SLOW DEATH tank tops for summer? Got the idea from my man @paulnycz_cc if you’re not following him you’re blowing it. Go now and look through everything, dudes killing it. Thanks for letting me run with this idea my man! #cityofslowdeath #SD #sloth #threetoedsloth #slowdeath (at HONKEYKONG.COM)


This is going on today! february 21st 2015. Come out and hear some of the most far out sounds this side of the planet.
I will be making noises and playing beats out inbetween bands.

Stay Strange presents - SLOW DEATH - A NOISE MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday, February 21, 2015


Shitty lighting last night on this super fun #sloth #reaper in the city of #slowdeath this is part of my #exercisingdemons book if u wanna be part of it email music provided by #giantgorilladogthing @danmatic and #doodcomputer and a bunch of other dudes on @pigfoodrecords they’ll be playing this Tuesday at @sodabarsd with @moodswingking and @yourefuckingup if you’re not there you’re not all there. (at HONKEYKONG.COM)


So dramatic #shotsfired #dramaticdog #slowdeath #loveher