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October Tracks

Hello friends, I haven’t got a chance to post anything since my Fall Mixtape release, the start of school and working on getting my new EP released has been taking all my time. What I wanted to post about is something that I wanted to start doing on the site, that would feature five tracks that I love at the moment that are either played in my sets or just that great songs that deserve some attention. So without anymore rambling here is the list of my October tracks, enjoy.

1. Pluto- Slow Graffiti

2. Dr Gonzo Anthem- Crookers

3. Sirius- Congorock

4. Ultra Light- Surkin

5. Gizzard-Simian Mobile Disco

January Tracks.

Happy January my friends and here are some amazing tracks that I have been playing or just listing on non stop, especially Mr Tommy Trash he has been producing pure gold whether it’s been remixes or some originals.

1. Cascade (Original Mix)- Tommy Trash

2. Ohrwurm (Style of Eye Remix) - Tommy Trash

3. Jack Tha Discotech (Slow Graffiti Start And Stop Remix) - Nathan Phillips 

4. Rise And Fall - Donovans 

5. Bendin (LoL Boys Remix) - Richelle