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Gon is in a relationship with someone else. Killua is seriously pining and is in a lot of pain over it.

slow down satan, like damn!

He was hurting and that didn’t make sense because Killua Zoldyck doesn’t hurt.

There was a dull throbbing behind his eyes. He pressed his palms against it but it wouldn’t go away, wouldn’t weaken. Tiny slivers of sunlight pushed through the blinds of the motel room window which made a certain red color illuminate against his eyelids.

He wasn’t sure what he expected. When they had decided to split up a year ago he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. Now he’d gotten one of Gon’s update emails and this time he’d found something he wished he hadn’t read.

Oh and… I’m dating someone now!

Killua read over the sentence fairly quickly the first time. It took a few moments for the statement to register, his brain short-circuiting as his eyes scanned over the words again and again with an inability to comprehend. His emotions turned jagged and his insides tight.

No way. He wasn’t jealous as he thought of Gon holding someone else’s hand. He wasn’t jealous as he thought of them hugging each other, or the thought of them giving Gon a kiss on the cheek when they’d see him. Absolutely not. It didn’t make his knuckles white, it didn’t make his body stiff.

Alluka was still sleeping, her back pressed against his. It was a constant reminder of his priorities and his reasons for leaving Gon, for exploring the world with her. She was his sister, the most important person in his life. She came first, even before Gon, so he chose to separate, to leave him, but it was only natural that Gon would find someone else just as special as Killua.

However, Killua felt more connected to Gon than any person he’d ever met. He knew his reasons for separating; Gon respected and understood them, supported them. Why couldn’t Killua understand this, support this? After everything Gon had done to accept him for who he was, why was he so wounded over him finding someone else like him?

The extent in which he cared about Gon was abnormal. It wasn’t something felt between friends but instead something much more. The realization was too late, twelve months too late.

That could have been me.

If he hadn’t left, if he hadn’t separated, if he had just brought Gon with him, they could have been together right now. He wouldn’t have to watch, helpless, as Gon replaced him with someone else who was just as good as him if not better. Killua hadn’t experienced this feeling before since the sadness was still there but not raw anymore—just a raw, empty dissociation—the kind he didn’t think would easily lift.

Killua reached over to take his phone, sitting up in bed with his back against the headboard. He had so many questions: were they a he or a she? Were they as damaged as Killua, or were they Gon’s perfect match? How long had they been together? Were they better than him?

Instead, he found himself typing something, a message that concealed every single emotion he’d bottled inside of him.

Congratulations, Gon. I’m really happy for you.

When he pressed the send button, Killua touched his cheeks and realized they were wet.

I’m an idiot.

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Heeeey mom i know your off rn but HERES A COOL DISOVERY THING THAT WILL TOTALLY NOT HAPPEN BUT I WANT TO HAPPEN: Kirk comes out of the nexus. He ends up on the discovery during one of their spore jumps, and Culber takes one look at him and says he’s dying. They try to save him, the whole crew. Lorca says that this future man could be vital in winning the war. Kirk barely talks- and the Michael vists him. She brings her book, thinking to read to this strange sick man from the future (1/2)

(2/2) and Jim sees the copy of Alice In Wonderland and finally cracks that classic shatnerian Kirk smile, looking happy. Michael asks what made him happy, he says his best friend loved that book. Michael smiles and says her adopted mother Amanda read it to her and her brother. Kirk chuckles and finally says “ah well, I guess all Amanda’s are good.” Michael is confused, but then realizes that this best friend Kirk never shuts up about is her brother Spock. There’s a logical thing to do next (2/3)

3)She leaves Kirk, we get a scene with Jim and Culber talking about Bones, or maybe one with STAMETS and or tilly talking about the Klingons. And then, just as Kirk is going into heart failure, she comes back in. She brings up the holophone in Kirk’s room. Spock is on the other end- confused, but willing to help in anyway. Jim starts to cry when he sees his friend. James Kirk spends the last moments of his life crying from pure joy and talking to spock. Our Jim finally gets the death he’s earned

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLIIIIIIIiIIIIII!?!?!??!?!? I don’t know if I should thank you for this or cry? Or both? This is so lovely! You always create the best “Jim comes out of the Nexus” stories, and this one is such a great way to integrate it into DSC! BUT LIKE JESUS? My heart??? Old Jim crying at the sight of a young Spock JUST BEFOREHEDIES? Someone reblogged your commentary on that one post with “woah slow down Satan” and I’m tempted to echo that sentiment! XD

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Your art oh my god your ART how was I supposed to prep myself for how good it was gonna be like slow down Satan slow down but really tho ANYWAYS since you mentioned Kookie is the best kisser is he your favorite person to do things with or nah?? Ily😆

JOON: “Actually, Kookie’s the only cammer I know so far. There’s more of us, but I still have yet to meet them.. I know there’s a cammer just like me and Kookie- another cat~”

JOON: “I think I started this mainly out of genuine curiosity for the art. I wasn’t very serious about it until I met Kook on a very life changing night.”

JOON: “I’m so sorry, baby, I’ve been gone a couple days..~ I actually just did a collab with little bun-Kookie not too long ago! Kookie’ll be posting it soon, so keep an eye out and a hand in your pants.”


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So imagine a version of the Drift AU, where Dipper fails to make contact with Mabel, despite his best efforts. Instead, he first reunites with his family when the Triplets summon him on a stupid dare. (Of course by that point he'd probably be too demonic to recognize them as anything close to family.)

Slow down there Satan

1st of August

This is a story of how the Seven healed after the war. This is a story about how life kept going, no matter what.


Late in the night, once Camp has stopped burning and everyone’s sleeping, they meet up in Percy’s cabin. They don’t sleep, or talk, or cry. They just sit on the hard floor, staring into the nothingness. They breathe in and out. Deeply. They think about those who remain. They hold hands and silently recall those who are gone : parents, friends. And Leo.

There will be a time for words and tears, but this time has not come yet. Right now, all they do is breathe. Because they can.


That year, there are tears and words. Laughs, too, but hysterical ones. They all pile up in Sally’s living room in a nest of covers and pillows. That year, Leo is with them, fidgeting and talking too loud. But that year, they don’t sleep either. They lay there, all intertwined with each other, and talk. They recall adventures they had together and ones that nobody knew of. Percy and Annabeth say “Tartarus” for the first time and their haunted eyes scare the rest of The Seven a little. They whisper secrets and scream out rage and mourn their ghosts. Those ghosts won’t ever leave, nor will the soreness in their hearts. But for a brief moment, when Hazel leans against Percy, when Annabeth squeezes Piper’s hand and when Jason hugs Frank, they think that, maybe, someday, their wounds will scar.


That year, they spend the night in Percy and Annabeth’s apartment in New Athens. The city in not done building yet, but just laying there on the brand new floor gives them hope. Foolishly, maybe, but hope is still hope and they always need it. That year, things have changed. Piper and Jason are off to New Rome for college, Percy and Annabeth are working on their city and Hazel became lead centurion. That night, tough, they weep and shriek out all the pain they know how to hide, now. They whisper about the dead bodies with empty eyes staring at them every night. They confess their anger fits and panic attacks. But late into the night, they make plans and murmur wishes. As the sun rises up in the sky, the shadows on their souls get slowly shone off by the light.


Exactly 10 years after the fateful night, the 7 demigods invade Cabin 3 again. It’s a weird throwback, really. Like all those years have passed and everything is the same. Of course, this is not true. Everything is different. First, Leo is with them, as loud as usual. Then, there are those gold bands around Frank’s and Hazel’s fingers. Little things have changed, too: crinkles around eyes, scruffy chins, and smaller circles around eyes. There’s also, much more importantly, the bump of Piper’s belly. During the night, she wraps her arms around this beautiful new life and cries. Because she is happy, of course, to have a future nobody expected her to live long enough to have. She also cries because she is terrified. That she won’t love her child enough, or that the kid won’t love her. She is frightened that that their dark, twisted world will take her baby away from her from happiness and love. In the midst of her breakdown, the others have started wiling, too. Not just from anger and pain, such a little part of who they are, now. That year, they cry from fear, from terror that this beautiful, unexpected life they are carefully building will be shattered.


Surprisingly, that year, they don’t sleep. They all thought they would, with young children keeping them awake every night.(Though they’re not complaining, children are better than nightmares.) Instead of getting some most-needed rest, they all pile up on a couch, just like when they were teenagers. They spend hours talking, but avoiding painful subjects. They don’t want to wake old monsters now that there is some much more to lose. But it has to get out. The masks of serenity that they wear for their kids fall off and they find themselves choking on tears. They hold each others and don’t  tell useless reassurances.


Something happened that summer. Something scary, that brings back the old demons they wish had disappeared. Percy and Annabeth’s daughter was attacked. Percy found a huge hellhound waiting for him at the door f his house a few weeks before, with his daughter bravely trying to kill the vicious beast. Now, Sandy is safe in Camp. But she won’t always be. None of their children will be. Soon, the Gods will trick them into their sick power games and monsters will chase them into darkness. Soon, their world will wreck those innocent kids like it has destroyed their parents. That is why the Seven are trembling, that night.


That year, Frank is not with them. Hi stick finally burnt. A slow, quiet flame, for the slow, quiet life he had. It’s been months already, so the pain doesn’t tear them apart like it used to. Tonight, though, his absence hurts a lot. They miss his warm cuddles and soft humming. They long for his comprehending looks and constant proximity. It had been the seven of them for so long, and now it isn’t, and the world makes no sense anymore.


Annabeth is alone in Cabin 3. She closes her eyes and pretends that they’re all here with her like they used to be: loud, supporting, and happy. She hears Piper’s laugh as Leo pokes her in the ribs, tastes Hazel’s coconut cake and feels Jason at her side, leaning into her just as much as she leans on him. She smells Percy’s hair, salty and sweet, so familiar and heart-warming. Even if her back hurts, she lies down on the floor and recalls their adventures: retrieving the lightning bolt, finding a way out of the Labyrinth, saving the world for the first time. Sketching the Argo with Leo, finding her mother’s statue, winning a second war. Getting married, having kids, watching them grow up. The memories have started to fade already. Faces blur and voices become echoes. But just tonight, Annabeth allows herself to close her eyes and live through memories.

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