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I want you all to know that conservative author S.E. Cupp said last night on Piers Morgan Live that she is disgusted that Wendy Davis is being regarded as a hero because she was “just doing what politicians do.“

Here’s a general list of people who also just do their jobs:

  • lifeguards
  • firefighters
  • EMTs
  • policemen
  • physicians
  • pilots
  • surgeons
  • nurses
  • astronauts
  • veterans (including the right’s beloved McCain)

Miss Cupp, I don’t know what your definition of a hero actually is (because we’ve clearly eliminated some of the obvious) but I’d like to remind you that it’s not for you to decide who is a hero and who isn’t. To you, Wendy Davis might have been some crazy, unfashionable, left-wing antagonist who foiled your party’s dreams for abortion legislation, but that just means she’s not your hero. But that doesn’t stop her from being someone else’s hero.

Anyone can be a hero to anyone. These days, people find heroes in writers, friends, and teachers. Young people often find them in celebrities, fictional characters, and moms. Even strangers can be heroes.

Hundreds (probably thousands) of women found a hero in Davis because she gave them a voice and a place in their government because they physically could not. She was a hero because she did what representatives are supposed to do and actually represented her constituents.