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Disco girl, coming through, that girl is you ♡

I’m 185% sure ‘Disco Girl’ would be ‘their song’ and no one can convince me otherwise

“‘Love you,” slipped out of him, into the little conversational void the moment had left behind, fueled by the bundle of emotion that was always at the surface around her, always dying to escape, be freed, be known.

He heard her gasp, just slightly, and then she stilled for a half second. Before he could take it back or make light of it, she released a tiny sigh, fluttery and affected, and whispered back, “'Love you too.”

His eyes snapped open just in time to see her go, a sliver of her suit visible as the door clicked shut behind her.

He bit his lip and breathed deep, insides wobbling at the… confession? Endearment? Salutation?

Ladybug said she loved him.

sometimes you read a book that is so good you finish it in one sitting, and other times you read a book that is so bad that you feel like you’ve been reading for hours but when you check the page number, its only been 10 pages

Can we just appreciate the fact that no matter how mad Yuri Plisetsky gets when people call him cute, or pretty or beautiful, he he never denies that he is?

He even utilizes it as a tool to win. Being pretty and feminine and cute doesn’t make him weaker or less capable. He even won.

He got mad at JJ calling him ‘lady’ (was it lady? I forget) but while he got mad he never said anything else.

Maybe it’s because Yuri knows that being called a girl isn’t a disservice to him but no one likes being misgendered (I think a lot of you could agree on me on that). Yuri knows girls aren’t weak. They can lift you over their head (Mila), they can be scary (his fangirls), they are deserving of his respect (Lilia) but they can also be kind (Yuuko).

And when his fangirls fawn on him he gets mad but still defends them when they come under fire.

Victor and Yuuri might be my favorite characters in YOI, but Yuri Plisetsky is a good kid and a damn good character.


playtime’s o v e r


Day 2: Cuddling Somewhere. 

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Hux has strict rules about shoes in his quarters. 

Best Of Restaurant Week Snark

So Chicago, as I’m sure many big American cities do, has a “restaurant week” in the dark of winter, when the restaurant business is normally slow anyway. At this point it lasts two weeks, because here in the midwest we are Extra about our food. At Restaurant Week, participating restaurants offer fixed menus at fixed prices which sometimes are a great deal and sometimes…are not.

Anthony Todd at Chicagoist decided to do a break down of the best and worst deals for Restaurant Week(s) and I looked through his spreadsheet to see if any of my local joints were participating (so that I could avoid them during the crowded times). After a while I just started reading to enjoy his salt. Below are some highlights of his Restaurant Week commentary: 

  • I’m not going to dignify this one by doing math.
  • I wouldn’t recommend the upsell option, unless you’re a big ceviche fan. 
  • There’s a veggie burger on the $44 dinner menu that i’m fairly sure would be a terrible deal. 
  • I recently gave this restaurant a bad review, but because the normal menu is so incredibly overpriced, the menu is a bargain and the view is amazing.
  • Unless their pie is worth $8 to you, you can lose money on this deal.  I don’t think it is. 
  • If the dessert wasn’t gelato, this might make sense. 
  • Unless you think a beer or cocktail is worth $17, this is an absolutely awful deal. 
  • If you go to Rainforest Cafe for your big Restaurant Week meal, I can’t help you.

Me coming home from work finding out the trailer dropped like

anonymous asked:

Yeah I noticed the change too but like the same thing happened to a girl in my class one day she legit looked completely different. So I think he just hit that point where just looks different.

but that still doesn’t explain why or how that kind of thing happens. I’m not the kind of person who can notice a drastic change in someone and just shrug it off like “eh it happens sometimes” because… that shouldn’t just happen. that’s not normal.