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I wanted to just do some quick sketches tonight to practice expressions since i tend to struggle with both subtle and extreme emotions. I ended up doing some character scenes from some of my fanfictions since I am so so grateful to the authors for writing them, they’ve been bringing me a lot of joy… and pain, but mostly joy!

And Nearly Letting Go by @uncannycookie​ is a huge fav of mine, I love their writing so so much, especially how they write Mob. They’ve managed to capture some of the more jagged edges of his personality that I think make him fascinating. Plus it’s killing me, I am on the edge of my seat omg

A Breach of Trust by @phantomrose96 *internal sobbing* Okay, so like I’m slowly making my way through this one cause I have to keep stopping to read fluff cause I swear to god it makes me feel like my heart is being crushed. The writing is phenomenal, super creative premise, very dramatic and plot heavy. It’s just pure excellence and I will get there and read it all *external sobbing*

The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitutde by @logicalbookthief Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is like one of my favourite tropes ever and I’m loving it! I’m so weak for this character dynamic. The way the author writes Teruki is a lot of fun, even if it’s not so fun for him sometimes hahaha

It Runs in the Family by @fireflysummers I’ve heard where this story is going and let me tell you it hits so many of my pings I am giddy with excitement. The writing is fantastic! The character’s voices are really well done and I am so so sold on the premise I have accepted it as headcanon. The dynamics have so much potential I am so excited!

Go, go read! They are all great and there are mooooooore!

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i don’t like who i became. i just need to say that. i know i will change (because that’s what we do) but i’ve been looking through my journals over the past few years and everything that has been done to my heart and my self has transformed me. it hurts to watch the transformation like that. so slowly and real. i am cold. and i am not forgiving. and i am too cautious. and i think it has made me ultimately unkind. i feel like a shell trying so hard not to be a shell. and the shell is so thick. and the shell has a forcefield. and nobody even tries to go through it because i think they think the forcefield is comfort in solitude, which i understand because i make it seem that way. i remember the moments i stopped believing in everything so much. i remember the moments i believed again, only to be shown that i shouldn’t. and i remember trying to believe, but not genuinely feeling it. there is a small hope in me somewhere but i don’t know where and i don’t know how to make it grow. it has been years of this. a very slow loss of self. and i just want to admit that the person i loved is gone. she is. i want to find her. and i wish all of the people i’m friends with now could have known her because she was interesting and thoughtful and kind and loving. they just know this one and i feel almost ashamed of that.


So I am slowly making my way through Voyager, which is really not that relevant except to say that an “ancient Vulcan holiday” was mentioned, that I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NOT SEEN FANFICTION OF.

Here is a direct quote from Memory Alpha:

Rumarie was an ancient pagan festival on the planet Vulcan that was last observed during the 14th century AD. In 2372, while learning about Vulcan holidays, Neelix discovered Rumarie, which he described as a festival “full of barely clothed Vulcan men and women, covered in slippery Rillan grease, chasing one another.” (VOY: “Meld”) “

Please tell me someone knows of any fanfic about this at all. Surely there is some way to make it that Spock celebrates this.

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I'm slowly making my way through your Rhys house of mist pov and I got to this line: "I can be your Light , I thought. Though I am the Night, let me be your Moon. I can reflect the Sun. Let me find the light for you, Feyre." And w o w. I've been staring at it for like five minutes it's so beautiful. And btw I'm 100% accepting your Rhys povs as canon, you write him perfectly in character and I love how you expand on everyone's relationships!

Wow - thank you, friend! This is one of the nicest things you could have said to me. I’m really touched you liked that line and took time to mention it to me. I’m not sure how I came up with it, but it ended up being one of my favs. I was rather fond of that one! Thank you so much for being such a peach!! <3


The past ten days we’ve been busy packaging orders after the epic Japan sale. It was very successful fortunately! I thought we’d take a week max to package the orders but it’ll be about 13 days total-ish by the time we finish. I’ve signed what feels like 1000 prints, sleeved 1000 prints, wrote 400 thank you notes, and will have packaged 400 orders. Did all of this with the help of my loving life partner @callmelopi I would have probably had a breakdown doing all of this without him. I am SO grateful for all of the support and love from everyone. Thank you all so much! I’ve only had time to squeeze in sketches in the sketchbook but I was able to go out and sketch/paint a local building last week. Also I got an amazing zine from Nomi Chi in the mail that has inspired me for my next project. Either way we are making our way through the orders slowly but surely. 💕

I don’t really icon RP but sometimes I get in the mood to make a few, so below the cut 47 Icons of Taron Egerton as Mad Teddy Smith from Legend. Slowly working my way through the movie, so if these go over well, I’ll make more. Please like the post if you use them, and don’t claim as your own.

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I want to show you something real

There’s poetry in the way that you kiss my lips,
in the way that your hands glide down to my hips.
When we are apart I can’t help but to reminisce,
and try to make sense–
of these feelings.
In which I am concealing
too afraid of revealing,
that slowly but surely
you have lit a spark inside of me.
And because of that you have become my number one muse.
I want to know you more,
I want to travel deep within the depths of your core
exploring all of you.
From the good, the bad and all the hardships you’ve been through.
There are many layers to you that I want to peel,
and I wish I had the ability to make you feel.
I wish I had the ability to help you completely heal
because I only desire to show you something real.

how to be in two places at once (2017)

we sit across from one another
you are effervescent in nature
bubbling over as you kiss your way down my jaw

we sit across from one another
i am still in nature
seizing as you show me affection

you stare at me as we walk across the beach
hand in hand we make our way into the seafoam

i stare at you as you drag me across through sand and water
your hand tightly gripping mine preventing me from drowning

you laugh at something the waiter said
as your foot runs up my calf under the table
slowly pulling back at the lack of response

i snap to attention as your happiness simmers
mute i stare at the waiter hoping they’ll say something first
unaware of the embers going out in your eyes

your shoulders slump
as you turn to leave
you waited so long for me to speak
you can only get by on nothing for so long

it was crazy of me to think
i could be two places at once

ever since the emotional turmoil of season four i’ve developed this absolute obsession with christmas themed fics

like, i cannot explain to you the level of catharsis i am experiencing by slowly making my way through listening to every single one of lockedinjohnlock’s christmas podfics despite it literally being almost april

like, take my advice, u will not regret it

currently im listening to “a good old fashioned happy ending” and i feel like i’m Ascending

AMA ring reveal - Niall

A/N: Thanks so much for the prompt this was a very cute one to write, I hope you enjoy it and please know, I am slowly making my way through the prompts in my inbox so please be patient with me, life is unfortunately getting in the road of my writing time at the moment.  

Niall had proposed only a few days earlier and this fact was still sinking in . It was also taking you some time to get used to wearing the new accessory. You smiled happily at the glittering ring on you left hand before you carefully slipped it off your finger and put it on the dresser. “What are you doing?” you were suddenly shocked out of your thoughts by Niall’s voice. “Just putting my ring here for safe keeping until after the awards show” you told him with a smile. “Why aren’t you wearing it?” Niall asked then with a furrowed brow. You returned the frown, “I thought we weren’t announcing it yet, I think people will know if I wear it down the carpet” you finished with a chuckle. Niall’s eyes watched you carefully for a moment before he nodded to himself and pulled out his phone. You watched him type on his phone for moment before he clearly finished and looked back at you, “now you’ll have to wear it” he told you with a grin. You raised a brow at him before checking your own phone to see a twitter notification from him, “Make sure to keep yours eyes peeled for @Y/T/N’s new piece of jewellery on tonight’s red  carpet #soontobemrsHoran.” You read out loud finishing with a soft laugh, “you definitely know how to get the fans excited” you told him. He grinned, pulling you into his side so he could kiss your temple, “so now can you put the ring back on, I’ve gotten used to you wearing it and I like it” he said softly. You smiled back reached up slightly to kiss him gently before taking the ring and sliding it back onto the forth finger of your left hand.

The car arrived on the carpet and you waited for Niall before you took his hand and stepped out onto the red carpet and were immediately overwhelmed by the bright flashes of cameras. Niall took your arm and threaded it through his own as he started to guide you. “Y/N, can we see your ring?” “Y/N have you started planning already?” Y/N show us your ring” you heard multiple calls from the reporters lining the carpet. “So future Mrs Horan” Niall started leaning down so you could hear him, “who would you like to show your ring off to first?” You blushed softly at his words before you looked around to see  a rather nervous looking reporter in the sea of people and you gestured towards them. He nodded and started out towards them. “Hi I’m Ashley from (magazine name)” she started when you approached, the both of you smiled and greeted her before she started with her questions. You answered a few questions before you once more started down the carpet this time heading towards the crowd of fans that were waiting anxiously for the two of you to arrive. The two of you immediately walked over to them getting swept up in a wave of shouting, crying and selfies, “Y/N your ring is perfect, did Niall pick it for you?” you heard one fan asked, you looked around to find her before answering with a flushed grin, “he did, surprisingly good at picking jewellery isn’t he” you joked. “Can I see the ring Y/N” you heard another quiet voice ask. You saw the small girl slightly covered by others and the crowd and you moved over to her so she could clearly see the ring, “wow you’re so lucky” she whispered, “I am” you smiled. “Y/N we need to keep going” you heard Niall call from just ahead and you nodded in his direction before turning back to the fans, “well I better get back to my fiance, enjoy the show” you told them.  “Wait Y/N” you heard called as you started to walk away, “how did he ask, was it romantic?” You laughed, keep a watch on twitter I promise to give you the full story” you told them earning a squeal of excitement before you were hurried away down the carpet.

A/N: Sorry if that’s not the kind of picture you wanted but Niall smiling like that just makes me super happy!

Disclaimed: Neither of these pictures are mine, full credit to the owner!

The majority of my followers has probably no idea who is running this blog and I barely post something about myself on here but I want to say some things because something really mindblowing happened today, something I never even dreamt of when I first started reblogging my first posts on this website. You are now one of more than 50 000 people following this blog and I want to thank every single person that follows me with all the love and gratitude I got in my heart for making this happen. This blog is something really special to me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if this blog didn’t exist. This blog and more exactly the content of my blog has had a huge influence on me and a lot of things happened since the time I started this blog. I would most likely not be making art by myself today if I never found my way to sacred geometry and visionary art through this website. I started out by reblogging trippy art I liked and slowly started to get more and more interested in all these structures, patterns and shapes that seemed to reoccur in a lot of gifs and artworks that I found. Out of this interest I eventually started to grow a small obsession with these patterns and started to try drawing the easiest forms, just doodling in an exercise book during class, nothing serious. It was actually during the time period in which I wrote my final exams in high school about a year ago when I first brought some shapes and lines together to create the first drawing I did that I’d consider an artwork. So that’s how it started. Suddenly everything changed. Never before have I thought of actually making art and here I am now – thinking about how this journey will continue.

Thank you so much for all the appreciation, compliments and love that I am getting for my art – you are the reason I am pursuing this path and why my heart is filled with love, energy and creativity.If applying to university and moving and all that stuff isn’t too stressful which I don’t hope I’m going to try to make prints of my artworks available for you all to purchase later this year.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without every single person that follows me, thank you all so much. I love you all <3

it took me a bit to figure out how to put images in but i am slowly bumbling my way through a test in twine, with jarchild as my noble guinea pig

the writing and art will be quick n sloppy since this is more of a ‘can i successfully put these parts together and have it run’ vs ‘how shiny can i make the parts making up a thing i accidentally broke halfway through’

11x02 - Curing the Virus and Stopping Amara...

I am slowly making my way through a season 11 re-watch in this mini hiatus and I have just finished 11x2. After spending a short while just soaking up Sam’s brilliance in this episode a few things struck me that I wanted to put down into (admittedly a massive muddle of) words…

The virus that was unleashed in episode 1 behaves in strange ways, it is a shame that they never took this any further (so far) having Sam cure all the infected people at the end of 11x2. The main points I picked up on were that 1. It controls people and compels them to behave in a certain way and to do its bidding. 2. It infects some people far more quickly than others, and 3. It reacts to Holy Fire to the extent that Holy fire can purge and cleanse the infected of it completely.

Point 1. Establishes that the virus is an extension of the Darkness that escaped in episode 1. The infected do not act at random, they seem to have some drive or desire to find the baby Amara… All the infected flock to the hospital. So clearly they have a purpose, a group agenda where the darkness that has infected them is controlling them and compelling them to do its bidding. (To find and protect Amara as she grew perhaps?) They act violently towards others in order to either infect them as well or to get them out of the way, but they do not attack other infected people (the way the 3 infected people went to attack Sam only to walk away once realising he was also infected in 11x01.) We also know that the virus is whispering to people by the way it whispers to Sam to protect itself from the Holy Fire.

Point 2. We never get given a good reason as to why some people are infected quicker than others, so we can only speculate on this point, but if we accept that this virus is an extension of the Darkness itself, and we then relate that to the way Dean was ‘infected’ by the Mark of Cain, it is easy to assume that the darkness works by corrupting the soul, (we have the whole Cain story and Lucifer (the first bearer of the Mark) creating Demon’s out of corrupted human souls story to back us up here).

The way I see it, the more corruptible or easily swayed a human soul is, the faster the infection can get to you. This is also why I feel Sam was so difficult to take over, why he was able to resist for so long. Sam has a long history of viewing himself as impure, or unclean. The boy with the demon blood etc etc… but ultimately, he has shown more resistance to the dark forces than anyone else in all of supernaturals history. The chances are he was able to resist the virus for longer simply because he has spent his entire life trying to resist the darkness inside himself, making his soul possibly one of the strongest for resisting the whole ‘demonification’ process.

Finally, point 3. The cure being Holy Fire, ‘Biblical Purification’ (which I also think backs up my soul corruption theory once you consider the purified blood cure for demons) Holy fire (or holy light if you wanna draw further symbolism from it) is able to cure and purify the darkness just by getting close to it. The darkness was clearly ‘frightened’ by the holy fire judging by the way it whispered ‘No!’ and ‘Stop!’ to Sam when he brought the fire close to his skin.

When putting all of these points together, we have a virus that is clearly established as being an early form of the Darkness before it was able to take its true shape as Amara, It was able to infect people based on how easily it could corrupt their souls (its my theory and I’m sticking with it) and it was cured by Holy fire.

Basically, my point here is that episode 2 could have very well given us the biggest clue yet to how to stop Amara, and what I love about it is how it fits in so well with all of our other theories about how she will be stopped. The darkness is still something that latches onto the darkness in the human soul… Amara has taken a hold over Dean the same way the virus infected those people, just more subtly. The only thing that can stop her is some form of holy purification… Holy fire/ holy light… of which we got our other clue in 11x10. Angel grace alone may not be strong enough to stop her, but it did seem to make her sick… and purification via angelic grace? To a human soul perhaps? A human soul that is specifically bound to Amara? Especially when you consider that the angelic grace in question may have a little more oompf than the regular angelic grace… since it is favoured by God (confirmed in 11x10) and owned by an angel having ‘too much heart’? When you take into consideration other factors like the Colette parallel and that big gaping plot hole from season 8 regarding the angel fall spell being items specifically associated with love (except for the last one yeah right)… I think our grace cure is still very much on the table… and I still think that ‘power of love’ will be a huge part of how that grace cure plays out.