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anonymous asked:

so i've been thinking about making some sloppy joes and was just wondering: where in the grocery store does one find guacamole mix? (PS sorry if you've answered this question already)

Well, bearing in mind I’m speaking strictly of American supermarket-style grocery stores, but usually near the canned goods there’s a shelf or two of “packet” mixes – spaghetti sauce mix, sloppy joe mix, enchilada or taco sauce mix, and sometimes mixes for slow-cooker recipes (the soup mixes are in a different area generally). They’re basically small packets that contain seasonings for making sauces and such. If they’re not near the canned goods, usually like around the canned tomatoes, then you should try near the salad dressing, or sometimes next to the spices. They’re meant to be a cheap alternative to buying better sauces so the less fancy a grocery store is, the more likely you will be to find some. Whole Foods does not carry this kind of packet. :D

I will say, having tried a few different brands at this point, that McCormick makes the superior guacamole mix. (”Produce Partners” mix is TERRIBLE.)