slowing the tides

Secret Santa Ficlet: Claire’s 12 Days of Christmas. Day Six.

Welcome to day six @captaingothgirl1996 and @moghraidhjamie … this is the halfway point, I’ll drink to that!

On the sixth day of Christmas: In which there is a kiss:

The bells rang out through the Inverness streets signalling the end of mid-week mass as Claire and Jamie walked, hand in hand, along the Ness. Streetlights glistened in its still waters, blurring and distorting with the slow, meandering tide.

As they strolled away from the city towards the residential houses on the left hand side of the river, Jamie veered them off the small path and across a tiny footbridge.

“I’d never seen this before!” Claire exclaimed upon setting foot on the wee island, her eyes darting this way and that as they walked amongst the trees. Twinkling lights hung in the boughs above, dangling above their heads, lighting their path.

“Do ye like it?”

“Like it?” She mirrored, awe lacing her voice as he turned her to face him. “Jamie, it’s so beautiful here. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before.”

Enraptured by the dream like quality her surroundings, Claire was caught unawares as Jamie swooped down and moulded his lips against hers. Kissing her softly at first, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, pleasantly surprised at how well she seemed to fit against him.

Pushing herself up, Claire clung to Jamie’s sleeves and tipped her head to the right. He nipped at her bottom lip and she moaned, the feel of it shooting straight from head to toe. Softly, as slow as she was able, she slipped her tongue along the joint of his lips, tasting the remnants of the chocolate dessert they’d shared and the stronger aroma of whisky.

Burying his hand in her hair, Jamie pulled Claire’s head back, running his tongue along the length of her jaw before nipping at her earlobe. They were both panting, the air around them filled with the warmth of their combined breath.

Not wanting to push the boundaries, Jamie kissed her gently at the base of her ear before pulling away once more.

“I didna mean to take advantage of ye in such a remote spot, Claire. I just did no’ want to kiss ye on the street where anyone might wander passed, aye?” His voice was so low it was almost just a sigh on the evening breeze, but Claire heard every word, as attuned to him as she was.

“You don’t need to explain, Jamie,” she replied, not wanting him to feel guilty for his actions. Part of her wanted him to drag her home, strip her bare and run his smooth lips over every inch of her skin. But the more rational part of her knew that he wouldn’t, he was too much of a gentleman to indulge himself in such an action. Her cheeks burned red at her less than angelic thoughts. She ached for him, her chest felt strained under the pressure of her desire.

“Claire…” Jamie pressed, running his finger along her hairline, seeing the far off look in her eyes, “where did ye go, sassenach?”

Shaking herself off, Claire re-centred her mind and focused back on Jamie. His eyes seemed incredibly blue in the darkness that encased them, swimming with untold secrets and stories. Yellow, blue and green lights lit him up from behind, creating an ethereal glow. His hair glowed, a rainbow halo that caught various stray curls as they blew above the crown of his head in the wind.

“Nowhere…” she whispered, stepping forward and placing a kiss against his stubbly cheek, “would you like to come back to mine for some coffee?”

hey pretty - a sneak peek

It’s not that Yoongi pretends he doesn’t like guys. He doesn’t. He isn’t exactly out–though really who in his field is?–but he doesn’t do anything to hide how he feels about guys, especially not from himself. It’s just…he genuinely doesn’t want to deal with feelings regarding this one particular guy. It’s weird. Too many lingering feelings involved and if there’s one thing Yoongi doesn’t do, it’s lingering feelings. It was easier, so so much easier, to just assume this was a severed thread, file those feelings away, and move the fuck on. Except now with Hoseok watching him like he’s maybe thinking about taking a bite, those feelings are out of their box, punching everything else inside Yoongi down, spreading all over his brain like uncontrollable kudzu.

The past, Yoongi thinks, should really stay right the fuck in the past.

Hoseok smiles and Yoongi feels ridiculous for wanting to smile back. “You look better,” Hoseok says, head tilted to one side. “Adulthood is a good look on you.”

“Yeah, well.”

“You’re supposed to compliment me now. Tell me I’m handsome.”

“You’re not ugly.”

“Ya!” Hoseok takes a pillow and whaps it against the top of Yoongi’s head, chuckling. “Handsome! Say it!”

“You’re acceptable.”


“You know I don’t reward you fishing for compliments,” Yoongi says as he tries to make sure the cake doesn’t become a casualty in Hoseok’s attacks.

“What if I just–” Hoseok raises onto his knees again, crawling a little closer, fisting the fabric of Yoongi’s shirt in his hands and shaking him a little before switching to a squeakier, whinier voice. “Yoongi oppaaaaaa, be sweet to me please!”

Some months back, Yoongi and Taehyung took part in a variety show that tossed idols into a series of increasingly more ridiculous obstacles. They’d been dunked in water tanks and had cream pies thrown at them and ridden around a racetrack on tricycles…One segment saw them swimming laps in a pool filled with ball pit balls. At one point, Yoongi’s arms had gotten tired and he’d gone under for a moment, and it was the oddest feeling. Like drowning but not. Danger but not. This here, right now, with Hoseok grabbing and shaking and that stupid voice and those words…This was danger. But not.


“Quit it,” Yoongi says. He tries to shimmy out of Hoseok’s grasp but it just leads to both of them flopped against the bed, Hoseok pinning him in place, Hoseok grinning impishly at him from above. And now it’s veering into actual danger. “Get up.”

“Oppa, why don’t you love me?” Hoseok asks and he won’t stop using that damn voice and Yoongi is not prepared to handle this at all.

“Seriously, move.”

It’s a poor choice of words and Yoongi realizes this as soon as he says it, as soon as Hoseok starts wiggling on him. Because now, it’s impossible to ignore the spark in him that’s always there near Hoseok. A spark that’s damn near an inferno now from the movement. And only the movement, not that stupid voice or those stupid words. Of course.

Yoongi groans some, tries to curl into himself in the hopes of minimizing contact with Hoseok. Hoseok just laughs, slides off of Yoongi, gives an impossibly tempting view of those thighs and his chest and his stomach and–

And Yoongi cannot, cannot, go any further with that.

Hoseok, apparently a black belt in flirting now, smiles and pushes his hair back again. “You remember how we used to spend our time?” he asks, voice strained and low and really way sexier than Yoongi cares to hear. “That was fun, I think. Are you seeing anybody these days? I know it’s hard for idols to manage but you’ve always been pretty crafty.”

“I’m not,” Yoongi says. He turns onto his side. Away from Hoseok. If he could turn away from his own brain he absolutely would.

“Not crafty or not seeing someone?”

“Seeing someone. But that’s not an open invitation. You should probably go.”

“Oh.” Hoseok sounds completely deflated. And Yoongi would feel bad if it weren’t sort of the goal; he needs Hoseok uninterested and detached and gone. “Okay. Well. I had fun talking for a bit. I know you’re busy, so…I should let you sleep, right?”

The bed shifts, and soft footsteps cross the carpet, toward that chair with Hoseok’s clothes. Yoongi still doesn’t turn.

“You haven’t changed very much, hyung.” Rustling now as Hoseok gets out of the robe and into his clothes and Yoongi wishes very much to turn around and look. But he doesn’t. “How different our lives would be if you’d just let yourself feel things instead of cutting emotions off at the pass. But that’s none of my business, especially not now.”

Yoongi has no idea when or how Hoseok got so close again without being noticed, but he jumps a little as Hoseok peers close. One tiny move and they’d be touching. Or kissing.

“But for the record,” Hoseok says  gently, mouth quirked mischievously, “I’m not a virgin anymore. Just thought you should know.”

☾ songs to dream to ☽

  1. holocene - bon iver
  2. bloodflood - ∆lt-j
  3. sometimes - my bloody valentine
  4. the tides - slow no wake
  5. hillcrest park - nigel godrich
  6. cycle - beck
  7. ghosts, pt. 2 - slow no wake
  8. interlude 3 - ∆lt-j
  9. hiding tonight - alex turner
  10. flume - bon iver
  11. each coming night - iron & wine
  12. wave - beck
  13. the breaking of the fellowship - howard shore
  14. evenstar - howard shore
  15. hnscc - the 1975
  16. an encounter - the 1975
  17. requiem - slow no wake
  18. just like honey - the jesus & mary chain
  19. bye and stuff - nigel godrich

I can compare you
to the ocean and also the sea
Eyes that represented such calmness
oh, the place where i would drown myself in
Like the slow and calm tide
it came close slowly, got me in the soul
Like the typical breeze of the coast
you made yourself important, became crucial
And pronounced has been your scent
such aroma, i wish it was uneventful
But just like the waves, you are unpredictable
you did what i thought it wasn’t possible
The tide was high and you changed
threw everything to the air, overflowed
But i miss the waves whose once pacified me
and from spoken words memories remain
I miss being drifted at your mercy
I simply miss you

Posso te comparar
ao oceano e também ao mar
Olhos que apresentavam calmaria
ah, o local onde me afogaria
Como a maré baixa e calma
se aproximou devagar, me teve em alma
Como a típica brisa do litoral
você se fez importante, se tornou essencial
E marcado ficou teu cheiro
tal aroma, quem dera fosse rotineiro
Mas assim como as ondas, você é imprevisível
fez o que imaginava que não era possível
A maré subiu e você mudou
jogou tudo para o alto, transbordou
Mas sinto falta das ondas que me embalavam
e das palavras ditas lembranças ficaram
Sinto falta de estar derivando, à sua mercê
apenas sinto falta de você
Sonnet: Oh! Death Will Find Me, Long Before I Tire

Oh! Death will find me, long before I tire
Of watching you; and swing me suddenly
Into the shade and loneliness and mire
Of the last land! There, waiting patiently,

One day, I think, I’ll feel a cool wind blowing,
See a slow light across the Stygian tide,
And hear the Dead about me stir, unknowing,
And tremble. And I shall know that you have died,

And watch you, a broad-browed and smiling dream,
Pass, light as ever, through the lightless host,
Quietly ponder, start, and sway, and gleam—
Most individual and bewildering ghost!—

And turn, and toss your brown delightful head
Amusedly, among the ancient Dead.

Rupert Brooke (1887–1915)


Tides - like a waterfall in slow motion

i. Pearl Jam - Oceans

iii. The XX - Tides

iv. Banks - Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

v. Alt-J - Tessellate

vi. Arctic Monkeys - Only Ones Who Know

vii. Vance Joy - Riptide

viii. Vampire Weekend - Hudson

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DESIRE. closing my eyes to find you staring back at me. the color of your hair. the image of holding hands. every single one of your texts. the burning feeling of your skin against mine. red roses in the middle of december. wanting to kiss you at 2 am when i know you’re asleep. talking about you with my best friend in a coffee shop. the sound of rain and taste of lightning. not being able to breathe properly. crashing tides. slow dancing with you to radiohead.
FEAR. the reality of you and me. the way my hands shake when i’m having a bad day. the cadence of her voice.  not being good enough for you. drinking lies for breakfast. looking in the mirror. safety pins and spiders and the edge of my bed. my heart. saying those words out loud. admitting the truth. honesty. knowing i want to watch the sunset with you. the quote love only gets me abuse. the idea i might hurt you in anyway.
Slowing The Tides
  • Slowing The Tides
  • Manu Katche
  • Manu Katche

Slowing The Tides by Manu Katché from Manu Katché (2012,ECM) album

track #8

Jim Watson,  piano, Hammond B3 organ

Nils Petter Molvær, trumpet, loops

Tore Brunborg, tenor and soprano saxophones

Manu Katché, drums, piano solo on Dusk On Carnon

anonymous asked:

Turtles such as red-eared sliders are cheap and extremely popular in the pet trade. Since they are quite large animals that require specialized care and big enclosures, it's fair to say that most end up sick or dead within a short time as most are being given to children or bought on impulse. You know this stuff already of course, but my question is what do you think could be done to slow the tide of these animals being purchased as disposable pets?

I think about this a lot actually. The best that I can come up with is that anyone wishing to buy any kind of pet must go through a several step process. They have to take a test that covers basic husbandry and other information about the animal they wish to own. There would be a sanctioned study guide with up to date, correct information for everyone to use. If you don’t pass the test, you cannot own the animal.

Then they must show where they plan on keeping the pet in their home. Ideally someone would go do an inspection but this would be very expensive and time consuming, so maybe some kind of photos.

Finally they have to have a veterinarian BEFORE they buy the pet and provide proof this vet will see the animal.

Every year or three the owner must re-apply for the license to own the pet and they will have to submit vet records, receipts, etc. to show they are providing the proper care. Those that do not will be fined and eventually have the animal taken away.

Unfortunately there is not enough money, interest, or man power to have a system like this put in place. There would also not really be any way to enforce it and lots of people would simply own pets illegally. It would be great if it could happen though.