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Saving Hope - 3x14 - “Our kiss…threw me for a loop. But I see now that it may have caused you pain and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for harassing you about Herschel and…”

I’m torn between the isolation of no one knowing what happened to me and being terrified of how all my relationships would be flipped upside down if people did know.
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imagine vampires that feed on the chlorophyll in plants. they can only go out in sunlight, in darkness they’re cold and slow to react and lethargic. just, dozens of green-tinged vamps squatting in sunny fields nibbling flowers, or up trees chewing on leaves. breaking into city apartments to get your houseplants. getting shooed away from the prize flower beds. plant vampires. vinepires

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Well it’s not exactly the same expression but I had fun experimenting with this style.

do you ever cry because you remember that bellamy never hesitates when it comes to raven’s safety and well-being :)))))))

The signs when confused

Aries: Irritable behaviour. Often can’t get their head around the issue, even though they try really hard. Often just accept/go along with it.

Taurus: Slow to react. May have difficulty translating their confusion into words. Often their mouth tries to form words but no sound comes out. Furrowed brows.

Gemini: Will often get annoyed that they don’t know what is happening. If they believe someone is responsible for their confusion they may act bitterly towards them.

Cancer: Honestly tries to understand what is going on, but then jumps to conclusions before they know all the facts. May then become upset if they’re told they’re wrong.

Leo: Repeats what they know over and over again for reassurance. Will often repeatedly tap on someone’s arm or talk over others to gain the attention of someone who has information. They need to know what’s going on.

Virgo: Somewhat silent, but others can see that a Virgo is inwardly processing everything, trying to make sense of it all.

Libra: Furrowed brows. Doesn’t spend much time trying to work it out for themselves. Often exclaims “I don’t get it!” and hopes for someone else to explain.

Scorpio: Often becomes really passionate about clearing up the confusion. May take it as an insult when they don’t understand. Immediately becomes defensive.

Sagittarius: Very loud exclamations of “WHAT?” Cute confusion face. Often looks down then at someone right in the eye before looking around the room (as if the walls have the answers).

Capricorn: Either stays completely silent or declares to the world that they are confused and becomes worked up over it. There is no in-between.

Aquarius: Often look upwards with their mouth slightly open. May even confuse themselves/others more (this may or may not be intentional).

Pisces: Says very little expect the occasional grunt or “huh?” A Pisces will often wait until the confusion has died down before privately asking someone else to explain the situation.

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So roshi's perverted influences on young Goku are the reason he doesn't react when he tries to grub on chichi. Makes sense.

Lol yup! That means I was wrong this whole time. XD I thought he was just slow to react but looking at it again he wasn’t slow…..he just finds it ok cause he grew up with that environment. Also explains why he brushed it off when he saw roshi trying to grab bulma or that time roshi tried to grab videl. Until of course gohan stopped roshi.


Awoken by sloppy kisses over your throat and jaw, you slowly come to your senses, met by the reek of alcohol staining Luhan’s lips and skin. Groping for the bedside lamp, you finally see the disheveled hair and hazy eyes of your boyfriend. “You’re drunk…”
The statement is answered only with a short grunt and lips moving to cut off any more words, hands still gentle on your hips even as his teeth clash with yours. When he pulls away and clumsily pulls off his own shirt, he finds his words. “I’m drunk, but you’re hot even when you’re pissed off at me for waking you up. And in the morning, I’ll be sober.” The grin that graces his face is still the same sweet and adoring one you see every day, but his hard-on is pushing insistently against your thigh.
He buries his face in your chest, a little slow to react as he gets a mouthful of fabric before the shirt is pushed to bunch up under your arms and he finally presses his lips to your sternum. His body goes slack as he drifts off right there with his face between your breasts and his breathing evens out. After tugging your shirt back down under his heavy head, you softly brush your fingers through his hair, only a little exasperated. “See you in the morning.”

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(I feel the need to apologize to Winston Churchill. He didn’t deserve that bastardization of his words.)


I was drawing vent art and I made an OC??? LOL
Meet Zara! Half zombie, half ghost child.

She attracts little bunny ghosts that like to hang around her body.
It kinda looks like she’s breathing them out sometimes haha
as part zombie, she’s the expressionless/slow-reacting one.
but her emotions can be detected in small ways!!

likes classical/calming music and drinking gatorade.

failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
you are not defined by your missed reps, failed shots, or slow times.
how you react and what you learn from it, is what shapes you; it’s what makes you grow.
so here’s your [almost] mid-week reminder, to keep your head high, babe. you’ve got this. ❤️

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Suga got up reluctantly early one fine Sunday. He shouldn’t be conscious yet but his mom had made him send out some important mail so he didn’t have a choice. He was sleepily walking down the road when he vaguely heard a “heads up” shouted from behind him. To slow to react properly, he felt the offending object hit the back of his head.  He just had enough time to stop himself from falling before looking towards the volley ball rolling away. Begrudgingly walking towards it and picking it up, he was already formulating his snarkiest tirade against the person who threw it. He looked back to see Daichi of all people, sweaty with only a slightly apologetic and more nervous look on his face. Suga turned his stern expression into a scarily serene one which made even Daichi fidget.

“Uhmm…sorry…I thought you’d catch it. Are you okay?” Daichi tried to say.

“If you mean okay that I am now wide awake with only a slightly throbbing head, then yes I’m okay Daichi.” Suga replied smiling calmly.

For some reason this made Daichi even fidget more looking away he said, “I’m really sorry, but… Uhmm… Well?”

“Well what?” Suga was growing steadily more confused and watched amused as Daichi squared his shoulders before pointedly looking towards the ball. And it was only then that Suga noticed that it was unusually dirty, probably hit some wet paint was his first guess. He assumed Daichi just wanted his ball back and was about to return it when he noticed the marking looked suspiciously like a heart?! Fighting the steadily growing amusement he was feeling he flipped the ball, smile growing wide and stared at the nervous red Daichi in front of him. Laughing he grabbed Daichi’s hand and clutched the ball with the other- he was never giving that ball back.

“Suga please be my volleyntine. ♡ Daichi”

In case people don’t recall, the slowness of the police to react and report the Cologne assaults became fodder for German far right groups to claim there was a conspiracy of the govt to abet and turn a blind eye to those refugees and migrants that engaged in criminal activity. I doubt they would have gained as much anti-refugee propaganda from it if everything had been reported quickly and the police responded swiftly to stop the assaults. Far right groups have been gaining traction across Europe and they will only further inflame the situation. 

And context for one- one of the Paris attackers had recently been captured in Brussels only a few days ago, and it had been suspected that Brussels was at high risk of being targeted by Daesh after Paris. Daesh supporters online have been celebrating the attacks. Though that is not yet a clear and unequivocal claim of responsibility- the suicide bombing and type of attack fits Daesh’ model and it is why there is suspicion amongst ppl in Europe that it is them. 

Knee-jerk reactions like the last post are ostensibly motivated to fight Islamophobia by claiming eyewitnesses are making shit up out of hand? They are only going to make things worse because it spreads misinformation and also gives credence to far-right nationalist groups who are arguing that extreme measures are justified as “people have their heads in the sand”.  

So, just report the facts as they are. Saying “there is suspicion that the attackers are Daesh-inspired based on the modus operandi and the eyewitness’ accounts” and “we should and will not generalise Muslims for the acts of extremists” are not mutually exclusive. I mean, my family is from SEAsia- we have already seen Daesh attack Muslim-majority countries like Indonesia up-close.