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Ask by @anxiety–offical : …..“write a thing like, lance gets hurt in battle and he doesn’t tell the team. so they come back and lance is like dying,, everyone panics and rushes him to the med bay, but he refuses to go in a healing pod. he dies surrounded by the team, and everyone is crying”….. —

TW: major character death

“Alright, does everyone understand the plan?” Shiro asked, voice hushed and he was crouched amongst the rest of Team Voltron. They were hidden away in one of the many corridors of the Galra ship.

Keith nodded, “I go first, scout around and shoot and sentries I see.” He glanced at Pidge.

The green paladin spoke up, “Once he rounds the corner, I go down that hall…” She pointed behind her shoulder with her thumb, “…and make it to the control room. Once I get in, I connect our trackers to the map of the ship, and will warn you all of any danger approaching.”

Shiro nodded, looking at Hunk.

“I go behind Keith, and defend him from behind but only keep him in my vision a little. I hide the century bodies.”

Shiro nodded, “I’ll go and look for where Lotor is keeping himself hidden, based on Allura and Coran’s calculations, he should be in Zarkons bedroom.”

Lance licked his lips, “And I stay at the exit right? Guard it and have it ready for when you guys get back?”

He couldn’t help but know in his mind that his job was possibly the simplest, and definitely the most boring. Lance wasn’t actually helping majorly.

The blue paladin was met with unanimous nods, and he sighed with a smile. “I’ll keep it nice and warm for you guys.”

Shiro nodded once, getting up and glanced into their hall. “Coast is clear, Keith, head out.”

And that was how the mission started.

One by one, everyone left to fulfill their important role on this mission, and Lance was left to struggle behind.

“Guard the exit, yup, that’s exactly what my paladin ancestor had in store for me.” He started down the hallway towards the way they had come in, and the way they would exit.

“Lance McClain, sharp shooter, ladies man, guarding an exit?” He rolled his eyes, adjusting his bayard and rounded a corner to halt at the door.

Standing here would get boring way to quickly. Lance doubted any centuries even came by over here, it was so quiet.

With silence, came time for thoughts.

Frankly, when you’re in the middle of a mission that you have no significance in, those thoughts tend to wander off a dark road.

Even Hunks role seemed more worthwhile, no offense to his best friend or anything. He was Keiths guard! That was cool! Keith wasn’t like a door, doing absolutely nothing.

The Cuban started to wonder what it possibly could have been that he had done, to make Shiro and the others think he couldn’t be a big help to this mission.

Was it because he slept on one day this week before training?
Was it because he took the last pizza roll?

Maybe it was because they knew about how he stayed up at night, upset in the night, drowning in his own thoughts and insecurities?

Did they hear his heart beating on the dead of those nights? His shaky breathing?

Could they hear the tears falling between his knees where his head rested, dripping onto the tile floor? His sniffles?

Did they know about all of that and decided that was what led to his insignificance?

Of course it couldn’t be, Lance always made sure to be extra quiet. They didn’t even care that much to listen though too, right?

The thoughts became so crowded and must, that it was like a sharp hit to the neck when he finally came back to the present, out of his thoughts.

Most likely because that’s exactly what it was that brought him out. A laser of light shot through his neck, like a bullet.

Lances eyes shot wide as the first thing he saw was the blood that splattered the door in his periferal vision. Then, turning, the Galra solider that stood with his gun raised not even a few feet away.

“H-Hgk…k…” Lances knees buckled beneath him as he choked on the blood wheeling up in his throat, and the boy fell.

Against the door he was supposed to be guarding, no less.

It didn’t take long to black out from a wound like that, but the last thing he did see was the soldier falling to the ground, and a flash of purple.

WhenShiro had followed the century and found out what he had done, Shiro lost it and used his hand to make sure that bastard never got up again.

“LANCE!!!!” He shouted, running forward and cradled the boy, turning his him to look at his comrades wound.

“Fuck, oh god.” Shiro glanced at the blood that was getting everywhere, and tried desperately to use his hand to stop the bleeding.

Lance was pale, this was bad.

Shiro shouted into the coms, “Everyone get to the exit! I don’t care what you’re doing or how far you got, we need to get back to the castle!”

Answers came quickly.

“What? Shiro, why?”
“What happened?”
“Are you kidding?! What’s going on?” Pidge.

The black paladin made a frustrated sound, looking down at Lance and tryin to get him to open his eyes. “It’s Lance, he’s hurt bad.”

When thy made it to the ship, Lance finally woke up. The team were all making a joint effort to carry him, careful of how they did so do to his wound.

He should be dead, unconscious, but it was Shiros arm and his fact reacting that was keeping him going this long.


Immediately, everyone looked down and the first thing the boy with the blue eyes saw, was the tears in everyone else’s.

“Don’t worry buddy, we’re getting you to a pod.” Hunk was speaking, Lance knew.

Oh right, he was dying.
Funny, he couldn’t even feel it anymore.

Lance knew exactly where he was being taken. There was no point in it, though.

“G-G….n-n…” He shook his head.

How was he to tell them that it was no use? Lance couldn’t speaking with this hole through his vocal cords.

The only thing he could smell was blood.
It was awful and the attempt to gag had blood squelching through Shiros fingers.

The was no dramatics about it.
No slow death or goodbyes, or last agonizing thoughts to be had.

He ha gagged on the smell of his own blood. It had popped somethin in his throat that was already bleeding enough.

And he was gone.
But he was surrounded by the Team, who lowered him to the ground, and cried.

He was valuable.
But he never knew that.

i don’t understand how lesbianism is so highly sexualized i honestly don’t because you can ask ANY woman who’s ever been in a lesbian relationship that it’s rarely ever all sexual. the best parts of your relationship might be the sex, sure, but it’s also the slow goodbye kisses when you don’t want her to leave, it’s sitting by your favorite frozen yogurt stand wearing her shirt, it’s spending hours together and only feeling like minutes have passed. being a queer woman and getting to fall for another woman is a beautiful, severely underrated feeling that can knock the breath out of you and make you feel like you can take on the entire world at the same time. our love is not a fucking porn category.

Day6 and first date headcanons


  • he’s a classic guy, let’s be honest
  • he takes you out for dinner and a movie
  • but it’s not formal
  • hell no, he takes you to see a comedy movie and then you’re out to fast food
  • classy right lmao
  • so ANYWAYS he picks you up and drives you to the theater
  • Sungjin does the full nine, popcorn, drinks, candies
  • during the movie, he laughs so hard he starts choking on his drink, which makes you laugh, which makes him laugh even harder ((it’s an endless cycle and you’re both dying))
  • when the movie ends, he grabs your hand and helps you out of your seat and to the car
  • he asks what your favorite fast food place is, and he happily drives you there
  • he buys you your favorite and you two tell stories as you eat
  • but you’re both careful not to laugh and choke again lol
  • after you’re both done eating, you just kinda drive around
  • it’s actually really nice, he’s blasting the radio and you’re both singing along and he’s blowing you away with his amazing voice
  • he’s the type of guy that you can talk to and never get bored
  • and he’s dancing and goofing off with the windows rolled down
  • when he finally drives you home, you’re both slow to say goodbye because you had so much fun
  • “today was really great”
  • “and um, I really wanna thank you for coming out with me”
  • “this has probably been one of the best first dates I’ve been on…”
  • “so is it okay if I ask for a second date?”


  • he’d wanna do something fun and casual so what better than a carnival
  • he’d probably try to show off a bit by trying to win the games but he lost 9/10 times bc those things are rigged yall don’t trust them
  • but he did somehow manage to win the game where you throw the baseball at the bottles
  • even he was surprised he won at first
  • but as soon as it sunk in, he played it cool, like he toooootally knew he was gonna win
  • you picked out a pink stuffed bear and wonpil thought you two looked so adorable together he had to take a picture
  • “it’s not my fault that you’re cute, Y/N”
  • but yeah you two are sharing cotton candy and acting super sweet
  • like honestly, my teeth are rotting as I type this, that’s how sweet
  • he’s such a gentleman, he’s helping you up and down stairs and opening doors for you and giving you 100% of his attention
  • you two decide to get on the carousel
  • which is all great until wonpil practically falls off the horse at the end of the ride
  • “it’s high up okay don’t tease me!”
  • and you just laughed and grabbed his hand and pulled him to the next ride
  • by the end of the day, you’ve been on so many rides together, you’re full of amazing food, and you have your little pink bear to cuddle
  • he walks you up to your door and grabs your hand
  • “thanks for an amazing date, Y/N”
  • “maybe… we can go on another one sometime soon?”
  • and all you can do is nod enthusiastically
  • gosh he’s so happy omg


  • he asked you to the park
  • honestly he had other plans for your first date, but it’s just so nice out that he can’t help himself
  • so you happily grab your stuff and go with him to the park
  • at first you’re just walking along the sidewalk, talking and giggling, until he drags you towards a hill
  • at the top of the hill, there are trashcan lids
  • at first, you’re confused. why are those there?
  • but then you see dowoon sitting on top of one and then you understand
  • you line your lid up with his, sit down, and get ready to race
  • “one, two…. GO!”
  • what a cheater, he didn’t even say three
  • and just like that, you push off, sliding down the hill, both of you laughing like crazy
  • of course Dowoon won, he cheated, after all
  • so you grab his hand and drag him back up the hill to go again
  • at first it was all about racing, but as time passed, it turned into just goofing off
  • you went down the hill backwards, he tried to go down while standing up ((but he fell off halfway down and rolled the rest of the way lmao))
  • and eventually, he sat you in his lap and you tried to go down together
  • it was a total flop, you flew off one way and he flew off the other
  • but it was so much fun
  • after that, he bought you something from a snack stand nearby
  • you walked together, telling stories and happily eating until you realized he had walked you all the way back home
  • you were sad that it was over for a minute before he looked up, blushing slightly
  • “is it okay if we do this again soon?”
  • hell yeah it’s okay
  • both of you are grinning like fools


  • when he asked you out, you had no idea where he was taking you
  • but when you pulled up, you weren’t surprised to see he took you to one of those restaurant/arcade places that has a buffet and a million games
  • this boy bought so many tokens that you were almost worried he blew all his money lmao
  • but as soon as he got the hundreds of tokens, he dragged you over to the games
  • Jae is amazing at skee ball
  • he’s a literal god
  • you turn around for 5 seconds and when you turn back he’s got a shit-eating grin on his face and an armful of tickets
  • you’re playing all sorts of games and it’s all sunshine and rainbows until
  • “I bet I can beat you at air hockey”
  • exCUSE
  • so you take him up on his challenge
  • it’s the most extra thing lmao you’re both getting stares from everyone around you because you’re roasting the hell out of each other while you’re playing
  • “learn how to hit the puck!”
  • “learn how to hit it back!”
  • you’re both children honestly
  • by the time you’re both too tired to play any more games, you both have a bunch of tickets
  • you tell Jae you’re hungry and he grabs your hand without hesitation and drags you to get pizza
  • he’s the type of guy that you literally can’t feel uncomfortable with, he’s cracking jokes and telling you all kinds of stories
  • when you’re done, you stand up and race him to the ticket counting machine
  • you got exactly 1 more ticket than him lmao he’s a sore loser and pouts all the way to the gift counter
  • you spot a giant stuffed chicken on the top shelf but you don’t have enough tickets for it
  • you don’t even ask but Jae is handing all his tickets to the clerk, and combined, you have just enough to get it
  • the drive back to your house is filled with laughter
  • before you get out of the car, he stops you
  • “Y/N, I had a lot of fun today”
  • “and I was thinking,”
  • “maybe we could do this again in the near future?”

Young K

  • what’s fun and exciting?
  • roller blading obviously
  • so that’s what he takes you to do for your first date
  • now, you’re a bit hesitant
  • because roller blading is hard okay
  • plenty of opportunities to embarrass yourself lmao thanks Brian Young K
  • but he’s really sweet, he gets your skates for you and helps you lace them up and everything
  • what a gent amirite
  • you get out onto the rink
  • and you fall instantly
  • like complete wipeout
  • and this little sweet, adorable, perfect man is sitting there laughing his ass off ((how rude))
  • so when he reaches down to help you up, you yank him down so that you’re both on the floor
  • “that’s not nice!”
  • “then don’t laugh at me!”
  • of course, he’s still laughing while you both sit there on the ground looking stupid
  • finally, he gets up and pulls you up with him
  • you almost fall again, but he grabs your hands and grins
  • you’re skating super slow, scared to slip and there are kids literally going circles around you two lmao
  • Young K would completely focus on helping you feel comfortable and get going
  • and after a little while, you’re skating side by side
  • “wanna race?”
  • you were unsure at first, but then decided why not?
  • so you both grab the wall and wait for him to count down
  • “three, two, one, GO!”
  • and you’re both pushing off and racing across the rink
  • you run into the wall and then notice that Young K isn’t there
  • you beat him omg
  • when he gets to you he’s cheering and hugging you and it’s so cute
  • he takes you home and is shyly rubbing the back of his neck
  • “hey, Y/N”
  • “will you go out with me again soon?”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Length: 1.8k
Warnings: blood/injury mention
Note: this was supposed to be really angsty but @spidereyhes unknowingly talked me down from it! it’s very loosely based around Northern Downpour, one of my favourite songs. anyways enjoy some fluff!!

The rain comes in waves- for a while, it pitters and patters, barely the misty makings of a soggy day. Then, without any form of warning, it crashes back to life. Sheets of rain sweep across the streets in a torrential downpour that soaks the whole of New York City. Underneath the dark clouds, everything appears muted. The world is a mottled assortment of greys and blues, dreary and dark.

From the window seat of her apartment in Queens, Y/N watches. Large raindrops slam so violently into the glass that for a time, she fears it might break. With her head leaned against the cool surface of the wall, Y/N can’t help but become transfixed by the violence just outside her window. Despite the harshness of the rain, it instills a sense of vague nostalgia deep inside of her. She’s seen rain like this, before. In fact, the thrumming of the rain on her window pane was like an old friend. The rain, after all, was there for everything. Everything that mattered, anyways.

It’s incredible, Y/N muses, how such similar rain can feel so different.

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Requested by anonymous

You weren’t naive, you knew that this man was flirting with you but instead of getting upset you just decided to ignore it. Besides you already let him know you weren’t interested but admittedly you were a little bored and you enjoyed having someone to talk to, whether he knew that you were already in a relationship or not.

To your great surprise in the middle of your conversation Ed came stomping over to you and took your hand rather aggressively.
“[Y/N] we should be going” he said firmly. You raised an eyebrow but instead of explaining what was going on with him Ed dragged you away before you could even say a polite goodbye.

“Ed slow down” you said pulling your hand away once you were far enough away from the man.
“Acting a little jealous, are we?”.

“Why were you letting him flirt with you?” Ed demanded.

“Oh Ed. You have nothing to worry about. I care about you and you only. That guy was a complete loser alright” you chuckled softly, shaking your head “though, I do kind of like it when you get all protective”.


Chapter 14 of Passing Ships is posted!

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Tags: Slow Burn, Pining, Anti-Soulmate AU, Cupid Cas

Sneak Peek:


Castiel straightens, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. “Dean.”

“Why the hell are you here?”

Castiel shakes his head, silent and at a loss of what to say, Dean stares at him strangely, face slowly lighting up in recognition.

“What are you—are you stalking me?”


“Were you listening in on my conversation? That whole thing?” Dean strides to plant himself firmly in front of him, eyes flashing. “Well?”

Closing his eyes at the rush of shame that bolts through him, Castiel nods. “It’s my job.”

“So you’ve been spying on every date I’ve been on with Lisa?”

“It was my job,” Castiel repeats miserably.

Dean lets out an exasperated scoff, throwing his arms in the air. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It would ruin the observations.”

“The ‘observations?’” Dean repeats back, incredulously. “I was right, all those weeks ago—I really am just some kind of experiment to you, aren’t I?”

“No, Dean, of course not.” Castiel takes a step forward, hand outstretched toward his friend, although he’s not entirely sure what the intended destination is. “You have to understand, it was orders from Heaven. Part of my job. If it were up to me, your privacy would not have been invaded.”

Dean narrows his eyes, chewing his bottom lip as he studies Castiel. Finally, he stuffs his hands in his pockets and sighs, the anger deflating from his shoulders. “You’re always gonna be following orders from Heaven, aren’t you?”

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Start from Beginning

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Home Calling

Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

Requested by anon: 07 Winchester!sister (Dean centric)

prompt: “Please call”

Summary: Dean and the his sister!reader get into an argument and she leaves. After a month of being away, and facing hardships, she can’t bear it and calls her bub to come pick her up and finally go home.

WARNINGS: fluff + angst = flangst

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VICTON has released the MV for “Unbelievable,” the title track of their 3rd mini-album “Identity.”

1. 말도 안돼 Unbelievable
2. 뺏길까봐 Stay With Me
3. 느린 이별 Slow Goodbye
4. Flower
5. Light

Buy “Identity” on iTunes

Person B knowing they’re undoubtedly about to die within the next few seconds, likely from the gaping wound they’re bleeding out from. Instead of calling for help, they phone Person A and carry on a casual conversation as if nothing is wrong, making sure to mention how much they love them before their time runs out. 

Maybe, Lightning thought, she’d just got what was coming to her.

Sure, this was a hefty price to pay, but even so, she’d never been all that great at verbal confrontation. Going out to slice down some monsters? That was much more her style. If only she and Hope could’ve exchanged blows in a battle, maybe things would be different.

She pressed a trembling hand to her side, huffing out a breath that sounded almost amused when her fingers came away covered in blood. All of her years in the Corps were instinctively telling her that she was losing way too much.

Oh, well. At least the Behemoth was dead, though not before it’d taken a chunk out of her.

Lightning’s head felt foggy, which was even more scary than her gaping wound. Normally she was sharp as a tack and could rely on instinct while thinking on her feet. She just didn’t do cloudy minds.

Somehow, that was what prompted her to finally make the slow, agonizing crawl to her pack, which had fallen off a few feet away from her – a distance she could walk in just two or three strides, but took almost a full minute when she could barely move. Though her hands were still shaking, she managed to unclasp her pack and quickly found her phone.

Help, she thought. I need to call for help.

But she was out basically in the middle of nowhere. She knew for a fact that it would take a rescue team a good hour or so to get down here…if they could even find her at all, despite the phone’s GPS service.

Did she have that kind of time?

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Frat Boy (Part 9)

Originally posted by subcas

Summary: Dean and reader return home and transition into the next part of their relationship…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Tags: @dancingalone21 @daydreamingintheimpala @pulgapelayo18@perpetualabsurdity  @jessiedangerous @charliebradbury1104 @squirels-angels-and-moose

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,602

Warnings: language, drugging, implied smut

A/N: Only like a little tiny amount of implied smut but you’ll get your fill next time, don’t you worry…

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NEW PLAYLISTS ♪ \( ̄▽ ̄)/ ♪ 

Hello ladies! This is just a service announcement to let you know that we’ve started up new playlists. 

All new playlists only contain songs from the original one, which is of course still updated every time we post a song. Overview of girlslovegirlslovegirls playlists: 

girlslovegirlslovegirlsOur original playlist where you will find all our posted songs in one. 
Songs so far: 257

girlslovegirlslovegirls - DANCE: A playlist for some of the more upbeat songs from the original list that’re more party friendly than the rest. Get a glass of your designated poison and get going.
Songs so far: 69

girlslovegirlslovegirls - Slow love:

The slow, cosy songs full of love for a special someone or women in general. Good for sunday mornings and rainy day cuddles. 
Songs so far: 106

girlslovegirlslovegirls - bedroom fun: I’m sure you get the drift. 
Songs so far: 17

girlslovegirlslovegirls - slow goodbye:  Did she just leave and do you need something to help you stimulate your tearducts, give this list a listen. Warning: do not listen while drinking. Call a friend instead. 
Songs so far: 32

girlslovegirlslovegirls - fuckity bye: Sometimes shouting and dancing is the answer instead of crying.  
Songs so far: 10

girlslovegirlslovegirls - DYKE: a small but very gay playlist with songs that only talk about the fact that they’re so gay. 
Songs so far: 6

girlslovegirlslovegirls - Mods fave: Mod Sims personal favorite songs from the original playlist. 
Songs so far: 34

Have at it girls. 

2014 is almost over so here’s a list of the songs I listened the most this year, in no particular order. Hope you enjoy it !

  • SIDE A

  1. Chrome Sparks - “The Meaning Of Love
  2. Ambassadeurs - “From You
  3. Populous feat. Cuushe - “Fall
  4. Odesza feat. Monsoonsiren - “Memories That You Call
  5. Slow Magic - “Waited 4 U
  6. Zhu - “Faded” (Odesza Remix)
  7. Yumi Zouma - “Alena
  8. Flight Facilities feat. Micky Green - “Stand Still” (Slow Magic Remix)
  9. Spazzkid - “Goodbye
  10. Rubblebucket - “Sound Of Erasing” (Chrome Sparks Remix)
  11. Moon Bounce - “Shake
  12. Beach Season - “Midnights <3
  13. Collarbones - “Burnout
  14. Bewilderbeast - “Another
  15. Scenic - “Ride The Thrill
  16. Kisses - “Up All Night” (Holy Models Remix)
  17. Welcome Back Sailors - “Best Friends
  18. Casa Del Mirto - “Pressure
  19. Yalls - “Finally
  20. Ennui - “Circles
  21. Com Truise - “Subsonic
  22. Home - “Resonance
  23. Tycho - “Awake” (Com Truise Remix)
  24. Summer Heart - “U Got All I’m Looking 4
  25. Duck House - “Crossing
  26. Goldroom - “Till Sunrise”
  27. Brothertiger - “Lovers” (Modern Rework)
  28. Reginald Garland - “Chillin Out” (Poolside Edit)
  29. Kasket Club - “Straight West
  30. Daoda - “Naipaul
  31. Flowers Or Razorwire feat. Hello Again - “Snow Tropics
  32. Box Of Wolves - “Let’s Start Again
  33. Aimes - “On Holiday
  34. Silverclub - “Back To The Start
  35. Andras Fox - “Rock On
  36. 5 Reasons feat. Patrick Baker - “Tales Of Love
  37. Anoraak - “Made Up” (Endless Summer Version)
  38. Zorbs feat. @iamemiil - “Me, You &
  39. Cannons - “Touch
  40. Millionyoung - “Fade Away
  41. Isaac Galvez - “Sable
  42. Chévere - “Jvst When
  43. Dominic Pierce - “Needs
  44. Pyxis - “Fireworks
  45. Capo Blanco - “A Promise Love
  46. Sazabio - “Minsane
  47. Nouveau Cliché - “Vanity
  48. Lipstick Elite - “I Will Satisfy”
  49. Mirror Kisses - “Bleed
  50. Blood Cultures - “Mercury Child
  51. Sloww Lyfe - “Direct Messages
  52. Secret Attraction - “After All
  53. Hawaii94 - “Apparition
  54. True Lust feat. Outlands - “Silk & Lace
  55. Juno - “Trust in Me
  56. The Police - “Darkness” (Two Thousand 808 Edit)
  57. Hello Again - “Gone
  58. A Copy for Collapse - “Lucid Dream” (Juno Remix)
  59. A Gap Between - “Ombré Haze
  60. Gangplans feat. Owenstone - “Summer Lane
  61. Morg - “Breath
  62. Crystl Melt - “Secrets
  63. Niva - “Change Of Weather
  64. Literature - “Romance” (Walkie Talkie Remix)
  65. Sleepy Dinosaur - “One Night Stand
  66. Airglow - “Far Apart
  67. Walkie Talkie - “Don’t Give Up
  68. Shy Wołve - “Coincé À Nouveau
  69. Sloslylove - “Can’t Let Go
  70. Glimpse - “Strain & Straw
  71. Benny Boi - “Slow Dance
  72. Tora Tora - “Skyline
  73. Topaz - “Up To You
  74. Mush - “41.9° N, 12.5° E
  75. Panther Martin - “Garden
  76. Surf Dad - “Honey
  77. Delta Club - “Valun
  78. Tycho - “Montana
  79. X3SR - “Melancholia
  80. Dream Koala - “Earth
  81. Djao - “Foreign Heart
  82. Bibio - “Down To The Sound
  83. Kavemura - “See The Dawn
  84. Earthquake Island feat. Mocca - “Naked Water
  85. Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies - “Her Touch” (Sun Glitters Remix)
  86. Machweo - “Tramonto
  87. Earthquake Island - “Fantastic” (Sun Glitters Remix)
  88. Populous feat. Giorgio Tuma - “Brasilia
  89. Caribou - “Can’t Do Without You
  90. Gold Panda - “Clarke’s Dream
  91. Blackbird Blackbird feat. Britt Warner - “Young
  92. Baths - “Ocean Death
  93. Reid - “Singapore
  94. Kaasi - “Work With Me
  95. Hounded - “Hearts
  96. Tyde - “Close
  97. Blackbird Blackbird - “Hold On
  98. Caribou - “Sun” (Teen Daze Remix)
  99. Bonobo - “Pelican
  100. Lone - “Aurora Northern Quarter
  101. Les Sins - “Talk About
  102. M+A - “When” (Fare Soldi Remix)
  103. Majid Jordan - “All I Do” (Telescope Thieves Edit)
  104. Darius - “Espoir
  105. - “Don’t Wanna Dance” (Darius Remix)
  106. Ben Macklin feat. Emma Brammer - “It’s Over
  107. Glen Check - “Paint It Gold” (Anoraak Remix)
  108. Glen Check - “I’ve Got This Feeling” (Kartell Remix)
  109. Zimmer feat. KLP - “Sensify Me
  110. Touch Sensitive - “Slowments
  111. Pomo feat. Andrea Cormier - “Start Again”
  112. Marlin - “Zebra
  113. Pomo - “Aerobix
  114. Wave Racer - “Streamers
  115. Panama - “Destroyers” (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)
  116. Ryan Hemsworth - “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” (Wave Racer Remix)
  117. Cosmo’s Midnight feat. Polographia - “Goodnight
  118. NoRome - “I.Lost
  119. Fear Club - “No Mystery
  120. Tapes - “Voicemail
  121. Imprintafter - “This Time
  122. Redwood - “So Chi
  123. Phil Gerus - “Opposites Left Together
  • SIDE B

  1. Flying Lotus - “Coronus, The Terminator
  2. Teebs - “View Point
  3. Monster Rally - “Sunflower
  4. Rumtum - “Ruby Dime
  5. Submerse - “Snorlax
  6. Psymun - “Cold In Here
  7. Thrupence - “Don’t You Mind
  8. Mndsgn - “Eggs
  9. Matthewdavid - “In My World
  10. Abjo - “Saudade
  11. Flamingosis - “Going Up!
  12. Sango - “Me dê Amor
  13. Kaytranada feat. Shay Lia - “Leave Me Alone
  14. Evil Needle & Sivey - “Constructive Interference
  15. Giraffage - “Anxiety
  16. Saint Pepsi -Mr. Wonderful
  17. Eest Coast - “Never Change
  18. CYGN - “Tears in Wine
  19. Eest Coast - “My Luv” (Saint Pepsi Remix)
  20. Shagabond - “Tuna Melt
  21. Flourish Fill - “Tic Tac Toe
  22. Lakim - “A Pimp Named Slickback
  23. Zuper - “Let You Know
  24. Noocene O’Neal - ❝So High
  25. Sagevideos - “Lemonade Baths
  26. Shampoo God - “Chill トースト
  27. Yung Hentai - “Triforce
  28. Ultra ウルトラ - “人工N℈XUS
  29. Pixelord - “Portal (VHS Logos Remix)
  30. VHS Logos - “U-Matic
  31. Jacob 2-2 - “Riker’s Beard
  32. Navigateur - “Runnin’
  33. Drip Drop - “RX–78
  34. Eastghost - “Voyeur
  35. Beemo - “Cashed Out
  36. Luviia - “Sticky End
  37. Beatmachinearon - “Wind
  38. Luviia feat. Kaligraph E - “Wayshewalks
  39. Kodak Cameo - “Gamble
  40. Missing Hito - “You and Me, Baby (Side Walk Strut)
  41. Beatboxbandit - “Kart
  42. Deadxbeat - “Cookin’ It Up
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  44. Lewpz - “Upright
  45. Aso. - “Mch Joy.
  46. Lapti - “Hawaiian
  47. Casting - “Luveasy
  48. Vector Graphics - “Destine
  49. Bbrainz feat. Casting - “Home Design
  50. Casting feat. Mane Mane - “40 oz
  51. Ritchrd - “Sea
  52. Onra - “Blast
  53. Timid Soul x Vice Point - “Purp
  54. Merlinda/Walls - “Departure
  55. Tails - “Your Side
  56. Flamingosis x A Sol Mechanic - “The Touch
  57. Maitro - “Art Vandelay
  58. Harris Cole - “Baby, I Love You
  59. Pier.Point - “What Can You Do
  60. Mtbrd - “Houdini
  61. Handbook - “From The Start
  62. Vanilla - “Girl
  63. Kev//Bot - “Miracles
  64. Ernst Jr. - Sunshine
  65. Libano - “Servicio Gómez
  66. Booty Thrill - “Stop N Look
  67. Basement Love - “A Slow Night
  68. Milos - “Hypnotize
  69. Knight One - “Swords Cry
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  86. Rollergirl - “U & I
  87. Beerlover - “Stereo Funk
  88. Tuuwa - “Dearest
  89. Lancaster - “Basement Dance
  90. Harrison - “Help Yourself To My Love
  91. StewRat - “Ever Since
  92. Ash Reynlods - “Into My Life
  93. Venturex - “Light Show
  94. Dainumo - “Console Disco
  95. Literature - “ファンク
  96. Luxury Elite x Macross 82-99 - “ウォーク·オン·バイ
  97. Flamingosis x Yung Bae - “Groovin’
  98. Parrot Jungle 95 - “Return Of The Parrot
  99. Bansheebeat x Yung Bae - “Summer
  100. Supersex420 x Moon Raid -“ダンスClub
  101. Tendencies - “そこにそれがある
  102. Architecture in Tokyo - “Forever
  103. Kyross - “At Last
  104. Mike Tenay - “Holy Smokes
  105. Supersex420 - “シュターツsashagreyでのパーティー
  106. Drew Treez - “どのように感じていますか
  107. ЛЕНЬ - “100 Ogahaus
  108. Tuuwa & Golden Living Room - “Double Crossed” (Dance edit)
  109. Esprit 空想 - “Slow 2014
  110. Donna Lewis - “I ♡ U, Always Forever” (Noocene O’Neal Edit)
  111. Dreamstar - “Golden Circuit
  112. Swim Good - “Sorority Squat
  113. Baby Sloth - “New Dance Show
  114. 猫 シ Corp. - “Luxury’s Fortune
  115. Phoenix #2772 - “Beautiful Situation
  116. Delta金Topco - “United Colors Of 金
  117. Beta Hi-Fi - “Midnight ラヴァーズ
  118. Abelard - “☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?
  119. 회사Auto - “The Dress / The Last Time
  120. Oneohtrix Point Never - “Rush
  121. Nmesh - “Dream Sequins®
  122. Dreams West - “Wet Paint

[ Artwork by Andrew Walker ]
Christmas Story from @nekomimiranger

HI everyone!

I have received a secret Santa present as you all know from this post: And I would love to share with you an amazing “secret” project by @nekomimiranger that have managed to WRITE IT DOWN AT THE PAPER FOR ME and I was sooooooooo happy about this, I treasure his handwriting at the Zootopia case of mine, I have read it to my family that loved it as much as I am and I keep rereading it frequently! It’s so awesome, you should simply read this!!! Thank you again, Santa! I am soooo lucky this year, I can’t believe it! ENJOY! EVERYONE!
One week before Christmas eve at the ZPD

“I am sorry, Hopps but I need you here. ” Chief Bogo said in a soft voice.
“I am sure this must be hard for you but we lack the staff during the holidays. I am sure you do understand that. Now if that was all, you are dismissed.”

Judy nodded with a sad face and left the office with droopy ears.
This would be the first time she’d be away from home during Christmas and she did not expect to feel so sad about it. It is the first time she felt really homesick.

She waited for the shift to end before asking Bogo, so she now headed downstairs toward the exit to head home. On her way out she heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, Carrots. There you are!” Her partner and best friend, the fox, Nick Wilde called for her.
“Its still early and we cracked a tough case today so how about we head to the O'Rhinoes and celebrate?” He asked cheerful.

“No thanks, I need to rest. The next time maybe.” Was her weak reply.

Nick was surprised by the deep sadness he noted in her face and was worried.

“Is everything alright? You look down.”

“I’m fine, Nick. I am just tired.” she faked a slow yawn, said goodbye and went away.

Nick saw through her charade and decided to investigate. She came down the stairs so the Chief’s office was the place he now headed to.

Christmas eve

Judy hasn’t been her usual self all week. Nick knew what was bugging her after Bogo told him, she asked to get Christmas off to visit her parents. He had do decline because there were too few officers on duty and she was still a rookie who has to fill in the gaps.

Nick hated seeing his partner down like this and decided to take some actions to lighten her mood. Today was the day he’d set his plan into motion.

They were assigned to patrol Savannah central where thousands of mammals were running around in panic trying to get a last time present or wandering around the several Christmas markets.
Despite the hectic and number of mammals around, they had surprisingly little to do what made Nick sighed in relief. He did not want his plan to be crushed by some drunken beaver who thought it would be wise to fight an elephant.

It was close to midnight when their shift was almost over. Nick drove their car through some small alleys. Judy did not know these little hidden roads and asked Nick where they were heading.

“I got something to do. Don’t worry. It will be over quick and then we can finally go home.” Was his reply.

After some turns, the car stopped at a small plaza in which’s mid stood a Christmas tree surrounded by 4 market stalls.

Judy did not know what to think about this. She never has heard of this place but Nick seemed to know it so she followed him as they left the cruiser.

Nick walked directly to the Christmas tree. As Judy followed him there she noticed that the lids of the market stands were closed and no one seem to be around but she and Nick.

“Are you sure this is a good place for a break? It’s closed and I had hoped to get a coffee somewhere.” Judy complained.

Nick reached the tree and turned towards Judy who almost bumped into him.

The wicked smile he showed her somehow made her nervous. Did he set up one of his silly “hustles” again?

“Judy,” he began softly,

“You haven’t been yourself for a while now. You are sad and feel homesick.”

The sudden revelation surprised her. She wanted to concur but he did not let her say a word.

“Don’t try to fool me, Carrots. We are partners in and outside of work for a long time now. I should be the one feeling sad, for you not telling me on your own. You know I am always there for you.”

Judy felt terrible as she realized that he was right but his expression didn’t change. He still was grinning and his voice sounded happy.

“But as you know, I am a cunning fox and you will never be able to fool me.
Well, that is besides the point now anyway. I know that Bogo did not let you visit your home. So I decided to bring your home to Zootopia.”

As on command all the market-stands opened their lids and in every single one she saw some of her siblings from Bunny-Burrow. As she spun around she also noticed her parents, who must have sneaked up behind her.

She turned back to Nick with a confused look.

He smiled gently and said in a soft voice.

“Merry Christmas, Carrots!”