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april 19, 2017 

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Nudibranch - a variety of slow moving sea slug, living its life in the ocean

shinyshaini  asked:

1975, Black Nail Polish.

Today when I was drawing comes to mind for a happy moment. I was slow as a slug but I had my music on and was singing along.

And I don’t have a bucket list. I find them terribly finalistic.

YuuMika Week

Day 1: Crossover

Owari no Seraph x The Walking Dead

I’ve had this idea for a while now, and when I saw the prompt I thought I could do it for this.

With each step Mika took, pain flew up his leg, crippling his ability to walk, much less run. A burning, painful heat swept through his body, almost making him black out. His breathing was labored, and his vision was blurring around the edges. The sounds of moaning and growls echoed in his ears, the shuffling footsteps of the dead surrounding his senses. The only thing keeping him tied down to earth was the strong grip Yuu had around his waist, almost dragging him across the ground. His arm was draped over Yuu’s shoulder, where he clutched to the other boy’s shirt as if his life depended on it- which it did.

They had left the protection of the camp’s walls to look for more food and supplies, getting news that there was a section of the city that hadn’t been searched yet. They had expected medical equipment, food packages, and other daily-life appliances. What they got was a sea of Walkers, baring their teeth and stretching out their rotting fingers.

Mika had leaped from the roof. Talk about idiocy. Yuu had scolded him the entire time they were running (well, Yuu was running- Mika was just hobbling along) which was rather ironic- usually, it was Mika doing the scolding.

They had been quite careless in their escape. The Walkers were as slow as slugs, surely they could make it back to their camp before they were in any real danger. Right?

A moan sounded by Mika’s ear, and he twisted around, raising his right hand, which clutched their last gun. They had run out of bullets with their other ones. Pulling the trigger, the Walker’s head exploded, and he turned back around, trying to go as fast as he could. They were closing in, and Yuu was muttering curses under his breath.

“Damn it,” he hissed. “Damn it, damn it, damn it!

The camp’s walls were just now coming into view. From this distance, Mika was able to see the gate being opened, their friends crowding around the entrance. They lifted their guns, shooting at stray Walkers. It was the only thing they were able to do. Shinoa frantically waved at them, panic clear on her delicate features.

Tears formed at the corner’s of Mika’s eyes. They weren’t going to make it. It was obvious. If Mika hadn’t wounded his leg, they could’ve gotten to safety easily. If Yuu was alone, he would already be inside the gate. Mika was slowing them down, and they both knew it.

“Yuu,” he choked out, holding back a cry of pain as he put weight on his injured leg. A Walker wailed somewhere near his right, but a gunshot from Yoichi silenced it. “You have to leave me.”

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Tetsumi Kudo, ‘Cultivation by Radioactivity in the Electronic Circuit’, 1970

‘A lemony swampland of lacquered acrylic mucus and spongy lime colored growth. Circuitry diagrams are visible beneath the effluent, from which sprout small straight transistors, cylinder—topped like cattails. Picturesque in a fashion, the landscape is punctuated with outcroppings-not of rock, but of fat, discolored, plaster noses, their nostrils dark caves of black bristly fur. A nappy toy mouse is stuck in the muck, and a penis crawls through it, slow as the plumpest slug.’

Pairing: Jasperidot

Summary: Domestic human AU; Peridot likes to beat twelve-year-olds in CoD and Jasper just wants sleep.

Everything was still, quiet, and dark when Jasper threw her arm over the cold, empty space beside her. She grunted and woke from an otherwise sound sleep, annoyed by the lack of something warm where there should have been. She opened her eyes a little, squinting through the darkness and focusing on the red blur of their alarm clock until it came into focus; two-thirty am.

Peridot said she was coming to bed three hours ago.

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Dating Exo’s Baekhyun

I actually had this in mind for such a while, glad i’m finally able to write it.

 It was a known fact that exo’s Baekhyun was popular with the ladies, and one of Exo L’s most prized treasures. 

How YOU ended up with him though, was a mystery.

Closing your locker door you ran down the hallway, carrying your bag behind you. Running out of the school entrance way you slowed down your pace, slugging your bag onto your shoulders you placed your earbuds in your ears and turned on your music. You started a pace, walking to the exit of the school campus until you felt someone grab your shoulders.

“boo!” you heard, and jumped up, whipping your earbuds out of your ears and turning around you were met by no one other then your boyfriend.

“Baekhyun!” You loudly whispered, slapping him on his shoulder. “you scared the crap out of me!” He giggled, rubbing the spot where you hit.

“Sorry, I just felt like meeting you up here.” He looked around, and something in you clicked. Jumping up you ushered him away, pushing him behind you. “______?” He asked, turning to look at you confused.

“I’m at school!” You loudly whispered, “If somewhere sees you here you’ll be screwed…. no, if someone sees you here with me I’LL be screwed!” As you fussed about he looked around from behind you, tilting his head.

“But school’s over. No one’s here.”

You looked at him, sighing. 

“People are still here, studying or what not. Also, people are still leaving.”

You continued to push him away, muttering under your breath, but he continued to resist.

“I really don’t see the issue, if anything you should be flaunting the fact that you are dating-”

He was cut off as a girl turned the corner of the school, halting to a stop in front of you guys. Studying her face you swore under your breath. You recognized her. She was in your age, and was also a mad ex fan, she would have to recognize him. You heard her start to stutter, and she pulled out her phone. 

“Ah!” you exclaimed, grabbing Baekhyun’s hand. “Come on, we have to get out of here!” Looking towards you, then the girl (still stuttering), and then you again, he stopped moving.

“Why don’t we just give her a little show?”

“Huh?” you said in response, confused, but was surprised when you felt him grab your shoulders and connect your lips together.

You heard the girl shriek, and saw the flash of her camera. You struggled against Baekhyun in response, but he wouldn’t separate you two. Soon enough there was a mini crowd around you two, of (mainly girls) with their phones whipped out as Baekhyun practically ate your face. You two finally separated, Baekhyun panting heavily and you red in the face.

He turned towards the crowd, and you heard multiple girls shriek in response. Shrieking yourself you grabbed his hand and ran away with him.

Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

———-(next day)–

You shook, standing outside of the school, gripping your bag tight. Baekhyun had convinced you to go to school today, promising no one would remember or even know it was you with him. You shook your head, no way that would happen. 

You slowly made your way to the school and climbed the stairs to the entrance, but froze.

“______!!” You heard your name screamed from behind you, and slowly turned around to see a girl in your grade. She stormed up the stairs, pushing her phone towards you.

“EXPLAIN this.”

On the screen was a picture from yesterday. She must have been in the crowd, taking pictures.

You nervously laughed. “Aaahhh? Is that Baekhyun? Ha ha… I wonder who that girl is~”

She moaned in frustration, stomping her foot on the ground. Looking up at you she pointed her finger in your face. She opened her mouth to say something but the bell rang, and you ran off. 

the hallways were no different, people trying to pull you back to say something, or coming right up to your face with their phone open to the same picture. You wonder if that girl posted it somewhere for everyone to gain access to it. 


You sat at your desk in homeroom, moaning from frustration and exhaustion. You rested your head on your desk, but looked up as a girl sat infront of you and turned to look at you.

“You, me. Talk. Now.”

You groaned, moving your head back.

“Not now. I’ve had enough.”

“Ive been fangirling over exo forever, and you knew it, yet you dated bacon hottie boy without even telling me. That’s low.”

You looked up at her, “Well, now i’m caught. What do you want me to do?”

She leaned in, whispering, “tell me everything.”

You immediately got up and moved to another desk.

——-(end of day)—

You walked out of the school, sighing. Today had totally been exhausting. But of course it wasn’t over, for another girl came running up to you.

“Hey, ______, I know it’s been bad for you today and I’m sorry about that, but… is it true? What everyone’s saying…? You opened your mouth to answer-

‘Hey! Jagiya!” You looked up. Oh my, speak of the devil, baekhyun came running up to you from outside the school.

“I was free again today, so I once again thought i’d see you here!” He kissed the top of your head, back hugging you. You froze, you outside of the school was still filled with people since school had only just ended, and they were all staring at you. It seemed Baekhyun had noticed too,

“______~? Are these all your friends?” He whispered, and you sighed, whispering back to him. 

“No, more like angry fangirls of you who now hate me.”

He rubbed the back of his neck, casting a glance over all the girls, and you could hear little shrieks in the background. But what he said next was unimaginable. 

“What? Jealous I bang her and not any of you?” 

You saw the jaws drop and their faces go red, and you did both yourself, and stayed that way for a good few seconds until you screamed from realization. 

“B-b-baekhyun, I think it’s time for us to go now…” You said, grabbing his hand.

“What? It’s only true!” he said, which caused you to get even redder, and drag him out of the school once again as gazes followed you two.


Am I gonna refuse a request from the big man himself? Obviously not!

I went off of memory here because I’ve really only got my slug slow mobile network and heck if that traitorous thing is gonna help me =m= does KD deck himself in jewelry? He does here :P


…Y'know, I was looking forward to check out how they’d depict a simpler, smaller team of Sonic characters in the new Sonic Boom series.

But this I’m pretty certain I’ll not forgive until I see them stop doing it… Issue 1 Knuckles’s character was pretty much “Durrrrrr I’m big buff and thick as a brickwall”

Guys, I know Knux is known for being rash and impatient… But slow like a slug, he is not. The top image is the worst one, I believe. Though the second one, with him being unable to COUNT UP TO FOUR is impossibly ridiculous. What, did they decide to make him into Big the Cat? x.x

So yea, I’m all for changing character dynamics. Tails is a bit of an insufferable genius, Amy is a bossy ‘girls are smart’ char, Sticks is… Marine the Racoon on steroids. 

Knux? Knux is a retard here, sorry Knux fans. 

(FYI I loved Eggman’s costume, it’s really fancy ^^ About time he got a better stylist)