Jasper Jordan preferences

Jasper Jordan preferences:
How you two hug: Jasper was a very touchy feely guy. So when it came to hugs, he wouldn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around your waist and bury his head into your neck, or sometimes, in between your boobs. You’d stroke his hair sweetly. Kissing his forehead. He’d pick you up by your waist and spin you if he was feeling cheeky.
How you two kiss: For some reason, Jasper didn’t know how to initiate kisses. He’d often stare at your lips before his eyes flickered to yours and you’d take the hint as he slowly leaned in. They were sweet and slow. Slow make out sessions brewed quickly and he’d have his hands on your waist and yours around his neck. He’d murmur compliments probably. It’d be precious omg.
How you two have sex: Jaspers…well…an adventurer. He’d dabble in a lot of kinks. So one day it’d be vanilla and the next he’d attempt to get himself off watching you masturbate. He’d try to talk dirty. More times than not though, you two have sweet, meaningful sex. Rough sex, not consistent. Only 2 days out of the month would a new kink be attempted ;)