slowly but surely working on my colouring


Hey all! Uni starts again at the end of the month and as I’m still unemployed and slowly leaking money in bills, I’m reopening commissions!

What’s on offer:

  • Coloured sketches! I’ll draw both fandom and original characters so long as references are supplied! I’ll even draw ship art. Gore + nudity is ok. However, I won’t draw porn.

How it works:

  • Send me an email at OR a message on tumblr. Make sure to include what character/s you want and any references, including details on their personality or what pose you’d like so I can get a better idea of what to draw.
  • I will start work after full payment has been received. If you wish, I can also give you an initial wip sketch before I start colouring to make sure it’s exactly what you want.
  • Payment must be received through Paypal in Australian Dollars.
  • If you’re not entirely sure whether or not I’ll draw something or how much it’ll cost, just send me a message and I’ll respond as soon as I can.