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lmao zelena pulling emma’s arm like “ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!” is literally me


Come to the Mellow side, we have snacks

This is the end of the “Mellow Yellow Mix Up” arc (not that Mellow Diamond is going anywhere). Click here to read it from the beginning!

Got7 reaction: when your hair reverts back to curly after a swim

@k-is-for-kookie requested:

can you do a got7 reaction to seeing your hair revert bacy to curly while swimming?

Mark: Mark legit was looking for you for about 5 minutes before he realized the dime piece with the big ol hair was in fact, HIS dime piece. “baby oh my god. You got me messed up, changing into a WHOLE new person like that.” 

JB: You two have been swimming for awhile and slowly you hair was converting back to its curly state. it wasn’t until you swam over to the edge of the pool that Jaebum noticed your hair wasn't straight anymore. “whao what! your hair! when did you do that?!” and now you have his fingers allll over your hair. congratulation.

Jackson: “So it takes me 3 hours to get a perm but you just get in the water for 15 minutes and it goes throught a complete metaphorphic change? not fair…”

Jinyoung: processing…..processing….downloading….downloading…. installing information…. installing….. please try again (not judging btw)

Youngjae: Hella confused. He doesn’t know what happen, when, or why.all he saw was at one moment your hair was straight and the next you look like a luffa.

Bambam: He thought he knew and understood everything about the black female hair but oh he was so wrong. And so speechless when he saw your hair after coming from the bathroom.

Yugyeom: after seeing this about your hair he requested you to explain to him everything you can about your hair. he was so curious, cute little thing

Summary of Comeback
  • Scoups: still a dad
  • Jeonghan: adorable but lost fans because of a damn haircut
  • Jisoo: jesus take the wheel
  • Hoshi: choreo game getting stronger
  • Wonwoo: singing more
  • Woozi: stepping up his music game
  • Dk: learning how him and seungkwan's voices together can make the whole fandom die
  • Mingyu: somehow getting hotter
  • Minghao: HIS ERA
  • Seungkwan: high notes higher than yall can scream
  • Vernon: 12 year old smurf
  • Dino: slowly converting to hiphop unit

lfjdsanf;sakf;ankl Earlier in semester I drew (crappily) Anne cause they said “feel free to do it” 8U. Then it got erased after the break so I (even more crappily) again but with an angrier smile “back with a vengeance” vibe cause YOU CAN’T ERASE ANNE! And so people finally started asking I guess and one of my Persona bros (green in both pics) responded in both pics. XD #SpreadtheAnneLove

Under the cut, you’ll find 97 144 plain gif icons of Seychelle Gabriel. I should be updating this as time goes on! If any of these gifs belong to you and you would like them removed, just message me and I absolutely will. I’ve been collecting these gifs for my personal use for years, and have no idea where they’re from or the terms of usage, unfortunately. Feel free to use these or edit them however you’d like (it warms my heart when I see them around), just know the gifs themselves do not belong to me. UPDATED: 7/31, now with 144 instead of 97!!

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have YOU been bitten by a zombie? try Xadratrol! a brand new suppressant for the infected zombie. clinical trials have shown it slows down the process FIVE TIMES as much as the leading brand. but buy it fast! or your body will grow more and more zombie-like until you hit stage four and lose all cognitive abilities. and then, god save your soul.

a parasite has infected the world. it sneaks through the body and slowly converts the victim into an unwilling host with a need for flesh. once a person is bitten, they can suppress it with medication or let it run it’s course. but medication is getting too expensive and more people are being bitten.

there are five steps to being bitten. 1. you have a wound located on your body that will not heal. 2. you start to be able to smell flesh but it is a controllable craving. 3. you start to zone out and your body starts to act on the more animal instincts that drive us. 4. you lose all cognitive abilities. with feeding, this can be reverted back to at max stage 2 but not for a long period of time. at most, a couple  of hours before the hunger takes over. 5. the host is a husk unable to control anything. they are completely gone until a cure is found or they’re killed.


1. this is a zombie au group verse. there will be adult themes such as gore, talks of biting, talks of medication and death. if any of this triggers you in any way, this isn’t the verse for you.
2. please follow the tag ( v; parasitic medication ) as it’ll be the main port of call for starters, new follows and any news.
3. no ooc shit. this is already a dark verse, i don’t want anyone getting hurt.
4. if you have any questions just ask me cause i probably haven’t explained anything fully.


character playing:
are they bitten or not? if so how far along?:
do they agree with zombies being put down/put outside the safe zone once they reach stage four? or do they harbour zombies?:
small biography of their life after the outbreak:


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anonymous asked:

How many fish do you have?

Inside my house I have one tank with three Fancy Goldfish and in my pond outdoors I have two 4ft long Sterlet Sturgeons, 2 Japanese Koi and about 50 normal goldfish. 

I am slowly converting the koipond into a Fancy Goldfish pond. I have liked the look of a bald pond, but it became pretty boring. It had no plants and you could only see the Japanese koi. I have added some waterlillies last year and other aquatic plants. It looks much better now and more beautiful. I even added a small waterfall for extra oxygen. 

In the next few months I will add a light under the waterfall so you can see it in the evening.

anonymous asked:

You said you run 85 miles a week!? That's amazing and props to you! Why do you choose high mileage? Just curious :)

Yeah!! Thanks, anon. :) 

I have always known that my ‘talent’ in running is aerobic endurance not power/footspeed and every coach I have ever had has trained me that way. Running mileage is actually easier for my body to handle/stay healthy at (and that’s something I’ve had to figure out the hard way). Of course, I didn’t just wake up running 85mi a week. It has been a gradual progression. My total volume of training (including aquajogging/biking/ellipiticaling) has increased from 8hrs (SR year of HS) to about 10.5hrs now (JR in college). The actual running mileage has made the biggest jump probably this year (because i slowly “converted” my total volume to running volume), but my paces have gotten so much faster over the years (my college is literally at the beach, so it’s pancake flat). 85 mi on no hills is about 10.5hrs a week. I still take a day off every week (i swear by it!), and i feel great. My body really loves the mileage. I also have decided to hold base phase an abnormally long period of time (Post XC-March) to avoid injury and just kinda see what happens. I have really loved it and know in my heart that this is what is best for me. It has taken a long time to get to 85 mi of running volume, but looking back I was always doing the things to get there so it really was a gradual build over time. So I hope no one reads this and is like “OH running 10hrs a week is the key to improvement” because it is more about the steady/gradual increase. My ultimate goal for college training was to get up to 10hrs of training and then convert that to running. Hope that helps :) 

Thanks for the ask! 

Keep Your Distance // Luke x Reader

@duchampx​ asked: imagine where y/n witnesses leia kiss luke and becomes distant towards him because she likes him? then luke confronts her but no happy ending bc I LOVE THE SADNESS! tysm

I’m thinking of doing an honesty hour later tonight. What do y'all think?

Hoth is probably the worst place in the galaxy to be. You hated the cold and you hated snow. All you wanted to was go home and sleep.

As you came inside from the cold, you took off your fur hood and gloves. The mixture of the heat from inside and the cold from outside made your nose run and your cheeks feel numb.

When you come into the resting area, you cannot believe your eyes. Your heart snaps in two and you want to cry. You see Luke, the boy you’ve had a crush on for the past year, kissing Leia. Your heart sinks into your butt and your sadness slowly converts to anger.

You start to walk away from the resting area and more into the control room area of the base you were at.

Keep your distance, (Y/N). You don’t want to have your heart broken again now, do you? you tell yourself. You weren’t going to cry over some stupid guy.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” you hear his voice from behind you.

Keep your distance you remind yourself.

He runs up next to you and smiles. “What’s wrong? You seem upset.”

Yeah you ass, I’m upset. I’m upset because you freaking know I’ve liked you forever, yet you kiss someone else you’ve only met a few month ago.

“I’m fine.” you state sternly without turning your head.

“You don’t sound fine. You know you can tell me anything right?” Luke stops you so you can face him.

You wriggle your arms out of his grip and repeat, “I’m fine, Luke. Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

Luke’s face becomes hurt and snaps, “Okay, why are you becoming so distant all of a sudden? I’m trying to be nice, but you are just being rude. Tell me what’s going on and I can help you.” He grabs your arm and rubs it. His eyes seems so genuine and you want to reach up and kiss his lips.

But you won’t. You’ve cried over him too many times and it’s been a year. If you were really made for each other, your paths would have intertwined sooner and you would have already been a couple.

You lightly smile. “I’m sorry. It’s just too personal to tell. But thank you.”

He looks at you and smiles back. He pulls you into a hug. “You are like my sister, you know that right?”

There it is. The truth. You hug him back tightly, savoring the moment. “Yeah, I know. I love you, Luke.”

“I love you, too. I’ll catch up with you later. I have to talk to Leia,” he says, walking away.

Yeah, Leia.

  • Me: *explaining the difference between eruri and er//eri to my 13 year old little sister bc she is a confused cinnamon roll*
  • Sis: Ok is Eren and Levi? And people ship that?
  • Me: *is going to hell for corrupting innocent sister* Yes child....
  • Sis: But I thought...I mean...Levi doesn't seem to like Eren very much...
  • Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sis: *confused* ....So why do people ship it then????????????
  • Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sis: I mean it doesn't make much sense since Levi is always with Erwin...even Eren and Armin would make a lot more sense
  • Me: *DYING*
Why Is Much of Indonesia Muslim?

The short answer: trade in the Indian Ocean with Muslim traders.

The long answer: Spices, historically, have been immensely valuable. And where could one obtain spices? India and Indonesia. So trade around the Indian Ocean went to both places, then back to the Middle East and Africa. Eventually, the Europeans joined, adding another arm to the spice trade. The Indian Ocean trade system was usually conducted like a relay, similar to the Spice Route. So Indians would sail to Java, buy spices, and return to Gujarat. Muslim traders from what is today Saudi Arabia or Kenya would said to Gujarat, buy the spices, and bring it back. From their home cities, they would sell the spices on to the next link in the chain. Indonesia was visited by Muslim merchants at least by the 1200s; many settled down and married locals while continuing to work in Indian Ocean trade. Slowly, Indonesians began converting. The earliest archaeological evidence of local converts to Islam (from gravestones) dates to 1211. And there is some evidence that some Indonesians converted for economic gain: to get better deals out of Muslim traders.

By 1500, there was even a Muslim sultanate, the Aceh Sultanate, which was based in the tip of modern-day Sumatra, in today’s Aceh province of Indonesia. They were a powerful, trade-based kingdom which battled with the Portuguese for control of the Malaccan Strait. The Aceh Sultanate was called the “porch of Mecca,” and became a center of Islamic scholarship, where the Qur'an and other Islamic texts were translated into Malay. The existance of this culturally and militarily powerful state encouraged even more Indonesians to convert.


Slowly converting Los Santos in Los Angeles :) Planning on changing all the textures into their real life versions. These textures are not mine, but I’m currently working on some at the moment.