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I knew my dad was cheating on my mom bc he had an okcupid account so I wanted to get back at him by catfishing him and what happened was i started to slowly fall for him instead... I learned so much about him and even got a dick pic...

this was a roller coaster ohmygod what did I just read

Fine Line

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: NC-17

Prompt: “Please put your penis away.” / Smut / It’s a fine line between love and hate. At least, that’s what you tell yourself in order to remain blindly oblivious to the fact that, despite your best efforts, you have a definite attraction to your roommate. A roommate who may or may not like you back. 

Word Count: 2,330

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Michele and Emil watch Eurovision

Dai cazzo, San Marino non può tradirci!

Michele had switched to Italian ten minutes ago, probably without even realizing, as the voting countries started being given out, but Emil didn’t mind. He loved seeing his boyfriend so passionate about something for once. Well, something other than skating. He suspected it wasn’t even about Italy’s song or its singer, but more of a weird national pride matter. He had witnessed it in other occasions too, and he suspected it was a very Italian thing, since he had seen Sara do the same: the twins loved to complain about their country, but when it came to certain things, like Italian food or this Eurovision thing, they acted like the most patriotic people. It was funny to watch the change in Michele’s behavior.

His thoughts were interrupted when the San Marino spokesperson gave twelve points…not to Italy. “MA VAFFANCULO!!! SAN MARINO CAP ‘E CAZZ’, MA CHI VI CREDETE DI ESSERE!  VI INVADIAMO!” Michele’s shouts were louder than Emil had heard in years now. They could only be compared to his angry comments back when Michele was still obsessing over Sara’s dating life.

“Hey, Mickey, calm down!” Emil ran a hand down Michele’s back in an attempt to soothe him, knowing perfectly well his boyfriend needed to let his anger out.

Michele seemed to respond to his touch though, and said, switching back to English, “They’re fucking assholes, Emil. They’re basically Italians. They owed us those fucking points!”

Emil offered to make him a chamomile tea and Michele only waved him off as if he couldn’t care less what he did, so Emil went to the kitchen and prepared it. He came back just in time to see the Czech spokesperson give Czech Republic’s points to a country Emil didn’t catch, but, again, wasn’t Italy. Emil groaned and sat beside Michele on the couch again, folding his legs under himself and setting the mug on the coffee table. By now Michele didn’t even seem angry anymore, just deflated and sad. Emil said, “There’s still the televotes, it’s not over yet.”

They had both voted for Italy, thanks to their Czech cellphone numbers, and Emil had to admit that he would have voted for that song regardless of his boyfriend’s nationality or preferences. It was catchy and the lyrics (only some of which he understood without translation, thanks to him slowly learning the language) were just about as deep as they could get in such a public and commercial contest. He also loved the dancing ape and the pure fact that it was one of the few songs that weren’t in English, unlike most of them. So much for diversity.

Sadly for both of them, even the televotes didn’t help Gabbani’s song win or even get among the top five. By that time they were both too tired to do much besides complain to each other and scroll through a few memes on Twitter.

“It’s just not fair, you know? It’s like these events don’t even take quality into consideration.”

“It’s not like ice skating, Mickey. There you get a fairly objective score, but here? Who knows what’s at play really.” He got up and tried to get Michele to do the same. When he tried to ignore him, he tried pulling on his arm gently and said, “Come on, we should sleep. Don’t you have San Marino to invade?”

That finally got a laugh out of Michele, who got on his feet and on his toes to kiss Emil quickly. “Fine, but you’re coming with me.”

  • Dai cazzo, San Marino non può tradirci!” = “Fuck, come on! San Marino can’t betray us!”

*this bit is Neapolitan dialect, not Italian! I’m not Neapolitan so I had to google it (I should have asked someone on the translators masterpost but it’s 3 am ((again)) and I guess nobody’s around :’) )

Thanks for reading and forgive my tired ass for this thing! (also thanks @severeminx for the prompt ♥)

I know this is, like, old stuff by now, but do u know what really gets me about Alex Hirch’s seemingly intense dislike for Ford?

Like… abuse is a very tricky thing to handle in kids media. The message can get muddled and misrepresented easily, because no one can really flat out say “I was abused”. I don’t think it’s a surprise at this point when I say that I was a victim of parental abuse and was abused by someone that I thought was a friend, not to mention that I was autistic and subjected to severe bullying because of it. Growing up, all cartoons fed me were messages like “forgive your friends even when they hurt you” or “family is family, no matter what” or “your bully is secretly sad so you shouldnt be mad at them”, and all these messages tricked me into thinking that I was the bad guy for hating my family, for being unable to ‘fix’ my bullies, for developing deeply rooted trust issues

Then came Ford Pines

I had caught up to Gravity Falls right before Ford’s appearance, so ‘Not What He Seems’ was the first episode I caught on air. As the episodes were released and we slowly learned more about Ford, I actually didn’t like him so much at first. He was angry, he was loud, he was distrustful, he kept to himself; he was everything that I was always told not to be. However, as the episodes continued, I realized that I saw a lot of myself in him

Like, lets look at Ford for a second. He is clearly a victim of abuse and bullying (and heavily implied parental abuse), and he’s mad at the people who wronged him, and you know what? The narrative celebrates that Ford hates his abusers (well, Bill, at least)! But guess what? He may have been angry, but he was nice. He adored the kids, and it shows. He was one of the only members of the Pines family who wasn’t always poking fun at Dipper, and its clear that Dipper appreciates that. He’s sweet, dorky, and a good guy

For the first time, I was face to face with an abuse victim who was angry, but a good guy, and you can’t understand how unreal that felt to me. I’m sure Ford’s not the first character to fit into this idea, but he’s the first cartoon character that I’ve seen that did this right

Even Journal 3, with it’s flaws, showed a pretty accurate process of an abuse victim realizing that they’re being abused (at least, from my point of view). The idolization, the distrust of actual friends, the abuser convincing him that his real friends were out to get him, and then when he realizes that he’s been played this entire time? It hits him HARD. He can’t sleep, he’s scared, he doesn’t trust anyone, and how he views reality is altered because of this. Whether they meant to or not, Journal 3 was a great book from an abuse victim’s point of view

So… yeah. At this point, you can probably tell that Ford was an important character for me (and many other abuse victims that I’ve met too). Finally, an abuse victim we could root for, who’s abuse didn’t ‘turn then into an abuser’. FINALLY, an abuse victim who was angry but was still someone we could root for. Almost every trait about Ford clearly links to some form of abuse, and it’s something that me and other abuse survivors can relate to

And Alec Herb wants us to hate him for it

He calls Ford a bad guy. He calls Ford ‘egotistical’ for daring to be proud of the things he’s good at. He says that Ford ‘deserves to be punished’ for not immediately forgiving someone who hurt him in the past. During one of his streams, he even said ‘Ford is a popular character and I just don’t see why’, implying that everything I said before was a complete accident on his part, that he wasn’t taking abuse victims into account and wanted us to think that he was a bad guy. And, of course, only us scary mentally ill abuse victims could ever relate to him

God. I just. Fuck. You can all understand why I hate him now, right?? 

Rvb/Tuckington AU where Tucker gets done with city life and its noise and cashes in a favor from Church because his sister works at a national park that offers some secluded cabins for writers and the kind. Tucker arrives at the national park with only a backpack filled with things he’s gonna need and hikes out to one of the cabins that is the furthest away from anything and anyone. Carolina offered it to him with the catch that he’s to check in with the ranger everyday and that he’s to do some simple repairs if needed so the ranger can focus on more important stuff.

The cabin itself is small but it’s just enough for him. He settles in and establishes a simple routine of wilderness living, chopping wood, repairing the odd thing around the house, fishing etc. He checks in with the ranger, Connie, everyday and befriends her. Then one day she’s not there, the voice at the other end of the radio is gruff and tired and not in the mood for any of his jokes. 

Tucker’s not all too keen on this new guy and has no intention on befriending him, he’s got enough assholes in his circle of friends already. But then slowly they begin to talk more and more, he learns so much about him and he would find himself looking forward to their talks over the radio. 

Until one day there’s a new voice at the other end of the radio. And Tucker’s heart sinks in his chest, he had no idea that that would happen. And his routine is all messed up and all he can think of is that yet another person in his life just left him with no warning.

That afternoon he’s standing outside looking out into the distance deep in his thoughts, not really seeing anything. A rustle in the bushes draws his attention and he turns around and there he is, standing all tousled by the hike, sweat on his brow, hands nervously by his side. And he’s nothing he imagined him to be during all those talks on the radio. But it’s the best kind of unexpected, his imagination hadn’t been up for the task at all. 

“I’ve got a few weeks off from work.” He says and Tucker hears the same voice that had accompanied him for all these months and he lets out a breath he didn’t even know he had held. 

“And you thought you’d like to spend them here? You must be more messed up than you let me know.”

“It’s not about place, it’s about the person.”

I’m a sucker for hate sex Bonkai as much as the next person but there’s just something about “grovelling, guilty, ‘I’ll wait forever for you to forgive me’, head over heels for Bonnie, Kai” and “outwardly hateful but slowly giving in as she learns more about the way Kai’s family treated him and begrudgingly falling in love with him at the same time, Bonnie”.

Jontlex And Telling Their Families

Request: Headcanons please for how monty x alex x justin tell their families about their relationship and how they react !!!!


A/N: I hope you like this, I kinda had to wing it with Monty’s family, and I just wanted to headcanon him a happy home life for once.


Warnings: Parents who suck at being parents


Jontlex And Telling Their Families…


  • So to start, he was absolutely terrified. Telling his Dad that he had not one but two boyfriends was likely the most nerve wracking thing he’d ever do. He wasn’t sure how his Dad would take it. He was a military man, so he was either just gonna see it how it was, or he was going to hate it entirely

  • His Mum, Dad and brother were all sat at the kitchen table when Alex brought the other two home one night. Alex decided that he should just get it done with, like ripping off a bandaid, and he blurted it right in the doorway
  • His heart raced as the room fell into silence. Monty gave his hand a little nudge just to remind Alex that he was there while they waited for someone to finally speak up. Alex just hoped no matter what that his Dad would just stop at words, and that this wasn’t going to escalate into something

  • His brother was the one to speak first, joking about how it wasn’t fair that he was single when Alex had two boyfriends. His Mum was next, and she simply asked if he was happy, and all he could do was nod. No one had actually given away how they felt, but he was happy with their reaction anyway
  • His Dad instantly questioned Monty, knowing he was the boy he’d gotten into the fight with. Alex was relieved Monty didn’t push it, he just calmly answered the questions and called him sir. As for Justin, his Dad already loved him, so they just exchanged a smile

  • Eventually his Dad invited them all to sit and eat. None of them had any idea if they were off the hook, but they just sat there and ate as they talked about Justin’s basketball
  • Things went on pretty much the same from that day forward. No one ever actually said what they thought of the relationship, though he was sure that his Mum and Dad had discussed it, but his family did ask about the boys and they often came to visit, though the bedroom door had to stay open

  • Alex’s extended family slowly started to learn about it, and his Dad actually did defend him if it came to it. He figured that his Dad just didn’t understand it, but he was grateful that he understood the only person who needed to get it was Alex



  • Well, it’s safe to say Meth Seth didn’t take this well. Maybe if Justin had just had one boyfriend it’d have gone a little better, but it didn’t

  • Justin, though he tried to hold them back, couldn’t help but shed a couple tears as he looked to his mum for support, but as usual all that filled the room was her silence
  • He’d made the decision not to have Monty and Alex with him on this, but he made plans to meet up with them right after, that way they’d know if anything bad happened to him

  • Justin didn’t wait for his instruction to leave, he just got up and walked out the door, crying his way down the stairs. He met Alex and Monty a few blocks away, throwing himself in Alex’s arms as Monty joined them
  • All he could do was cry, and although both his boyfriends were furious, neither of them could bring themselves to leave Justin like that to do something about it

  • Eventually Justin had stopped crying, and all he wanted was to go home with the boys and cuddle in bed and forget about the day, but of course Monty didn’t want that just yet
  • The afternoon turned into Alex and Justin having to talk Monty out of going to beat the shit out of Meth Seth and talk some sense into Justin’s mum

  • Justin really was flattered that Monty cared so much, but he was done focusing more on the toxic things in his life when he had two rays of sunshines in his arms that he’d rather focus on instead



  • Monty actually had a pretty great relationship with his family. Considering they were often away on business they were still quite close, and he’d honestly mentioned Alex and Justin heaps of times

  • When it actually came to telling them about the relationship though Monty got a bit nervous about it (but like hell he was gonna show it)
  • He wasn’t actually too sure where his parents stood on poly relationships, or even same-sex relationships really, but he trusted his family enough to know that he’d be okay coming out

  • Justin and Alex came over to his house one afternoon, and after they retreated to his room upstairs Monty decided to just be honest with his family. He was slightly nervous, and he tried to say it ten times before he finally just blurted it out
  • His parents were shocked for a minute, but when they saw Monty’s face fall they instantly rushed to comfort and support him. His dad questioned him on the need for two boys, making a lot of assumptions that Monty was sure to brush away, then everything was fine

  • Monty went up to his room where he met with the other two and told them that he’d come out to his parents. This ended in tons of affection and praise from the other two, and the usually dominant, show-no-emotion Monty crumbled underneath them and just enjoyed squished between them
  • Alex and Justin visited a lot after that. When Monty’s parents were home they’d all have dinner together, and even though it embarrassed the hell out of Monty, they’d play games afterward. He didn’t understand how Alex and Justin could find playing UNO with his parents fun, but he was grateful anyway

  • Monty’s parents never faltered in their support, always introducing the three of them as a trio to the extended family, and defending them whenever they had to

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I saw you did the Minor Trio reacting to competitive skater MC (and aaaah it was so wonderful), so what about the RFA reacting to that?

✿ well yes i also love yuri on ice. Minor Trio was done here!


  • There does not exist a more loving, devoted, obsessive fan that Yoosung.
  • He’s good at devoting his complete time and attention to things - look at his fixation with LOLOL! And when he meets you and sees you skate, all of that passion transfers to you.
  • Yoosung throws himself into the sport wholeheartedly. He follows blogs, researches your fellow skaters, brushes up on the terminology, learns about all the competitions… and he accompanies you to each one, always desperate to see you skate one more time.
  • It doesn’t matter that he’s seen your program over a hundred times by now, watching it grow from its inception to what you perform on the rink. He falls in love with it again each time he sees it, and even more so, he falls in love with you.
  • The minute you get off the rink, he bounds up to you, gushing about how that’s the best performance he’s ever seen and you’re incredible, you must have beaten your last record!
  • It doesn’t matter if you missed a jump or put on your worst show that season - Yoosung is just so amazed by you that he thinks every time he sees you is the best thing ever.


  • He’s so, so incredibly jealous at first, because he thinks that - at any moment - he might lose you, incredible, beautiful, talented you, to someone who can appreciate your sport better.
  • Zen gets antsy when male skaters talk to you. “All men are beasts,” he says to you, getting protective as he tries to warn you from them. “It - it doesn’t matter if they’re pretty beasts; they’re beasts!”
  • zen calm down ur being weird
  • He tries to learn how to skate so he won’t lose out to other guys, which is hilarious. Zen is.. graceful, beautiful, and talented, but he thinks he can rush past all the basics and get right into the fancy footwork.
  • After ending up on his butt more times than he can count, he asks you for your help, and you find him to be an enthusiastic and charming student.
  • It’s fun, teaching him to skate, but you also repeatedly assure him that no, you think he’s wonderful and no, you aren’t going to leave him for another skater. Seriously. Doesn’t he trust you?
  • Doesn’t he believe in your relationship?
  • His insecurity fades, but his desire to skate doesn’t - because it’s something he can share with you now. Slowly, you teach him, and as he learns more about skating, he only grows to appreciate what you do even more.
  • Remembering his failures gives your grace a lot of context.


  • She’s bringing you coffee when she sees you skate for the first time, and the way the light catches your hair as you twirl makes her drop both drinks on the floor.
  • If Zen’s performances gave Jaehee a reason to live, than yours give existence itself meaning. You’re gorgeous, you’re stunning, and she immediately goes to the internet searching for pictures and videos of you in every costume ever.
  • She starts collecting memorabilia - figures? yes. dvds? yes. t-shirts? yes, and she is in the FRONT ROW of the rink from now on, proudly wearing your face on her chest.
  • She actually gives you very interesting and thoughtful feedback on your performances, and she applies much of what she learned being a fan of Zen to helping you perfect your own acting and expressions.
  • Every time you steal the audience’s heart, you steal hers along with it, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be the same.


  • He sits in the stands, along with hundreds of other screaming fans, and he is completely captivated.
  • No one can get through to Jumin Han while he’s watching your competitions. Someone could be shouting in his ear about how Elizabeth the III was dying in the next room, and he wouldn’t even flinch or look away for a second.
  • the man does not blink. he does not want to miss a single second.
  • He’s not effusive in his praise, but the expression on his face tells you everything you need to know. He looks at you like you are his entire world.
  • And… you kind of are.
  • You understand him, all of his emotions - and he can feel the essence of you from the way you skate. With some smugness, he thinks of the fans around you and how they think they know you, but… do they?
  • No. They know what you want them to see. But he can see the true you in the way you twirl across the ice, and he guards that knowledge like a precious treasure.


  • if you hear one more ice pun, you are going to plant the blade of you skate directly into his face.
  • “Man, I don’t know how I’m going to skate around that topi-” 707 says, and you start chasing him with your show.
  • He’s always suggesting more and more elaborate costumes and theme ideas for your performances. Once, you actually take him up on one, and do an entire routine centered around the theme of feline grace.
  • (you have little kitty ears as part of your costume. seven takes so many pictures.)
  • When he’s being romantic, he’ll ask you to take him skating through the stars. You’ll glide through the milky way, you and him, and he babbles about it with this loving, dreamy expression on his face.
  • For his birthday, you tell him to come to the local ice rink you use to practice. It’s dark, and he’s confused - until one of your friends turns on the light, revealing that rink has been outfitted with million star lights to give it a dim, otherworldly glow.
  • He stares at you as you skate up to him in a glow-in-the-dark outfit and give him a pair of ice skates in his size. Once he’s put them on, you take his hands gently and pull him onto the ice.
  • “I can’t really take you skating through the sky,” you say with a guilty smile before gesturing to all the star lights. “So I tried to get it close. You like it?”
  • “Yes!” He shouts, beaming - and you have to catch yourself on the railing to keep himself from toppling you over with a hug.

Part 2

Jade heaved her luggage into the small compartment above her seat with a grunt, before plopping herself aggressively down in her seat. Namjoon exhales. “Jade relax…it won’t be anywhere near as bad as you’re making it out to be.” he says, seated calmly beside her, open book in hand. Jade gives him a quick, annoyed glance before turning away and reaching into her jacket pocket for her I-pod. “Anywhere he is, is that bad and worse.” She mumbles, and Namjoon rolls his eyes. “Him again?” he asks as Jade reaches her hand up to place her earphone in her ear. He stops her hand with his own, bringing it back down into her lap as she looked at him curiously. “What?” she asks. “I’m tired of hearing about him already. Whatever happened couldn’t have been that bad…I mean, it’s not like you guys dated or anything.”

Jade freezes and Namjoon instantly feels her tense up. She had told him that she and Yoongi only had bad history, not much else. So she wasn’t exactly…lying to him, just choosing to leave some things out.

“You guys…didn’t…right?” Namjoon asks for clarification once he sees the distraught look on her face. Jade exhales. He was like the closest thing to a friend she had…and he already knew pretty much everything else about her. He deserved to know, right?

“Jade….?” Namjoon urges, releasing her wrist from his grip and turning his body a bit to face her. He was curious. It wouldn’t mean much to him anyway…but he wanted to know. “What are you keeping from me this time?” he continues, looking her straight in the eyes. She shifts a little in her seat under the scrutiny of his gaze.
“Well…I mean…”

“No way….you guys dated!” Namjoon almost shouts, before Jade clamps her hand over his mouth, cautiously looking around at their co-workers seated around them.

“There you go again! Why are you always so excited?” she snaps, glaring at him before removing her hand from his mouth. “Be quiet.”

“When?” Namjoon asks her, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Why? And how?” he continues, making Jade feel some type of way.

“What the hell does that mean? How?” she asks him defensively.

“Just….how did that happen?”

“How did what happen? When you say it like that it sounds like you’re implying something.” She snaps.

“Well just….how did the two of you…just…how?” he continues, a bit of disgust manifesting itself on his face.

“Ok just stop talking before you offend me any more than you already have.” Jade snaps at him, as he grins at her sheepishly. “We dated…yes. Not that long ago actually…uh…”

“How long ago was that?”

“Not…that long ago…..”

“I need an exact time frame.”

“Why?!” Jade exclaims. “Why does it matter now?”

“Well for starters it will explain a lot…for me at least.”

“Explain what? You already know what you need to know.”

“But not why you guys hate each other.” Namjoon informs, pointing his finger directly at her face.

“I’m going to need you to get that finger out of my face.” Jade suggests kindly, giving him the eye. Once he removes it, she clears her throat. “We were dating. Now we’re not. How much does that explain for you?” she asks, folding both of her hands in her lap, matter-of-factly. Namjoon hated when she got like that.

“Not much. Nothing, in fact.” He responds in the same manner, just to irk her a bit.

“He doesn’t like me because we broke up. And I don’t like him because he doesn’t like me.” Jade clarifies slowly, but Namjoon only frowns.

“But why did you guys break up? I mean, clearly it wasn’t on good terms but…”

“Not….really important. But it happened.”

“How could it when we have a no-dating policy he specifically came up with himself?”

And with that, Jade was at loss for words. “Oh shoot.” She mumbles, turning her head away from Namjoon and towards the plane window. There was a no-dating policy…

“And no wonder he’s so strict about it now. It no longer applies to him.” Namjoon chuckles, a slew of things now falling into place for him. “That bastard thinks he could do whatever he wants, huh?” he mumbles, closing his book.

“Well let’s not get all….whatever you’re feeling right now.” Jade suggests, turning back to face her friend. “I mean….you guys are friends!”

“We were never friends. He’s just a co-worker, and my boss who I had a bit of respect for. Respect that’s slowly deteriorating as I learn more and more about him.” Namjoon responds.

“Oh please…this isn’t anything to get upset over….it’s not that serious”

“People have gotten fired because of that stupid policy. Remember Professor Im? And that quiet History teacher nobody knew? It was pretty serious for them. Being fired from your first job is like not having a resume at all. Who’s going to hire them now?”
Jade sighs. He wasn’t wrong….and it wasn’t fair that she had gotten away with something others had been fired for.

“And I’m also not fond of how he treats you.” Namjoon quickly adds, opening his book back up and turning the page. Jade looks at him in shock, but he doesn’t react. “I mean, just because you have bad history with someone doesn’t mean you treat them like crap. And you’re not his slave.”

Jade smiles, looking down at her hands in her lap. He was her friend, so of course he’d feel defensive and protective of her…she appreciated it but, she was a big girl. She could handle herself.

“Oh don’t worry. He knows I’m not his slave. He could continue being an asshole if he wants. He isn’t hurting anyone but himself.” Jade assures him.

“I don’t know…it seems a lot like he’s hurting you too.” Namjoon says, turning to look her directly in the eyes again. She quickly averts his gaze. She hated when he did that. Like he was trying to stare directly into her soul or something. Namjoon sighs when she looks away. He was disappointed that she took so long to tell him something like this, but understood why she felt it wasn’t important. It all wouldn’t matter to him anyway if he just treated her better. She was an outstanding woman who deserved just treatment, and he wouldn’t stand for anyone giving her anything less than that.

“Don’t worry.” He concludes. “I won’t let him ruin this trip for you. You deserve a good time, and a good time you’ll get.”

Jade uses her hand to block out the brightness of the sun as she steps off of the bus to join her co-workers, Namjoon following closely behind. They slowly make their way to the front of the pack, Namjoon dragging both of their luggage’s, with an additional backpack slung over one of his shoulders.

“Alright!” they hear the headmaster bellow over the fairly large crowd of faculty. As they slowly began to cease their own conversations and give him their full attention, he continues.
“I’m glad you all could make it, despite all you may, or may not, have had to do. It means a lot.”

Jade crosses her arms in annoyance and Namjoon rolls his eyes at their boss’s sideways comment, but continue to listen.

“I know this is something we always do, and you’re probably thinking, well what’s so important this time that it’s required now? Right?” he presumes, arms outstretched at his sides to express the confusion the audience may have been experiencing. There are some scattered sounds of agreement while some others just nod.
“This year is going to be a bit different from the others. I asked you all here because I noticed that we aren’t exactly…a team. Some teachers are more isolated than others. Myself included. The students are feeling it too. Anti-social, they call it.” He continues with a shrug, before crossing his arms. “But I’m afraid, if the students can feel it from the faculty, the same atmosphere will manifest itself through student behavior. I don’t want this to be that kind of environment. So!…”
He pauses, clasping his hands together and looking around at the faces in the crowd before him.
“Even now I can see a clear divide….” he chuckles as all the faculty look around them. “Get in line.” 

He was right. They were divided, already forming their little groups, probably hoping that would be who they’d get to room with.

“What about him?” Namjoon leans down to whisper in Jade’s ear, as teachers shuffled into line all around them. “He’s the most isolated of all.” Jade laughs a little at his comment, before nudging her friend a little. “I don’t think he realizes.” She whispers back. She brings her attention back to Yoongi to find him glaring in their direction.

Had he somehow heard them?

“I hope everyone here understands that this is not high school. This is a university and you are the faculty.” He begins, pulling a bunch of color-coded cards from his light blue wind-breaker and shuffling them a bit before starting towards them.

“There are no cliques.” He continues, handing out the cards and starting further down the line.

“There are no nerds.” He hands cards out to a few science teachers, who snort at him in disapproval.

“There are no jocks. Especially not you.” He shoves a card in Taehyung’s hand, who just grins in excitement. He probably didn’t even know what was going on.

“There is no gossip column.” He says, handing one to Ms. Duval, with an extended glare. She places her hand on her chest, looking away from him in embarrassment. Everyone knew she was the queen of gossip. Most would say she put more effort into finding out everyone else’s business than she did in her actual work. Yoongi continues on his way, passing out a few more cards, and slowly approaching Jade and Namjoon.

“There are no outcasts, none of you are popular, no bad-asses, no teacher’s pets, in this case, suck-ups…” he pauses, smiling mockingly at Professor Nam, who just cowers away a little. Jade braces herself when he approaches, hand already outstretched with a card for her. She reaches out to grab it, but as soon as she does, he snatches it back.
“And most of all, no class couples.” He says, looking from her to Namjoon with a smile before reaching out again. Jade snatches the card, glaring at him, but says nothing. She didn’t need to entertain him. She did need for him to get a life though.

“What about bullies? Didn’t hear anything about them.” Namjoon decides to speak up, taking his card from the headmaster as well. Yoongi just smiles, looking down at the two suitcases in his hands.

“Of course, we could do without those as well, don’t you think?” he replies smartly, before yanking the bright red suitcase from Namjoon’s grasp and pushing it towards Jade. “You can carry your own load, can’t you?” he says, with another one of his fake smiles.

Jade scoffs, but still says nothing. Like she said before, him being a jackass was only hurting himself..

“That’s actually mine, if you want to be rude, snatch the right bag.” Namjoon snaps, holding out his hand so his property could be returned to him. Yoongi just ignores him completely. “You carry it.” He instructs, still waiting for her to grab it, probably to save face. Agitated, Namjoon reaches out to grab his bag, but Jade grabs it first, pulling it back towards her without a word. Namjoon looks at her in disbelief.

Was she really just going to let this guy run her like this?

She looks up at him with a small shake of the head. She didn’t want to provoke him. She didn’t want Namjoon to get riled up either, so she just did as told.
“Don’t worry I’ve got it. Thanks though.” She says, and he scoffs, crossing his arms and looking up to the sky. He hated seeing her like this. All weak and….and vulnerable. She was not that kind of woman. He hated that Yoongi made her feel that way, and in front of other teachers as well.

Yoongi smiles his annoying little smile of triumph before starting off again to give the remainder of the cards to the last of the teachers, and making his way back to the front of the crowd.
“Alright so now that you’ve got your cards, you can look at the color and find out who your house mates are, the number tells you who you’ll be rooming with. We ended up renting cabins instead of trailers this year only because of the large number of people here, but the same rules apply, you all should know them well enough by now. You’re all adults so I trust that we can be mature and not abuse the fact that houses are gender neutral. Most of the faculty is male so it was hard to separate, keep that in mind and let’s not do anything stupid, alright?” he concludes, as teachers began whispering amongst themselves. No one seemed excited about this trip…except Taehyung, of course.

“Great.” Jade mumbles, rolling her shoulders back as Namjoon watched in pity. Right now, she just needed rest. He reaches for his suitcase again but she quickly moves it out of his reach.

“Just let me….”

“No I’ve got it Joon, I don’t want him to get upset…”

“Who cares if he’s upset?” Namjoon exclaims, reaching for it again, but she tightens her grip on it.

Just…let’s not provoke him okay? Wait until we go off to find our places.” She almost begs. He drops his arms back down to his sides. “Fine.”

They stand there in silence while the teachers around them scramble to find their housemates.

She knew she was being a punk…but she really just wanted to keep Yoongi as far away from her as possible. Whatever she needed to do to back him off, she would do. Who cared? As long as he was gone.

“What house did you get?” Namjoon asks out of nowhere, not looking in her direction. She looked down at her card, flipping it once. “Orange. You?” she asks. “Yellow.” He responds blandly. Jade sighs. Even better! Now she’d be in a house full of complete strangers.

“I bet Yoongi made sure to get him a place all by himself. So he wouldn’t have to deal with us until activities start.” Namjoon mumbles, shoving the card into the back pockets of his shorts. Jade shrugs. “Let him be all alone and miserable then.” She concludes.

Another awkward pause.

Jade shifts from foot to foot when Namjoon opens his mouth to speak again. “I guess…we should go find our places now.” He says, pulling his hat off to run his hands through his hair, then placing it back a top of his head. Jade nods, turning around to see Ms. Duval waving around her card and pulling Mrs. White into a hug. Jade could see a flash of orange as she wrapped her arms around the younger woman. Then they start off in the opposite direction, chattering a mile a minute. “It looks like my team is headed that way.” She says, turning back to Namjoon, who nods. “I’ll walk you there.”

“Oh wow…yellow house. Right there.” Namjoon chuckles, looking across the walkway towards the smaller place with a huge yellow sticker on the door. “How did he even manage to rent these places out?” he mumbles, turning back to Jade. “The douches always have the money.” He jokes, in attempt to raise her spirits.

It works. A little.

“It’ll be fine.” He assures her, once he sees her glancing worriedly off towards her team’s cabin. “Just be nice. Introduce yourself….” He adds, pulling his suitcase from her grasp. “DON’T talk about literature.” He continues, making her laugh a little, as he pushes a strand of curly hair behind her ear. “Just be yourself. They’re bound to like you.” He concludes, with a smile. Jade smiles back, rubbing her arms and looking back at the cabin once more. “Yeah….yeah, you’re right.” She agrees as he hands her her suitcase handle. “Aren’t I always?” he jokes, patting her arm and she nods.

“As much as I don’t want to admit it….yes. Yes you are.”

Namjoon smiles, pulling her into a hug and squeezing her tight, which catches her off guard. They were close, but…

“W-What….what are you doing….” She stammers, attempting to pull away, but he holds her tight. “People are clearly still around, they’re going to see us.” She mumbles into his chest. “And you’re suffocating me.”

Namjoon chuckles before pulling her away by the shoulders. “Just…try to have a good time, okay?” he requests, looking her in the eyes.

“I’ll think about it.” She replies and then it was his turn to give her the eye.

“Fine…I’ll try….”she submits with a smile. “But I never said I’ll be successful.”

Namjoon laughs, before patting her shoulder once more. “Alright…well…go inside.” He says, motioning off towards the cabin. “Get situated…we’ll all probably meet again in a couple of hours or so.”

Jade looks at her phone with a frown. “Wow. It’s only 2?” she states in awe. It felt like so much longer, and it was already beginning to get dark….but it was getting close to winter so, it only made sense. “Well…alright then, I guess I’ll see you then.” She agrees, with a nod. Namjoon just motions off towards her cabin. “Hurry. I’m getting tired of standing here.” He says, as she grabs her suitcase again. With a sigh she whips around to face the cabin, standing there for a bit before actually starting down the pathway. “Remember what I said!” he calls to her, as she waves one last time, not even turning around.

She was ready to get this thing going. Like she promised, she would try to have a good time. She would try her hardest even though she didn’t really want to be there.
It was time to get this week started.

“Well look who decided to join us!” Ms. Duval shouts with glee when she sees Jade, crossing her arms.

“Hello Ms. Duval.” Jade greets meekly. “How are you doing dear?” Ms. Duval smiles. She was a genuinely nice older lady, just….really nosy.

“I’m….a little out of my element here but…but I’m doing just fine I guess.” Jade replies, dragging her suitcase to a stand beside her.

“If that isn’t the truth.” Another teacher, seated on the couch agrees, looking behind himself to glance at Jade. “Actually it’s nice seeing you in a place other than your classroom and the cafeteria.” He smiles.

Jade frowns.

“Um…I’m sorry…but, who are you again?” she asks, trying her absolute hardest not to sound rude. He places his hand across his heart and his mouth drops into an O shape as Ms. Duval mumbles an “Ouch…” He was offended, and rightfully so. “Shoot…I-I didn’t mean to offend you I just…” Jade stutters trying to find the right words to express her regret. “I mean, I just never….I just don’t…”

The male holds up his hands to calm her, even laughing a little. “It’s okay…Jesus! You barely come out to see sunlight, it’s no shock that you wouldn’t know more than half of your co-workers.” He jokes, causing Jade to relax a little. “I’m Park Jimin. Musical director at the University.” He introduces, walking over to her with his hand extended.

“Nice to meet you. Wow….yeah….that’s really cool. I mean, I didn’t even know we had musicals.” Jade responds shaking his hand, and the other teachers in the room snicker. Jimin squints his eyes at her, shoving his hands back into his pockets. “Yeah….” He begins, trying not to laugh at her as she looked around in confusion. Why were they all laughing at her?

“Yeah….no, not a musical director in that sense. I’m literally the director of the musical department at the University.” Jimin clarifies. Jade covers her mouth, eyes wide from embarrassment. “God! I’m so sorry…I don’t know what’s wrong with me…I’m so sorry, I-I should know these things but…”

“Relax already!” he smiles at her, seeming to be a little intimidated by her babbling. “Jeez….if anyone needs this trip more than anyone else…it’s you Ms. Greene….”he laughs.
“How do you know my name?” Jade asks, suspiciously as the teachers around her burst into laughter all over again.

“We’re co-workers! My god…you need to get out more.” Ms. Duval jokes, squeezing her arm. “You’re always so on edge!” another teacher chimes in.

“I’m sorry…I’m working on it…” Jade apologizes, cheeks burning. Though they were all laughing at her, it didn’t feel like mockery. It felt…friendly.

“It’s okay.” Another female teacher she had never even seen before says, dismissing her coworkers. “These people take some getting used to.”

Jade smiles at her and feels her body relax a bit more. “I’m Baek Jiyeon, psychology professor.” The woman says, waving. “It’s nice to meet you.” Jade smiles. A few more teachers introduce themselves and Ms. Duval drags her over to the nearest couch in the living area, sitting her down and encouraging her to “relax a little”.  The atmosphere instantly lightens with their cheerful chatter.

“Looks like it’s just going to be the 7 of us.” Mrs. White says, twisting in her seat at the nearby counter. “Looks like it…but it’s great. I’m actually pretty satisfied with our group.” Jiyeon shrugs, arms crossed. “But all other cabins have 8…wouldn’t that put us at a disadvantage?” Jimin throws in. “I mean…it kind of does…but I’m feeling pretty good about this year.” Mrs. White smiles at Jade, who returns it. “How are you feeling about this year Jade? This trip seems like it’ll be a lot of fun, doesn’t it?”

Jade was taken aback by hearing a co-worker, other than Namjoon, call her by her first name. She found it funny that the teachers all knew so much about her when she barely knew them at all, but the more she thought about how long she had been in the dark, her smile slowly fades.

She really was anti-social.

She was surrounded by all these wonderful people for most of the day, 5-6 days a week and didn’t even realize. She never took the time to get to know any of them.

Jimin seems to notice the change in her mood and clears his throat, causing Ms. Duval to look over in her direction. “Oh…honey, maybe you should go up and rest…you don’t look too good…” she suggests, snapping Jade back into reality.

“Wha..? Oh…I’m fine. Just…really…really tired is all.” She says, with a yawn.

“Well go on to bed. The party will continue with or without you. You’ll need all the energy you can muster up for tomorrow.” Mrs. White says, looking at her nails.

“It’s still pretty early though….didn’t we have something planned for today? Or…” Jade questions, looking to Ms. Duval.

“Oh god no! Today is just move-in! It’s too soon to jump right into activities.” Ms. Duval chuckles and Jade nods, standing to stretch. “In that case…I guess I’ll be turning in then.” She concludes, yawning again as a few teachers around her nod understandingly. “It was really nice meeting you all.” She says, grabbing her suitcase and turning to face the 6 smiling faces around her. “Even though….you know…this should’ve happened a long time ago…”

“Just drop it already! We said we get it!” Jimin jokes, shooing her off. She smiles, politely dismissing herself from their conversation, suitcase in hand.

“Rest well! You’ll need to for tomorrow!” she hears Ms. Duval call as she makes her way towards the kitchen.

She exhales, instantly feeling comfort after the encounter with her co-workers. It wasn’t so bad after all…everyone was actually pretty nice. Honestly, she was just glad she didn’t have to be stuck with the science department.

“Wow…they have dishes here and everything.” She says to herself, opening a fully stocked cabinet with a look of approval. She settled down her suitcase and pulled a glass from the cabinet. She’d just grab a glass of water before heading to bed.
Jade clears her throat, closing the cabinet door. She turns around, heading for the fridge and almost screams when she sees the back of someone already crouched down, searching for something. She says nothing as he stands to his full height, holding a container of water up to the light, making sure nothing visible was floating in it, then, with a shrug, brings it closer to the glass in his hand.

Min Yoongi.

Jade feels the glass slipping from her grasp, and before she could catch it, it falls to the ground, shattering into a million pieces. Yoongi quickly turns his head towards her, completely unaware of her presence up until that moment, and Jade clasps her hands over her mouth to keep herself from screaming.

You’ve got to be kidding me!” she thinks. “As soon as things were looking up?”

She thinks about running away, but what would that solve? She’d just look like more of a coward than she already made herself out to be…and he’d just keep pursuing her. So she just stood there…looking at him with wide eyes.

Yoongi sets his glass and the water container down onto a nearby counter top, crossing his arms and turning himself completely towards her.

“Well would you look at that.” He smiles, tilting his head to the side.

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I knew my dad was cheating on my mom bc he had an okcupid account so I wanted to get back at him by catfishing him and what happened was i started to slowly fall for him instead... I learned so much about him and even got a dick pic...

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for eight months, and I lowkey really like being a little. We've talked about it, but we're both really awkward. Do you have any advice?

Being awkward really sucks, I know that firsthand because I get shy talking about things often, too. Take things slow, for sure. Warm him up to the concept and start slowly learning about it together. Good luck c: <3 

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Do you have an entire list of hc's for altean Lance and Galra Keith bc i've never needed anything more

I dont have much but here we goooo (sorry its so late ive been dying tbh)

- Lance’s family was killed by Galras and all he has left is his little sister (who is around the age of 13 or something)
- Kind of a Poe and Finn situation where Lance is taken to a Galra station from a small village that he and his sister was hiding out on. He gets her to safety while he is capture. Keith was ordered to massacre the village but opted out of it.
- Keith is questioning the Galra and goes to free Lance who is hostile and suspicious towards him
- They escape but barely and Lance remembers about his sister and the two go off to try tofind her
- Lance learns more about Keith and slowly becomes friends with him but is still hurt by the fact that his family was murdered by the Galra
- Keith wants nothing more than to return what the Galra had taken away from Lance

pls feel free to add more ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: She was just a girl falling in love with the boy who came up to her, out of nowhere, to tie her shoelaces. 

Keep reading

Imagine Enjolras being dared by someone or just feeling bad for Grantaire and asking him out

Enjolras at first absolutely hating it because he’s fucking annoying and Enjolras really doesn’t like him

But Enjolras slowly learning more about Grantaire and falling in love with him and actually ending up loving the idea of being in a relationship

Enjolras getting much more affectionate with him and holding his hand and kissing him and finally getting Grantaire to open up to him and tell him personal feelings and stories

But then R overhears a conversation Enjolras is having with someone else and only hears “you’re just dating him because you feel sorry for him, right? Why are you stringing this on its been weeks?”

Cue Enjolras explaining it like he’s a dick and not wanting to explain he actually loves R

Grantaire hearing everything and feeling so hurt and betrayed that he just texts Enjolras that it’s over and just sort of leaves

Enjolras is very upset over the whole situation and doesn’t know how to fix it

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ur love for that seunghoon(idk if i spelled that right) guy is so cute. idk much about him but he seems adorable. is there a reason why you chose him as your bias? or did you just think he was cute? (sorry if that's a weird question heh)


There’s lots of reasons why I chose him. I’m not the type of fan to fall for attractiveness alone. 

Actually, both Seunghoon and Mino are my Winner biases but it didn’t start that way.

When I first got into Winner, Mino stole my heart almost immediately. (He tends to do that to people… the little shit) He was my main bias at the beginning and Seunghoon held the title of bias wrecker. BUT as time went on, Seunghoon smacked me in the face with his constant cuteness and I slowly started learning more about him. I have so much in common with that boy it’s almost ridiculous. Every time I find out a new fact about him, my heart does a little !!!! and I fall for him even more.

If you want to know some specific things that made me fall in love with my baby Hoonie, check out this post. There’s a million more reasons, but there’s just a few to start you off. He doesn’t get as much love as he deserves so sometimes I have to SHOUT MY LOVE FOR HIM TO THE WORLD.

I have a lot of love for Seunghoon, Anon. A LOT OF LOVE. I use the tag “soulmate seunghoon” for a reason 😉

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