slow romance

The three things that happen when a show unexpectedly discovers it has a popular gay ship

1. They ignore it while panicked efforts are made to heterosexualize the couple in question. An acceptable straight white love interest is rapidly shoe-horned into the narrative.

2. They decide to do something nice for their queer fans by introducing an entirely different gay romance that those fans had no previous interest in. This couple will quickly be sidelined.

3. They actually get the gay couple who are shipped by the fandom together. Then they kill one of them.

The one thing that never happens when a show unexpectedly discovers it has a popular gay ship

1. They realize they can take advantage of the scorching chemistry between the pair, slow-burn the romance and end the show by sending them off happily into the sunset.


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The signs as fanfiction tropes
  • aries: Meet as little kids and grow up together.
  • taurus: Slow-burn historic romance.
  • gemini: Start out as enemies and fall in love.
  • cancer: Best friends who reconnect ten years later.
  • leo: Tons of angst with a happy ending.
  • virgo: Soulmate AU
  • libra: Have sex then fall in love.
  • scorpio: Single parents who meet at Parent-Teacher night.
  • sagittarius: Coffee shop AU
  • capricorn: Holiday fic with lots of fluff.
  • aquarius: One is a human, the other is a creature.
  • pisces: Shameless porn without plot.

random internet person: “I’m just not that into Skip Beat anymore”


→ through the flames (and into the lava)

Originally posted by kookielife

pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre smut, fluff, slight humor, crack || dragon!jk, fantasy!au i guess

☆ warnings  public indecency, dry humping, fingering, non-penetrative sex, cumplay, i’m sorry

☆ word count  → 7.8k

Your boyfriend is a dragon.

Or so he claims.

or; the perks (and unexpected complications) of dating a fucking dragon

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Look, Lofty I kissed you because, I find you attractive. Because you are kind and decent and generous, and they are very attractive qualities. I’m sorry for getting my signals wrong but…I’m not sorry for loving you, a little bit.

I know I have many other things to do, but I have no restraint and all these feelings need to be put somewhere