slow tunnel


Jeller season 2 OTP tags [1/?]

“i’m here, i’m here!”

his voice was heard before his visage; armour of day glowing like a lowlit starry night in the otherwise dark cavernous system of tunnels; a slow, human-sized firefly in the midst of stone. the teen heaved a breath, gauntlets clutching greaves as he gathered his wits and wind, before offering a lopsided, apologetic grin.

the trollhunter was to respond to every call of duty, no matter how tough or menial the job was. though he had a couple pages of homework to do, on top of the rehearsal and stress his mantle provided, he remained standing for now.

“trollhunter at your service, uh, ma’am. what heinous fiend needs to be slain, which gumm-gumm haunts these tunnels?! that’s.. why you called for me, right?”

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Slow motion of waves moving along sandstone cliffs at Tunnel Beach, near Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand.

Tunnel of love and lost souls

“Come on Artie pleas.”
Vivi was begging giving the blond the biggest puppy dog eyes she could manage. She knew he would refuse going on this case with her otherwise. If the circumstances were different he’d agree but she’d been trying to sneak some hints about her feelings for a while now and a haunted couple’s amusement park was too good to pass up.
“We get to go on rides and hunt for ghosts, pleas we have to go.”

The speed of life

A delay.

In the space between
Backed-up trains
We crawl
Disney-ride slow
Take in this rare show.

See where
The Homeless Man
At the edge of underpass ivy leaves
By bundles of makeshift

Slow-motion tunnels
Fluorescent bulbs
Ward off the dark
In patterned drift and creep.

Steady as we go
We play tortoise to the hare
Cars are the passers-by
We, mere passengers
Traveling at the speed
Of life.

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