slower than last year


It was the same beach where we’d met. We searched for the exact place where we had stood to watch the sunset, letting our feet sink slowly into the soft, golden sand.

Footprints trailed behind us side by side as we walked down to the breakwater. Enormous slabs of roughhewn granite had been hauled from the quarry to the shore and heaped in a long line that stretched into the water. There they had lain ever since. Waves broke against the stones, diffusing their energy and keeping the harbor safe. We climbed out onto them, helping each other along with slower steps than we had taken the last time we were here. The years had certainly worn us down a little, but mostly they had smoothed out our sharp edges. Chilly wind swept across the end of the breakwater, and you nestled into my side for warmth as we rested before heading back.

By the time our toes were back in the sand, high tide had come in, sweeping away our earlier footprints. So we made new ones. Hand in hand, we watched the sun set over the ocean once more. The vast, glittering sea lapped gently at our feet.


2017 Shamrock Shuffle 8K
28:49, 5:48/mi, 9th age group, 223rd overall

I was shooting for 30:00 in my return to racing after rehabbing from plantar fasciitis. After a few weeks training at that level, I had an inkling I could pull off something better, but you never really know until you’re out there. Even though this was 43 seconds slower than last year, I’m very pleased with how far I’ve come after cutting back a lot over the winter.

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It wasn’t March yet and the sun already felt much too hot on Matt’s shoulders. He and the other guys decided it was a perfect day to wash their truck, and after an hour of screwing around with jokes and distractions, they set to the task. Matt been with this firehouse for close to two months now and even if it was a slower pace than the one he spent the last three years with, he preferred it. Which amazed him because he never considered himself to be one for the small-town life, but it wasn’t so bad. He actually preferred it, believe it or not. Matt walked around the truck, blue shirt with specks of soap and water all over it, while his pants remained remarkably dry, and set about the task of scrubbing the truck with a deck brush, gripping the pole tightly as he used force to get some of the mud off the sides. How it got up there? He had no clue but it needed to come off before they hosed the truck down. 

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Is it me or does this HPC feel weirdly slow compared to last year? It's probably just me.

Its not just you.

I literally and I mean literally, just went back in my archive to see what last years was like and we got so many more videos and interviews right away compared to now where we only have 2 pictures and 1 full video and a coupling short social media videos.

The ice dancers were on the ice about an hour ago, I saw Weapo on Snap chat but then there were no more videos posted. 

I’m wondering because it is an Olympic season maybe all the content is being held onto as to not put everything out there at once. But that directly contradicts what Skate Canada twitter said about posting ‘a lot of stuff’ because they haven’t posted much. 

So yeah…10x slower than last year. And last year we didn’t even get any look or anything from the FD day so if today’s any indication…stuff isn’t going to be shown. 

But holding out that stuff comes later on today. 

Moving Forward

Nothing in your life will stay exactly the same forever.

You are changing constantly, inside and out. Your life is also changing constantly. New experiences, new people, new jobs, ect. 

My life has always been on a constant change. It’s something I’m very used to and something I do enjoy. We adapt to these changes. Sometimes slower or faster than expected.

Around this time last year, I decided to go back to school to become a personal trainer and I was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love the career path that I’m on. 

So, right now I have three jobs. I work at two different gyms and a nursing home. I’ve been working at the nursing home for a little over two years now. It was the job that helped me get back on track with my life and It’s the longest I’ve ever stayed at one job as well. I’ve built a lot of skills working there and have met many people that I will never forget.

Only a year has passed since I went back to school and now it’s time for another big change in my life. I gave my two weeks notice at the nursing home and will be leaving at the end of this week. I have one more day and then I’ll be working at the two other gyms and pursuing my personal training career all on. I’m very excited to be doing something I love and that I’m very passionate about. 

Do not be afraid of change. It happens with or without our control. Enjoy your life and take risks. Do the things that make you feel whole and genuinely happy. Chase after your dreams NO MATTER what curve balls life may throw at you. I never thought I’d be doing what I do now. I’ve gone through hell and back and here I am. So, don’t you EVER give up on yourself.

My goofy attempt to show you what a phenomenal day it is here in Minneapolis. It’s sunny, 70, fall colors are showing, and I’m wearing a tank top enjoying it all! 

I did my short brick of 45 minute ride + 30 minute run all outside. So much fun! I employed my stash of creams and lotions to address the saddle sore issue and that along with the slight adjustment to my seat allowed me to ride comfortably without making it any worse. It’s probably 80-90% healed. Yippee!

It’s iffy as to whether I’ll get outside again before I have to give up my bike next week. The next outdoor ride may be in Panama City Beach! We’ll see. I would love to be able to get outside for the last long ride this Sunday. The weather forecast is borderline right now.

Then I hit the pool for a 3,500 yard straight swim. While I much prefer to swim a workout, these straight swims are a good confidence booster. I’m swimming just 1 second per 100 slower than I was last year. Sure, I wish I had picked up some speed but I didn’t change up my swim training at all this season. I’m satisfied for now. 

Gorgeous weather and my own mini triathlon for training… a pretty great day!


Before and after photos from this morning’s big 20-miler downtown with all CES locations. It was a pretty hot one once the sun came out, but overall went well.

You’ll have to take ~45 secs off the total because I forgot to pause my watch at one of the water stops. I was supposed to pace 7:00 runners, but no one seemed interested at the start. By mile 5, another guy was ready, so we zipped through the rest together with two long surges.

This was slower than the last couple years, probably due to the conservative start. Would have been a better test of my own abilities to gun it the whole way, but I’m happy with the faster segments and also healthy!


Reading Fanfiction… Animated.
animated by Lunast.

Dammit I was slower than last time.

S'been roughly a year since I did the old Flowers for my Valentines video. Giving it another shot. IMPROVEMENT!

Alright I have 3 hours to sleep. Night night.


Eh. Another lackluster race. Not bad, but certainly not what I’d expect. This was a minute slower than last year. It was going fine until the turnaround, and then I lost it.

At this point I’m pretty convinced my SI joint is making it hard to sustain a really fast effort. My first three races this year were awesome, and the two since I hurt it haven’t been great. My tempo run last week was also a dud.

I’m probably not getting a strong push from my glutes/hips, and that is wearing out the other leg muscles as they compensate. Just gonna keep working the exercises the therapist gave me and hope it heals soon. I know I’m better than this when I’m 100%.

Running at 8700ft is getting easier everyday. But that doesn’t mean it started that way.

When I first started running here I would have to stop 3-4 times for a 4 mile *easy* run. My pace was nearly a minute slower than it was this time last year. My breathing was out of control.

BUT it’s getting easier. It’s getting better. I’m enjoying my runs again. And I’m crushing.

Life lesson: things will be hard in the beginning but if you work hard you will get strong, you will thrive, you will love life again.

I fucking love the mountains.

In Summer - Kristoff x Anna

((I think this is actually the oldest prompt I have like this is from last year I s2g I am slower than a turtle with it’s legs chopped off after Thanksgiving Dinner))

So yes, have some pure Kristanna K+ rated fluff (+ because stripping but no nudity ha)

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You know you run with a tough crowd when you do a half iron and you feel bad posting about it because you know so many people were going twice as far on the same day. Congratulations to all of you IMWI finishers! 

The same day as IMWI, I was doing a wimpy half iron distance triathlon in Stillwater, Minnesota. It’s a beautiful race with the best swim in the sport. The waves have about 20 people and the lake was clear and flat. It was almost like swimming by yourself. What a contrast to IMFL coming up in 8 weeks, with a mass start of 3,000 in the ocean waves and salt water (hopefully no jelly fish). 

I finished in 5:52:23, although the bike is 1.5 miles short of true half iron distance of 56 miles. This is technically a long course, but the other legs are spot on half iron distances. The run is the toughest half marathon I’ve ever done, even as a stand alone race. The bike is also challenging, so a gorgeous swim followed by two challenging legs, but all set in beautiful Minnesota countryside.

I came in 1st of of 5 in my age group! There were only 5 of us in the age group, but I’m still happy with my effort. My bike was 6 or 7 minutes slower than last year, but I biked with the same normalized power. Last year I had a disc wheel in back and a 404 in front. This year I had a 404 in front and in the back. I think not having the disc was worth several minutes, and then I had to take a 1+ minute bathroom break, so basically the same effort for both races. I’ll have the disc in back and an 808 up front for IMFL, so I should be good to go for my “A” race.

The best part of the day was having Mike on the race course. He did very well- finishing only 2 minutes off the podium, making a major improvement in his swim time and biking over 20 mph. He started in the wave behind me and it only took him 6 or 7 miles to come whizzing past me on the bike. This sport is really tough and there is a lot of un-comfortableness and mental and physical challenges throughout the day, so it’s really wonderful to have someone out there that knows what you are going through and is rooting for you.

Eight weeks until IMFL! Today is a day off and then time to crank it back up tomorrow. 

Slower than last year by 19 seconds, but they changed the course. I think it was short last year. Probably accurate now! I think I actually ran faster and smarter regardless for an unexpected 7th overall finish. Weather was fine for what I was wearing.

Last age group win of my 30s! Look out young 40s! I’m coming for ya in 2015.

Season PR in the mile (5:44) and 13th in the state. Still 7 seconds slower than last year but went out on a good note. Also 2 second all-time PR for my leg of the 4x800 (2:35) and we got 6th in the state

Still no official IMFL pictures as I am sifting through all of the unassigned photos looking for pictures of me and Mike, but here are a couple from our own camera that I can share.

My parents came to help with all of the logistics, gear, and be our cheering section. This was their first Ironman experience and it was super fun to have them there. It was tough spectating with the cold and windy conditions, but they came prepared and had a great attitude all day (and night) long.

Here I am with my mom around mile 5 of the run:

Having someone waiting for you on the course is the best!

Here I am with the parents after the finish:

They are glad that I am not dead and I am glad to see their lovely faces and the jacket that they brought me. :)

I just realized I never told you how I did- Whoops! I think if you bother to read my ramblings that you deserve to know how I did. Here is a partial recap and I’ll go into more specifics later.

The swim and T1 were cancelled, so I’m going to say that I came in first for both of those things. :)

Bike:  6:34:57 (17.01 mph)  This was almost 40 minutes slower than last year but the wind this year was insane. The female winner this year also won last year and she biked 20 minutes slower and she had a stronger bike leg this year. I also had an extra 14 minutes of time that I was not moving over last year. It was so windy that I couldn’t fill my bottles or eat while moving. I had to stop to remove layers and I had other “personal” reasons that I had to stop that weren’t an issue last year. My Normalized Power was 10 watts higher this year and I was on the bike longer, so this was an improvement on the bike even if the time didn’t show it. Division Rank:  31/100 (number that finished the bike. There were a several more that started that did not make the bike cut off but the results are not showing them currently. The bike DNF rate was twice what it was the previous year.)

Run: 4:45:51  Last year I ran 4:31:02 and I was hoping to have a stronger bike but then match this marathon time. The extra time on the bike, the shivering for 90 minutes waiting for the start, and the extra effort on the bike took some of the pop out of my legs during the second half. I ran the first half in 2:14 which was good. The second half I found myself going slower. I walked the water stops as usual and ran everything else, but my pace just slowed. The amount of willpower that it takes to keep running is indescribable. I just tried to keep a pace that I thought I could mentally handle for the rest of the race. If I thought I could PR then I could have suffered and pushed myself harder the second half, but with the lack of a swim time and the longer bike time, I was satisfied that I was still running and wasn’t hurting. Division rank:  21/100

Overall Division Rank:  21/100

Total time: 11:28:38