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Alexei “YOLO” “Tater” Mashkov is an expert at talking himself out of traffic tickets. He has the Helpless Famous Hockey Player Who Mistook Miles For Kilometres And Would You Like Some Merchandise Officer act down to an art.

(Marty: But if you thought it meant sixty kilometres, you should have been going much slower than that…
Tater: Don’t bothering me with stupid details, Marty. Have hockey to think about.)

anonymous asked:

how is you getting extra time not an unfair advantage? at the end of the day, the most standardised method of testing academic ability is to give EVERYONE the SAME TASK and SAME TIME FRAME. if i had extra time during my a level english literature exam i could write 16-20 pages, but that would be unfair because someone else with equal ability to me could only write 8-10 pages and compromise their content and quality of writing compared to me. how is that "fair"?

Yes, just like you said “if i had extra time during my a level english literature exam i could write 16-20 pages”, however, I would only be able to write 8-10 pages. Are you able to write more because you have more knowledge of the subject than I do? Nope, it means that you are otherwise healthy and have no disability hindering you from performing up to your standards. 

I understand how you find it hard or basically impossible to understand what its like because you don’t have learning disabilities. As someone who has 2 learning disabilities, I can assure you that I am not given an “unfair” advantage over anyone. 

To make it easier for you to understand, I’ll give you an example that can possible fit better to your own knowledge and understanding. 

Take the Paralympics as an example. If I were to use your logic, then I would say that it is unfair to have an extra olympics just for those who are disabled. Why do they get to use wheelchairs when playing basketball? Its not fair that the gold medalist in a race is slower than the SLOWEST competitor in the same race in the olympics? So if I apply your thinking, having the paralympics isn’t fair, because if Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt were to compete against athletes from the paralympics in the same race, they would beat them by a mile and the disabled athletes would always finish last. Is that fair to you? 

Have you ever been injured? Had to wear a cast or use crutches? Well don’t you think it would be a little unfair if you were told that you should just try hopping on one leg to get from A to B instead of using a wheelchair or crutches? Because using a wheelchair means you have an unfair advantage right? Because without it, you would struggle just to go to the bathroom by yourself. 

Those who get extra time, get this in a way to minimise the disadvantage these students have in comparison to their peers. Imagine and 18 year old with an IQ of 130 but who reads at the level of a 3rd graders, who can understand the concepts and think critically just as well as everyone else can, but they have a DISABILITY (dyslexia) that hinders them from being able to encode the words they read. Do you think it would be fair for the student to receive a failing grade because they didn’t have enough time to physically read what the question has asked? 

There are a multitude of studies that prove that students without disabilities who are given extra time, do not really benefit from this a great amount. Maybe enabling them to get one or two extra points by re-reading their answers and correcting mistakes. However, to a student with learning disabilities, the extra time allows them to be able to right as much as their peers with the same academic ability and knowledge of the subject. 

I suggest you do some research about what it means to have a learning disability and get extra time for tests. 

On a more personal note, I want you to know that getting extra time isn’t some magical thing that saves my ass from failing my exams. It is an ATTEMPT to balance out the disadvantages I face in comparison to my peers. Extra time does not eliminate my dyslexia, nor does it magically allow me to concentrate on the task at hand. Extra time is a crutch, not a some type of magical gift that makes you smarter or a better writer. 

If I write a backwards 3 on my math exam, so “E”, as an answer, do you think the examiner is going to be like “oh hahaha I know they meant 3, I’ll give them the mark anyways”. No. HAHAH. I wish. The problem is that without extra time, I would make a dozen of those kinds of mistakes, because I’m stressed enough as it is, knowing that the clock is ticking and everyone around me is writing whilst I’m still reading the question.  Is it fair that I write down the answer for question 5 in the answer box for question 2 and have it marked as wrong although both of my answers are correct?? 

I’m thinking about writing an essay or a post on this, because my response to you is rushed and honestly not well thought through. I do however hope that this allows you to step into the shoes of those who struggle with things that you can do with ease. 


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Nessian Part Seventeen by L.J. LaFleur


The Night Court forest was vast, pines for hundreds of miles. It was one of our greatest defenses. Even with a compass or magic, foreigners would still lose their sense of direction. But now, standing here, it was haunting me. These woods that I grew up in, that I loved—were tainted by the screams of Nesta.

I released myself from my brothers, stepping forward with great effort. I bit down on my chapped lips; trapping the cry that threatened to escape.

I had been through worse, I reminded myself. Split open on one battlefield only to be torn apart on another, but I made it. Each time, I had fought through the hurdles; dripping with sweat and blood stained but victorious nonetheless.     

Scanning over everything, from the surrounding pines to the ancient boulders, I was unsure of where to focus first.

Breathe…Rhys pushed into my mind.

I looked over my shoulder, giving him a short nod as I inhaled. It felt like an arrow to my chest as her scent barreled through me.

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

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unless you want angst so strap in. Alright i talked to my physics teacher today for a while and have found answers. So my last post said that with relativity time is different in space (that’s why the Interstellar thing happened the way it did up until the bookcase thing). I said that it could happen to where team Voltron will be in space for a year or so and when they get back only like 3 days will have passed (my headcanon, wishful thinking). WELL I HAVE FOUND OUT TODAY (let’s see if i can get this down in words) in order for time to have been slower for the people on Earth, Earth would have to accelerate to the same reference frame as all the lions and the castle, which Earth CANT do. SO the only way it CAN work is if they get back to Earth and like a hundred years or so have passed. Which would be freaking amazing in a fan fic (oh my GOD imagine the Langst with his homesickness) but in canon that would suck mega dicks so that prolly won’t happen.

OH OK UPDATE: So she said today that gravity affects time (makes it go slower the stronger it is) and we know that gravity near black holes is HELLA strong and so JUST FROM WHEN TEAM VOTRON WAS AT THE BLADE OF MARMORA time on earth should have passed a lot quicker than it had for everyone in space. (so say they’ve been in space for a year by the end of the series, it should be like ~100 years have passed on Earth)

SVT when their crush (you) gets them alone and tries to seduce them

First request, woo! I’m sorry some of these are less seduction and more like cheesy pick up lines bc I hate being repetitive and there are only so many ways to seduce someone.

And I’m so sorry that the short ones are shorter than woozi, i swear they’re finished, I just suck :(

Requests are still open!!

Y/S/N = your stage name
Y/G/N = your group name 
Y/M/N = your member’s name
i dont think i even used these lol

S. Coups:

“Coups, oppa?” he turned to you quickly along with 12 other heads. And now there were 26 eyes on you so it only seemed natural that you would get nervous, “I-I need your help, please. In the practice room.”

It was a miracle that he even heard you, but you were glad that he did. You quickly rid yourself of the nervous feeling that you had because you needed confidence to do what you were about to.

“What do you need my help with?” he rightfully asked closing the practice room door behind himself.

“Well, I need help working on my facials for the performance. I don’t know how to do like sexy faces so I need you to tell me if I look good,” you explained really hoping that he hadn’t noticed that you were lying. He did, obviously, but Seungcheol decided to keep that to himself and see why you were lying.

Instead, he nodded and pulled a chair in front of the large mirror facing you head on while you went to play the music.

You went through your routine trying much harder to be sexual than you usually would, defining your body rolls and swirling your hips slower than you would. Instead of watching yourself in the mirror like you should have been, you watched for Seungcheol’s reactions to things. 

When you ended the performance out of breath and super eager for his opinion, he silently stood and walked towards you.

“How was it?” you looked up at him and he looked down at you with a questioning look.

“Why’d you ask me to help you?” his question surprised you.

“I, um, I d-didn’t think I would take advice f-from someone who wasn’t my elder,” you didn’t even think the lie through.

His response was a quick and heated one, “But you have three other oppas in Seventeen,” he tilted his head and stepped impossibly closer, “Why did you choose me?”

You stuttered and avoided eye contact with him, trying to search for your answer.

He smirked, “Were you trying to seduce me?”

You gasped and were about to defend yourself when you looked up at him and met his eyes. He was too perfect, you realized that your plan wouldn’t have worked anyway, “Did it work?” you asked shyly, confidence drained from you.

He laughed and smiled really wide and your heart was practically soup by now, “You tell me,” his voice changed and you suddenly realized that the eyes you were looking into looked a lot darker than they usually did as he pushed even closer to you letting you feel Not-so-little Coups digging into your hip.


“Jeonghan, could you come here for a second?” you called the boy in and took a deep breath. When the door opened you adjusted your skirt raising it higher.

Jeonghan cleared his throat, “Did you need me, Y/N?”

You turned around and smiled at him, “Yeah, how do I look?” you spun a few times, heels clicking loudly. When you finished your spinning and Jeonghan was still looking at your body you smirked, “Jeonghan,” you called out for him in a singing tone, “see anything you like?”

“Seeing a lot of things that I like,” you walked towards him as he spoke, swinging your hips more than usually.

“I’m not a statue, Jeonghan,” you moved even closer, your lips right next to his ear, “If you want to, you can touch.”

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“Joshua you wanna be Woozi so bad, just give up,” you taunted the boy.

“Why would I want to be short and angry like you?” he retorted with an innocent smile.

“You know I’m better, Jisoo!”  you stomped your foot.

“Y/N, I’m literally the king of aegyo,”

You laughed throwing your head back, “Bitch, where?”

He gasped, “Don’t use that language, I’m still your elder,”

You smirked to yourself because he had fallen into your trap. When you looked back into his eyes you had an exaggerated frown on your face, “I’m so sorry, Jisoo,” you sniffled before whining, “Y/N didn’t mean it!” you came closer to him tugging his shirt and looking up at his batting your eyelashes, “Y/N is sorry, oppa.”

Joshua gasped and blushed at the word and you had to hold back a smile. You had hoped that he would have this reaction.

You blinked at him innocently, “What’s wrong, oppa?” you popped the “p” in your question already knowing the answer well.

“Nothing,” he started to get defensive and backed away from you, “just stay there.”

“You don’t like me, oppa?” you tilted your head to the side and started forcing tears up, “please like me, oppa, I like you!” you moved impossibly closer to him pressing your bodies together.

“I-” he stuttered, know that you could feel him.

You looked up at him and smirked. Finally using your normal still high pitched voice you whispered, “I knew you liked me, oppa.”

(well i’m ready for hell)


You were seeing red, slamming down your ingredients and utensils so loud that everyone in the dining room could hear.

“Barely even see the guy all day and he doesn’t even say hello? Thanks for coming, thanks for coming! To 5 out of 6 members?!” you were officially insane, “Well, I guess I could just make 18 cupcakes, forget you exist like you forget I exist hm?”

“Uh, Y/N?” you whip your head around and are faced with the same boy that you’d been complaining about, “are you alright?”

“What did you hear?” you ask, avoiding eye contact with your elder and placing the batter bowl on the counter behind you.

Jun’s eyes followed you when you went to bend down and get some muffin tins, “Only muffled ranting, like everyone else. I wanted to apologize.”

Your ears perked up at his words, “For?” you questioned the older boy, keeping your chest down as if the muffin tins were not right in front of your face.

He walked towards you while speaking, “For forgetting to thank you for joining us. Your presence is definitely one that I am grateful for,” he smiled when you finally stood and met his eyes.

“Hm,” you hummed and started to line the muffin tins, “why aren’t you eating?”

Jun dipped his finger in the batter and licked off you hard work, “I was full. And bored.”

“Oppa, you can’t eat my batter! It has raw egg and it’s for dessert!” you scolded him even if he was the older of you two.

“Stop me then,” he dipped two fingers in the batter again and began to raise them to his lips so you did the logical thing.

You grabbed his hand and licked the batter off of his fingers. You went slowly taking a lick up the side before closing your lips around his digits and sucking them down, wiggling your tongue to get them completely clean.

Jun was taken aback by your actions but while you looked into his eyes, you could sense him pleading for you not to stop. And you didn’t, you wouldn’t, not until you heard someone walk into the kitchen. 

“Y/N?” you heard Y/M/N call out, “dinner is finished, do you need any help in here?”

You pulled your mouth off of Jun’s fingers with a pop and let your tongue linger for a second before responded, “No I’m okay, Jun oppa says he wants to help me,“ you smiled devilishly at the shocked man in front of you, hoping that you he would let you show him other ways that you could use your mouth.


You should’ve known that something was up when your members were all giggling at the table. It wouldn’t have been weird but even your leader had a small smirk. And her eyes were on you for at least 5 solid minutes. She never paid that much attention to just one of you! When you finally asked them what was going on you didn’t know if you wanted to kiss them, hit them, or vomit on them.

You don’t remember anything between then and now-standing in front of Hoshi of Seventeen in a room that you’d be alone in for about 30 minutes. All you knew was that you wanted to cry and you had to use this time wisely.

Once you thought that you cursed out loud hitting yourself on the head and reaching down to reach your toes, “I’m so sorry, hyung, I forgot that I needed to stretch before I came. Please don’t be upset with me I was just nervous because I’ve really ad-”

“Hey, it’s alright,” he chuckled, “Don’t be nervous, we can be the same. You’re already very very good with what you performed with,” you blushed at his words, glad that your head was currently between your legs where you wanted his head to be.

That’s it! You slowly began to spread your legs until you were in a full straddle with your stomach on the ground, “Thank you, oppa,” you said in what you really really hoped was a sexy tone.

When you slowly picked up your chest keeping your legs wide apart and looked up at Hoshi, you were very excited to see his tongue just barely peeking out from his newly wet lips.

“You’re quite flexible aren’t you?” his voice sounded so you don’t even know what but you have no clue how you hadn’t jumped his bones yet.

“I think it’s one of my best assets, don’t you think so?” you asked him rolling your hips forward and closing your legs behind you.

“Seems like it,” he says again watching you bend your back and touching your nose with your toes.

“Oppa?” you called him a sweeter, higher pitched tone.

“Yes?” he answered snapping back into his usual voice,.

“Oppa, I’m sorry, I really need your help with the last stretch,”

He came over to where you were now sitting in cat stretch. You moved to lay on your back and lifted your right leg straight up into the air, “I need you, oppa.”

“Fuck,” he mumbled.

“I mean that I need you to come closer to me, in between my legs,” you blushed because you never thought that you could get him this close to you. He did what you ask and you both sighed softly, “Ok now please push my leg back slowly. No matter what I say, push it until it hits the floor, then hold it there for about 20 seconds,” you were just realizing that you had to pretend that you couldn’t do this stretch alone.

As he started to push your leg down, you could feel how warm he was getting from your efforts and it prompted you to moan softly, only helping you in the long run. You whimpered when the boy started to reach resistance, “Keep going, pretty please,” you begged him.

He had to move his body forward in order to push your leg all the way down, making you guys chest to chest(and crotch to crotch). You looked up at him when you felt your centers meet, “oppa,” you whimpered as he finally touched your foot to the floor.

“You feel it, Y/N?” you wanted to just respond with a moan but you had to keep it together just a little bit.

You nodded feverishly, “there’s no way I wouldn’t feel it. It’s so big,” you whispered the last part, halfway hoping that he wouldn’t hear you because it was so cheesy.

This is what made Hoshi lose his composure, finally bending over to attack your mouth with his own.

(anyone who’s hoshi biased better love me right now)


Adrenaline was still twisting through your veins while you were walking back to your seat. You smiled at all of your oppas and onnis that you were passing and feeling so lucky that you had gotten the chance to perform in front of them.

You were snapped out of your starstruck daze when you heard your name called next to you, “Y/N! Come sit with me for a while,” you looked down to see your friend Wonwoo missing 12 members. You smirked at him and sat next to him. 

“How did we do?” you both asked at the same time before laugh.

 “Well I’m sure you know that you did well girls basically cry at the sound of your voice,”

 “Do you?”

 “No, something else gets wet,” you smiled at him as if what had come from your mouth was completely normal. Wonwoo choked on his water. “You see that’s how I want you to choke me, oppa.”


 “What?” you imitate his deep voice, “do your moans sound like that? What do I have to do to hear them?”

“Quite a lot more than what you’re doing now, Y/N. You’re very bad at seducing people, so I guess that I’ll have to show you how it’s done.”


Jihoon sighed finishing the last note, “How was that?” he asked you. Except you were busy drooling over him, “Y/N, helloooo,” he waved his hand in your face snapping you out of your daze.

“Oh, I’m sorry oppa,” you mentally kicked yourself. You usually weren’t like this, but around him you couldn’t function.

“Don’t be sorry, be alert,” he shook his head at you. You knew that he was just tired but you could feel your chances of catching his eye slipping away. 

You stood up from where you had been sitting for hours and stretched causing your shirt to rise enough for the boy to see your belly button, “why don’t we take a break, Jihoon?” 

“Shouldn’t you be using a formal tone?” he joked with you.

“Geez, tough crowd,” you mumbled softly as you sat down on the ground and laid there.

“Did you honestly just get up from a chair to lay down on the dirty floor?” 

You sighed and rolled over onto your stomach, “you should try it, Jihoon, you look really tense,” you pouted, “do you need some help relaxing?”

“I know how to relax,” Woozi lied, “I’m not tense.”

You laughed at his blatant lie standing up and walking behind him, “I know that’s not true, I can prove it.”

“Wha-” he started but was cut off when he felt your light touch upon his shoulders.

You tried to push down into his shoulders and immediately came to strong knots, “If you’re not tense, then what is this?” you asked as you softly began to unwind the knots in his shoulders.

He didn’t even respond, instead just softly biting his lip. He didn’t even realized that his eyes were closed until he thought about how he didn’t want to open them.

“Is that good, oppa?” you whispered directly into his ear from behind. He only hummed in response but you knew that he was finally enjoying something and it was because of you. You were so excited that you almost forgot that you were seducing the boy.

“You work so hard Woozi oppa, I just want to take really good care of you,” you let your warm breath trail over his neck and he tilted his head to the side almost asking for more, “you can always call me if you want to relax, oppa. Just take me whenever you need me,” you took a risk and planted a small kiss, just a peck, onto his exposed neck.

Jihoon reached to stop your hand and pulled you to face him with only this much space separating you two, “I need you now, Y/N.”


“Whoa,” you heard an unfamiliar voice exclaim before bumping into that person and falling backwards. Thankfully, strong hands caught your waist before you could embarrass yourself anymore, “Sorry, usually no one is here this early,”

“Oh it’s okay I-” you pause when  you see who it is that you’re speaking to, “I-I like to come more early, I mean earlier, to do um vocal warmups,” you could feel fire in your cheeks.

“Oh, me to!” he smiled at you and you licked your own lips wishing that his were on them. You were very surprised to see his eyes follow your tongue as it wet your lips. All you knew when he looked back into your eyes was that you wanted him to keep looking at you like that forever.

When you separated, you had to walk to the other side of the room to grab our water bottle and on your walk you came up with an evil, barely-there plan to seduce your hyung and crush.

You and Dokyeom smiled at each other when you came back to him. You practiced a few common vocal exercises and neither of you noticed how you would both either close your eyes or follow each other’s lips.

You only noticed his wanting stare once you placed your water bottle against your lips. When you were done taking a sip you let your tongue linger and play with the opening of the bottle.

You could hear and see the boy gulping when you closed the bottle and let your tongue run across your bottom lip before taking it in between your teeth.

“Stop it,” you suddenly heard your elder and lifted your eyes to his, “you don’t want to be marked up.”

You swallowed your last bit of hesitance, “and what if I do want to be marked?”

He swallowed his last bit of composure, “Then let me do it instead.”



He was only eating ramen. The activity wasn’t even remotely sexual but here you were, unable to switch your gaze from the boy. And it was his fault too because he had no right to look so sinful.

You knew that this needed to come to an end. Every time you were anywhere near Mingyu (all the time because you were both signed to pledis) you couldn’t keep your composure. You would just drool over him until someone called you out on it. Even then you would steal glances when no one (anyone) could see.

You moved your chopsticks around your lunch box looking back and forth between it and your crush. When you picked up some kimchi and his eyes followed your chopsticks, you decided that you weren’t really that hungry anymore.

“Do you want some?” that snapped him out of his daze as he looked at you and nodded.

He went to move his chopsticks to your food but instead you started bringing your own chopsticks to his lips.

Realizing that feeding was not the same as seducing, you knew that you had to do something else. You pretended that you couldn’t reach his mouth hoping that whoever was up there blessed you with acting chops. You fake sighed before scooting a little closer to Mingyu and putting your hand on his thigh.

He looked at his thigh but you softly cleared your throat and when he looked back up the food was centimeters from his mouth, your face inches from his own.

He raised his eyebrow at you as you fed him so you just smiled innocently. When he was done that bite and you didn’t move your hand that was on his thigh, he realized that something was up.

“Y/N, wh-” he started but stopped when your hand moved further up his thigh getting dangerously close to what he was now realizing was his “awakening” crotch.

You acted normal as you took a bite of your food then looked over at him and smiled. When you smiled, you squeezed his thigh and smiled even wider when Mingyu closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh.

You giggled, “You alright, oppa?” trying to pretend that your actions only affected him.

Your laughing quickly ceased when Mingyu opened his eyes and they were much darker than before. There was no longer any way that either of you could hide from each other.

(um hi sorry that this was trash but awakening crotch? what???)


You let out a long sigh as you laid next to an oblivious Minghao. He had no response even after you let out a longer, more exaggerated sigh.

Finally, you gave up on getting him to talk to you first, “it’s really hot today, right?”

“yeah,” was all that he gave to you so you had no idea how to hold the conversation.

“I don’t wanna get too tan, ya know?”  you raised your eyebrow at him, not even able to tell if the boy’s eyes were open because of his sunglasses, “Might just go inside.”

Minghao only hummed in response. You were feeling less and less confident about talking with the boy. For a few minutes, you stared and played at the hem of your cover up before getting a new idea cemented into your head.

If he doesn’t want to talk, you thought, then I’ll give him something to watch.

You crossed your arms and grabbed the hem of your shirt pulling up. When your shirt was halfway off you sent a loud yet relaxed moan to the boy hoping to earn his attention while you basically stripped.

Sadly, by the time your shirt was off you didn’t feel a set of eyes on you. You sighed and shook out your hair before flipping it and giving Minghao what you hoped was a better view.

When you caught him out of the corner of your eye, your heart stopped for a second.Minghao had both hands behind his head, flexing his biceps so much that you almost gasped.

Actually, apparently you did because soon the oppa was turning his head to see what was the matter. But he never got a chance to ask because before he could, he noticed your new lack of clothing.

You blushed under his gaze as he drank your body in but arched your back deeper anyway and pointing your toes to make your legs seem longer.

When  it he was silent for a long time you started to become self consious, “Minghao? Are you there?” you joked waving in his face.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, I’m fine, just having a,” he paused and bit his lip, “very good daydream.”


Seungkwan rubbed his eyes stumbling into the kitchen. He jumped silently when he flicked on the light and there you were sat on the counter finishing opening a cherry popsicle. Your presence wasn’t what made him nervous, just the fact that it was you.

You giggled at him and whispered, “Morning, sleepyhead.”

“It’s not the morning yet,” he motioned to the clock that read 23:53, “and why are you awake?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” you explained finally popping the frozen treat into your mouth.

“Mhm,” it seemed like the boy didn’t believe you, “it wasn’t because you wanted a midnight snack?” he asked as he walked past you and opened the fridge.

He peeked over the fridge door waiting for your answer but only found you taking a long lick up the side of your snack and sucking sweetly at the top. You watched him watching your lips intensely, “It seems like you’re enjoying my snack more than I am,” you giggled at him.

The boy blushed, his cheeks almost matching the bright red that was staining your lips from the inside out, “you’re a sight to see, Y/N.”

“Why only watch? You could feel if you wanted. But first..come taste,” you smirked at him and waved your frozen treat tauntingly.

The boy walked in between your legs on the counter and you took his hands placing them on your own waist. You brought the popsicle close to his mouth as he opened it before quickly snatching it away and bringing it back to your own lips.

Seungkwan didn’t even seem angry when you laughed at his confused face but the second that you removed the sweet from your lips, his lips replaced it.

In his opinion, you were the sweetest thing that he had ever tasted.


You laughed as you closed the door quickly, hearing the pillow hit it where your head would’ve been, “Is that everyone?” you asked your members who had been waiting for you.

Y/M/N hung her head in shame, “I’m sorry, onni, I couldn’t wake Hansol up.”

You nodded in understanding, “It’s okay, he sleeps all day long, I got him.”

When you walked into the room and only Vernon was there, you knew that the boys were planning something terrible. You didn’t focus on that though because here was this beautiful boy that you had liked for almost a month now and he was sleeping.

You moved close to his ear and traced your tongue over the shell of it before, “HANSOOOOOOOL!”

He literally didn’t even flinch. You frowned and stood up, disappointed. That was when you got the idea

You straddled the boy and sat up. After a deep sigh you tried the first option, You bounced up and down on the boy trying your best to wake him up, but when that didn’t work you had to do what you wanted to in the first place.

You put your hands on Hansol’s chest to steady yourself before rolling your hips over his ya know. You could see and feel him stirring awake so you continued your slow drawn out motions.

Just when you thought he wouldn’t wake any further and were about to give up, Vernon reached out and grabbed your waist.

You looked at his his hand before looking at him. When you did you met a wide awake Hansol with lust clouded eyes.

“I’m your oppa Y/N,” his raspy voice brought you up to the level of turned on that he was before he surprisingly flipped you onto your back, “So I’m in control.”


“Chan, come look!” you called the boy in and quickly moved next to the bed with your other two members getting in position. You fluffed your hair and pulled your shirt before raising your arms and making a little gun and jutting your hip out. If one of your members smacked you on the ass, no one had to know. 

(this is the pose, idk if charlie’s angels is an american thing)

When he walked into the room you were all smiling big smiles at him while you shouted, “Happy birthday, Channie!”

The younger boy was speechless as he read the “Channie’s Angels” logo you had printed on the shirts. Thankfully, your shirt was the most visible so he was really forced to look at your shirt to read it. And you were not wearing a bra.

You and your members giggled getting up and hugging him. You hugged him last, making sure to press your chest extra close against his and when you backed away, you made your steps extra bouncy.

“Thank you, noonas,” Chan was smiling wide but blushing a ton.

“Hey guys, I have to give Channie his other present,” you winked at them and they giggled leaving the room. When they did you turned back to the younger boy, “Do you like them?” you asked him pushing your chest forward, “The shirts, I mean,” you clarified, although you didn’t truly mean the shirts. You wanted Chan to notice his new favorite part of you.

“Yeah, they’re really…really nice,” the boy sighed hoping that he wouldn’t seem perverted. He couldn’t help it though! Your nipples were piercing through the shirt as if you were a porn star and he had already pinched himself to see if it was a dream. And now he was alone with you and getting impossibly harder by the second, “You know,” he snapped himself back out of his thoughts, “you didn’t have to get me anything else. I’m really happy with this already.”

You smirked at him and turned around walking towards the bed, “This present really didn’t cost much at all, Channie,” you get down on your knees and reach under the bed for the gift, intentionally giving Chan a nice view of your ass before pulling out a little coupon book and standing up where you found Chan sitting on the bed with a pillow over his lap.

You giggled at him an handed him the gift, “Is this that free hugs thing? That is very sweet, noona.”

“Something like that you,” smiled and crawled onto the bed looking over the boy’s shoulder at the book.

Free oral from Y/N (redeemable any time)

Try any position w/ Y/N (redeemable during sex)

Anal! w/ Y/N (redeemable after giving 4+ orgasms)

Condom Free Sex w/ Y/N (redeemable once Y/N is on the pill)

“Y/N?” the boy sounded nervous and aroused.

“Yes, Channie?” you giggled.

“Is there a coupon to make you my girlfriend?” he looked you in the eye and now it was your turn to be nervous. He kissed the breath out of you turning around fully and cupping your cheek.

You broke this kiss to say, “There is but,” The boy stopped looking worried, “it’s only redeemable on your birthday.”

Mary’s “Immorality“ Theory

Okay while I was I reading, watching, and listening to Kagerou Project, I noticed something that really bothered me about Mary. Apparently Mary is 140 so that means every ten years she physically ages one year. I honestly didn’t really pay much attention to that until I started thinking about her actually backstory and noticed something strange. Her mother Shion seemed to age normally. You don’t believe me well look.

Shion is probably at least 8 in this but even if i gave her the benefit of the doubt the youngest she would be is at least 5. If we’re going by Mary’s age rule Shion would be about 50-80. We also have to take in the fact that Shion is ½ medusa while Mary is only ¼, that should mean that Shion’s aging should be a lot slower than Mary’s. And another thing Tsukihiko, Shion’s father doesn’t look that old at all, he looks as old as a normal father would if he had a child that age In this if we are going by the canon that was set up by Mary Tsukihiko would be at least 80-dead. Tsukihiko should not be this young if Shion ages like Mary does, actually he probably should have even been alive at the moment shown in the picture, yet he is. But that doesn’t make sense if medusa’s age slowly. Oh yes I know what some of you may be saying ‘oh SKwriter maybe that’s just how they design any character old or young alright then sceptical reader how about this?

This the moment when Mary was found by the towns folks that heard about monster that lived in the forest. If we were to assume that Shion aged like Mary that meant that people remembered where exactly Shion’s place was after about 150 years and didn’t think that the that the monster thing from 100+ years was all just a legend, I’m calling that more than a stretch. These is no way that people would know where to even look and another thing how would they even know that they were the monster, shouldn’t they have been I don’t know actually looking for a monster. I know that in the anime they talk about medusa being an old story, but even if it was any old story it couldn’t have been to old or else people wouldn’t have believed in it.

All of these things make me question Mary’s aging. Did it really start when she was born on or was is gained? If Shion did really did age normally like i believe at the flashback we see of her with a kid Mary should be about 60, but she looks like a young adult if not slightly older.

Well I have a theory for this. I believe Mary gain her slower aging after she came back from the Heat haze. I think when Azami gave her the combining eyes, the primary ability of the medusa which combines all the snakes together, she had gain the slower aging process. I think her grandmother’s main eyes also held the power to her immortality and after passing that on to Mary, Mary wasn’t immortal but she aged a lot slower then she did before. This would explain why she and her mother aged normally, and why she is 140 years old now.

Or I could just be overthinking all of this? What do you all think?

anonymous asked:

scenarios of kagami, kiyoshi, aomine, and kise helping their girlfriends around (up stairs, out of bed, etc.) because she's hurting too bad from chronic pain?


“I-I’ll get that.”

Before you could even make an attempt to get out of your chair and answer the door, Kagami was springing to his feet. In a matter of seconds you could hear him talking with whoever had rung the doorbell — a salesperson by the sounds of it. With that settled, you turned your attention back to the television.

Before you could even count to ten, Kagami was back in the room. “Want me to change the channel?”

“I can get it,” you reassured, reaching for the remote that was on the end table a few feet away.

But once again, Kagami was beating you to it. Snatching up the remote, he was quick to drop it into your waiting hands. Despite the fact this was the tenth time today he did something for you without you even asking — a thing that was only slightly getting on your nerves by now — you gave him a thankful smile.

“Just relax until you feel better,” he instructed. “I’ll take care of everything.”


“How are you feeling right now?”

Trying not to shift your body weight, you tightened your arms around Kiyoshi’s broad shoulders. He was doing a great job of keeping your entire body supported as he carried you, one arm behind your back and the other hooked under your knees.

“I’m more worried about you,” you confessed, eyes flickering down to where you knew his knees were despite not being able to see them.

Kiyoshi’s hearty laugh was more than reassuring. “There’s no need. I promise.”

And even though his steps were slower than they should have been, even though you could feel him shake every other one he took, Kiyoshi held true with his promise of getting you to the top of the stairs. Soon, with careful maneuvering, you were standing at the top with him by your side.

“I told you we’d make it up here,” he said as he hooked an arm around your shoulder. “Easy peasy.”


Everything was in arms reach. The remote to the television, a few more pillows to keep you comfy, your cellphone, a book; anything you could think of to keep you occupied and content was within a few seconds of your vicinity. Still, Kise felt like he could do more to make life a little more easier.

“Just call me whenever you need me,” he ordered, showing you how he’d programmed himself to be your first speed dial contact.

Even as he was leaving for the day, he worried over you needing help.

Hours past and, when you hadn’t called him once, where most people found reassurance that their lover was doing just fine, he found worry that you couldn’t get to the things you needed. His cellphone was in his hands before he could even think about what he was doing.

“Hello?” Your reply was slow, groggy; had you been napping?

“I finished early, so I’m coming home now,” he lied, relieved that you were okay. He hadn’t even begun doing what he was supposed to do that day.


He had suggested just lying in bed all day, sleeping in until the night came and then it was time to sleep some more. This plan didn’t work with you though, especially when the bed sores came, making the pain worse than it should have been. Aomine should have thought this through.

“Just go slow,” he whispered, taking your hand with his as he helped you sit up on the mattress. “No need to hurry anywhere today.”

When you had managed to get yourself up, his hands gravitated to your back.

Slow circles were rubbed into the soreness that you felt tingling your skin, soothing whatever pain you felt for mere moments where his skin met yours. It wasn’t a permanent relief, but it would be good enough for what it was. Especially if Aomine continued to hum while he tried to sooth you.

“You like that, huh?” Had you spoken out loud? “I guess I could do that more.”

He continued humming as the slow circles he rubbed into your back moved to your sides before making their way to your hands to help you up for the day.

Not Dead Yet (Part 38)

*So good to be back home in my own bed and no need to share a bathroom with four other people. Not to mention wi-fi that doesn’t suck!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: language

“Where are you going?” Peter called from the bed. “Come back.”

“You are insatiable.” I continued to get dressed despite his protests, “We have been down here for hours and I’m hungry.” I pulled the rope ladder down. “Are you coming or not?”

“I could be–” he smirked.

“Shut up!” he laughed at my reddening face, “You are such an ass.”


“I’m leaving.”

“You’re no fun.”

“Baiting me will not work.” I started climbing back up to the surface, “I’ll see you back at camp.”

“See you.”

I walked back to camp with a smile on my face. The boys were getting along, the cry babies were gone, and last night with Peter was just splendid. Nothing can take me down today!

A large shadow passed over my head and a large white bird landed on my shoulder making me stumble. “Candace? I keep forgetting I was missing for weeks. Look how big you’ve gotten, did you miss me?”

She squawked contently and nestled her beak against my cheek. “I see she found you.” Devin was the first to see me when I walked into camp.

“Yeah, how was she?” I asked picking up an apple from the pile.


Rufio saw me and bound up with a smile. “Hey Y/N! Did you see the sky last night?”

“I saw the clouds.” I shrugged, “Did it clear up?”

“There was an entire storm of shooting stars last night. How’d you not notice?”

“She was probably seeing other stars…” Devin mumbled under his breath.

“Devin, I will decapitate you.” I seethed through clenched teeth.

He smirked at me and walked away with my apple. He’s getting too cocky, I’m gonna have to fix that. I felt my ears burn the more the boys talked about the shooting stars last night. Peter’s emotions being tied to the island is such an embarrassing inconvenience. Still it was a little nice to think that I could affect him like that but if the boys figured out what it meant then I wouldn’t be able to look anyone in the eye. The fact that I’m pretty sure Devin knows makes it uneasy for me to be around him.

“Uh…” Rufio was watching me confused, “What was Devin talking about?”

“Nothing he’s just being an idiot. Let’s grab some breakfast.”

“It’s nearly midday.”

“Lunch then. Whatever.” I grabbed some food and sat down with my friends. Rufio was standing apart from the group listening from a distance. I waved him to sit down with us but he shook his head and walked off.

The boys sneered in Rufio’s direction as he left. Right. I suppose it was foolish to think that everyone would just get along after weeks of separation. Still, the boys could make some effort to forgive the others. I finished my food and went to find Rufio and drag him back. He was a good kid and this island needs some unity after the whole mutiny thing.

“Rufio!” I shouted to the jungle, “Hello?” For a new kid he sure is a speedy little bugger.

I made it to the magic bean grove where I finally spotted Rufio chatting with Felix. “Hey, what’s going on here?”

“Hey,” Felix nodded at me, “What are you doing here? You never come up this way.”

“I know, I was looking for Rufio. What are you two doing here?”

“I’m going to be guarding the grove.” Rufio shrugged, “Now that things have gone back to normal for the most part I figured I needed something to do. Something to prove that I’m not some double-crosser.”

“And putting you in charge of watching the only way off the island is that way? It’s a big responsibility.”

“I know, Felix was explaining. Do I really have to cut myself with dreamshade?”

“Only as a precaution.” Felix nodded.

“Since when is it necessary for the guard to have to poison themselves?” I asked. “I never had to when I guarded it.”

“Yeah, because Pan would let you of all people have literal poison in your veins.” Felix scoffed.

I punched him in the arm with an abashed leer, “I don’t need your sass, lanky boy.”

“Whatever you say princess.”

“You wanna go down this road?” I pointed my club at him.

He held up his own right at eye level, “Seeing as how I’ve never lost to you I don’t think I need to worry.”

“First time for everything.” I reaffirmed my grip on the club and made to ram it forward into his stomach. He jumped back out of the way at the last second and swung to hit me. I blocked the blow and the tremor made my arms shake. Felix smirked down at me in an almost hungry way. If he thought I was gonna be taken down so easily he was wrong. I could hear Rufio sigh as Felix and I launched into our battle.


“Cap’n,” Smee watched as Hook lowered himself into the rowboat. “I know that only one person is more inconspicuous for this endeavor but is it wise to go ashore in daylight? The Lost Ones are even more alive when the sun is up.”

“Aye they are but they are also children, Smee. Besides the island is far more treacherous to navigate at night. I shall return before nightfall with our way off this godforsaken land.” He had scouted the island for weeks before he had found the grove where they kept the beans. Only one boy was known to guard it at a time in an abandoned part of the island far from the others. If he was sly enough he could take out the boy, grab the beans and be back to the ship before they ever knew he was there.

After the blackout that abruptly ended this morning Hook wanted nothing more to get out of here. It’s inhabitants were monsters and the temperament of the realm was all dependent on the mood of a magical demonic teenager. Suffice to say eternal youth wasn’t worth this hell. So it was with a sure head Hook started to row toward shore.


“Give it up, Y/N.” Felix had my arms twisted up behind my back.

“Never,” I huffed and turned lashing my elbow to knock him in the side. Our clubs had been dropped sometime during the battle and we had switched to fighting each other hand to hand. Once in awhile I caught sight of Rufio watching us intently as if he was studying the way we fought.

“Go for her legs!” Rufio shouted when I had finally managed to pin Felix.

“Don’t help him!” I snapped back at him. Felix took the moment I was distracted and flipped us and pushed his forearm against my throat. I could feel my lungs constricting as I lost air. I am not losing to him again!

“Hey! Stop!” Rufio shouted. Felix eased the pressure on my throat and I took in a deep breath. My head was still spinning from the lack of air. Felix hadn’t just stopped choking me but had gotten off me completely and ran out into the jungle. What was going on?

I was able to focus my sight in time to see Felix and Rufio chasing a figure clad in black. Hook? Bastard must have been trying to steal beans. I pushed myself to my feet and staggered on uneasy feet. Oh great. I can’t let this stop me now though, they’ll need me. I rushed to follow them bumping into trees here and there as I did.

My air deprived lungs were screaming at me to stop running and rest. I finally stopped when I hit the beach and saw Felix and Rufio fighting Hook to poor results. Rufio was still new and I had broken Felix’s dominant hand earlier during our fight so his moves were slower and clumsier than they should be. I shook off the last of my vertigo and ran to help.

“Not you again,” Hook groaned when he saw me charging him. He gave a powerful kick to Felix who fell back against the sand.

I swung my club and he dodged out of the way. I wasn’t as over my dizziness as I thought as the momentum of my swing spun me around and I fell to the ground as well. This is just embarrassing. I turned over to see Hook about to plunge his sword through me. I rolled out of the way in time to avoid a fatal blow but he caught my calf running it through.

“Dammit!” I hissed as he tore the sword back out of my leg. I took a deep breath and kicked my good leg out trip him out before he could go back to focusing on Felix or Rufio. He saw it coming and stomped down hard on my already injured leg.


“AH!” I pulled my leg back to my body. Son of a bitch! I think he broke it.

“Get away from her!” Rufio charged at him. The two started to dueling as I dragged myself away from the fight. I can’t fight like this. I can’t even stand.

Felix gathered his bearings and was helping Rufio now. Like some horrific dream I watched as Hook pulled his pistol and shot at Rufio. He staggered back and fell against the sand. The echo of the shot reverberating across the air.

“NO!” My scream rang out so loud it threatened to tear my throat. I tried to get up to help but I still couldn’t support myself on my injured leg. There was a loud screech that copied that of my own shriek as Candace dove to where we stood. She swooped down upon Hook scratching and screeching at him in my defense.

Quickly I pulled myself to Rufio’s side, “Don’t worry,” I pulled my coat off and pressed it into the gushing wound over his stomach, “You’re gonna be fine. Just keep your eyes on me.”

He stared up at me the light quickly fading from his eyes, “No problem there.”

The sound of Hook yelling out in pain made me turn. He dropped the beans in his hand and they scattered across the sand opening into portals and pulling in whatever was near. A pair of arms circled around my waist and pulled me back away from Rufio. “No! Let me go!” I shouted at Felix as he held me sure, “We need to help him!”

“There is no helping him!” Felix tightened his grip on me when I started to break free. Rufio’s body fell through a portal and vanished from sight. One by one the portals closed and only the smooth sand remained.

“You bastard!” I broke free of Felix’s hold and charged at Hook on my broken leg, “I’ll have your head for killing my brother!”

“Back down lass, you have no chance in your state.”

“Neither do you.” I picked my dagger from its sheath and poised to attack.

Felix was quicker as he tackled me again. “Stay down!” He moved to attack Hook in my stead.

Candace was still screeching and clawing at Hook with her talons. He managed to stab Felix in the shoulder and retreated back to his boat and quickly paddled to open sea where the Jolly Roger rested.

“We can’t let him get away!” I tried to pull myself up again, “He has to pay for this!”

“He will,” Felix helped me to standing, “We’ll make sure he never has a moment’s rest for what he’s done today but there’s nothing we can do now. Let’s get ourselves patched up and then we’ll think of a revenge plan. Okay?”

“Fine.” Together Felix and I limped back into the jungle. The last moments of seeing Rufio shot running round through my mind over and over without end.


“Cap’n!” The remains of Hook’s crew stopped as they saw their captain pull himself onto the deck of the ship. “Did you get the bean?”

Hook pulled out his pistol and shot the one who spoke up. He had been so close! The lass and one of the boys had been fighting and not paying attention. Neither had the redheaded imp that was watching them until Hook had actually managed to grab a handful of the beans. Maybe if he had just been a tad quicker or if only one of them was there instead of a whole team of them.

He couldn’t bother with that right now. He had killed a Lost Boy and tried to steal from the island. Pan was going to have his head. They needed to head for open sea and hope they could get far enough away before he caught wind of what had happened.

He shouted the orders to the crew and they made haste to ready the ship to sail. How in the bloody world were they going to get out of here now? If they stepped so much as toe onto the island they were as good as dead.

Hours passed and the island became a small speck to their rudder. Just as all was looking to be in their favor clouds started to roll across the always clear sky. Pan knew and he was angry.


Peter returned to the island after a long day of trying to find the three spinner seers. He wanted to know what exactly it was they had told Y/N and why they had given her that infernal book. At the end of the day though they still remained hidden and Peter just wanted to return home and relax.

“Why the long faces? Who died?” Peter asked as he walked into the unusually melancholy camp.

“Very poor choice of words.” Ben muttered. He stood up and quietly explained what had all happened with Hook, the beans, the four way fight and Rufio’s death.

“Ah geez,” Peter rubbed his temples, “Can we go a week without anyone dying? It’s starting to get ridiculous. Felix and Y/N?”

“They’re patched up but watching Rufio die kind of shook them. They’ve barely said anything since they got back.”

“I’ll handle it from here.” Peter walked up to his two best friends. Felix was sat at the base of a tree and Y/N laid behind him on a hammock with her back turned. “Rough day?”

“Pan,” Felix looked up, “It hasn’t been the best. That pirate snuck in here again and almost made off with a dozen beans. This cannot go unpunished, not after what he caused.”

“And he won’t, trust me.” Peter was going to find that pirate and strike him in any way he could. “Y/N?”

“Good luck, she hasn’t said a word since I dragged her back here.” Felix pushed himself to his feet, “But good luck.” He walked off leaving Peter alone next to Y/N.

“I…I didn’t think losing another Lost Boy would haunt you like this.” Peter said but Y/N did not stir, “Do you need to talk about it?”

Still she did not move and stayed curled on the hammock. Peter was about to give up when she lifted a hand motioning for him to come to the other side. He walked around and saw her staring straight ahead with blank eyes. “Why?” she whispered, “Why does this ache so badly?”

“Seeing someone die and killing someone isn’t the same. It can traumatize in a different way.” Peter offered a hand which she limply took, “The important thing is that Hook will pay for this, I swear that. He will pay for all the grief he has caused us.”

“Good.” she growled the familiar bite of his Lost Girl coming back to her. “I want to mount his head on a stake and watch Candace pick his eyes to hollows.”

“Of course and his hook will stick out from his forehead like a perch.” Peter brought her hand up and kissed her knuckles, “But I’m gonna need some help for a task such as this. Care to help?”

“Only too gladly.” she swung off the hammock and that was when Peter noticed her leg bound in a splint and the bloody rags tied round her.

“Now here’s a mess. Did he do this too?” He waved a hand over her leg mending the bones and closing the wound. “Better?” She nodded and stood to follow him. Peter whistled to the rest of the camp. “Who wants to have some fun?”

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One Year Surgiversary

So today 9/6 marks my 1 year date from my gastric sleeve surgery. Alot of people have been so much more successful in this and makes me slightly embarrassed to post. I started over a year ago at 315.6lbs, i currently am sitting at 205lbs.

110lbs gone, and i still want to lose another 75lbs.

Maybe my progress is slower than most, but its because ive been lazy since May. I havent been going to the gym or eating how I should, and i want to be happy and healthy. Lately im miserable, and feeling bad about myself. Maybe getting back to this lifestyle is just what i need.

Hopefully by the end of this year i could lose another 25lbs and be at 180.

Caught in Crossfire

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Word count: 1729

Characters: Mycroft x reader, Moriarty, Sherlock, John

Warnings: torture, severe threat to reader, angst

Summary: Being Mycroft’s secretary puts you in a dangerous position.

You twirled your pen between your fingers as you stared blankly at the computer screen. You had spent every day this week sat behind this desk, and now there was a headache building steadily behind your eyes. When you got home, there was a long, hot bath just waiting for you. You could sleep in tomorrow, too, and you were meaning to catch up a new series on Netflix.

Just half an hour to go, you thought longingly as you stared at the clock in the corner of the screen.

“Y/N. Not daydreaming, I hope.” Your boss’s disapproving voice floated down the corridor, and you straightened. The pen dropped to your desk.

“No. Of course not, sir,” you said hurriedly.

Mycroft Holmes walked towards you, eyebrow arched sceptically. You felt a rush of heat in your cheeks at his appraising gaze.

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Putting on a Mask

“You’re a blacksmith?” the police officer repeats again. Speaking to fill the silence, fumbling to displace truth.

“Yes. It is a skill and a calling.”

She stares at me. “Your hands don’t look that calloused.” Because a police is police, no matter anything else.

“I wear gloves.” I find a non-smile. “I make small things. For fairs. Children. It is not full time.”

“I’m sorry. I’m not meaning to pry. This is –.” She rubs her face. Old, but not old in this. “We’ll need you to come to the station. To identify the bodies.”

“Yes.” I walk back into the small living room of the house, turn the TV off, follow the police officer to her car. She makes small talk. Asks when I was adopted, if I know my birth parents. I keep my answers short, distant. She tells me there aren’t as many gangs as the TV would have people believe. That the police are looking for suspects. I do not disagree.

It has been a long time since I have been in a morgue. This one is modern, like the TV ones. There is steel. Enough that I feel uncomfortable, but that is easy to ignore. There is a quiet growing inside me.

Mary. Susan. Thomas. Adoptive sister, parents. I identify them calmly, without tears. The police officer hurries me out, takes me to a side door. Two reporters are waiting even then, with cameras and smiles and hunger. I smile back, and the reporter and the camerawoman fall away. The police officer thinks it is her cursing them out without curse words. I thank her, say I have a friends near here. I will spend the night with them, and the police officer does not press me.

I walk down the alley, another alley, a third. I have been Malcolm Smith for almost twenty years. He does not deserve to be besmirched. Those who adopted me do not. It takes time, to change my face. Not long, but it is slower than it should be. The danger of putting on a mask for so long is that it almost feels as if removing it is the mask. It is almost funny, that part of me desires to be Malcolm. It was difficult, to work with so much metal each day. A challenge that became something more than that.

I make a body slightly smaller than my own. Mousy. Quiet. The kind designed to not be noticed. And then I walk. Two people try and mug me in under half an hour, proof this mask works quite well. I leave their bodies in dumpsters, a small part of me enjoying the exercise. The first one almost hurt me. I have got slow in the mask that was Malcolm. Slow, moving at the pace of a human world.

I am not quite ready to return to the Court, not like this. But I am ready for other things. I find people who bring death, seeing in them what others do not. Listen, follow. In under two hours, I find those who killed the Smiths. A house, run-down in a street the police never enter after dark. I move through shadows, find the back entrance. It is locked, but the blade in my hand is warm under my fingers.

A slice, and I am through and inside. One is in the kitchen, getting a beer. I throw the blade through his throat, call it back to my hand.  There are four in the living room. Drunk but dangerous. Two manage to reach for guns. I kill them both, the blade a blur through the air. One body, my hand, one body, back to my hand.

The other two back up. One has wet himself, the other has a knife.

“What the hell?” the braver one manages, and swings.

I break fingers, watch him drop. The other find the place behind fear and swings. I cut only to wound. I am not good at that, but I am not myself yet. It helps. I smile at the one with broken hands.

“What – what – what –.” he whimpers in broken spasms.

“You killed three humans today that I was fond of.” I hold up my knife. The glass is very old, a gleam of orange and black in my grasp. My smile matches it. “That is not a thing you should have done.”

The wet one, hamstrung, fumbles out a phone.

I turn my head. He lets out a sound, and then a rattling breath.

I turn back, and the one with broken hands is against the wall, shaking. “You – you looked at him. You looked at him and he died,” he gets out.

“My name is Arvid. It has not been that for some time, but that is my name. I was old before humans walked this continent and have been part of the Court of Life for many years now, as you humans count time. It has been a long time since I have bothered or needed to kill a human.” And then even this, this mousy thing, I let it go. Drop all glamours in the human world for the first time in centuries. I smile, barring all my teeth. Let my eyes burn with what lies inside.

The human does not die, because I do not permit it. I am a very good smith, and I begin to shape him. One bone here. One organ there. Flesh is not glass, bone is not steel. But it suffices. He dies in the end, for all my skills lie only in death. I pour my anger into the knife, into the blade, letting fire consume the building. There are sirens. Distant, useless. So much is useless in the human world. So much is too slow.

I make a door back into the twilight kingdoms, begin the slow walk back to the Court. I do not trust myself to stay in the human one. I take part of a bone and the building with me, find an empty forge. The Court of Life has almost more forges than fae in it; I have not been home to work in some time. I find one, and begin forging a weapon.

The quiet inside me dissolves, and I push what comes through into the making. A blade for punishment. A blade for retribution. A blade designed to show what lurks under every mask a fae wears.

anonymous asked:

So I've seen a few opinions of ppl who say that ALL Ouma ships are bad because they are "abusive" or toxic because Ouma would "bully" the other and they're unhealthy, etc. I've read so many of ur metas so Ik that's not completely true. But as a fellow Ouma and SaiOuma shipper, what do think of this?

I think it’s an unfortunate fact that many people sometimes take aspects of a ship which aren’t always the best or the healthiest out of context and associate them with words like “abusive” or “toxic” when that really isn’t the case at all.

I’m reminded of the ask I got a while back from an anon who mentioned that people had been calling Tenko a “creepy stalker” just because she was overly eager about making friends with Himiko and needed to learn to respect that Himiko is much slower about opening up to people. Again, it’s a perfect example of a ship that does have flaws getting completely misunderstood and drastically misinterpreted out of context to make it look a lot worse than it is.

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Jerk coworker is rude to an old lady because he wants to leave early.... I make him stay late.

When I was 16 I worked at a bakery/cafe, specifically in the bakery section.  I sold pastries and made the drinks, and other people manned the actual sandwich/soup/salad area.  We all worked very well together, had good managers, and had our lunch rush or closing cleanup routine down.

Then there was him.  I’ll call him AA, because he had a name that started with A and was also an asshole.  And he probably could’ve used AA.  At his interview he put on a very professional front, and seemed to me at first to be a pretty nice guy.  I noticed his asshole-ness slower than others, because I worked in the bakery and he was on line.  But here are a list of his crimes:

~Not wearing gloves ~Not changing gloves when he should have ~Smoking in the cafe ~Snapping at customers (even the nice ones) ~Lying to customers ~Hitting on the 16/17 year old employees (he was about 23), which included me ~Generally saying dickish things

It’s been too long for me to give any actual quotes except for this gem.  "You know that soda’ll kill you" AA tells me as he takes a drag from his cigarette.

And somehow the managers NEVER saw any of his bad behavior.

Now after he worked there about three weeks, he was on a closing shift with me.  It’s looking to be pretty standard.  I close down the bakery, in my lonely isolated bakery bubble, while two people close down the food line and one person cleans the dining room.  

About five minutes before closing, a nice elderly lady comes in wanting to order a salad.  She wants it for here– that’s not a problem.  The only thing we can’t do while she’s in the cafe is mop or vaccuum the dining room, which we don’t do until the last twenty minutes of closing anyway.  And she’s alone, ordering half a salad, and sure to eat quick.  Just as I’m about to finish her order, AA pops up behind my shoulder.

AA: “Oh, ma'am, you can’t order in, we’re closed.”

Me: “We’re not closed yet, it’s fine.”

AA: “We can’t start cleaning until she leaves.”

Me, holding back an eye roll: “Yes we can, we just can’t vaccuum–”

AA proceeds to pressure this little old lady into taking her order to go, when she would clearly like her salad now.  I awkwardly apologize as we finish the order, and I give her a free pastry since we’re closing anyway.  (They get donated, not thrown away, btw)

When the nice old lady leaves, I fix AA with a death stare.  He shrugs and asks “What?  Don’t you wanna go home early?”  I was seriously mad.  I remembered his hitting on me, his lying to a customer (which is a story for another day), and his general dickishness.  I say simply “You’re an asshole” and turn to my closing duties.  AA does the general douchey “Oooooooooh” but doesn’t press further.

The hour passes.  The cafe is clean.  I look over at the other line worker doing her last cleaning of the appliances.  I look at the wetspots from the mop on the floor, drying.  I wish that I could somehow make AA stay longer.  And then it hits me.  The new manager is on tonight.

Oh, that new manager.  That new manager who does everything by the book and doesn’t care about staying late.  That new manager who does the closing thing that no other manager does– make us scrub the floor before we mop it.  It takes 15 minutes, not counting the sweeping and mopping.

I look at the other line worker, whose duties don’t include the floor.  She can go home.  The dining room worker is done.  I’m done.   The manager has been in the office counting the day’s profits.  He doesn’t know if we’ve mopped.  

I grab a slice of bread from the donation bag.  I step over to the now-dry floor of line.  I crumple the bread and let it fall.  I step on it a few times to make it look like it’s been there a while.  I grab a slice of lettuce.  I grab a bit of onion.  I grab a crouton and crush it.  All while keeping the counters and appliances absolutely pristine.

I step back to my bakery and start putting out the clean trays and labels for the morning shifters.  Then I hear the manager’s voice.   “(other line worker), you’re good.  (Dining room worker), you’re good.   AA– Did you do the floors?”

AA: “Yeah, of course.”

Manager: “Why don’t you take a closer look.”

I can’t look, I’ll give myself away.  I hear AA spluttering.  Manager: “Clean the floors, then you can go.”

AA is still spluttering.  "I– can I just sweep?“

Manager: "Seriously?  No.  Sweep, scrub, mop.  Then you can go home.”

My heart is pounding as I hear the manager approach me.  I’ve just finish putting the labels in the correct places.  "Delanium, looks good.  You can go home.“

16 year old me couldn’t believe I’d gotten away with it.  I smiled at the manager, clocked out, and asked about last night’s episode of a show.  We chatted for a few minutes and I watched out the corner of my eye as AA scrubbed the floors, looking utterly defeated.  I left before he was finished.

Tl;dr: My coworker was a first class douche, and when he pressured an old lady into ordering out so he could leave early, I sabotaged his closing so he could stay late.

Edit: I’ve been on Reddit about four days, and this seriously makes me feel good.  I made my own front page, lol.  And for anyone who is curious, AA was ultimately fired for sexual harassment and banned from all chains of the cafe, or from any restaraunts affiliated with the parent company.

Edit: Given a few comments, I feel the need to say that the old lady ordering 5 minutes before closing was not an inconvenience.  She wanted half a sald– that takes 90 seconds to make and 5-20 minutes to eat.   She would not have inconvenienced us unless she sat there for 45 minutes eating her salad.  AA was out of line.  Even if you STILL think the old lady was rude, remember that AA had it coming long before this.

I’ve not been talking about about couple of things, but thought I’d give you an update. It’s nothing bad, just pleasantly surprising.

The first thing is about the family. If you’re not seated, please do sit. It is pleasant but shocking news: Middle is graduating from college next weekend. I KNOW!! Trust me, I’m just as shocked as everyone else! We’re flying in next Friday for the weekend graduation. Her boyfriend will be there. He’s flying down from Minnesota (he’s a professional athlete there) and I’m under STRICT orders from Middle NOT to talk to the boyfriend or his family. It should be fun embarrassing the Hell out of her. :)

The second thing is about my fitness. I’ve talked about how my weight snuck back up last year, how I’ve been working to lose weight, and to resume my running.

  • Well, the running is coming along quite well; I’m running about 20 miles a week at this point. I think I’m running smarter than I have in the past. I’ve embraced running slower to run faster. I’m using the run to continue warming up and gradually increase my speed as I go. Should be finished with the “Couch to 10K” program Monday.
  • My weight. My recent high recorded weight was 229.2 lbs, that was the first week in January. Since then, I’ve taken a number of steps to improve my eating with better portion control and eliminating candy. This morning I hit a new recent low: 218.4

This is the weight loss for 2017:

Progress. Progress. Progress.

Now I’m headed back in the right direction, I have to remember the things that work. Plus, I have to not forget it!

smolgayixchel  asked:

So if Carlos figured out the sun set 10 mins later than it should have, and we assume (for now) that all days are10min longer as opposed to increasing/decreasing at any rate (or just changes randomly) (and we take there to be 52 weeks in a year) then since 1900 nightvale would have lost 296ish days (7098 hours/ 425880 minutes) sooooo depending on how long time has been slower/ if it is speeding up or slowing down it could potentially be a fair while in the past

i’m responding to this kinda late and it sent four times to my ask box but i am still honestly impressed with your math and you dedication to figure this out even though time isn’t real


Qui-Gon sighed mentally while he sat down, far away from the activity in the temple gardens. Silently he wished he was not here, but on a mission somewhere far away in the galaxy instead. Sadly, his Grandmaster Yoda and the Council had decided he was to be in the temple for the annual choosing ritual. Once again Qui-Gon sighed mentally.

It was the time of the year again, when all the Initiates, who were deemed ready to become a Padawan, would choose a Master. It was always a torture and humiliation for Qui-Gon. He was a well known and even quite respected Jedi Master without a Padawan and it didn’t lack on interested young Jedi, but the interested would soon turn away once they realised that he was deaf. It had been a stupid accident during one mission, an explosion that caused permanent damage and only with technical aid was he able to actually talk and communicate with the people around him. Normally not a problem, but no Initiate wanted a damaged Master and as soon as they knew, they politely excused themselves. A training bond would make technical devices unnecessary, but he was still damaged in the eyes of the younger generation. That was the exact reason why Qui-Gon had chosen to leave his aid back in his quarters, this way he would not develop any hope.

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Where did we go?

Rest assured, we’re still here. We took a month hiatus as Zoe, Dan, and I moved across the country. 

I’ve been working on getting posters solidified, working on the next season, and finishing this one. A lot is happening behind the scenes, and we’re extremely excited to get back on the horse.

However, the haitus will more than likely extend until November. We’ve already eaten up September with establishing ourselves in the new place, and due to a surgery, and some eye problems, things have been a little slower than expected. 

In case you missed it, like I did, yesterday was the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY for Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, and we want to thank you guys so much for being patient, and for keeping up with us so far. We should be able to get those two missing minis to you in November, and those posters available for purchase.

If you’re one of our patrons on Patreon, go ahead and check it, there’s something for you there.

And if you’re a hankering for roles. There will be an audition post being placed up soon. We’ve got some things boiling.

- Iri