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Mail & Guardian Africa reports on the little discussed but growing African cheese scene, and the new cheeses and traditional dairy products which will be featured at this year’s biennial Cheese festival in Bra, Italy: 

No whey! From some unlikely origins, African cheese - and other milky things- making a splash on the international stage

First documented on the continent in 2,000BC, now Africa’s cheese makers are off to new markets.

It was first documented in Africa in 2,000BC when archaeologists found Egyptian tomb murals showing butter and cheese being made. However, aside from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s “Goma” cheese and Egypt’s “Romy” cheese, few African milk products have garnered international attention.

Until now. At the annual Cheese 2015, an international event dedicated to milk in all its shapes and forms to be held in Bra, Italy, there will be a special display showcasing Africa’s cheese and other milk products, all made by small scale producers who are part of the Slow Food and Terra Madre network.

Here visitors will be able to meet food communities from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Cape Verde, Morocco and São Tomé and Príncipe who are all specialising in the production of goods from milk…

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(Photos ©2015 Mail & Guardian Africa)