slow text speed

So my mom likes to dictate her texts instead of typing them.

The thing is, my mom swears a lot, and she’s often at home with my impressionable little brothers. So she programmed her phone to type “bitch” whenever she said “B” and “f**k” whenever she said “F.” For a while, we all thought this was a pretty clever idea.
Yesterday, she sent me a picture of my brother sitting in his car seat and crying. The caption was, “he got stung by a bumblebitch!!! 🐝🐝🐝”

you know the trope “let’s pretend to be engaged to get free cake samples”? imagine andreil doing that because let’s face it Andrew loves cake and Neil loves free stuff, but they don’t realize that one of Dan’s strips sisters now works at the wedding cake place so she squeals and is like “omg Dan didn’t tell me you guys got engaged, congratulations!” and texts Dan to scold her for not telling her and then it spreads throughout the team from there and Andrew and Neil end up getting engaged for real because they can’t back out now

anonymous asked:

I know you hated Gates to Infinity, but what was the thing that bothered you the most about that game? Was it the weak plot, the slow text speed, or something else? I got really annoyed that you can't choose your gender and the characters refer to you as male. PSMD doesn't give you an option for gender, but at least no one calls you by a specific pronoun

i’ve talked about this at length before, but the worst thing for me was the sinful lack of character development that happened during the “plot”. a close second worst thing was that it just felt way too watered down in general, like the whole dungeon delving experience was overly streamlined to where there was pretty much nothing to keep the actual gameplay interesting.

but yeah the gender thing was kind of annoying to me as well. even in the classic PMD games, at least in the first one, theres a part where they call your character “him” regardless of what you picked- but thats more of a nitpick than anything else, lol