slow living

I think I could watch dust forever.

so I stayed at this cabin earlier this summer. one day I woke up at 5a.m. and saw the incredible light coming through the front door. I couldn’t just let it go and fall asleep again. I set my camera up, shook some old pillows and caught this beautiful second before the wind blew all of this out

“My love, come and build this home with me.” 

Izuku and Shouto’s first dance as husbands.  

not everyday is going to be productive and happy. some days are going to be pretty tough and sometimes all you can do is lie down and sigh. but that’s okay! because you are doing your absolute best, even if your best is allowing yourself to cry, allowing yourself to sleep, allowing yourself to breathe.

Early morning, sunrise, yoga by the river, bike rides, reading by the lake, eating greens…

I did it! My challenge was a success ! So I woke up around 5:30 a.m. and by 6 I was outside biking to join a free yoga class by the Rhône river (started at 6:45)! I actually went really early to watch the sunrise and listen to the nature sounds! It was my first ever class and I’ll definitely will be back it was super cool! I might go tomorrow evening to the lake for an another group session 😊

Then I went to work by bike and was quite productive ! When I was finished I went to the lake shore and read for an hour, then I got home to my cats and wonderful boyfriend, took a good shower and ate a tasty salad ! It was a beautiful day ! Hope yours was as cool as mine !