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12 falls into something nasty on an alien planet. Clara helps get him clean (with lots of lovely hair washing and combing preferably) and both of them find this surprisingly arousing and they do the do.

Not quite as far as the doing the do part, but I got the goo and shower parts of the prompt!

“We’ve got to get this mud off! Now! Run!”

The Doctor clutched Clara’s mud-smeared hand and tugged her into motion. She ran slower than he did, mere human that she was. Short-legged short human. He had long-since learned how to pace himself to match her, not that he admitted this. They ran, hand in hand toward the TARDIS.

Clara was protesting.

“It’s just mud,” she said. “Green mud, yeah, but the dirt was green because of all the copper so–”

“It’s not just mud, Clara. It’s semi-sentient nano-mud. It’ll be reconstructing our bodies along more efficient principles if we leave it to dry.”

It was, he did not add, already likely cleaning up her outermost skin layers, removing pesky moles and doing things she might or might not like with hair follicles. If it took a mind to it. It was unpredictable. That was the trouble with semi-sentient things. You could reason with things that were all the way sentient. You could talk to them, find how how they thought. Sometimes they were annoying, but mostly they were fun. This was why he did what he did for the universe. Why Clara ran around with him helping him. But semi-sentient things were flighty. Nervy. Whimsical. In a word, unpredictable. He hated things he couldn’t talk to.

Right. Back on topic. Mud.

“We need to get it off ourselves. Now. TARDIS bathhouse. Chop chop!”

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MW4 D7

Long-paced 8 was a hot mess. 9:30 goal pace. Haven’t internalized this pace. Couldn’t get myself to slow down the first three miles. Thereafter, it was yo-yo pacing. This is big issue for me. Better for me to run slower than goal.

The real story of the run is the reason it ended .25 miles early-sudden onset of dry heaves and nausea. Don’t know why as I was fine until I wasn’t. I always run fasted but today I grabbed a nectarine as I left home. Maybe? Could also be too few calories recently-dropping a few pounds before Hanson’s gets real in 2 weeks.

Beautiful and hot day here. Going back to the beach this afternoon because, like most older beach city homes, we don’t have AC. Enjoy the day!


This abandoned, half-built futuristic ‘eco-city’ looks like it’s on a different planet

Masdar City, located in the Arabian desert, was slated to be the world’s most sustainable city. Abu Dhabi officials had plans for it to be a city with zero carbon emissions, zero waste and zero cars.

But construction has been slower than expected and current plans suggest that only half of the city’s power will be renewable. And as of now, only around 300 people live there.

French photographer Etienne Malapert documented the buildings, streets and plazas for Masdar City, in awe of the loneliness he felt walking around the silent streets.

Check out the rest of his photos in our full post.

this is a total assumption but since the characters in voltron probably travel at a very high speed and their path is likely linear, doesn’t it mean that special relativity and time dilatation must be applied on them? because it would mean that the voltron squad age slower than people on earth… and it would also mean that by the time lance come back on earth, probably the majority of his family would be way older than him or maybe even dead

Twenty One Pilots

I’m seeing twenty one pilots in exactly eight days. Eight.
And I thought about what that meant today and started crying tears of happiness because I realized what this meant.
I bought my tickets over a year ago for this day. On this day, I realized I will see Tyler and Josh in person. I will see Tyler’s smile in person and I will see Josh’s pink hair and I will hear their voices, in person. It will be unlike any thing in the world that I will ever experience because I will see my the two people who saved my life. And I will hear the lyrics that kept me going. It’s not a small thing. It will be the best day of my life.
Eight days couldn’t pass any slower than these will.

Jerk coworker is rude to an old lady because he wants to leave early.... I make him stay late.

When I was 16 I worked at a bakery/cafe, specifically in the bakery section.  I sold pastries and made the drinks, and other people manned the actual sandwich/soup/salad area.  We all worked very well together, had good managers, and had our lunch rush or closing cleanup routine down.

Then there was him.  I’ll call him AA, because he had a name that started with A and was also an asshole.  And he probably could’ve used AA.  At his interview he put on a very professional front, and seemed to me at first to be a pretty nice guy.  I noticed his asshole-ness slower than others, because I worked in the bakery and he was on line.  But here are a list of his crimes:

~Not wearing gloves ~Not changing gloves when he should have ~Smoking in the cafe ~Snapping at customers (even the nice ones) ~Lying to customers ~Hitting on the 16/17 year old employees (he was about 23), which included me ~Generally saying dickish things

It’s been too long for me to give any actual quotes except for this gem.  "You know that soda’ll kill you" AA tells me as he takes a drag from his cigarette.

And somehow the managers NEVER saw any of his bad behavior.

Now after he worked there about three weeks, he was on a closing shift with me.  It’s looking to be pretty standard.  I close down the bakery, in my lonely isolated bakery bubble, while two people close down the food line and one person cleans the dining room.  

About five minutes before closing, a nice elderly lady comes in wanting to order a salad.  She wants it for here– that’s not a problem.  The only thing we can’t do while she’s in the cafe is mop or vaccuum the dining room, which we don’t do until the last twenty minutes of closing anyway.  And she’s alone, ordering half a salad, and sure to eat quick.  Just as I’m about to finish her order, AA pops up behind my shoulder.

AA: “Oh, ma'am, you can’t order in, we’re closed.”

Me: “We’re not closed yet, it’s fine.”

AA: “We can’t start cleaning until she leaves.”

Me, holding back an eye roll: “Yes we can, we just can’t vaccuum–”

AA proceeds to pressure this little old lady into taking her order to go, when she would clearly like her salad now.  I awkwardly apologize as we finish the order, and I give her a free pastry since we’re closing anyway.  (They get donated, not thrown away, btw)

When the nice old lady leaves, I fix AA with a death stare.  He shrugs and asks “What?  Don’t you wanna go home early?”  I was seriously mad.  I remembered his hitting on me, his lying to a customer (which is a story for another day), and his general dickishness.  I say simply “You’re an asshole” and turn to my closing duties.  AA does the general douchey “Oooooooooh” but doesn’t press further.

The hour passes.  The cafe is clean.  I look over at the other line worker doing her last cleaning of the appliances.  I look at the wetspots from the mop on the floor, drying.  I wish that I could somehow make AA stay longer.  And then it hits me.  The new manager is on tonight.

Oh, that new manager.  That new manager who does everything by the book and doesn’t care about staying late.  That new manager who does the closing thing that no other manager does– make us scrub the floor before we mop it.  It takes 15 minutes, not counting the sweeping and mopping.

I look at the other line worker, whose duties don’t include the floor.  She can go home.  The dining room worker is done.  I’m done.   The manager has been in the office counting the day’s profits.  He doesn’t know if we’ve mopped.  

I grab a slice of bread from the donation bag.  I step over to the now-dry floor of line.  I crumple the bread and let it fall.  I step on it a few times to make it look like it’s been there a while.  I grab a slice of lettuce.  I grab a bit of onion.  I grab a crouton and crush it.  All while keeping the counters and appliances absolutely pristine.

I step back to my bakery and start putting out the clean trays and labels for the morning shifters.  Then I hear the manager’s voice.   “(other line worker), you’re good.  (Dining room worker), you’re good.   AA– Did you do the floors?”

AA: “Yeah, of course.”

Manager: “Why don’t you take a closer look.”

I can’t look, I’ll give myself away.  I hear AA spluttering.  Manager: “Clean the floors, then you can go.”

AA is still spluttering.  "I– can I just sweep?“

Manager: "Seriously?  No.  Sweep, scrub, mop.  Then you can go home.”

My heart is pounding as I hear the manager approach me.  I’ve just finish putting the labels in the correct places.  "Delanium, looks good.  You can go home.“

16 year old me couldn’t believe I’d gotten away with it.  I smiled at the manager, clocked out, and asked about last night’s episode of a show.  We chatted for a few minutes and I watched out the corner of my eye as AA scrubbed the floors, looking utterly defeated.  I left before he was finished.

Tl;dr: My coworker was a first class douche, and when he pressured an old lady into ordering out so he could leave early, I sabotaged his closing so he could stay late.

Edit: I’ve been on Reddit about four days, and this seriously makes me feel good.  I made my own front page, lol.  And for anyone who is curious, AA was ultimately fired for sexual harassment and banned from all chains of the cafe, or from any restaraunts affiliated with the parent company.

Edit: Given a few comments, I feel the need to say that the old lady ordering 5 minutes before closing was not an inconvenience.  She wanted half a sald– that takes 90 seconds to make and 5-20 minutes to eat.   She would not have inconvenienced us unless she sat there for 45 minutes eating her salad.  AA was out of line.  Even if you STILL think the old lady was rude, remember that AA had it coming long before this.

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 1)

Apologies for the delay on this. The week’s been really busy for me, so updates on these might be slower than I’d expected, but I wanted to get this chapter rolling first. Chapter 4 is slightly longer than the rest, so I’ll be estimating around 11 or 12 parts for this chapter.

Let me just take this moment to warn you for violence and general pain and suffering for the entire chapter, just in case you weren’t already aware what you were getting into. Without further ado.

Please thank @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr!! Best proofreaders I could ask for.

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You’re in bed with Harry, lying on your sides to face one another.  Its very late, you’re both sleepy with puffy eyes and raspy voices but you’re so in love and so deep in conversation that you don’t even want to sleep because then you’d have to stop looking at each other. 

His blinks become longer and slower, but his eyelashes continue to flutter open every time.  His voice is deep and quiet and even slower than usual, and you adore it.  Especially because he’s telling you all about his day and about the past few weeks that you haven’t been together because he’s been on set for his movie.  And even though you already know most of the stories he’s telling you, you still love listening to them because you love watching the way his eyes light up and hearing the way he changes his voice to mimic his cast mates. 

When his current story ends, you smile, slowly moving your hand up to stroke at his cheek.  He takes your hand in his own and turns his head to kiss your palm.  Its so soft you could cry.  You absorb the coziness of the silence before speaking.  “You should be really proud of yourself, Harry.”

Even though its dark, you can tell he’s blushing because he makes The Face.  The face he always makes when his cheeks turn the color of an apple. He looks down, as if too embarrassed to meet your gaze and his lips curl up in the softest little smile, revealing that dimple that you love so much.  He shakes his head softly and mutters, “Noooo.”

But you’re persistent. “Yes, Harry.  You should be.  You’re an incredible actor and you’ve worked really hard for this.  You’ve impressed everyone, me included. You deserve to feel proud.”

His eyes lift to meet yours once again, and his bottom lip finds its way between his teeth.  He hesitates before his quiet little voice breaks though the silence.  “Y’think so?”

“Harry, my god, you’re amazing. And the fact that you’re so humble just… blows my mind.  Seriously.  It’s like you don’t even know how incredible you are, when you have EVERY reason to be proud.”

He chews on his bottom lip while his eyes scan your face.  He reaches out then, taking your hips in his hands and coaxing your body to move so its directly on top of his.  You squirm and wiggle a bit until you’re both comfortable, and you tuck your head down under his chin while his fingers absentmindedly find themselves in your hair.  He presses a kiss to the crown of your head before nearly whispering, “I just want to make you proud.”

Its so endearing that your heart nearly skips a beat, and you turn to attach your lips to his bare chest.  “No one is more proud of you than I am.”

“But I’m…” He sighs, trailing off.  He’s quiet for a long while afterwards, and you think he’s fallen asleep when his voice startles you again.  “I don’t know. These people… some of them have worked their whole lives to be here and I’m just… Harry.  From a boyband.  M’nothing special.”

You sit up a bit to find him already looking down at you, and you press a soft little kiss to his chin. “Don’t say that  Are you kidding me?  Look how hard you’ve worked.  Yes, some of these people have worked their whole lives and you?  You’re talented enough that you impressed the directors on your first try.  And that wasn’t because you’re ‘just Harry from a boyband.’ Thats because you’re a talented, incredible, smart actor who also happens to be an amazing singer and songwriter and you’re too humble for your own good.”  You scoot up to press a kiss to his cheek before settling back down on his chest.  “You amaze me, Harry.”

He sighs, and your head on his chest rises and falls with the movement.  You can practically hear the smile in his voice. “I love you, baby.  You’re too good to me.  M’lucky to have you on this ride with me.”

You smile to yourself.  “It’s my pleasure, Harry.  And I’ll spend every day for the rest of my life telling you how beyond incredible you are if thats what you need.”  You kiss his neck softly before letting a soft yawn escape past your lips.

He chuckles quietly.  “Sleepy?”

You nod.  “A bit.”

“Me too.  It’s past my bedtime I think.”  You giggle lightly and he kisses your head once again.  “Goodnight, bug.  Thank you for always being the best.”

You sigh before responding.  “Goodnight Harry.  Thank you for being so perfect.”

“The first sound you hear, is the sound of my hurdy gurdy as I was tuning it up. And this weird, lopsided, almost out of tune groove started coming out of the instrument, and I just started recording it, and that’s actually the first sound you hear during the Black Sails main title. 

To this day I have never been able to recreate it. It was like this magic sound that happened. I had the mics on and I was right in front of it and the weather was right, it wasn’t too humid, it wasn’t too dry, and the hurdy gurdy made the sound. 

I think it’s very iconic of the show. Every time I hear it I go, ‘that’s Black Sails’. 

It captures the spirit of the show. These are all broken, sad, almost unlikable characters. And the combination of that hurdy gurdy groove with the melody that’s slower than it should be. To me it just struck that nerve. I think it gets to the core what the show’s about.”

Bear McCreary

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if Anna can punch a man off a boat, how much can Elsa punch?

Idk. The only canon clues I’m aware of regarding Elsa’s physical abilities are:

- Can run an obstacle course faster than Anna and Kristoff (which she apparently trained for stamina on her own while still in isolation).

- Has no qualm about competing in sword-fighting, archery, horseback riding, and bicycle racing when invited.

- In one comic, Anna felt the need to cheat in a bike race (by pedaling before the signal), which signified that she’s either equal or slower than Elsa in a fair match.

- Can manually carve a huge ice sculpture of the trolls in a winter competition (with no magic), so her arm strength is no joke.

- Can ride a bike down the stairs while carrying Anna, whereas Anna regularly fell down.

- There’s an official picture of Elsa riding Sven at full speed. Elsa rode her horse at full speed when she’s excited. And in the winter competition, Elsa sit at the front of Anna and Kristoff on a sled sliding down the snowy hill. All of this made me think Elsa loves speed.

- In “More Than Just A Spare” song lyrics, Anna said: “She’s the scholar, athlete, poet. I’m the screw up, don’t I know it.” Which means Elsa is better than her sister not only in brains, artistic abilities, and grace, but also physical strength, according to Anna. (A point that I think was made specifically to show that being worse than another person in those common qualifications doesn’t mean a person is worthless. Anyone can become a hero as long as they have courage and unwavering love like Anna.)

So all in all, I can only say for certain that Elsa has better stamina, speed, and motor skills, and seem to be equal to Anna in raw strength, despite not being as rowdy as her sister. Which is terrifying considering what we knew Anna can do: smashing wolves in the face, punching a man flying overboard, lifting Elsa up. The Arendelle sisters are hella stronk yo.

Overwatch ladies driving headcanons!
  • Zarya:not exactly the best driver in the group. has some pretty bad road rage and will get out of her vehicle for a physical confrontation. will probably lift the offender's car in rage.
  • Mei:doesn't drive, would rather walk, use public transportation, or carpool. when carpooling with certain characters, usually ends up scared and traumatized.
  • Widowmaker:decent at driving but has shitty navigation. prefers riding along or doing her usual sniping things on roofs (because roofs and being on higher ground sure is a lot easier than driving)
  • Tracer:most likely the best driver of the group. has the tendency to speed a little but will arrive at the destination safely. also has the tendency to purposefully freak out her passengers with risky maneuvers.
  • Mercy:drives slower than the posted speed limit because safety is first. can drive like a maniac depending on where she's driving and where she's going. makes ride in a car seat.
  • Pharah:can barely drive because she prefers flying. makes someone else drive her but complains to driver they must follow the laws; constantly tells them to slow down or stay in lanes
  • Symmetra:actual best driver. follows posted speed limits and uses her turn signal every time. can allegedly engineer her own damn cars. avid rule follower, gets real pissed when someone cuts her off or doesn't user their blinker.
  • huge ass cars like trucks with monster wheels. car is messy with food wrappers and bottles littering the seats/floor. hates small cars, speeds all the time and rages a lot. doesn't go out for physical confrontations but is happy to get out to cheer on zarya.
  • Headcanons created with the help of my girlfriend. Feel free to share your ideas in my askbox, and we'll make one on the other characters if I get enough requests!
  • TAGGING → Scarlett Thirwall & Ryan Moore.
  • TIME FRAME → Saturday evening, July 23rd, 2016.
  • LOCATION → Scarlett’s home.
  • NOTES → After the drama of the gossip column and some discussion about what even they are, Ryan comes over to spend some time with Scarlett.
  • WARNINGS → None for now lmao.

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Neverland academy Peter X Reader Part I

I love ur writing!!!! Could u do one where pan is a student at a high school and he’s a player and kinda rules the school with the lost boys. And the reader is a new student and annoys pan a lot because she always ignores the boys attempts to get her in bed. The girl(reader) is a bit shy but she stands up for what’s right and maybe throw Bae in somewhere? Sorry it’s really specific….. If u can’t do it it’s ok. Thanks.

Sure thing Sweetie x Just so you know, there will be a part one and two for this!!

You walked slowly down the the narrow halls of Neverland Academy. Each step had become slightly slower than the next. all around you, papers were thrown to and fro. Lockers hung open and dismantled making it seem as though the school had been abandoned. Which it had been for quite some time. But somehow it had the funds to be put it back into its regular state appeared out of thin air. How peculiar for an academy to have such a disheveled look. Had it been your old school, the teachers would have thrown a fit. It was then you heard the faint sound of laughter fill the air. You approached it with caution, for fear of the unknown led you to believe that maybe this was all a dream. Maybe your mother and father hadn’t sent you off to another land so far from them without so much as a petty explanation.

You entered the classroom, head down and eyes lowered to the floor. If it wasn’t for that stupid paper airplane that hit you in the temple, you wouldn’t have even bothered looking up. But you did, and there he was. A young teenage boy with crispy brown locks and defiant green eyes stared back at you in awe. One hand was wrapped around the slender waist of pretty blonde girl. The other hand held pan flute so majestically carved in a beautiful ivory wood, you couldn’t help but stare.

“Hey new girl,” said the blonde with her beautiful green eyes arching back at you. “Haven’t you ever heard to keep your filthy little eyes off of things that aren’t yours!” She then looked up at the boy who laughed along with her.

He smiled then brushed her off to the side, which of course, she did not like. He gracefully walked over to you, slicked back his hair and held out his hand. You looked at it and reluctantly shook it.

“My name is Peter.” He said his green eyes looking deeply into your own. “Sorry about her, she gets jealous when a newbie shows up.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” You replied trying not to seem at all interested. “I am looking for the teacher? Is he here?”

Almost immediately, every eye turned towards you. More laughter filled the room. You looked around and saw that the room was filled with mainly all boys. Some girls here and there but for the most part, they were all boys. Many of them young and shouldn’t even be in the same school as the majority who seemed to be older.

Peter laughed and shook his head. “There are no teachers at Neverland Academy. Just me. Course, I wouldn’t consider myself a teacher, cause that means you have to take responsibility and that’s something I don’t do.”

You looked at him wide eyed. How could there be no teachers. Clearly he was just pulling some sort of prank. But as you looked around at the little eyes of the room everything started to fall into place. The unkept lockers, the messy hallway; But how could it be that this school was survived by children?

“Oh I get it. Haha very funny. This is some sort of prank isn’t it?” You asked your eyes searching the unfamiliar faces of these lost little boys and girls.

“If you wanted a school with rules and teachers, perhaps you should go back to your mummy and daddy’s place!” The blonde girl retorted.

Peter held up a hand signaling her to be quiet. He then looked at you, his eyes searched your entire body. He then smiled a mischievous yet simply dazzling grin and took you by the hand. 

“Allow me to show you around my lady. For we wouldn’t want you to be a lonely lost girl on your first day at your new school now, wouldn’t we?”

You took your hand back and followed Peter out the door. He stopped in the doorway and turned to a young man with long strangled dirty blond hair. 

“Felix, you’re in charge. Search the premises for any “unwanted” visitors if you must.”

The boy called Felix nodded and then shut the door behind Peter. Peter than turned his attention back to you and still had on that same dazzling mischievous smile. He led you down the dusty corridors showing you where the bathrooms were, then he led you up the stairs to where the cafeteria was. It’s long tables stretched for miles with dusty cups and dinner plates. You walked alongside him disgusted by the filth and the rodents that came along with it. This would certainly not past inspection back at home.

“This way.” Peter muttered under his breath. You turned the corners to find yourself at the principal’s office. He opened the doors and led you in. The office had to have been the cleanliest part of the whole entire tour. In the middle of the office was a comfy bed. To the side was a desk that was perfectly tidy. No graffiti had been placed on it, no scratch marks or anything. Pan then came close behind you. You could smell the woodland pine and spearmint as he whispered in your ear. 

“How is it that you came here?” 

You turned around and backed away from him. 

“I was sent here by my parents. How is it that you took over this school?” You asked backing into a wall.

“Better questions put by me to you,” Pan said drawing out a his knife. “Now Y/n, how did you get here? Who are your parents?”

You looked at him, you could tell that there was tension in Pan’s voice. You shuddered as he inched himself closer. 

“How did you know my name?” You asked him remembering that you didn’t give it to him when you first came in. “I don’t recall giving you my name?”

“I know everyone who enters on this island. I know their dreams. I know why they are here. But you! Well, my dear you’re quite different. I can’t read into you like I can with the others. There is something strangely off about you and I can’t tell what it is?” He said putting his dagger away.

Peter lifted up your chin so that way he could see you eye to eye. He then closed in on you. You tried to fight the urge to kiss him but you somehow couldn’t resist his charm. It was the knock on the door that made Peter pull away. 

Peter scowled as he rushed over to the door. He flung it open to see a boy with dark black curly hair and Peter’s blond girl friend waiting his arrival. 

“What!” Peter barked causing the girl to jump back a bit. 

“Found this one snooping around outside your office.” Baelfire said holding the girl’s wrist tightly. 

Peter rolled his eyes and looked back at you. “You! Go with Baelfire, I have to teach this one some manners.” 

The girl’s eyes who were down cast suddenly looked up at Pan and smiled. Pan pushed you out of his office and then it was you and Baelfire walking down the hallway together. 

“You sure got Pan’s attention.” Baelfire said walking side by side with you down the dusty hallway.

“Who?” You stopped in your tracks?

“Peter Pan? He runs the school.” He said as he continued to walk down the hall. 

“Peter Pan!” You said nearly shouting at Baelfire. Surely you must have been dreaming. “That was not Peter Pan!”

Baelfire laughed as he turned towards you. “Oh no, that boy you weren’t about to make out with wasn’t at all Peter Pan. Just so you know miss, he’s got sort of a rep at our school for being a ladies man. That little blonde girl who he calls Wendy is his “favorite lost girl”. 


Baelfire gave you a smug look and laughed. “Yeah his favorite.” 

You gave him a disgusted look and continued walking down the cluttered hallway, kicking the trash as you went along. Surely the name Neverland didn’t phase you as you thought it was just a tribute to the famous author J.M Barrie. But as you looked at the walls of the building, there was no fresh paint, no teachers and just no form of discipline. But as you pondered all this, Peter’s question’s were starting to arise in your mind. Why did your parent’s send you here? Why didn’t they travel with you to this school. Something didn’t make sense, and it was up to you to find out what it was. 

Part II coming soon….

Slow Appearance of Sunspots Challenges Theory

Solar active regions consist of strongly magnetic sunspots and surrounding regions of more diffuse magnetic field. These regions are the origin of solar activity which controls space weather and causes beautiful phenomena such as aurora but in some cases also damage to satellites or power grids.

Solar active regions are thought to be the result of magnetic flux concentrations - bundles of magnetic field lines - rising from deep in the solar interior and penetrating the surface.

A team consisting of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS), The University of Gottingen, NorthWest Research Associates, and the High Altitude Observatory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research has now shown that these magnetic flux concentrations move upward through the solar interior at speeds of not more than about 150 m/s.

This is much slower than predicted by the prevailing current model. For their study, which is published in the journal Science Advances, they compared satellite observations and computer simulations.

A clear sign of a magnetic flux concentration penetrating the surface of the Sun are regions with magnetic fields of opposite polarity. These polarities are clearly visible on magnetic maps provided by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) instrument onboard NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The researchers used these images to identify active regions and to determine the moment of their emergence.

Since its launch in 2010, SDO has provided an almost uninterrupted stream of data. “For our research we needed observations of a statistically significant number of active regions,” explains lead author Aaron Birch from the MPS.

Read more ~ SpaceDaily

Image: A giant sunspot appeared on Feb. 25, 2014, for its third trip across the face of the sun. This blend of two images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sunspot in visible light and an X-class flare observable in ultraviolet light.
   Credits: NASA/SDO/Goddard Space Flight Center