A Touch Of Love, 2.

Genre | Romance / Valentine’s Day drabbles.

Pairing | Min Yoongi / Reader.

Prompt“You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.”

Words | 645 words.

A storm, brewing with slow might and destructing with vicious convict. It sits in quicksand at the base of their bellies, a heavy weight of dread, meteoric to swallow up any other sensation that dares to dwell nearby. Yet they let it fester, allow it to torment from the inside out until, they too, are consumed by the tsunami that holds them just below the surface, become wedged into the fault lines of the earthquake where their bones obliterate.

It can begin with the smallest of incidences. A minuscule mistake of not bothering to wipe up the splash of spilled coffee on the breakfast bar, or eating with their mouth open at the volume of a mammoth chewing its food, even flicking toothpaste onto the mirror that was cleaned no less than a day ago. It escalates when texts honing important questions that require instant answers are left unseen for hours, if the laundry or the dishes are abandoned to pile up in grot by the scheduled leader of chores for that day, and most especially when date night plans are dismissed by one instead attending a gaming night with the guys, or the other deciding upon wine with the girls as a better method to relax after a long day.

“Sweetheart,” Yoongi will gradually seethe, blood rising high in his cheeks, about to be discovered in the fissures of his teeth once he tears at her throat like a lion on a gazelle with the accusations he is loosening the reigns on in order to unleash, “Darling– Y/N. You’re really beginning to test my fucking patience here.”

And just like that, all hell breaks loose. The fight is vicious and bloody, dripping in empty malice that only sparks in the sheer rage of the moment. They tear into iron skin that is always left unscathed because their nails are too tender to truly implement any permanent damage, not sharp enough to streak scars in their wake that they will inspect, avoid later in the day, the week, the month, with utter shame. Rage rushes in a flood between them and only once the water has reached the rooftop does it begin to drain out of the room, retreating beneath the doorways, tucking in a dewy residue within the cracked plaster of the walls while they both stand spent, gasping for fresh air after being submerged in the chaos for so long. 

She, straightening her spine, will snatch a set of keys from coffee table, a coat that belongs to him from the hanger by the door. “Fuck this, I’m going for a drive,” she will announce while he trails behind her progression to leaving like a persistent ghost, catching her wrist right before she unlatches the locked front door.

“You can’t leave without letting me hug you first,” Yoongi huffs with a bitter taste remaining to lay thick on the back of his tongue, and she is pliant when he firmly tugs her against his torso, a nearly forgiving tangle of arms curling around waists and shoulders.

Yoongi kisses her, hard enough that it hurts just right. He can taste the apologies in their mouths already. “Be safe, okay? Go cool the fuck down.”

“Whatever, I love you,” is all that she responds with, biting his lower lip in a reminder that she is still mildly aggravated, though the edges are softening and she will be liquid gold in his palms by the time she returns home.

“I love you too,” he reassures, and will make sure to murmur against every inch of her skin once she arrives with the anger expired from her pores, ready to be cleansed with his sempiternal devotion to her all over again. 

Because, if anything, the aftermath of their arguments are but a genuine reminder of why they so earnestly love each other in the first place.

“Despite its ironic lack of windows, Sunstone illuminates patrons with a warmth once reserved for storybook coffee shops tucked behind secret storefronts and vanishing walls,” Cat read. “Inside the cozy nook, time halts to a pace as decadent as their slow drip cold brew. Life’s questions dissolve before they have a chance to be spoken, beneath meringue clouds and English toffees too beautiful not to taste. Within this haven, my sweet tooth is happy, my anxieties frozen, and I am transported to a place I never knew I so desperately needed to visit. Isn’t this a bit much?”

“What?” Kara’s eyes shot open. She had almost fallen asleep to the sound of Cat’s melodic voice, head resting in her lap, hair fanned out against thighs as fingers lazily stroked through it. “You…don’t think it’s…”

“I didn’t say that,” she hummed, removing her glasses. “It’s enchanting, but also more than any establishment with no advertising budget tends to receive.”

“But…it’s a review,” Kara argued. “They opened less than a month ago. Maybe after this, they’ll have the means to start…marketing…”

“Listen to you,” Cat smirked proudly.

“Are you…” Kara sat up, the little crinkle between her eyebrows appearing as she bit her lip from the inside. “…why are you teasing me?”

“Because,” Cat threw aside the tablet, lifting the younger woman’s chin, noting the color in her cheeks, the way her blue eyes swirled with fire. “Your words…like the rest of you…are perfect. And I’m not ready for you to nod off just yet.”

“Oh?” Kara scoffed, half serious, half ready for whatever game Cat was playing. “So you’d rather me doubt myself then? Put up a fight instead of just telling me what you want?”

“Hmmm,” Cat buried her fingers deep into her mane, letting her nails graze the nape of her neck. “And what, exactly, do you think it is that I want?”

Kara swallowed, wanting to stay angry, wanting to prove she could defend herself if need be, but melting under Cat’s glowing cheekbones and gentle smile instead.

“I think,” she whispered, pushing up with strong arms on the leather sofa, until her legs straddled either side of Cat’s hips. “You want…my head back in your lap…and for me to stay there…until I make you forget how to speak.”

Cat’s eyes narrowed, even as she swallowed.


“I really shouldn’t indulge this,” Kara sighed, resting their foreheads together, kissing her nose. “You know I care what you think…more than…”

I love it,” Cat told her, stealing a taste of her lips, smiling at the way Kara chased them as they disappeared. “You’ve blossomed into one of the best writers CatCo has ever seen. Don’t let anyone’s opinion, even mine, stop you from owning that.”

Kara beamed back at her, grabbing her face, kissing her hard, letting the sound of the rain outside drown out all her self doubt, until she was sliding down Cat’s body, pressing between her knees, both of them far from falling asleep.

Jasper Jordan preferences

Jasper Jordan preferences:
How you two hug: Jasper was a very touchy feely guy. So when it came to hugs, he wouldn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around your waist and bury his head into your neck, or sometimes, in between your boobs. You’d stroke his hair sweetly. Kissing his forehead. He’d pick you up by your waist and spin you if he was feeling cheeky.
How you two kiss: For some reason, Jasper didn’t know how to initiate kisses. He’d often stare at your lips before his eyes flickered to yours and you’d take the hint as he slowly leaned in. They were sweet and slow. Slow make out sessions brewed quickly and he’d have his hands on your waist and yours around his neck. He’d murmur compliments probably. It’d be precious omg.
How you two have sex: Jaspers…well…an adventurer. He’d dabble in a lot of kinks. So one day it’d be vanilla and the next he’d attempt to get himself off watching you masturbate. He’d try to talk dirty. More times than not though, you two have sweet, meaningful sex. Rough sex, not consistent. Only 2 days out of the month would a new kink be attempted ;)

You have your mother's eyes - Severus Snape One Shot (Request)

Request: May I have a one shot where Harry has a twin sister that looks identical to Lily, and Snape is very protective, and treats her special, but nobody knows why until after he dies ^^ please

A/N: By the way, yes, that Hailey James-thing was a One Tree Hill reference. 😁 ————————————

Severus Snape entered the room, hovering to the front of the room and tapped his wand loudly on his table several times. Most of my class was already silenced when his voice had sounded and who was not quiet until then, was now so quiet that you couldn’t even hear each other breathing. “We will begin immediately, because as you know yourself, you are unbearably slow in brewing potions.” Snape looked from one to the next student and threw a disgusted look at each. He stopped when he saw Hailey James. “Where is your cauldron, Miss James?” He asked quietly and I saw Hailey shuddered briefly. “Um … I … um … I forgot it,” stammered Hailey. Snape’s eyebrows went up and he looked down at his student. “You forgot the equipment, huh?” he said.“Detention after class.”

“B-but, sir! We … We have an awful lot of homework and I can’t-” “That does not interest me at all, James. For the protest, another hour of detention. Perhaps you will soon remember the equipment you need for my class. ” I could no longer listen to this conversation without saying anything, so I stood from my chair and shortly afterwards my voice sounded loud and clear. “Professor Snape, sir, that’s unfair! And as Head Girl I can not let that happen.” Snape whirled around and glared at me. For a moment his eyes softened, then he said slowly: “You …” his voice trailed off briefly and he cleared his throat, “You’re Head Girl?” I nodded. He still stared at me, but then he turned to Hailey again. “You will appear after the lessons for one hour of detention.” The class began to murmur in surprise, but the teacher silenced them and continued to teach.
After Potions class I left the classroom in good mood. I looked out the window, on which ice crystals had formed, but shortly after that my view was blocked by Hailey. “I wanted to thank you,” she said with a smile, “I still have to go to detention, but at least not as long. Maybe I can even do my-”
“Hailey!” My conversation partner and I turned around. Just a few meters away from us stood Draco Malfoy, a boy from Slytherin. He had narrowed his eyes and did not look pleased. “You don’t need to thank this disgusting Halfblood!” he said determined. “I helped her,” I interjected. “So what?” Malfoy retorted. “She could have also done that without you. She didn’t need your help!”
“Malfoy, I think you have class,” murmured a deep voice behind him and Snape stepped out of the shadows. “Professor, I just wanted to rebuke this snooty ‘Head Girl’ that she must not contradict a teacher,” Malfoy said with a nasty smile. “If a student needs to be reprimanded,” Snape said, “I take care of it personally. But I don’t need the help of a student.” Draco stared at his teacher surprised, then he slung the bag over his shoulder and stalked off, but not without throwing me an angry look. I saw from Hailey to the Professor, but before I could thank him, he had turned and was gone.

Time Skip - One year later

The Battle of Hogwarts had been going on for a while now. I didn’t know how long, I’ve completely lost my sense of time. McGonagall threw spells around and all the teachers and students did the same. Many of the students had fled when the first Death Eaters arrived at Hogwarts.
But not me. Harry was also still at Hogwarts, of course. He could not escape from Lord Voldemort.
Many of our friends were with us. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger thought about a plan with Harry and me, as Hermione interjected: “We should concentrate on the last Horcrux. Nagini!” We looked at each other startled, but nodded in agreement. “Harry, you can always see these prophecies,” Ron said, “Try to concentrate, will you?” Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I felt that his hand was shaking violently. Suddenly he slapped his hand to his scar and screamed. After a few seconds it was over and my twin brother gasped fearfully. “It … it worked, right?” Hermione asked timidly, staring at Harry. He nodded. I became curious: “What did you see?” “Voldemort. He’s in the boathouse. And Nagini is with him.”
“Come on, we have to go there!”

Ten minutes later we arrived at the boathouse of Hogwarts. Quietly Hermione, Ron, Harry and I crept into it and ducked behind one of the boats. “Ah, Severus.” Lord Voldemort’s voice sounded, causing our blood to freeze. “Snape is with him,” I whispered, but Ron held up a finger to his lips and motioned for me to be quiet. “Oh, Severus, my faithful friend, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. I, Lord Voldemort, am indeed in the possession of the most powerful wand in the world”, Voldemort made a short, dramatic pause, “but unfortunately it doesn’t work more powerful than an ordinary wand at the moment. I found out that it can be mastered completely only by the person, who killed his former master.” I heard footsteps on the old wooden floor, apparently he moved towards Snape. “So I came to the incredibly heartbreaking conclusion,” I ventured a gaze over the edge of the boat, behind which we hid, and saw that Lord Voldemort was very close now to Snape and almost whispered in his ear. He spoke very slowly when he said: “I - must - kill - you.” I saw how Snape’s eyes grew wide and I could feel his fear. “I’m really sorry, Severus. You’ve been a faithful follower.” Voldemort laughed terrifyingly. Then he shouted: “NAGINI!” The giant snake wriggled towards the Dark Lord and crawled alongside the boat a few steps next to us. Snape stiffened at the sight of the snake, but before he could do anything, it had already attacked him. I cried out, but Harry pressed a hand to my mouth.

A moment later, Voldemort was gone and I jumped out of our hiding place. “Hermione! Help!” I screamed and dropped down beside the Professor. “Y/N …?” gasped Snape. “Help him!” I yelled at my friends. “You have to do anything!” Hermione, who was standing behind me, sadly put a hand on my shoulder. “Look-at-me,” Snape said very quietly. “What?” I asked, puzzled, tears running down my face. “You- you have your mother’s eyes,” he murmured. I stared at him, confused. Suddenly a single tear ran down his cheek. “Keep-my-memories” gasped Snape. I did not understand what he meant, but Hermione pulled out a small vial out of her bag, like the ones we had used in potions lessons, and catched the tear before it dropped on Snape’s black robes.

Snape was trying to breathe, but it didn’t work: The wound on his neck was too big. Meanwhile the wooden floor of the boathouse was coloured blood red. Slowly Severus closed his eyes. I wanted to do something, anything, but Hermione, Ron and Harry pulled me out of the boathouse. “No, stop! We can’t just leave him there!”
“We can do nothing for him, Y/N!” Ron shouted upset.

The three took me to Dumbledore’s old office and at first I didn’t understand why, but then they showed me the Pensieve. Hermione dripped Snape’s last memory in there and we watched as Snape spoke with my mother many years ago, playing with her - I had never seen him that happy. Then the memories he had with James, my father, and his friends came on and I finally understood why he was so embittered - he had never been able to recover from it. As the memories faded, Ron said: “Wow, Y/N. You look so much like your mother.”

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