This week has been crazy productive. 

So this fic is not a Christmas fic, but it is kinda Christmas-y, because I wrote this while listening to copious amounts of Christmas music. It has a very different feel from the last fic I posted, but I hope you guys like it~ 

Sterek, ~6k words, rated T

It happens on a Monday. Derek stayed up stupidly late the night before, reading a weird German serial killer novel Erica lent him, and overslept. He’s running late, out of breath and a little sweaty from jogging all the way from the subway, and when he yells, “Hold the elevator!” an arm obligingly snakes out between the doors and he slips inside.

The guy who held the door for him doesn’t even look up. He’s slouching back against the wall, scrolling disinterestedly through his phone, his other hand curled around a bouquet of flowers wrapped in crinkly paper. He’s got messy brown hair and a mole right by his mouth, four more in a cluster along his jaw, and, under the scent of cold air and wet pavement that’s clinging to his jacket, he smells—good. Really good. Warm and a little gingery.

The elevator doors slide shut. Derek’s so focused on trying to look at him without letting the guy know he’s looking that it takes him an embarrassingly long time to realize the guy just said something. To Derek.

Derek blinks. “What?”

The guy smirks. “Running a little low on caffeine? I asked what floor you want.” He nods at the elevator buttons, and Derek flushes. Right.


The guy leans forward to press the button, and Derek leans in a little after him, trying to subtly smell him again.

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never alone ||b.b.

Relationship: Guardian Angel!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: At first you think it’s normal - almost comforting, then you think it’s all in your head, finally you find out there’s nothing imaginary about it. 

Warnings: accident prone reader, mentions of possible injury, fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: ok so my ass started another fic 

At first, you paid no attention to the little tugs you seemed to feel throughout the day when you tripped over your own feet, nearly bumped your hip against the counter, or almost began walking across the street before the little walk symbol appeared. 

You figured it was instinctual, that your body sensed danger and just reacted to it. Just like if you were to put you hand on a hot surface, only for your reflexes to react and retract your hand. It was no big deal. 

Somedays you felt the small tugs more than others, but then again, you had your good days and your bad days. Then, the little tugs seemed to grow into a feeling that you weren’t necessarily alone. But you were never scared or threatened like the people in horror movies. No, you were relieved almost. 

Living in New York City was scary enough, a new job and no friends didn’t exactly make things easier. So when you were feeling down sitting on your couch wrapped in your fluffiest blanket watching re-runs of friends you were never startled at the small breeze that seemed to pull your curtains back to reveal the moonlight. 

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Vikings Preference "How they go down on you" (NSFW)

(Woo first nasty Vikings preference XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Ragnar-When he would go down on you, he’d make you feel like weak and for you to realize that you belonged to him. He’d go in rough and pull all the stops to make you scream his name in the night, over and over.

Rollo-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be cocky and start off pretty strong making you beg him to stop, only to slow down and get more passionate. He’d want you to make you feel all of him and just show you how much he loves you.

Floki-When he would go down on you, he’d be a huge tease and flirt. He’d talk in between the attention he would give you, smirk and chuckle to feel you shiver and jump at his sudden flicks, making you just beg him to stop and for him to have it his way.

Athelstan-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be shy about it and would avoid it as he feels insecure about his abilities. However, whenever he would just have the urge to show you how much he loves you, that’s when he makes you weak.

Bjorn-When he would go down on you, he’d tease you slowly and keep his eyes on you the whole time, enjoying to see you slowly lose control. He’d hold your hands tightly to feel you shiver even more and just have his fun with making you whimper.

Ubbe-When he would go down on you, he’d have his fun with you and just do whatever he knows you happen to like. He’d just enjoy to see you in such pleasure and the fact that he was the one making you so happy, it only made him want to give you exactly what you want.

Hvitserk-When he would go down on you, he’d just be so confident that it would make you smile and laugh to see him that way. He’d have a playful talk about how you’re his and his only before planting soft kisses that gradually turn into long and heated ones that would turn you on even more.

Sigurd-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be in a jealous mood, from seeing how others flirt with you and just have the urge to remind you who you belonged to. He’d go on you hard, giving you so much pleasure you’d have to grip onto the sheets to control yourself.

Ivar-When he would go down on you, he’d make you realize that no one else could make you feel this good. He’d make you beg for him with the way his tongue would work on you and instantly his smirk and laughter would fill the room the instant he hears you scream for him.

Halfdan-When he would go down on you, he’d be surprisingly shy about it, only to gradually get into it. He’d only come to realize how intimate the act was when it would come to you, making him treat you rather kindly with light kisses before it turns around, with how much you’d begged.

Harald-When he would go down on you, he’d put all his efforts into making you scream and making sure the only thing that comes to your mind was his name. He’d be relentless with the teasing and the fingering, making you just grip onto his hair to hold yourself as his wishes come true.

Aethelwulf-When he would go down on you, he’d put your pleasure first and foremost. He’d kiss you there gently and quietly ask you as to what you’d wish for him to do. He’d try his best to give you exactly what you want before slowly changing to see you enjoying so much, making him want to release you.

King Ecbert-When he would go down on you, from the start of it, he’d have you in sheer pleasure and gripping onto anything to keep you from coming so fast. He’d be relentless with the teasing and just taunt you with his words, turning you on even more.

Lagertha-When she would go down on you, she’d have complete control over you and make you scream when she wants or needs you to. She’d take her own pleasure out of pleasing you so much, that to hear you repeating her name was enough to make her so happy.

Aslaug-When she would go down on you, she’d give you exactly what she would want from you. Making you squirm and beg, only to then remind you that you’ll have to pay her back for the pleasure she had just given you.

Porunn-When she would go down on you, she’d want to flirt with you as much as she can but slowly have a hard time when she starts to hear you begging for her. She’d find it so lovely that she’d just give you what you need and release you before feverishly kissing your lips.

Helga-When she would go down on you, she’d remind you of how much you mean to her and make you feel so loved. She’d pay attention to every and each corner she knows makes you sigh and close your eyes just to feel her.

I Want Desire / Mark x Reader (SMUT)

Originally posted by blondetuan

This is a continuation of my GOT7 Mafia AU reaction. Read it here!

Pairing: Mafia AU!Mark x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, some angst, mark being a smug asshole and a tease

Words: 2.8k

Request: omg that got7 mafia arranged marriage au was so 😍😍. Can I maybe request a scenario based on this for mark? Like kinda a part 2 thing? 💕💕            

Thank you for this request, hope you enjoy!! 🖤

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Its been a year now since you left and i guess I’m doing fine. I have days where i cant get you off my mind and i check up on you all day, then i have days where you only cross my mind once or twice. There are days where i feel everything and just wish you would come back, then there are days where i feel nothing for you and don’t think about you at all. It sucks cause deep down i know i really just want you to come back, but checking up on you, i know you’re happy alone and i probably don’t even cross your mind anymore. We text here and there but its only because i have stuff to give back to you. But now I have nothing left to give back, and we stopped talking completely .a year now and i still cant forget about you. A year now and you’re still all i think about, all i dream about, it sucks. I wish i can just erase everything, forget all the memories because they make me more sad than happy. I’m slowly forgetting about you, losing feelings, letting go… just a few more months and hopefully ill be ready to let you go and move on..

Yes, Your Bucky

Summary: This is a sequel to My James, Your Bucky. The reader and her plum dumpling come to terms with what happened to James.

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Angst central, people. You’ve been warned.

A/N: The response to My James, Your Bucky has been so awesome. I did say that if I write the next part it will be painful. You still wanted more. I hope you like it.

I went through all comments and asks to tag people so I hope I haven’t missed anyone out?

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It’s been good few hours since you discovered your flat in a complete mess. You’ve been practically dragged out of there by a man with the bow. Hawkeye, you think was his name. Frankly, quite a few people introduced themselves to you outside, but you couldn’t care less for who they were. Why would you? They all just barged into your life expecting you to be calm and understanding. Calm and understanding?!

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Darkness Behind The Door

Request: Hi! I loved your oneshots and I was wondering if you could do like a depressed!reader where the reader doesn’t come out of her room for a while and something is really wrong. And could the reader be like 16? Thank you! 💜

Pairings: Sam x sister!reader (depressed!reader) ,  Dean x sister!reader (depressed!reader)


A/N: This was a lot deeper than I thought I was going to go with it, and I really hope you like it! If not let me know, and I will totally write you a new one and/or fix this one up to make it better! Thank you for being my first request! I really enjoyed writing for you!

A/N 2: If any of you ever need to talk, please message me, or send in an ask because none of you are alone! IT IS TOTALLY OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY and I am always willing to help you all through your tough stuff! I love you all! Thank you for all the support, and make sure you know I am here, and ready to support you too! 😊

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list, or send in a request! Love you all! Thanks again!

The Winchester boys were on another hunt. Something simple, yet dangerous enough to make you worry. Usually, you would be pacing the floors of each room, waiting for a text message or phone call. The message from one of the two would let your heart ease back into its normal beating patterns and you would wait up for the familiar noise of the engine hum from the car. You would wrap your arms around them tiredly, but never letting into the drooping eyelids want for sleep. Your boys would return to you, and you would be at peace.

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Harry fingering you and pressing you up against a wall. He tells you not to come but you can't hold it anymore so you come

Fuck. Am sitting with family and typing this. I hoped for a normal this night, but oh well.

It’s not like you haven’t taken his attitude all evening already. He was an ass all evening knowing he won the bet. He was rubbing it in your face, smirking all throughout while giving you the side looks, always staying in the line of your vision even when you shifted. It was getting to you. It was annoying. 

“What’s my treat tonight?” He asked. 

“A punch, if you don’t shut up!” you said, taking more than required pasta on your plate. 

“But, I haven’t said anything as yet!” He laughed, taking some pasta from your plate. 

“If you weren’t my best friend, I would’ve thrown you off the balcony,” You stared into his eyes, and he just smirked. He never won, and this time he did. 

“Yeah sure, but you wouldn’t have kept the bet if I wasn’t your best friend so, umm treat. I want a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies when we reach home,” He said, getting you a glass of wine. 

“Home?” you frowned. 

“I’m taking you home, baby,” He teased, and you let out a groan. It was going to be a long night. You followed him to the group he was talking to this evening. 

So, Y/N still a virgin?” You coughed, trying to swallow the wine in your mouth. You almost forgot the existence of Kylie. This woman had been on your case since you could remember. You gave her a wide smile, squishing your eyes, trying to brush it off. People and their obsession with some strangers sex life! Harry noticed the entire exchange, not saying anything. “C’mon, you have at least got someone to go down on you!” 

Why was she having this conversation with you? You gave her the fuck off look. Thankfully, others in the group had a better life. “Not even some finger action? You are way sadder than I thought.” 

“Oh really, you think about me? I don’t think about you at all,”  You said not waiting for her to respond something smarter as you walked off, gulping your entire wine. It wasn’t a big deal. It just never happened. You never have a boyfriend, and you’d prefer that the first someone who does touch you will be someone you at least love and not a stranger. Studies and work were one of the few reasons you were successful at 22. Getting a love life could wait, and Kylie was the only one who made you feel desperate. 

“You cool?” Harry asked as you got yourself another glass. “Kylie’s a bitch.” 

“No doubt there,” you said, taking a big gulp. 

“Are you going with Jack on that dinner he asked?” He asked. 

“No, I have a feeling he is racist.” you told him. 

“No, how?” Harry rolled his eyes, “You always do this! Push prospects away!” 

“Prospects?” You laughed, “He said, he found me exotic. And, have you noticed he cracks his neck a lot. Like a lot a lot, that’s not normal.” 

“Oh yeah, that means he is a sex hound,” Harry said, now being sarcastic. 

“You go out with him!” You pushed him, “I want someone normal. Which I feel will never happen cause no one finds me hot. Like look at this dress,” four glasses of wine weren’t leading to a good Y’N. “I have a low cut back and everything,” You said pushing your hair to the side. “And not one guy in here has even flirted with me.” 

Harry gulped, “No like look at the number of single guys around! Not even one. I’m going to die a virgin and alone!” Harry knew it was his fault. People thought Y/N was with him. When asked he didn’t deny either, and he knew more people he than her so, no one wanted to cross him. He knew all that and said nothing. 

“You’re hot,” he said, he had noticed your dress. Then tried thinking of everything else in the world so, he wouldn’t get hard. You were his best friend. He’d like to keep you. 

“Right, how are you controlling yourself then?” You leaning against Harry sitting on the bar stool, almost on his lap wasn’t helping his case either. The world’s worry didn’t make him forget of your shoulder tattoo that he always found a little too sexy, and now, your thigh on his and his crotch so close to yours…he couldn’t help bringing his lips to yours. 

You took it in, Harry was kissing you. You were kissing back as you felt his hand on your neck, moving to your cheek, to bring your closer. You opened your eyes to meet his as he stopped, your lips still close, “I don’t want pity,” you said, climbing off and getting off his lap. He didn’t stop you as you rushed to the bathroom and fixed yourself. “I will not think about this. I’m drunk. It was in the moment. Means nothing. You, you here!” Looking at yourself in the mirror, “Means nothing. Get yourself together!” And you did, all cool you walked out to Harry talking to Michael. 

“Ready to go?” He asked, and you nodded. All cool that it made him frown. 

“Y/N, I need you Friday for the shoot. No one captures it like you do, and I don’t want the second best!” Michael said hugging you. You agreed and followed Harry out to his car. 

“Do you really want cookies?” You asked, in the car. 

“I have no idea why this is up for discussion,” he said seriously and you laughed. “Give me some clothes,” you told him as you walked into his house and straight to the kitchen. The bastard had everything organised. He knew he was going to win. 

You got to work, as saw Harry keep his shirt and pants on the counter and then walk away to change. Not bothering at all, you got your dress off in the kitchen and folded it. This dress didn’t allow a bra, so you were glad that your boobs were now free from the dress as you massaged ‘em a bit taking your time and not realising that Harry was just around the corner, choking on the water he had taken out from the fridge. You wore his big ass shirt, triple both your sizes. Thr pants were too loose and missing the rope, so they just fell down. Huffing you took em off and kept them outside on the sofa. “Go change and help me!” You said as you saw Harry still standing there with wide eyes. You always were comfy around him, so this wasn’t new. 

“Eggs, break em!” You mumbled singing and making the dough. This was your speciality. You could do it drunk, sleepy, sloshed and they always came out perfect. Lost, you didn’t notice Harry come behind you until you felt his hands on your ass. When he didn’t remove em, and kneaded in, “What’re you doing?” It surprised you as you felt kisses on your shoulders, his body now stuck to you. It wasn’t just difficult for him, but you as well. You couldn’t ignore the need of throwing him on the bed and fucking him on the bed. But it just was never said or showed by either, so you thought there was nothing. “Harry…” you said again. 

His hands stopped yours from letting the bowl go, and lock them fingers, as he attacked your neck from behind. You let out a moan, as his teeth bit in, and his hand held both of yours, the other going down your stomach, “Is this alright?” He whispered, in a voice you couldn’t recognise. You nodded, not being able to say anything as his hands went further down to your cotton panties. He always had long fingers you thought, as the temperature increased. This was new to you, and he knew it. He turned you around, and got to his knees, getting under the t-shirt, and kissing your stomach, as he went down below. You pulled your t-shirt off, not being able to hold it as you saw his eyes, looking so green with lust, as his tongue licked your navel, and travelled down. 

Strong hold on your legs, your hands holding on to the counter and you speechless which was a thing he noticed and smirked on, as he took your panties off, “Nice pussy,” he murmurs,”Can you open up for me a little baby,” He said, as your legs softened and spread a little. “Okay?” He asked once again, and you couldn’t find any reason in your head to disagree. He nestled between your thighs, leaving sloppy kisses on ‘em, and you wondered how you could ever not do this before. His tongue travelled up, now right on your clit, his eyes not missing the reaction of your first time. He wanted it to be good, as he mixed his spit with your wetness, amazed at this state he got you in. The always in control Y/N was so soft right now, just for him. 

Any other day, he wouldn’t have believed his luck, but today as he got lost and so involved with you, his mouth all over, and his body tied to your lower half, he was taking everything you offered. A minute later, when he heard you whimper, this feeling absolutely new to you and not a lot compared to your sessions with yourself, he picked you up and threw you over the shoulder. You yelped his name, as he took you to the couch and, immediately pulled your legs apart, to not let the moment get too far. “I like how your clit’s swollen,” he said sucking on it and taking it long and slow. Your knees trembled, and he brought his fingers in, pressing on it, and he went down to your holes. “Let’s try one,” He said, quite lost now in you, as he pushed a finger in, “You like that,” as your cries increased a bit, his fingers were way longer than yours. “Relax, relax,” he said, as you bucked your hips, the pleasure taking control now. He put two in and increased his pace, now faster as his fingers fucked you while keeping his tongue on your clit. No idea how he did it, but you were slowly losing it. 

“I’m…Harry,” You whimpered, He climbed up and, attached his lips on your again, swallowing your moans, his fingers fucking you faster as you held his face. “Close, so close…” 

“Hold it for me a bit, baby,” He asked. Lips travelling down to your neck and back up. His hand, kept your body in place as you trembled, while the other relentlessly didn’t stop from being inside you. 

“Can’t, I can’t…” You said, as you felt your orgasm coming stronger than it had ever before and this was just by his fingers. He giggled, and went down again, as you looked at his sticky fingers which he just pulled out. He slowly put his fingers in his mouth, and you gulped sitting on your elbows. “Sorry…” 

He didn’t respond, as his mouth went back to lick you clean, and you threw yourself back down. You pulled at his hair, to look at you, and he stopped and sat up. You did as well, and climbed in his lap, and tipped his head back and kissed him. His hands held you tight, as you tasted yourself on him. “I won’t be so easy on you next time,” He said, as you kissed down his neck. 

“I can make up with cookies,” You whispered in his ear. 

Not that good, but I’m still getting in my groove. Tell me what you think about and send me more if you have ideas!



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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm the angst fairy! Can you please do headcanons for our paladins whose s/o saved them from an attack. But I'm the process was hit with some liquid that burned their eyes and are now blind? And their like, "well better me than you babe, I'll be fine." Who would cry? Who would get mad? And how would their relationship change? Thank you~

angst fairy, thou hast met your match in me 

- mod tee, crying in her tea as she puts her babies through hell

p.s: i just did some for the boys bc it was getting a little too long

The quintessence vat was close to toppling, and your Paladin was trapped underneath the base. Your heart spiked in fear, and you knew there was only one thing to do.

You ran towards them, every step bringing you closer to inevitable doom as you pushed them out of the way. 

The last thing you hear is them screaming your name.


  • he doesn’t expect you to save him
  • when the quintessence vat toppled over, he was too close to the base and he had already resigned himself to this fate
  • he’s internally reciting a prayer when he hears you yell his name and a force pushes him back. he’s out of the target line and you took the hit for him
  • would panic as he scrambles to his feet, not caring that the quintessence was burning through his armor as he picks you up
  • “we need to get Y/N to a cryo-pod now!”
  • no one questions him and he’s by your side 24/7
    • when you recover, he’s immensely happy until you open your eyes and he’s in shock bc your pupils are bleached white and he can feel your panic welling
    • the moment you cry out that you’re blind is when he breaks down
    • the truth is too hard to bear and he nearly breaks from the weight of it all
    • doesn’t even pretend to be strong as he pulls you into his embrace
    • “Lance, I’m scared. I’m so so scared.”
    • “I -sob- I know Y/N.”
    • you’ll both hold onto each other as you cry for your lost eyesight
  • if his insecurities don’t eat him alive the last time, they start now
    • “why would they do something like that for me? I’m nothing! I’m just the seventh wheel and they shouldn’t have sacrificed themselves for me. It’s all my fault. Everything is my fault. I should’ve been the one who’s blind.”
  • he’s there for you emotionally, and will try not to show how much he loathes himself
  • he doesn’t want you to think your sacrifice was in vain
  • would be by your side constantly as he helps you with mundane tasks
  • does it bc he loves you, not bc he thinks you’re weak, and when you complain, he’ll playfully shush you and say that he wants to do it
    • “Lance, I think I can feed myself–”
    • Ah-ah-ah. Let me do it for you.”
    • “But Lance–”
    • Ah-bup-bup. No. I insist.”
  • the sweetest boy ever as he helps you recover
    • would spend his days in the library researching on ways to recover your eyesight
    • he’s a good person and would go to the ends of the earth to help you regain your eyesight tbh and has prob considered donating his eyes to you
    • Allura told him it would be impossible to conduct such a risky surgery in the middle of a war and besides, a Paladin needs his eyesight to defend the universe
    • he has to begrudgingly agree even if he’s dying on the inside.


  • he’s speechless as you take the fall for him, and he’s immediately running towards you
    • cancels the mission bc it’s obvious you took a huge hit
    • practically begs Allura to put you in a cryo-pod stat
    • “Princess, I don’t care if we didn’t get the plans–just please–we have to make sure Y/N is safe.”
  • he’s a mess, pacing around your healing pod, barely eating or sleeping
  • Keith would have to take shifts with him to watch over you bc “Shiro, it’s been two days since you took a shower. For the love of God, you’re starting to stink.”
  • he would do it cause Keith grumbling about him is unheard of 
  • the one to catch you when you get out from your cryo-pod
    • he’ll be overjoyed that you don’t seem to have any traumatizing scars on you and proceeds to give you a soft kiss
    • when you turn your head towards him and open your eyes, he realizes something is very very wrong
    • your pupils were constricted, not catching the light in the room, and your gaze was unfocused
  • “Y/N…are you…are you…”
    • he comes to the conclusion first before you, and when you do, you’re panicking
    • “Shiro! Shiro! Are you there?? I can’t see you–everything’s black and…and–” 
  • when the realization hits him, it’s already too late and you’re in tears
  • he’s panicking and he doesn’t have any control over the situation. his PTSD is threatening at the edges and he has to push back the nauseating panic to care for you
    • “Y/N, calm down–we can fix this–”
    • “My eyesight is gone!” 
    • your sobs break his heart, and he can’t bear the thought that you gave up something so vital like your eyesight for him
  • he can’t fathom how something like this would happen to a person like you
  • you’re beautiful, fierce, full of life and…and now you can’t see bc of him
    • he won’t lie, he’s thought of hurting himself bc of what he’s done and yet, he has to be strong for you
  • the first few weeks were hard to adjust, but he pushed himself out of his comfort zone for you
    • would take you by the hand and help re-familiarize you with the ship once more. he’ll use the metric method he developed in the Galran prison to help you figure out the pacing and outlines of most rooms
    • he still hates himself for what happened to you, but it can’t be helped. what’s done is done and Shiro needs to move forward to help you as best as he can
  • one day, you overhear him crying softly in his own room and when you confront him, he’ll vehemently deny
    • “whaaaatt, i’m not crying! i was just…having an allergy reaction…yeah.”
  • comfort him and tell him that everything’s alright. he’ll let you wipe away his tears as you say in soft tones that the universe needs him more than you
  • would hold you close to him as he murmurs he doesn’t deserve you
  • cue a session of sobbing that ends in cuddles as you trace his features, committing them to memory


  • “Y/N NOOO!!
    • he’s too late and you already took the fall for him. Keith’s heart stops for a moment as he sees you on the ground, pinned under the heavy vat
    • would move heaven and hell to get you back to safety and he’s yelling incoherently for the rest of the team to continue the battle as he leaves the fight halfway with you in his arms 
    • storms into the castle, demanding Coran to place you in a cryo-pod and scaring the old Althean adviser 
  • he’s by your side until you heal, and no one is allowed to rebuke him
    • “Keith, you have to get some sleep.”
    • “I’m not leaving until Y/N is safe.”
    • “Keith–”
    • “Either help me heal her/him quick or get away from me…I’m sorry–I’m so sorry, I…I don’t know what got into me.”
  • breaks down often and his teammates would have to comfort him while he’s waiting for you. normally, he lets only you see his vulnerable side, but you’re floating all pale-like and hauntingly in the cryo-pod and he doesn’t know if you’ll be okay
    • Shiro would have to tell him that it’s ok to lean on his team for support
  • when you recover, he’s beyond happy, catching you in his arms and placing quick kisses all over your face.
  • “Y/N–kiss–I’m–kiss--so–kiss kiss happy.”
  • he’s happy, but then he notices your glassy eyes, and the scrunched confused look on your face.
  • “Oh no…”
    • he comes to the conclusion first like Shiro, and he immediately hovers two fingers in front of you
    • “Y/N, how many fingers do I have up.”
    • your eyesight loss would be gradual, and when you find out from Coran that the inevitable fate of your blindness is imminent, you break down
  • Keith absolutely despises himself
  • he can’t stand to be around you as you slowly lose your eyesight by the hour, and it causes a huge rift between the both of you
  • he’s brokenhearted over your sacrifice and he swings between violent self-loathing and crippling sadness. he can’t bear to be close to you as he ruins someone’s life yet again 
  • “All I’m ever good at is destroying people’s lives.”
  • Shiro has to go and talk some sense into him bc Keith is so lost on what to do. he doesn’t want to inflame an already delicate situation
    • comes to his senses and finds you, and he hates himself for making you cry
    • hangs his head in shame as he tells you his true feelings, how he feels like he doesn’t deserve you and you’re the love of his life
    • “God Y/N…I wish I could show you how much you mean to me.”
  • would be confused when you take his hands and place them on your face, your unfocused eyes trying to find the source of his voice
  • “just be here for me.”
  • he nods and you both cry for your losses, but Keith is determined to stay strong for you
  • would stick close by you as you acclimate to losing your eyesight
  • when the final light fades from your sight, he’s holding your hand tightly and crying along with you
  • you want his face to be the last one you see as the darkness creeps in, and Keith barely breaks eye contact, determined to let you hold onto the last image of him
  • his face goes all soft, and his eyes are bright and fierce as he murmurs “I love you, Y/N. I love you so much.” 
  • it’s the perfect last image 


  • time freezes for him as he watches you take the fall
  • anger rushes through him, ungluing his limbs and he runs after you, shooting any Galra that stand in his way
  • “Allura, we have a sitch and I don’t care if we have to stop the fight! Y/N’s hurt!”
  • hauls you over his shoulder and would barrel through his teammates to get you to safety 
  • once he has you in a cryo-pod, he’ll wait for you to get better even if it takes you a week
  • Hunk will be with you through it all 
  • just an incredibly worried bean that he will frequently have nervous breakdowns, wondering if you will ever be alright
  • Lance has to be there for him, and remind Hunk to take a break once in awhile
  • kinda neglects his duties for a bit, but finds that preparing meals helps to elevate his anxiety as he gets to do something with his hands
  • the day comes when you get better and he cheers when Allura announces that you’ll leave the pod soon
  • catches you in his arms as he carries you to the nearest sofa, intent on letting you get the muscles in your legs working
  • he’s so glad that you’re safe and well and–wait, why aren’t you opening your eyes??
  • “babe? Are you ok?”
  • you manage to peel your lids back and Hunk can’t fight his gasp at the sight of your milky white irises
  • “H-Hunk? W-where are you? I can hear you but…”
  • it dawns on the both of you then and you cry out softly
  • Hunk holds you to him as you start gasping in realization, holding back your sobs
  • he’s so so angry
    • not at you, but at himself
    • how could he fail to see how you would sacrifice yourself for him? how could he be so careless as to not stop you? how could he do this to you?
  • like Keith, he needs to take a breather, though he won’t do anything to intentionally hurt you
    • is incredibly considerate of your emotions and keeps his from you
    • after all, he doesn’t want to feel like your sacrifice was a burden and even though he’s in pain as well, he wants to be there for you
  • borderline obnoxious with his attentions, but he’s worried and wants to help you acclimatize easier
  • brings you around the castle ship and gets Shiro to teach you his metric technique
    • you’ll most likely have to rely on scent and sound to get around, and Hunk always makes sure to announce himself before he enters a room or walks towards you
    • side glares the others who seem to forget that you’re blind and reiterates by giving you extra of your favorite food
  • your relationship doesn’t change much, except sometimes he still gets sad. but he vows to make it up to you and save the universe from the Galra
  • you’ve given him a new purpose and Hunk will take it as encouragement to get pass his fears
  • really inspired by your strength and will love you even more for it