slowly getting back to drawing

@ffxvrarepairsweek: Day 7 - Hobbying

Pairing: Ignis/Aranea

No one can tell me that Ignis didn’t have any musical education at court and he totally plays piano. It’s one of the few things he can do perfectly without his eyesight and he picks it up again. Aranea loves listening to him playing and tries not to distract him too much.

“Because in the end, you’re here. And so am I. And despite everything the world has thrown at us, we’re still standing. And that’s all that matters.”

Gosh I missed these babs. Quick sketch, slowly trying to get back to drawing again without wanting to cry. Slow progress, but I’ll get there one day.


Yeah… I’ve kinda finished reading all KakaIru djs I could find on the Internet.

I’m sailing this ship very hard now.