slow motion films


slow motion | noun

1. The process or technique of filming or taping a motion-picture or television sequence at an accelerated rate of speed and then projecting or replaying it at normal speed so that the action appears to be slowed down.

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In which Wonho is the new guy at the University and the volleyball team, and you’re serving more than just looks.

The locker room was crowded and noisy as always. You sat on the bench, busily tying your shoestrings into a beautiful bow as your best friend and teammate combed through your hair. It was scrimmage time. Boys vs. Girls. Your university’s boys’ volleyball team was good, but your team was so much better. This was the exact topic of conversation as you all prepared.

“No one go after #15, got it? I have a vendetta to fill with that asshole.” warned one of your teammates. Loud rap music played in the background to get you all hype for the ass whoopin to be dealt to the boys’ team. Really, you’re not that competitive of a person, but you’d be damned if you let them win.

“Did you guys see the new guy? He’s pretty cute.” asked another member.

“Cute?!” screamed the one with the vendetta, “We don’t have time for cute! We only have time for killing these sons of –”

“Alright, She Hulk, we get it. You can smash them when we get on the court.” The entire locker room filled with boisterous laughter. You continued. “What’s his name?”

His name is Hoseok, but he prefers to be called Wonho (for whatever reason). He was pretty cute, you didn’t hesitate to admit. He had an interesting hairstyle though. It was stark white with pink tips, from what his Facebook showed. Did his profile say Anthropology major? Why hadn’t you seen him in any of your classes, you wondered aloud.

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