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Relationships: Poe Dameron/Finn
Characters: Poe Dameron, Finn (Star Wars)

“Poe,” he says finally, whispered against his lips.

“Yeah, buddy?” Poe’s voice is muffled by the slow line of kisses he’s dragging along Finn’s jaw. His thumbs press small circles into Finn’s back. Finn stares down at the worn blanket they’re lying on and tightens his grip on Poe’s hip.

“I want to do more. With you.”

More of this

by dreamfleet, mezmerize

“Poe,” he says finally, whispered against his lips.

“Yeah, buddy?” Poe’s voice is muffled by the slow line of kisses he’s dragging along Finn’s jaw. His thumbs press small circles into Finn’s back. Finn stares down at the worn blanket they’re lying on and tightens his grip on Poe’s hip.

“I want to do more. With you.“

Words: 9825, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Night Block On Slow Lines Between Vasai and Bhayandar

Night Block On Slow Lines Between Vasai and Bhayandar

Night Block On Slow Lines Between Vasai and Bhayandar

A four hours night block will be carried out during midnight of 7th & 8th February, 2015 from 00.40 hrs to 04.40 hrs o­n UP & Down Local (i.e. slow) lines between Vasai Road & Bhayandar stations for maintenance of track, signaling and overhead equipments. During the block, all Up and Down trains will be run o­n Through (i.e. fast) lines…

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what about lycanheiress' whiterose blind/mute au B))

There are times, when Weiss is sick enough, when the almost secondhand knowledge of morse leaves her, and it’s times like those she hates herself the most. 

Missing out on what Ruby had to say was bad enough, but worse was knowing that she was sitting close by, waiting on her hand and foot and listening to every word she said, while being unable to say any of her own.

She sighed. “I wish… I just want to…” She groaned, and Ruby wrapped her arms around her, holding her close.

After a few false starts in morse, Ruby slowly and meticulously dragged her fingernail across pale skin in long, slow patterns, long lines, then slow a slow circle, the more lines. 

It took Weiss’ sickness-addled mind a few repetitions to realize it… but when she did, she smiled and leaned against Ruby. 

“I love you too…”

that overly-empathetic, dissociative feel when u listen to too depressing of music, you literally are sent into a state of pure exhaustion and depression for hours and start to not exist 

all because you listened to one song and suddenly you are that low bass line, slow beat, and off-key notes

Lmao so this was the out of a slow six stride line (in the 1.45m Classic) and you see me poorly struggling to slow down and Chaz is totally just “no”, so we did 5… And it worked somehow. He’s literally a giant. I needed to shorten my reins and actually ride better, but I have this bad habit of kind of letting my reins slip out of my hands in giant combinations (the in of this line) to stay off his mouth, and so I didn’t have proper control. But he is so good.

this yandere simulator game is so fucked I can see why it’s banned from twitch lmao

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Hello! I have two questions. Are fans allowed to shake hands with the members in fansigns? Also jongtae moved out of the dorm in 2013(?) but I heard also Key moved out is this true? And if so does jongtae still live together? Thank you for this blog❤

it’s not exactly frowned upon at fansigns but not encouraged either, especially by managers, because of how many people attend fansigns it tends to slow down the line but if the idol is fine with it then it’s usually okay if asked and agreed to beforehand. (like obviously jonghyun is fine with it because he does it often.) but yes! that’s true. jonghyun / taemin moved out sometime around 2013 to live with their families, and key moved into his own apartment last summer. jonghyun / taemin never lived together though; that was mostly a misunderstand from a mistranslation.

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Stop obsessing over Mew Mew Kissy Cutey. It's a borderline hentai anime that's trying desperately to hide it with an intolerably slow-choreographed plot-line that only makes less and less sense as it goes on. Or at least, it was until Kissy Cutie 3 when the writers gave up pretending.

*she goes on and on and on about this other anime. 

*anon, it was like poking a bee’s nest. anon. what have you done.

So, tumblr, can I get your reasonably non-spoilery yes/no call on the X-files revivial?  

I’m a geek lady of a certain age, and the X-files was my FIRST SHOW.  I was in university when it was at its early best, and a bunch of us watched it every week, and it was magic.  I am torn between wanted to go back to that magic, and wanting to shut up that magic against its slow sad dissipation.  (Line for me:  I didn’t watch the last few seasons.  On purpose.  I just pretend that they don’t exist.  Mulder and Scully play baseball, the end.)  

Refugee boys look from the window of a train upon arriving at the transit center for refugees near the northern Macedonian village of Tabanovce Thursday before continuing their journey to Serbia. Macedonia has lifted restrictions on the entry of refugees from the Greek border after Macedonian taxi drivers ended a five-day protest that had closed a key railway line, slowing the migrant flow to Serbia. Feb. 4, 2016.

Boris Grdanoski/AP

Shout out to therapy horses because they don’t get enough credit. They put up with riders bouncing on them, pulling on their hair, screaming, kicking them, being off balance, pulling on their faces, poking them, hitting them, crying and more. And not only do they put up with the riders, they put up with the volunteers! They put up with volunteers learning to groom and tack and doing everything wrong and they put up with handlers dragging them and pulling on their face and taking them too close to other horses and not knowing how to handle properly. Yet they still take care of the riders, knowing that something is wrong before anyone else. They are still really good, and they do their best.

Basically therapy horses are incredible superheroes and deserve all of the treats.


CURSED && HEART WEIGHTED WITH HIS NIGHTMARES, he stands in a slow moving line for a cup of coffee to hold between SHAKING hands. he’s ITCHING to do something, distracting himself by picking at his sweater as he tunes out the low murmurs of conversation in favor of listening to the squeak && shuffle of shoes. 

as he steps up to the counter && states his usual order, lithe fingers count out the coins with PRACTICED ease before panic settles low in his chest. ❛ shit, shit, fuck. ❜ he mutters, counting the coins once more to CONFIRM his suspicions. ❛ c-cancel my order, please. ❜ he says, keeping his voice as LOW as he could despite the choked feeling clutching at him && threatening to TEAR him apart. ❛ i’m short a few cents. ❜