slow show the national

DESERT CAR RIDES: songs for desert kids riding through desert towns



byegone- volcano choir // flatlands- chelsea wolfe // no rest- dry the river // gurdjieff’s daughter- laura marling // give em hell- little hurricane // the singer addresses his audience- the decemberists // blood- the middle east // full circle- half moon run // daysleeper- r.e.m. // hanging on the telephone- flowers forever // i wanna get better- bleachers // slow show- the national // honey & i- haim // rapt- karen o // what kind of man- florence + the machine // river- ibeyi // bloodsport- raleigh ritchie // double bubble trouble- m.i.a. // blue miles- samuel p // heaven- los lonely boys 


THE NATIONAL - Slow show -


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Tequila’s popularity shows no sign of slowing. Inspired by National Tequila Day, DeLeón Tequila has worked with star bartenders in New York, LA and Miami to create secret off-menu cocktails that highlight DeLeón Platinum, a handcrafted Blanco with a smooth fruity palate. Insiders can ask for them from coast-to-coast, or make them for friends at home.

just started crying in the gym over the lyric “you know i dreamed about you for twenty-nine years before i saw you / i missed you for twenty-nine years” from slow show by the national while doing weighted lunges and that’s the mood of the summer

EBB TIDE || A nautically themed playlist about Dracula’s Jack Seward and Lucy Westerna - concerns unrequited love, unrelenting illness, and a Stokerian heroine whom nobody saves from drowning. [8tracks] [Playmoss]

01. The National - Slow Show | 02. Elaiza - I Don’t Love You | 03. Greg Laswell - And Then You | 04. Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love | 05. Cracker - Take Me Down to the Infirmary | 06. Lights - Heavy Rope | 07. Woodpigeon - …And as the Ship Went Down, You’d Never Looked Finer | 08. Oh Land - Deep Sea

Everything’s Got to be Love or Death - A mix for Clint & Phil

“I love you sideways daily.
Sideways because I have to beam my love in all directions,
hoping it bounces off of something
and eventually finds you.” 
- Richard Siken, The Long and Short of It

(cover art by M. Walsh from Secret Avengers (2014 run))

01. Science/Visions - CHVRCHES 02. Next to Me - Civil Twilight / 03. Bloodstream - Stateless / 04. Rolled Together - The Antlers / 05. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs / 06. How to Embrace a Swamp Creature - The Mountain Goats / 07. And Then You - Greg Laswell / 08. Hounds of Love - Andrew Vincent / 09Slow Show - The National / 10. The Great Exhale - Great Lake Swimmers / 11. Wetsut - The Vaccines / 12. Float - The Neighborhood / 13. I know I know I know - Tegan and Sara / 14. Together - Patrick Wolf/ 15. More Than Life - Whitley / 16. I’m Here Now - Motopony / 17. Gospel - The National / 18. Death - White Lies / 19. (Bonus Track) The Great Escape - Woodkid

you put on quite a show; a freddy newandyke mix

i. devil’s back bone the civil wars ii. you’re gonna go far, kid the offspring iii. satin in a coffin modest mouse iv. d is for dangerous arctic monkeys v. smoke and mirrors gotye vi. all my own stunts arctic monkeys vii. slow show the national viii. the driver bastille ix. oh death noah gundersen