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Sometimes you choose what to write about; sometimes it chooses you. A recent issue of Sports Illustrated featured a fascinating article by Susanna Schrobsdorff about the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc, an all-female, off-road rally that’s held every year in the Moroccan desert. Women compete in teams of two, driving 4x4s, trucks, crossovers, quad bikes, or motorbikes. It’s not about speed: they have to get from checkpoint to checkpoint using only a map and a compass, and the winners are those who travel the fewest kilometers—that is, those who navigate best. So I was thinking about why someone might want to do this… and then I noticed that Schrobsdorff had written that the mechanics who travel along as part of the rally’s huge retinue of support personnel are all men. And I thought, Well, this certainly won’t do. My disclaimer here is that I did a lot of reading about the rally, but I’m sure I’ve got tons of details wrong. Also my French is about as bad as my other non-English languages. Anyway, this piece is proceeding kind of like Pilot, in that something seems to want to be said, but I’m not quite managing to say it.


Myka drinks from her late-afternoon-lukewarm water bottle and wishes she were asleep. Being the only woman among a fraternity of men who think they know more than she does is always exhausting. Being the only woman on a forty-person team of mechanics that’s supporting a nine-day, all-woman off-road rally in the Moroccan desert? There’s probably a word for how much heavier that is, but Myka doesn’t know it. It’s only three days in, and she’s slipping into a very familiar trough of wondering why she ever said she’d do this again, the parched back of her mind cursing the name of the Army buddy who first got her this gig six years ago.

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Some KakaSaku Fluffy Smut.

Because you CAN have both.
Squirming slightly, she resisted a shiver as his fingertips trailed up her sides, pausing at her chest, but only to briefly brush his thumb over her hardened nipples before repeating the motion.

“You’re so beautiful,” his voice is breathy, raspy, and it melts through all the way to her bones.

Teeth sinking in her lip, she tries to hold back a moan as his lips press over her hipbone and start leaving open mouthed kisses, kisses that felt like fire against her already heated skin.

Something wet moves dangerously close to her inner thigh and she has half a mind to remember to open her eyes and look at him.

Sakura wished she didn’t. The burning intensity of his charcoal eyes could’ve reduced her to ashes as she watched his tongue edge closer and closer to the dampness between her legs.

And then his mouth was on her and she was arching up and gasping as an electric shock slashed through her body. “K-kakashi!”

The Pinkette barely registers her own voice calling his name again and again, too lost in the feeling building up within her, coiling tighter and tighter until it felt like she might explode, and when it finally happened, she cried out with abandon.

The next thing she knows his lips are on hers, swallowing up her sobs, and she can taste herself on his mouth, on his tongue that pushed past her lips and tangled with hers in a messy heated kiss.

She can feel his arousal pressing against her thigh, and the heat building up beneath his skin, and she wants it all, the tension she can feel building up in his muscles, the little shiver in his biceps and the small trembling of his fingers and she thinks she’s drunk, because her head feels light and her stomach is somersaulting with anticipation.

It takes a few tries before her mind registers he’s talking to her, “W-what?”

He stops kissing her neck and bring his face back up to hers. Their noses brush and she’s yet again completely captivated by his dark gaze. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She hears the strain in his voice, the struggle to hold back, and as sweet as it is of him to take it slow, she doesn’t want him to hold back anymore. She wants him to completely lose all his inhibitions and devour her.

“Absolutely,” she tells him, with confidence that surprises even her, “take me.”

His lips are on hers again and its a hungry kiss, desperate and needy and too much and too little all at once. But then he’s inside her, and her nails are digging into his flesh and she’s arching up against him and the whole world feels like its miles away.

Kakashi makes a sound at the back of his throat, like a broken cry and buries his face in her neck. She’s breathing hard, like she just ran a marathon, and she feels her medical chakra already easing the sting of his penetration without a thought.

Tilting her face to the side, she presses small kisses to the side of his face, “baby?”

He pulls back to look at her and gives her a shaky smile, one that makes her insides melt. “Are you okay?”

Sakura smiled and nodded, pulling him into another kiss as his hips started rocking against hers in a slow controlled motion and she feels another fire starting to burn brightly within her.

She grips at his shoulders, her hips pushing back against his and she’s in awe at how well they fit together, and breathless at the feeling of him thick and deep inside her.

To be so closely connected to him, she’s marvelling over how much she adores this man and how good it feels to be with him like this.

Her arms circle his waist and she grips his behind and pushes him closer to her, deeper, urging him to go faster.

Kakashi complies and soon he’s pounding into her and she feels like she might explode again any second, this time more so than the first. Like she could shatter to a million pieces but she doesn’t stop him, how could she? The intensity of his eyes and the strength of his hold on her took her to other worlds.

She hears his harsh breathing in her ear and feels his back growing slick beneath her fingertips and she’s absolutely dizzy as his fingertips trail across her arms and his fingers lace with hers and press their hands to the mattress.

A small, forgotten, sane part of her wonders if she’s gripping him too hard, if she’s hurting him, if somehow she’s expelling chakra in her vivid state of mind. But if she was he gave no sign of it when he pressed his forehead against hers and let their breaths mix together.

The coil in her belly is so tight by then she thinks she can’t handle it anymore and she knows she’s whispering to him, telling him, “I can’t a-anymore, K-kakashi please, I…”

The words die on her tongue when he frees one of her hands and pushes his between their bodies, pressing over her clitoris and circling furiously, trying to push her off the edge.

Sakura screams, all of her coming apart beneath his touch and her hand grips his neck and holds onto him like her life depends on it.

Kakashi grunts, growling low in her ear and she feels him come apart inside her, filling her up.

Her body trembles and she clings onto him until it’s over and she can catch her breath once more.

It takes a few minutes before either of them can speak, and she lets out a breathy laugh, “that was…”

“Amazing?” He replies and she feels his smile against her shoulder.

“I was thinking more like, intense, but yeah, amazing.”

He pulls back a little to look at her and he’s shaking his head and grinning tiredly at her, and the sight of him smiling so carelessly brings her happiness she can’t explain. “What am I going to do with you, Haruno?”

“Kiss me,” she tells him and she’s grinning too when he presses a gentle kiss to her mouth. “And maybe run us a bath.”

He breaks the kiss with a silly whine, “can that wait until tomorrow please?

“How do I know you won’t run away?” Her question is playful but his expression sobers up immediately and he looks at her with seriousness that makes her freeze.

“I would never dream of running away from you, Sakura.”

She blinks, slightly dazed from his confession, or maybe it was his eyes, they always were a little fervent.

“Idiot, I was kidding,” she whispers and he grins.

“I know. I’m not though. I’m gonna sleep now because honest to god I’m about to pass out.” He rolls off her and buries his face in his pillow.

She giggles and scoots closer to him, pressing her face into his bicep. “Alright sleepy head. I love you.”

“L'uf yo’ tooh.”

First Time Together - Yuta (M)

Requested: Hi! Can you do a Yuta smut where they are making out but when things get further, the girl is too shy to take it further? Thank you in advance, I hope you write this since I haven’t seen Yuta smuts in your page. (idk if you wanted them to stop since the girl becomes shy or—but I made it an actual smut. Also the girl here is not meant to be a virgin.)

A/N: My first published Yuta smut!! A good celebration for his debut^^
Talk Talk by SNSD helped me get through this, bless
Um this is trash, but enjoy and feel free to cyberbully me


Word Count: 1,777

Yuta’s lips melded with your own, his hand caressing your jaw gently as you sat on the couch. You leaned into his touch, your eyes closing. Your heart fluttered as his soft lips moved against yours lovingly. You pulled back for a breath, his lips chasing yours. You leaned away from him, so far that you fell to the side, toppling onto the soft cushions of the sofa. You both laughed, and he crawled over your frame. He peppered kisses over your cheek, trailing down to your jaw and neck. You giggled again and cupped his face, stopping his movements and bringing him back to meet your lips. His hand moved up the side of your thigh, slipping under the fabric of your loose shorts. Your body heated up instantly and you squirmed under him. Impatiently, he took your bottom lip between his perfect teeth, tugging gently, your wriggling ceased and you let out a small whimper, your hands flying up to clutch his clothed biceps as your eyebrows knit together. He let go of your lip, capturing your lips again with a passionate fervor. He groaned into the kiss, introducing his warm, slick tongue to yours. Your hold on him got tighter, butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Lewd thoughts traveled through your hazy mind, his soft hand inching up. His lips left yours, dipping down to meet your neck. Your heart thumped wildly as he kissed the soft skin. You gasped as he carefully began to suck on the warm skin. By accident you moaned softly, pulling him closer. In return he groaned, his actions becoming rougher with hunger. You grew worried, awkwardly pushing him. He pulled away from you, his hair disheveled and eyes questioning. You looked to the side, thinking of how you should word your thoughts.

“What is it?” he asked, his voice barely a whisper.

His hand under your loose gym shorts began to gently stir, his fingertips coming in contact with your soft underwear. You stuttered over your words, feeling too hot. He leaned down again and you closed your eyes, expecting him to return to his kisses, instead he nosed against your neck, nuzzling into the soft skin.

“Talk to me” he murmured.

“Nothing- I-I… want you to continue” you hesitated.

Suddenly his beautiful face was in front of yours again; both of you knowing the hidden meaning behind your words, what continuing would lead to.

“Stop looking at me like that” you mumbled, avoiding his intense gaze.

He smiled at you before resuming his serious expression.

“You’re sure?”

You nodded, sure of your decision. Abruptly, he got up from the couch and offered you his hand. You grasped his hand, pulling yourself up, and let him lead you to the bedroom. Your hands became moist quickly, your breathing already heavy in anticipation. After pulling you into his bedroom he shut the door, turning to you immediately after.

“Ah- do you have one?” you asked, the thought suddenly popping into your mind as you sat on the bed stoically.

He nodded, smiling before pulling his wallet from his back pocket. You made a face at him before scoffing slightly at his cliché logic. He threw his wallet at you and you caught it, squeezing the warm leather in your hands gently. He reached for the bottom of his shirt, gripping the thin fabric, his eyes watching you. He was hesitant until you bit your plump bottom lip, your legs squeezing together unconsciously in anticipation. He grinned to himself, pulling his t-shirt off and tossing it at you.
You quickly pulled his dark t-shirt from your head and giggled when you saw him again, eyes tracing over his lean but defined torso. He smiled sweetly and pulled you up from the bed, his skin radiating with heat.

“You’re next” he murmured while smiling.

His slim hands pulled your tank top from you, dropping it to the side carelessly. Warm hands caressed your waist, pulling you closer. You clutched his wallet tightly in your hands in front of your chest. His forehead met yours before he closed the gap between your lips. You sighed into the kiss, melting against him. Yuta’s hands slid down to the waistband of your shorts; he pushed the flimsy fabric from you, letting it pool at your ankles. His strong hands smoothed over the back of your silky underwear next before groping your ass gently. He wasted no time moving to hook his thumbs under the waistband. You gulped as he pushed them down, your breathing audible. The cool, silky fabric fell to your feet. He kept eye contact with you, plucking the wallet from your small hands and guiding your agile hands down to his pants. Your hesitant fingers brushed the front of his pants and he drew in a long breath. Before you knew it, you had his faded jeans open, your nimble hands pushing them down from his hips. You swallowed thickly as they fell to his feet and you saw the prominent outline of his length. You couldn’t tear your eyes away, his hardened manhood pressing against the tight fabric of his gray briefs. One of his hands caught your wrist by surprise; you looked up at him, ready to apologize, but held your tongue as he pressed your hand to his covered member. His much larger hand overlapped yours; gently massaging his erection with your hand, making you hold your breath as you felt him. He let out a small moan in satisfaction when you ventured to move your hand on your own.
He pushed you back, toward the bed. You sat on the bed again, watching your boyfriend kick his forlorn jeans to the side. Next, he discarded his briefs, his eyes flashing up to meet yours. In return you reached behind you, working to unclasp your bra hurriedly.

He had you on your back, his feverish lips dancing with yours. His hands wandered over your body, exploring the wonders. Your arms were tightly wrapped around his neck, pulling him as close as possible. Every time his member brushed against your skin you grew hotter with need and want. Both your clothes were long gone, desire building as time passed. He left your lips and you loosened your arms, opening your eyes to look into his. Yuta quickly moved down to your chest, kissing and sucking on the delicate skin. Your hands wove into his hair, urging him to continue. He showered your breasts with attention and affection, listening as delighted moans and sighs left your lips. His hot tongue traced lazy patterns over your perked nipples causing you to arch your back, whining his name. He mumbled into your skin, one of his hands venturing down to your heat. You gasped as his long fingers run along your slick folds. You draped one of your legs over his hip, unconsciously giving him more access. Easily, he slid two fingers inside of you, taking his time to carefully pump into you. His slow and controlled motions grew faster and sloppier with time. You panted under him, an undone mess from his lewd actions. He withdrew his fingers, gingerly taking them into his mouth as he watched your chest heave up and down. Sitting back, he reached for his wallet, pulling the condom out. You watched as he tore it open and rolled it on. He sat back further, holding his covered length in his hand. His eyes looked to your entrance then back to your eyes.

“Can I? Are you sure?” he asked, stilling his actions.

You nodded quickly, reaching a hand out to him. He leaned over you, coming into your reach. He supported himself, his hand sprawled next to your arm. His muscles flexed as he shifted his weight, before smiling endearingly.

“I’m sure” you assured, squeezing his arm gently.

His tongue sneaked out to quickly wet his lips as he listened to his cue. He looked down, directing his throbbing cock to your core. He seized one of your legs, guiding you to wrap it around his waist. You could feel his covered head prodding at your entrance and held your breath. Yuta made his way in slowly, stretching you the perfect amount. You felt so full, he was perfect. You urged him to continue, caressing his shoulder.

He started off with long, languid strokes, his hips moving seamlessly.

“I love you-”

“Yuta” you whined, your nails biting his skin as his pace fastened.

His grip on your leg tightened, a few low moans leaving his mouth. You pulled him to you, causing a fault in his rhythmic thrusts. He kissed your shoulder, moving his hands to hold your waist. His gentle demeanor changed, hip hips suddenly driving into you relentlessly. You screamed his name, clutching onto his shoulders tightly before he slowed. He didn’t give you time to say anything, his lips melding with yours again. You whined into the kiss, wrapping both your legs around his waist. He kissed your cheek, picking up his pace again. You chanted praise as he slid his hand from your waist to your hip, his thumb reaching to abuse your clit. Your hands left him, instead moving to grope your own breasts. You moaned loudly, your pitch increasing as his eager thumb tormented you. He cursed before stilling in you, his mouth gaping, a shaky groan leaving.
He cursed a few more times before pulling out. Your body deflated as he pulled out. Reaching euphoria together was something you had been looking forward to. You untangled your limbs from his, disappointed. Immediately, he slid down, pushing your legs apart with his hands. His tongue lapped at your folds before pushing in. Your hands flew to his hair as you arched your back, calling his name. His eyes were closed as he worked sensually, humming against your womanhood. His hand joined his mouth, and he moved to suckle on your clit gently.

“Please-” you begged, your body squirming.

He obeyed, pulling away and rubbing your swollen clit roughly. Your pants became louder as you felt the tension building.

“More” you breathed.

He worked faster than thought possible- making you cry loudly. Your orgasm washed over your whole being, your back arching off the bed, your toes curling, your throat trapping your words. His hand stopped, and he bent down to carefully lick at your tired heat again, giving it a farewell kiss before leaving it.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled, an embarrassed smile on his face as he kissed your hip.

“You’re amazing” you gushed, reaching for him, with a smile on your face.

“Next time” he assured quietly, hinting at orgasming together.

“Next time” you repeated, a small giggle leaving your lips as he smiled warmly.

A/N: Because with sex practice and knowing your partner is everything~ I couldn’t have it go 100% as planned for their first time together now could I? I’m mean, but you still admit, he was amazing and it was perfect.


This is a 1.5-hour workshop on swordsmanship mechanics, using lightsabers or straight sticks with no crossguard.* I taught this for the Bangkok Brotherhood of Historical Fencing, a HEMA group based in Thailand. To jump straight to the class, go to 6:54. This is part 1 of 2 workshops, the second is coming soon!

For those wishing to take part remotely in the workshop, I’ve included the whole session, unedited (except for free sparring at the end). A full transcript is attached below.

*The choice to use lightsabers to teach medieval swordsmanship was due to weapon-carry restrictions for the fighters getting to and from the workshop using public transport in Bangkok, so we used lightsabers and incorporated that into the class content.

I do address lightsaber-specific mechanics, but the majority of what I teach in the class is useful for general swordsmanship.

Thanks for watching!


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Slipping Through My Fingers

I couldn’t get @lesbianlinkle‘s Hyrule Warriors post out of my head, so I wrote fic for it. 

Summary:  Cia had waited thousands of years for Hylia to return to her, but eventually, she finds she must take matters into her own hands to rescue her love from her own mistakes.

(Also on Ao3 and FF.N)

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Dangerous Woman

Rating: M

It happened, with no thought or self-control. He was just there and so were you and the feeling you’d had from the moment you first saw him over am your rational self. When your lips met his, Spencer hadn’t even objected but fear still hit you like a ton of bricks, causing you to pull away and run.

So why, later that night, did you find yourself standing outside his door in your little black dress and black tights? It was simple. You’d realised that you didn’t need to hide it from him anymore and that you were both able to do whatever you wanted in life.

As the sounds of him moving toward the door drew nearer, the spike of fear began to build again, the click of the latch as he turned the handle raising it further still. When the door creaked slowly open, your legs begged you to turn and run but the moment you saw his face it all changed.

His perfectly formed features were exaggerated by the shadows in the dull light and his pursed lips hurled your thoughts back to that beautiful moment when you felt them against yours. Suddenly, everything you wanted in that moment became clear as he looked you up and down, taking in that you were there and how you looked.

“Oh, I…” he began but your finger met his lips and you hushed him, walking him backward into his apartment. Without taking his eyes from yours, his trailing hand pushed the door closed behind you. The look spoke volumes, his lips parting just enough to let his tongue slip from one corner to the other before he swallowed hard.

As your hand moved up his chest, he let out a short gasp of anticipation, knowing that whatever you had in mind was all he wanted too. Pulling you in by your hips, Spencer pressed his body against yours till your lips met once more.

Don’t need permission
Made my decision to test my limits
‘Cause it’s my business, God as my witness
Start what I finished
Don’t need no holdup
Taking control of this kind of moment
I’m locked and loaded
Completely focused, my mind is open

Even with your eyes closed, your senses were filled with him; the smell of him, the feel of him, the sound of his breathing and even the taste of him. It was intoxicating, distracting from all else but him and the moment till your plan returned to mind.

As you pushed him back, guiding him toward the bedroom door, your hands scrambled to undo the buttons of his shirt. Spencer managed to somehow operate the door handle as soon as his back reached the door, neither of you wanting to break the contact of your lips. Crossing the threshold, his hand fumbled for the light but you swatted away his arm, wanting darkness for what was about to happen.

With his shirt finally free of him, your hand pressed into the hot skin of his chest; pushing him backward till his legs hit the bed. Spencer paused, trying to keep his balance as he finally broke what had been a deep and distracting kiss. The grin that spread across your face spoke volumes, giving away what you were about to do, yet he did nothing to prevent it.

The hand on his bare chest pushed once more, dropping him to sit at the end of his bed and leaving him to look up at you in the little light that did make it in from the street. With your confidence reaching its peak, your body moved a little from side to side; your hands travelling from your shoulders down the sides of your dress. When they reached the hem, you took hold of the material in your fingers, pulling it upward slowly and purposefully.

Spencer watched in awe as you revealed the thin, black-lace lingerie that you’d worn especially for him. Your skin shone brightly in the street light but Spencer was mostly in shadow, his features obscured by the glare till you leaned into the darkness to join him. Placing the dress down on the bed beside him, you moved your hands back to his bare skin to stroke down his torso while you lowered yourself to your knees.

Spencer leaned back on his arms while your hands undid his pants, gasping lightly as your lips moved to his torso to follow the path your hands had taken. It took very little effort to bring him from his pants, his excitement mostly fully showing through his length. Once it was in your hands, you looked up into his eyes again with a devious grin.

“For me?” you asked, teasing him with your fingers.

“I…” he started but you hushed him once more.

He groaned while he watched you look down to his erection and lowered your mouth to his lap. Swallowing hard, he tried desperately to keep his composure as your lips kissed his tip. Without hesitation, you moved your lips around his end, moving your hand down his shaft a little while you enjoyed the taste of him. Spencer threw his head back involuntarily, moaning loudly as the sensation of your warm, wet mouth slide down his length.

A hand crept forward, sliding up your arm to your shoulder then into your hair, his touch sending shivers down your spine and making you moan happily on his cock. Would he take control or would he let you do what you came to go? The thoughts swirled around in your mind as your tongue swirled around the tip of his length. The groaning that came from him told you that he was enjoying you, perhaps a little too much for now.

Rising up slowly, you let him see your devious grin before your hand moved to his side to grab the light material of the dress that you’d previously discarded. For a moment, the confusion spread across his face, however, it wasn’t visible for long. Twisting up the dress, you pressed the material across his eyes, blinding him from everything you were doing.

“Wait… I…” he began to object.

“I know, but… trust me,” you answered, leaning your hands around the back of his head to tie the dress. The objection died down very quickly when your hands moved to push him onto his back and you climbed atop him.

With your knees either side of him, you moved yourself up to sit on his exposed girth, sliding your hands down yourself to take hold of him in your fingers. Spencer let out a small gasp as he felt you press his tip against the front of your slit, through the thin material of your lingerie. Looking down your own body, you could barely believe that it was happening as you teased his girth with your own pleasure.

Nothing to prove and
I’m bulletproof and
Know what I’m doing
The way we’re movin’ like introducing
Us to a new thing
I wanna savour, save it for later
The taste of flavour, 'cause I’m a taker
'Cause I’m a giver, it’s only nature
I live for danger

Two hands slid up your thighs, moving over your underwear to grip the skin of your sides as it glowed in the street light. Spencer’s slightly laboured breathing only added to the sensation which ebbed  and flowed with each slow grind along his length. You couldn’t help but let your head roll and your back arch, sliding your free hand up his arm and pulling his hand up to your breast to squeeze.

The more you teased, the wetter the material of your underwear became and the more you just wanted to feel him deep within you. His nails dug into your hip as his head raised blindly then fell away in frustration.

That was it. That was all you could take. You wanted him now.

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God
Don’t ya stop, boy

Lifting yourself up, you tugged your underwear to the side to expose yourself to his excitement, shifting a little as you position him beneath you. As you lowered down, you could feel the pressure as his tip began to push into your hot, wet hole. The sudden slip beyond the threshold caused you both to gasp sharply, mouths both slightly ajar. It didn’t take long before you were moving slowly up and down his entire length, unable to help yourself as your fingers continued to play with your clit.

The slow and controlling motion kept Spencer’s breathing at a steady labour, prolonging the feeling and letting the pleasure build slowly as you leaned down to kiss his lips hard. Your behind rose and fell steadily while your hips curled into his and your hands slid up his chest and over his shoulders into his hair. When your lips did break, it was to let out a long gasp and a whimper as your cheek pressed against his and your body shifted up and down his rhythmically.

“Mmmm, fuck,  (Y/N),” moaned Spencer, his hands sliding around to push your behind down against him with each motion.

Somethin’ 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you
Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you

Something switched in his mind, causing him to want the control. Shifting his weight, he rolled you onto your back, rolling with you and laying between your thighs. Wrapping your legs up over his waist, you pulled him down into you as deep as he could go. Your arms tucked under his, your hands reaching round to his back with your nails digging deep into his skin. Spencer’s strength had taken you by pleasant surprise, his arms proving much more powerful and enclosing than they would appear.

The moment his lips hit the skin of your neck, the roughness of his unshaven bristles scratching, you couldn’t help but let out an even louder whimper. The pace began quickening and both of you began breathing even more laboured till you were moaning with each deep and sharp thrust.

“Mmmm, Spencer…” you gasped between breaths. “God, you feel so good…”

The heat had risen quickly, the sensation spreading to the very limits of every extremity, causing you to grip him tightly and your hips to move with his. Each time he delved deep, you felt yourself tighten on him as your back arched beneath him.

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I’m feeling inside
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout
All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I’m feeling inside
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout

Moaning loudly, you felt the wave of ecstasy fill you, causing your entire body to tense and your head to spin till the wave spilled over and you cried out. The tight grip on him drove him on as he continued to thrust deep into you, his hold on you absolute. As the wave began to subside, all you wanted was for him to enjoy you, your body to please him as his had you.

“I want to feel it,” you whispered in his ear. “I want to feel you burst inside me.” The responding groans told you that it was working. You had no idea why you were doing it but there was just something that made you want him and that kept you talking. “Cum for me, Spencer. Cum for me.”

The groans turned to whimpers and moans and he began driving himself deeper and harder and faster, his arms shaking from the effort as well as the surge. You continued to moan, the remnants of your orgasm still fluttering through you as he moved.

Finally, with a sudden lock of his muscles and a final deep thrust, Spencer cried out loudly, exploding deep within you. Less than a moment later, his weight fell upon you as his arms gave out and he lay panting with you.


Somethin’ 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you
Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you

Laying with him, you couldn’t quite believe you’d managed to pluck up the confidence to do what you just did. Still breathing with labour, you’d shifted up to lay in his arms and had started watching his chest rise and fall. Looking up to his face, he seemed to be sharing the same feeling of disbelief till he looked down to you.

“So, um… that was…” he started.

“Yeah, it… it really was,” you finished.

“Where… where did that come from?”

“I have no idea.”

Spencer smiled, tugging you up in his arms and tightening his embrace till you rolled onto his chest. Something had stirred deep within you, something that he’d caused and that you couldn’t explain. All you knew was you wanted so badly to do it all again as soon as he could.

A Kiss in the Rain

//A.N: Hey guys, just thought I’d get another one out there. It’s been raining here all week so this just felt right. Anyway i hope you enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to send me your requests. I aim to please ;) //

As you sit at your desk drawing the rainy scene that lay just beyond your bedroom window, you hear your phone buzz.

“Come on, you don’t think it sounds cool. A kiss in a haunted house while you’re surrounded by flesh eating zombies, just about to fight for your lives.” (y.c.n) wrote.

You two had been the best of friends for as long as you could remember. He was such a big part of your life, and you couldn’t imagine life without him. In fact you didn’t want to have to imagine life without him. You wouldn’t dare admit to it, but you secretly hoped maybe you guys would be something more. But that seemed like an impossible fantasy, as there was no way he saw you as more than his dorky sister. Rereading his text, you laugh to yourself and respond,

“Haha. You obviously don’t know what romance is my friend. Because that right there was definitely not it.”

His response was almost immediate,

“Oh yeah? Then please enlighten me to what would be considered romantic oh great and knowledgeable one.” He teased.

You didn’t really have to think hard about this one, as it was something you had daydreamed about for ages. So you replied,

“Thank you for acknowledging that I’m obviously the smarter one. Romance has to be sweet, and meaningful. Like imagine you’re walking with a girl and it suddenly starts to rain, and she wants to run in for cover. But instead you grab her hand and tell her how beautiful she looks in the rain, and then you kiss her. But not a fast sloppy ‘I wanna get in your pants’ kind of kiss, but like a slow, passionate, sensual one. That, is what romance looks like.”

His reply didn’t come as quickly this time, but after a few short minutes your phone buzzes again.

“Got it. Girls like wet kisses. Mental note made.”

You roll your eyes at his inability to take anything seriously, but smile to yourself, feeling a glimmer of hope that maybe his mental note was so he could kiss you in the rain. You quickly shake your head realizing how absurd that sounds and continue with your drawing.

                                    **TIME JUMP-ONE WEEK**

It was raining…again. As it had been for nearly a week now. As you walk home in the light mist, you can’t help but let your mind wander to its usual place of daydreaming about you and (y.c.n). Listening to your rainy day album, you start a slow pace home. Suddenly you’re torn away from your fantasy by the low sound of someone calling your name. You turn and see (y.c.n) running toward you, a wide tooth grin plastered on his face. You take your headphones off and say hi.

“Hey, any chance you’re free this afternoon for movies?” He asked a little out of breath.

It was a Friday, and you had already finished your homework, so you agree, and you walk side by side toward his house instead of your own. The walk to his house was oddly quiet, but you didn’t question it, instead you just took to your thoughts. The rain had started coming down a little harder, but your clothes were already soaked through so running made so sense. As you reach the side walk leading up to (y.c.n) door, he suddenly stops, and grabs your hand. Your heart beat speeds up at the touch of his hand in yours.

“(Y.n), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how close we are, and what good friends we are, and how I would never want to ruin that.” He says inching closer to you with every word. “But I just need to say something, and I need you to listen until I’m done, or I may just lose my courage.”

You look at him quizzically, but nod, giving him silent permission to continue.

“I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just going to come right out and say it. (Y.n), I like you. A lot. In fact I think I may be in love with you. I don’t want this to jeopardize our friendship, but I really just needed you to know.”

He continues to ramble, as the rain is coming down in sheets now. You’re honestly not sure what he said because you had stopped listening after he said he loved you. He loved you, and not as just a friend, but he was in love with you. The idea seemed impossible, yet somehow here he was declaring his love for you. Your body felt numb with excitement, and you felt like everything was moving in slow motion. Finally you regain control, and lift a finger to (y.c.n)’s lips, quieting him.

“(Y.c.n), I like you too. I always have.”

Before you could blink, (y.c.n) had closed the space between you and his lips were on yours. The kiss was slow, and passionate. You kissed him back harder and the tempo of the kiss sped up. Finally you pull back and look at (y.c.n), water streaming down his face as the rain came down.

“You look beautiful in the rain” he says with a smirk, “That is what I’m supposed to tell you to make this romantic right.”

You smile at him and just laugh at his general goofiness.

“So you really did make a mental note then?” You chuckle looking up at him through your lashes.

“Of course I did, (y.n.). It’s what you wanted, and I care about what you want. But I also care about what I want, and right now what I want is to kiss you again.”

You can’t hide the grin threatening to spread across your face as he leans down to kiss you again, and you wrap your arms around his neck. The perfect kiss in the rain.

I Got You

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I Got You


Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Can you do a DeanxReader where the reader (his badass long term gf) pushes Michael into the cage and he drags her with him? She gets brought back with Sam and goes to live at Bobby’s, not telling Dean b/c of Lisa. She has hallucinations, nightmares, acts them out while sleepwalking with real weapons, etc. Bobby tells Dean she’s back b/c only Dean can help her. Angst and fluff plz!

Authors Note:


Dean watched as she ran at Michael, kicking him. She shouldn’t even be here. He told her not to come. Dean watched as Y/N and Michael fought for a short time. His girl was never one to back down, to walk away from a fight. She held her own and then some. He had never met anyone who could fight like she did. Natasha Romanoff, eat your heart out. She had nothing on Y/N.

Dean struggled to get up, but his face was smashed up, his body broken in places. The pain was too much. He tried so hard but couldn’t. He had lost Sam, Cas exploded, Bobby was dead. He’d lost everything but her. He demanded she stay away, he knew the risk and he wasn’t going to risk her too. Not after the last few months. Michael’s vain attempt to trade Y/N’s life for Dean’s agreement in becoming vessel. Not that it worked. Y/N had broken free and kicked his arse before the boys even got there. Dean had never been so proud, and so annoyed because he never got to rescue her. She was one of the few people in this world that ever needed help.

Y/N kicked Michael towards Sam and ran forward to help. Dean watched as everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Sam had regained control of his body, pushing Lucifer back into the corner of his mind. He threw himself backwards. Y/N in that instant as Michael turned to stop Sam, shoved Michael hard pushing him into the cage.

Y/N spun to see Dean, who watched screaming at her as Michael grabbed her and pulled her into the cage with them. Dean screamed over and over again. Still struggling to comprehend what had happened. Where both Sam and Y/N had gone.

Cas appeared in front of him, healing his wounds and resurrecting Bobby. But none of it mattered. Dean had lost everything. His brother, his girlfriend, his world. He hated Cas and God in that instant for healing him, for not killing him. He pleaded for them to trade his life for Y/N’s but they refused.

Dean said goodbye to Bobby he was done with this life. He travelled the roads and ended up at Lisa’s. Staying with her and setting up an apple pie life.

Y/N and Sam stood under the lamp post, the light flickering.

‘I’m guessing your relationship was more for the sex,’ Sam said coldly.

‘Thanks for that,’ Y/N sighed.

She looked at the younger Winchester. They hadn’t been back that long, but searched for Dean as soon as they could. From what they could tell they had only been in the pit for maybe a month Earth time. It felt like an eternity. But since being back Sam hadn’t been the same, he was more callous and not his normal sympathetic self.

‘He finally got apple pie,’ she said quietly.

‘He got what he wanted. A family,’ Sam told her, turning to leave.

‘So what you’re just walking away? Like that leaving him here?’

‘He’s always wanted to be happy Y/N. He got that now. Why ruin it?’

‘You don’t think he would want to know we’re back? That he’s happy with us? Me?’

‘You want to bring him back into this life?’

‘I…I don’t know what I want Sammy,’ she said quietly.

‘I want to do my job. It is why we were pulled back. I’m off. You coming?’

Y/N watched as Sam headed towards his car.

‘To the Campbell’s compound?’ she questioned. ‘You honestly trust them?’

‘They’re family.’

‘So’s Dean?’

‘He’s out. You coming or not.’

She looked at him unsure.

‘They’re not my family.’

‘You don’t have family Y/N. They’re all dead, either killed by a vamp or you.’

She glared at him. God he was an arsehole now.

‘I think I might go see Bobby.’

‘Whatever. Call when your bored.’

‘Sammy, are you feeling ok? Coping ok?’

‘Yeah. I mean I’m back what’s not ok about that?’

‘Sleeping ok?’


‘Just wondering.’

‘Catch you round Y/N.’

With that Sam drove off leaving her in the street. She turned back to the house and watched again for a while.

Dean felt like he was being watched. It wasn’t a worrisome feeling. It was similar to when Y/N would watch him. He always knew when she was, it was a weird connection that the two had, he could sense when her eyes were on him. And right now was one of those times. He fought back tears and put his knife and fork down. He looked out the window and struggled with everything. He felt guilty, like he shouldn’t be here. He knew she was gone, but he felt like he was betraying her anyway.

Y/N watched as Dean froze, his head turning towards the window. And she stepped back into the shadows. Was Sam really right? Was it better if he didn’t know. He was finally out of this life. She knew deep down this was the life he wanted. She had just always figured if they left this life it would be together. Not that she could ever picture leaving the world of hunting. She watched as Lisa kissed Dean and Y/N fought every inch of her to stop from running in there. She needed to leave and soon. It was too painful to watch him with someone else. The tears flowed down her face. She sat out of sight and waited until they went to bed and she snuck into the shed and raided the impala, taking the photo of her parents from her duffel in the back. She was surprised Dean still had it. She returned everything to how it was, said her goodbyes to Baby and left.

Everyone left for school and work the next day and Dean moved out to the garage, removing the cover from Baby. He pulled the small box out from under the driver’s seat, pulling out the ring he had set aside for Y/N. He held it between his fingers and let the tears fall. He had planned to propose to her after the showdown between Lucifer and Michael. He wanted to do it before, he had tried to organise a candle lit picnic before hand but Y/N refused to focus on anything other than the fight. Their priority was stopping the apocalypse. He had carried the ring on him that day, with the plan that the second it was over. The second they won he was going to propose.

He had planned on the whole down on one knee thing, he had a speech planned and everything. Now, it was nothing but a dream. A memory that never happened. A princess cut diamond, leading way to a silver band. He had worked his arse off on the side to make enough to buy it. He had wanted to use his Mum’s but it was destroyed when she passed away. So he got her one similar to it.

He wiped the tears from the diamond and place it back in it’s box. Putting it back under the driver’s seat he let his head rest against the seat and memories flooding his mind. The laughing as Sam and Y/N joked around. The light hearted teasing between the three of them. The trivia quiz games that Sam and Y/N would play. The times he and Y/N had spent alone in Baby. How she climbed onto his lap and made out with him, as things went further. He remembered the way she felt under his fingers. Every scar, every curve, every freckle. The tattoo on her hip, the way she squirmed when his tongue ran across her ribs. How much better Baby looked just by having Y/N sitting in her or on her.

Dean climbed quickly out of the impala, struggling to control the tears, the memories, his emotions. He would give anything to have her back. To hold her. To tell her he loved her. Even just once more. He grabbed a wrench and threw it across the garage, followed by another and another. He was angry and needed to vent. He collapsed on the floor and cried, no it wasn’t venting he needed. It was Y/N.

‘You did it again,’ Bobby sighed, as Y/N sat at the table.

‘I’m guessing this conversation isn’t going to involve me eating your cake or cleaning the bathroom,’ she muttered.

‘You almost shot me Y/N!’

‘It’s not like I’m trying to and that explains the bruise.’

‘Yeah, sorry about that. Wanna talk about it?’

‘Nothing to talk about. Apparently I’m a hunter even in my sleep.’

‘No you’re a murderer in your sleep. I ain’t no monster.’

‘That’s a matter of opinion,’ she muttered.

‘Watch your tone girl.’

‘Sorry,’ she sighed. ‘Have you spoke to Sam? How’s he sleeping?’

‘Fine apparently.’

‘Figures. We go for a trip and I’m the only one that suffers. That’s what I get for saving the world. I lose everything and my life is screwed up, even in my sleep.’

Bobby looked at her sympathetically. He knew she wasn’t coping with Dean living with Lisa.

‘Why don’t you tell him?’

‘Because he’s happy, she can give him what he wants. Because it’s too late now. The damage is done.’

‘Y/N,’ Bobby sighed.

‘No, he didn’t even wait a month Bobby,’ she snapped.

She got up and went outside to the training area she had put up. Pulling out the Kali sticks she trained in her fighting area. It was at this point the only thing that cleared her mind. She moved through the area of “demons” she had set up.

Bobby watched from the window concerned. Y/N was like a daughter to him and this was destroying him. Watching her like this. The nightmares had come almost every night, some nights she screamed in her sleep over and over again. Blood curling, screams. Other’s she had “hunted” in her sleep. He was at his wits end. In the past week he had had to fight her off four times. He was almost ready to lock her in the panic room. He watched as she froze, her eyes growing wide, and then she launched an attack on her training dolls. He realized then she was no longer training, she was defending. Another hallucination had hit he considered his options and moved out slowly, watching as she pulled a knife and stabbed one then the other. As she fought thin air. He watched as she fell backwards and put her hands up, screaming trying to block her face.

‘Y/N!’ Bobby called, running over. ‘Y/N it’s ok. You’re safe.’

He grabbed her shaking her. She fought him off hitting him in the jaw, sending him onto his back.

The hallucination ended and Y/N stood trying to come to terms with what had happened. She saw Bobby on the ground, blood dripping from his lip.

‘What? Oh God, was that me?’

‘What the hell happened?’

‘I…I…I’m so sorry.’

‘What happened?’

She put her face in her hands and cried.

‘This is getting worse not better.’

Over the next week, Y/N tried to exhaust herself to the point she passed out but it didn’t stop the nightmares. It didn’t stop her moving through the house trying to kill things. Bobby had to put an alarm on the door because she even moved to his neighbour’s home and tried to kill the monsters there.

Bobby’s turning point came when he heard screaming in the during the evening one day, watching as Y/N patted her body. He watched as she grabbed a pot of simmering water and threw it on herself. He screamed and grabbed her running up the stairs he threw her under the shower and turned on the cold tap. Y/N’s hallucination ended and she started crying from the pain, his heart broke. He helped her treat her burns, thankfully they weren’t too bad. He tried calling for Cas but nothing happened, he never came. Bobby was getting desperate.

Bobby had taken to sleeping in the living room watching the stairs, he watched was woken by the creaking of the staircase. He jumped up and called for Y/N, trying to wake to her. He watched as she turned the gun on him and fired. The bullet grazing his shoulder. It was the first time he had ever seen her miss. She started yelling at someone, swearing and then struggled with them. His heart stopped as she fought to prevent the gun from turning on herself.  

‘Adam! No! Sam!’ she screamed. ‘Michael, no please,’ she sobbed.

Bobby moved to try intercept as he watched Y/N struggle to keep herself from pointing the gun at her head. He threw himself at her knocking the gun from her hand as it went off and Y/N to the ground.

‘Bobby?’ she gasped. ‘What happened? Oh my God, you’re bleeding. Was that? Did I?’

‘It’s just a scratch.’

She broke down into a crumbled mess on the floor. Flashes of what happened coming back. Michael and Lucifer torturing Sam and Adam. Trying to break Y/N, punishing her for pushing Michael towards the pit. Lucifer turning the gun on her. Shooting her, her struggle to stop him. She lost count of how often they killed her in the cage. But she could tell you everything they did, setting fire to her, shooting her, stabbing her, breaking every bone in her body. Then chaining her up while they repeated it with Adam and Sam.

Adam, she broke down again, he was still in there. The poor guy, was now Michael and Lucifer’s sole plaything.

‘Tonight, I think it’s best if you sleep in the panic room,’ Bobby told her quietly as she patched his arm.

She just nodded. She’d lock herself in there full time if she had to. She had already pulled herself from hunting. She had saw a demon what wasn’t there and almost killed a civilian. She wasn’t going to risk that again.

Y/N went down and removed every sort of weapon from the panic room to prepare it for that night.

While she was occupied Bobby made the call.

‘Something’s happened. I need you here…No I’ll explain after. It’s important…Yes I knew about him, he asked me not too tell…Damn it, just get here now!’


Y/N was making lunch when she was all of a sudden thrown back into the cage. She saw Michael and Lucifer standing there smiling at her.

‘No, no, no.’ she cried, realising she was back.

‘We missed you,’ Lucifer smiled. ‘There was nothing to play with, nothing fun anyway. Now you’re back to come play with us.’

‘No,’ she cried.

She looked over and saw Adam strung up, knives protruding from his body.

‘Adam!’ she cried, running over.

‘Let him sleep, it’s your turn now,’ Michael suggested.

Y/N screamed as he pushed the knife into her stomach, twisting it.

‘Y/N,’ Lucifer called. ‘Y/N smile honey, this game is fun.’

Michael pulled the blade out and pushed it into her lower abdomen and pulled it upwards slicing her stomach in half.

She fell to her knee’s coughing and spluttering.

‘Y/N!’ she heard someone call.

It didn’t matter, she was dead. But in hell she would be resurrected ready for them to play with tomorrow. She looked up as her vision was fading out and saw Adam coming too,

‘Y/N,’ he whispered.

With that she fell to the floor and slipped away.

‘Y/N, wake up. Come on,’ Bobby yelled, shaking her.

He had watched the last part of the hallucination take place, he had no idea what was happen.

Y/N screamed and came too.

‘It’s ok, you’re here. It’s over. It was a dream.’

She watched as Michael stood behind Bobby and smirked.

‘Is it Y/N? Is it a dream? Is it over?’ he smiled.

‘No, no. You sick son of a bitch,’ she yelled. ‘I’ll kill you myself.’

‘Honey, you can try,’ Michael grinned.

Y/N jumped up and went to launch herself at him when Bobby grabbed her arm.

‘Y/N, what’s going on? Who are you yelling at?’

Y/N looked up and found Michael was gone.

‘No one,’ she breathed.

Her whole body was shaking. She heard a noise and froze, listening carefully she recognised it.

‘Damn it Bobby!’ she growled. ‘I told you not to call him.’

‘I don’t care anymore Y/N you need help. This is getting out of hand.’

Y/N panicked and went to run out of the house, when Dean came running through the door. He stopped dead in his tracks, taking in the sight in front of him.

‘Y/N?’ he asked, his voice breaking, the flood gates holding his tears back collapsing.

Sam stood behind Dean and nodded at her.

‘Hey Y/N. We need to talk after, Samuel said we might need your help with a hunt,’ Sam commented going to the fridge for a beer.

‘I’m not up for a hunt right now Sam.’

‘Right, the nightmares and what not. You’ll be fine. You managed last time.’

‘You knew she was back?’ Dean asked, clearly shocked.

‘Well she sorted came with me so yeah.’

‘You’ve been back this whole time? You did come see me?’ Dean asked her.

He was hurt, angry, felt betrayed. His girl, the one he had grieved over for months was alive and she didn’t come to him.

‘I wouldn’t go down that path Dean,’ she warned.

‘What the hell does that mean?’

‘You ran, the second I went into the cage. You ran straight to Lisa, straight into her arms. So don’t get mad at me for keeping it secret. We hunted you down, we watched your happy life. And we left. You got what you wanted and it sure to hell wasn’t me.’

Dean looked at her gobsmacked. His jaw dropping.

‘Told you. See even Y/N thinks you wanted Lisa,’ Sam commented shaking his head.

Y/N glared at Bobby and walked out. Dean chasing after her.

‘Don’t you walk away from me, Y/N,’ Dean growled. ‘You died, I spent all this time mourning your death and you’ve been alive working with the Campbells? Living with Bobby?’

‘Mourning my death? How did that work while you were screwing Lisa? Was is push, push, sob?’

Dean paled. He had no answer to that.

‘You moved on quick enough that it was evident my survival wasn’t worth announcing. Did she even know about me?’

Dean stayed quiet.

‘It wasn’t like that,’ he said quietly. ‘I cried for you everyday. I wanted to die when you went into the cage. I hated Cas for healing me. Baby, I love you so much. I couldn’t do this without you. I left the life to forget. I had no idea how to do this without you.’

He went to move closer to her, when Y/N’s eyes grew wide and she screamed pushing Dean out the way. He watched as her lips formed an O and pain crossed her face. Dean watched as she fell to her knees and then onto the ground.

Y/N had watched as Michael raised a knife to stab Dean, she had saved him and that was all she needed. It was all that mattered. The knife had pushed into her heart, the blood bubbling up out of her mouth. She fell to the floor, as Michael pulled the knife from her.

‘Y/N,’ Dean cried. ‘Baby what’s wrong?’

He threw himself to the ground, rolling her over. She looked fine. There was nothing what so ever wrong with her.

‘Y/N!’ he called.

Y/N’s eyes fluttered and she took in her surroundings. She was alive. She looked down at her chest and touched it. There was no blood.

‘Baby?’ Dean called to get her attention, running his hand through her hair.

He tried not to focus on what it was like to touch her again. He struggled to not cover every inch of her with his mouth and fingers. To breathe her in, to taste her. He had begun to forget what it was like and he was hating himself for it. He hated how his clothes had started to smell like Lisa and not Y/N, how his lips tasted like her and not Y/N. He hated how she had taken over Y/N. He had regretted showing up on her doorstep from the moment she answered the door, but he wasn’t man enough to walk away. Now, knowing Y/N was alive and hadn’t come to him because of her. He hated himself even more.

‘She’s hallucinating,’ Bobby said quietly as he approached. ‘And it’s happening a lot. Nightmares she’s acting out in her sleep, this sort of thing. It’s only getting worse. Which is why I called you. She can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.’

‘Oh Sweetheart,’ Dean mumbled, shifting her into his arms so he could kiss her head.

‘She thought she was on fire and poured almost boiling water on herself, nearly shot herself, shot me, almost killed the neighbour she thought was a demon, that’s just some of it.’

Dean felt the tears in his eyes, as he kissed her.

‘Dean?’ she asked.

‘Yeah Sweetheart, I’m here.’

Y/N broke down and cried. Dean’s own tears mixing with hers.

‘I got you baby. Everything’s going to be fine. I promise.’

She collapsed against his chest and sobbed.

‘When was the last time she slept?’


Dean scooped her up and carried her inside. He lay her on the sofa, and sat down in front of her. Talking to her gently, running his hand through her hair, watching as she drifted off.

‘Why didn’t you call me when she first came here?’ Dean growled quietly at Bobby.

‘She asked me not to. You were out of this life, you were happy. She didn’t want to ruin that.’

‘Have you called Cas?’

‘Yup but he’s not answering.’

‘What about you?’ Dean asked Sam.

‘I’m fine. I’m guessing she’s just screwed up from the cage. Weak minded and all.’

Dean felt his jaw lock into place. He doubted it was that and quite frankly Sam’s attitude was starting to piss him off and now that it was concerning Y/N he was furious.

‘No hallucinations? No nightmares? Nothing?’ Dena asked, through gritted teeth.


‘What happened down there?’

Sam shrugged. ‘Not a lot.’

‘I think whatever it is Adam was there. She’s screamed for him a few times and Sam,’ Bobby said quietly. ‘She’s begged Lucifer and Michael to leave them alone.’

Dean’s heart broke some more. His hand moving through her hair while the other held onto her hand. She slept for the first time since she came back.

‘Can you wake her now, I need to get back on the road. And she needs to come with me for this hunt?’ Sam sighed bored.

Dean looked at his brother in disbelief.

‘She’s not being woken and she sure as hell aint going on a hunt.’

‘Samuel’s not going to like that,’ Sam commented.

‘I don’t actually care. No one is leaving until we figure out what’s going on.’

‘Well Dean, I can and I am. So I’ll see you around I guess. I’ll tell Samuel to call if he’s got an issue.’

Sam walked out, leaving Dean shaking his head. Normally he would have chased him down but not today.

Dean sat with Y/N for another few hours before she stirred.

‘Hey,’ he smiled, kissing her.

He watched as tears filled her eyes, and she reached out and touched his face.

‘It’s me.’

Y/N watched as Michael came up behind Dean with a gun and aimed it at his head. She screamed and grabbed the knife from her belt to throw it. Dean grabbed her arm, stopping her from launching the weapon through the air.

‘It’s not real. Whatever your seeing it’s not real.’

Y/N looked between Dean and Michael.

‘Baby, look at me. Y/N!’ Dean ordered. ‘Look at me. I’m here. Whatever’s happening it’s not real.’

He cupped her chin and moved her head so she was looking at him.

‘I’m real. You’re safe Sweetheart, I promise.’

He lent in and kissed her gently, pulling back to look at her. Her face calming slightly. She kept checking over his shoulder at Michael who was still aiming the gun.

‘Look at me Y/N,’ Dean told her gently, cupping both her cheeks. ‘Me, I’m real.’

Y/N cringed and shut her eyes as Michael pulled the trigger.

‘Sweetheart?’ Dean called. ‘Baby, open your eyes.’

‘You’re not…? He didn’t?’ she breathed.


‘Michael he tried…’

‘Baby he can’t touch me, or you. None of that is actually happening. It’s in your head.’

She looked up and saw Michael smirking at her and then he disappeared.

Dean felt her whole body shaking. His girl the one who would take on the world in a fight was more scared and more vulnerable than he ever thought possible.

‘What did they do to you?’ he asked, pulling her into his arms.

Y/N was in the kitchen getting a drink, when Dean heard a glass smash. He ran in and his hand shot out grabbing her arm just millimetres before the knife in her hand went into his neck.

‘Y/N!’ Dean growled, yanking the knife from her hand.

He hated not seeing what she did, he hated not knowing what was happening. She swung and fist and he stopped it, but missed as she kicked the side of his knee, his leg giving out. He picked her up and pushed her onto the floor, holding her in place.

‘Baby, it’s me. Come back to me Sweetheart,’ he pleaded. ‘It’s not real.’

He watched as her eyes flickered.

‘I’m real, focus baby.’

Y/N shook her head and looked around.

‘That’s my girl,’ he smiled, kissing her.

‘I’m so sorry,’ she sobbed.

‘It’s ok. Can’t say I didn’t have it coming,’ he grinned.

Dean stood up pulling her with him. He ran his hand through her hair and pulled her into for another kiss, letting himself savour it, enjoy it. He moaned as she pushed her hands along his sides. The actions causing his heart to race and goose bumps to form. He felt the rush he got from contact with her, it was like an addiction. And he was finally getting his fix. He moved her so she was pushed up against the wall, his instincts taking over as his hands pushed up her shirt, and his lips and tongue found her neck and collar bone.

‘She ok?’ Bobby called, walking in. ‘Not in my damn kitchen!’

‘Sorry,’ Dean mumbled.

Bobby walked out with half a smirk on his face. He was hoping that was a good sign for Y/N, that she was on the mend.

Dean looked at Y/N who for the first time since he had found out she was alive, smiled.

‘God I missed you, so much,’ he told her, kissing her again.

‘Not in the damn kitchen Dean,’ she smiled.

‘Living room, we will go into the living room,’ he mumbled kissing her, pushing her backwards into the living room.

‘Bedroom now, you two idjits,’ Bobby grumbled.

‘Upstairs,’ Dean smirked, still kissing her.

Y/N opened her eyes and went to say something when she saw Michael. She pushed back and froze, all of a sudden she was in the pit. Dean grabbed her arms, and held her.

‘It’s not real. You know that. You can make it go away. Fight it.’

He watched as she hesitated.

‘Fight it baby, block it out.’ He kissed her gently, ‘Come right back here to me.’

She kissed him back and he smiled. They made their way upstairs and he lay on the bed with her, holding her in his arms. She felt amazing, so perfect. Every curve of her body moulded into his own, her body the perfect size for his arms and hands. He missed it so much. How perfect she was for him in every way.

He felt her breathing change and knew she was asleep. He ran his fingers along her body, taking it all in. He couldn’t wait to be with her properly, to have her back in every essence of the word. He was too scared to fall asleep himself in case he woke up to find it was a dream.

He frowned at the way her fingers gripped his shirt, how her knuckles went white. He felt her stiffen and her breathing grow shallow and quick.

‘It’s a dream Baby. You’re safe. I got you,’ he whispered in her ear over and over again, until finally she settled.

‘Do you remember that time we got lost in the woods on what we thought was a wendigo hunt? How we found that cabin and put it to good use? That was the first time we were ever together. You were wearing that dark grey tank that you had owned for like two hours with that hot pink lacy underwear set. The ones where the panties didn’t last past the cabin,’ he chuckled. He watched as she shifted in her sleep, her breath evening out. ‘God that was the most amazing night of my life. Even just kissing you made it for me. I had wanted to do it for so long, I had dreamt about it for so long. To finally have your lips on mine was just a dream come true.’

He kissed her head and sighed as he pictured how sweet her lips tasted. How disappointed he was when they heard Sam calling for them.

‘Afterwards was horrible. I didn’t know where we stood, if we were together or not. How we stepped around the conversation for weeks too scared to face it, until that creep hit on you. I’m still not sorry for hitting him.’

Dean drifted off to sleep and Y/N got up. She slipped out of his arms and down stairs to get a drink. She sat in the living room after, in the dark looking around. Dean was back. She hadn’t asked him about Lisa yet and she felt horrible. She knew she should. She shouldn’t be kissing him if he was still with her.

‘Hello Y/N,’ Michaels voice interrupted her thoughts.

‘No,’ she gasped.

‘Yes. I’m surprised your sitting here like this, in the dark, contemplating life. You have no life. This is all a dream you know that right? Do you honestly believe we would let our favourite plaything go? Sure Sammy’s gone and even Adam but you, you’re still in the cage with us. Only now, we’ve decided to change the rules.’

‘Leave me alone,’ she sobbed.

‘No. Now here’s the new rules. We will stop, let you go, be free. But you need to earn it.’

‘You’re not real, none of this is real,’ she sobbed holding her head in her arms and rocking back and forward.

‘Of course it’s real. You know how to prove it right? See that knife? Use it. You will only come back tomorrow that will prove my point.’

‘It’s not real, it’s not real,’ she sobbed over and over.

Michael moved in closer, ‘You will never truly know though will you Y/N. Not until you try for yourself. The knife.’

‘Dean,’ she cried.

‘He can’t help you, he’s nothing more than a figment of your imagination.’

Y/N pulled her knees up and cried, calling for Dean again and again. He never heard her though, he was off in a deep sleep.

‘I told you,’ Michael sighed. ‘Nothing but a dream. He won’t come to help because he’s not here. Use the knife Y/N it will prove it. You will come back tomorrow and be home in the cage again.’

Y/N looked at the knife and seriously contemplated what Michael said. At least if she woke up in the cage then there would be no more hallucinations. If she just laid back and took what they did to her maybe they would stop. Maybe they would end this.

She got up off the sofa and picked up the knife.

‘That a girl Y/N,’ Michael smiled.

Dean stirred and shifted so that he could pull Y/N back into his arms. He sat up in bed, when he realised she wasn’t here anymore. He flew out of the bed and down the stairs. He saw Y/N standing in the living room knife positioned at her heart, getting ready to push it in.

‘Y/N! NO!’ Dean screamed, jumping over the railing and running into the living room.

He yanked the knife from her hand as she started to push it in. He lifted her shirt and noticed the small cut from where the knife had got her skin.

‘Baby, what where you thinking?’ he cried. ‘Baby?’

Dean grabbed her and shook her, watching as she woke up.

‘Why am…Oh God,’ she sobbed as she remembered what happened.

‘What happened?’

Y/N burst into tears and told him everything that had been happening. Dean only growing angrier by the minute. She was relieving the torture from the cage, she was being hit with all new levels of torture and she was losing track of what was real and what wasn’t.

‘In the cage did they show you me?’

She shook her head.

‘Good. You need to focus on me Y/N. On Bobby. We are real. I’m real. If you start seeing Michael, you find me. You focus on me. You ignore that son of a bitch and you stay with me Y/N.’

Dean waited until later that night when Y/N was asleep and he called for Cas.

‘I need you to fix her,’ he told him quietly.

‘I’m not sure I can,’ Cas said sadly.

‘Please do something.’

‘Her mind’s broken Dean, not in a dangerous way.’

‘Not in a dangerous way? Cas I watched as my girlfriend tried to kill herself because Michael told her to do it.’

Cas cringed and made a decision to help the best way he could. He swapped out her mind for his.

Y/N woke up with a gasp, and saw Cas standing in front of her.

‘Cas? Where have you been?’ she asked.

‘Busy, I’m afraid. I am sorry for not coming when you called. How are you feeling?’

Y/N frowned, she felt fine. That was unusual. Something wasn’t right about that.


‘That’s good. I need to go.’

‘Thank you,’ Dean said softly, running his hand down Y/N’s back.

Cas nodded once and left.

‘What was that about?’

‘He fixed you. Hopefully.’

She looked at Dean confused.

‘I don’t know. Who knows how angels do anything,’ he smiled. ‘And I don’t care as long as I have you back. Do you see him?’

Y/N shook her head.
‘Ok, well let’s be cautious and go from there. Take it as it comes.’

Y/N got up and went to shower, managing to last the whole 10 minutes without seeing Michael once.

She walked back into the bedroom and found Dean waiting for her. A small smile appearing on her lips.

‘No pervy angels?’

‘No,’ she smiled.

‘Thank God.’

‘Or Cas.’

‘Or him, mostly him.’

‘Fingers crossed he stays away,’ she said quietly.

Dean approached her and pulled her into a hug.

She breathed in his scent. And let it overwhelm her. It was good to be in his arms again. She kissed he chest and snuggled in closer. Dean smiled and took hold of her jaw, tilting her head back, he kissed her deeply. She surrendered herself to him in every way. Once he kissed her there was no stopping it. There never was. Dean knew all there was to know about her, every place she needed to be kissed, every area she needed touched. He always did. She was the same with him. She knew what he needed, even when he didn’t know himself. She knew which parts to kiss, which parts to leave. Exactly how to touch him to make him feel better, to fix his worries, to feel complete.

The two lay in bed afterwards Y/N too scared to fall asleep in case he came back. She made sure she was dressed, despite Dean’s protests. But she needed to know she wasn’t going to shock Bobby if he happened find her sleep walking.

A week had past and Michael hadn’t returned. It appeared that what ever Cas did had worked. Dean watched as she slowly came back to him, smiled more, laughed more, loved more.

The two were sitting out the front of Bobby’s watching as the sun went down.

‘I love you,’ Dean said, kissing her temple.

‘I love you too.’

‘You know I had this whole thing planned before everything happened. And then well you wanted to do the picnic after we dealt with Lucifer.’

Y/N frowned at him.

‘Marry me?’ he asked, producing the ring.

He watched as her eyes grew wide and started to well up.

‘I love you more than you realise. I need you and can’t be without you sweetheart. Please say yes.’

She looked at him and smiled brightly through the tears.


Dean grinned and kissed her, pushing the ring onto her finger.

‘I’m so glad you’re home.’

anonymous asked:

Imagine OMS Spock getting really cold at night so Jim spoons him extra hard every night.

A faint groan suddenly disrupted the silence of the bedroom as Jim pushed his shoulders back into the warm mattress supporting his frame and then moved his head from side to side several times in controlled, slow motions against the pillow. Half asleep and having absolutely no desire to open his heavy eyes, he instead opted to squeeze them shut for several seconds while drawing in a deep breath. It was quickly expelled in a sigh from between his soft, thinning lips.

Jim didn’t need his eyes to flutter open to know it was the middle of the night; had it been the morning already, pleasantly warm rays of sunlight would have been streaming in through the wall-to-wall strip of window panes just above the bed and softly illuminating the room.

Captaining for decades had ravaged what was once Jim’s extraordinary ability to sleep through anything. Years of serving as a responsible leader, handling stressful situations, and living under strips of artificial lighting instead of a natural sun had rendered him unable to rest for more than a few hours at a time without stirring, even years after retirement.

…At least, that was how Jim explained his restlessness to others when they asked about the sleep consequences of being a starship captain; both he and Spock knew very well that there was much more to that story, but, fortunately, his answer always seemed to sate the inquiry enough to prevent imaginations from wandering any further.

Somewhere between the world of reality and dreams, Jim was compelled by a subconscious impulse to turn on his right side, and as he settled comfortably into his new position, he reached out with his hand.

His palm fell open upon a cold sheet.

Jim’s hand crept up a short distance and then down again before he extended his arm, his digits gliding a little further across the ripples in the sheet. His movement stopped suddenly as his eyebrows knitted downwards and then he began moving his hand in random places around the mattress with staccato patting motions, never meeting the touch he sought out.

With the heaviness of sleep replaced by confusion, Jim’s hazel eyes snapped open to the sight of his arm stretched across the bed before him. He stared along his limb for several moments, satisfied to see the treasure he desperately searched for just barely out of the grasp of his fingertips.

Spock was curled up tightly on his side and facing away from Jim. Jim slowly blinked, studying the outline of his bondmate’s body that poked through the two heavy covers he had piled on top of him, and found himself squinting when he detected what he thought was a slight movement.

It took several moments of quietly observing the dark blankets that seemed to tremble against the far white wall before Jim became convinced he wasn’t just imagining it. He quickly began sliding the short distance across the bed.

The unused portion of sheet between them felt colder against his warm torso than it had his palm and he gritted his teeth in slight discomfort as he shifted himself right into the curve of Spock’s body. Once he did, he could feel the lean frame of his husband shivering against his own. Jim softly cupped the boney Vulcan shoulder and huffed at how cool it felt, even through the robe that covered it.

Jim reached for his own blanket and pulled it so half settled over the two already covering Spock and then drew it up to his bondmate’s chin. He then slipped his arm over the Vulcan and drew him tightly into the warmth of his chest as he lifted his face and nosed at an ice cold pointed ear.

The tip of his nose gently nudged at the icy flesh, as Jim tightened his hold on the man he wrapped himself around. He felt Spock stir and then frigid, spiny fingers curling around his forearm.

“You’re so cold,” Jim’s voice gently feathered into Spock’s ear in a soft whisper, his breath sending a pleasing sensation over the supple flesh. “Come to me…”

Spock’s reaction was immediate. He broke out of the fetal position he curled into by straightening his legs and then turned to his other side. He was met head on with the same soothing warmth that always radiated from Jim like a natural furnace and melted into the arms ready and waiting to accept him - the same ones that had always accepted him for the better part of his life.

Jim pulled him as close as he could, his chin settling against Spock’s forehead as he slipped his arm protectively over his bondmate’s, his palm gently cupping the back of his head. He settled his leg over both of Spock’s next, entwining their bodies and then made sure the covers were sufficiently covering them.

And then, Jim just held him, feeling soft breaths steadily falling against his neck. He held him as if he were a child, a trove of gems, something precious and beautiful and vulnerable. Jim held Spock until the chills subsided and he lay sleeping within his strong arms.

Pursing his lips, Jim gently kissed Spock’s head and allowed his thoughts to wander back to the days of their five year mission together. However, it wasn’t long until everything blurred and Jim himself was whisked off back into slumber.

When he woke again two hours later, the sun was just beginning to rise and he found himself and Spock still comfortably entangled.

Jim’s eyes slowly opened, his lashes fluttering several times like dainty butterfly wings. He gazed out across the room, reveling in the feeling of Spock peacefully sleeping, warm and serene within his arms. A soft smile pulled at the corners of Jim’s lips and he closed his eyes again, nuzzling against silken black hair. He slowly drifted off once more.


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McKirk Ficlet: The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn
Leonard’s heart is racing and his breath is ragged. His lips are curled into a dazed smile as his head flops down on his pillow. He’s tired, sweaty, and sated from the sex he and Jim have just had. And happy. He’s so damn happy. With that thought filling his mind, Leonard turns to look at Jim, expecting to see him curled on his side, facing Leonard, either a content or cocky grin on his face, depending on his mood. Instead, he finds Jim lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling with a frown. “Jim?” When Jim doesn’t answer, apparently too caught up in his thoughts to hear him, Leonard’s heart plummets and the smile on his face seems to crack and fall to pieces. If this was an isolated incident, Leonard wouldn’t be so worried, but Leonard’s noticed Jim acting a bit quiet and distracted after sex for the past few weeks now. Instead of cuddling close and smiling contentedly like he was usually wont to do, Jim had been turning away, or giving Leonard a halfhearted smile before rolling over to go to sleep. Now, Jim is lying in the same bed as him, but is somehow a million miles away. All Leonard can think, is that Jim is getting bored.  And is that so surprising, Leonard wonders. Sure, he thinks sex with Jim is great—better than anything he’s ever had before—but Jim is used to more adventurous partners. Men, women, humans, aliens…sometimes multiple partners at once. Certainly never the same partner for months on end. “Jim,” Leonard repeats, hand inching across the divide to brush against Jim’s arm. Jim startles at the contact before turning to Leonard and smiling. “Sorry, guess I was spacing out a bit.” Leonard sucks in a breath, uncertain. “Something on your mind?” he asks, trying to make the question sound nonchalant.  Jim shrugs. “Nah, just tired.” ‘Yeah. Tired of me,” Leonard thinks, brows furrowing. “Too tired to use me as your personal teddy bear like you usually do, apparently,” Leonard says out loud, then winces internally, hoping he hadn’t sounded too whiny. But Jim just laughs. “Never too tired for that,” he says, scooting over and throwing an arm around Leonard’s middle, cuddling close. Leonard breathes in deeply, somewhat comforted by the feel of Jim pressed against him, but he still can’t shake his unease. Yes, Jim was snuggled up with him, but he’d had to prod the kid to come closer. Before, Jim had always draped himself all over Leonard, arms and legs tangled up in his own appendages. And Leonard had seen Jim’s face before he’d buried it against Leonard’s chest. Jim had been smiling, but the smile hadn’t reached his eyes. Something was wrong. And since Jim was acting completely normal during all of their other interactions, it must be sex-related. “Jim?” “Yeah?” Leonard holds his breath as Jim lifts his head and meets his gaze. He should say something, ask Jim what was going on, if he was unhappy with their sex life, but the words get stuck in his throat. A few beats of silence pass before Leonard  croaks out a lame, “Uh, nothing…just wanted to say good night.” *********** Bones knows that Jim wouldn’t stray or be unfaithful—Jim was as loyal as they come. No, Jim wouldn’t cheat on him. Even if he wasn’t enough. God knows he hadn’t been enough for Jocelyn, or she wouldn’t have gone elsewhere for a good fuck. With Jocelyn, sex had only been the tip of the iceberg when it came to their problems. With Jim,though, Leonard was happy. Happier than he’d ever been before. There was no damn way Bones was gonna let Jim’s growing disinterest in their sex life ruin that. He’d find a way to fix things. He could be more exciting in bed. He could try new things. Whatever Jim needed to be fulfilled.  It’s a week later when Bones finally works up his nerve. After dinner, he had suggested they head to bed a bit early, as both had finished their assignments and had no studying to get done. Jim had quickly agreed. Tearing his clothes off and tossing them any which way as he raced over to the bed. Leonard had bitten back a laugh at Jim’s eagerness, following a bit more slowly but with no less enthusiasm. Five minutes later, Jim is lying on top of him, shirtless, sucking on the skin of his neck and fiddling with the button on Leonard’s jeans. Leonard wants to forget his worries and just enjoy the moment, but he knows he needs to do this. Even if it’s embarrassing as hell. Panting as Jim continues to kiss his neck, Leonard steels himself and asks the question that’s been on his mind all week. “What do you want me to do, Jim?” The hurried words have just a bit of an edge to them and Bones’ whole body tenses as he forces them from his mouth. Breathing hard from the kisses he’d been laving into Leonard’s skin, Jim abruptly pulls back and stares at Leonard in confusion  “What?” he asks dumbly. “What should I do?” Leonard repeats intently, eyebrows furrowing like he was searching for the solution in his own mind but coming up blank. When Jim continues to peer at him, perplexed, Leonard puts one hand on his hip and waves the other in the air, “To make it better,” he clarifies with a put-upon sigh. Jim frowns, having gained no clarity from that clarification. "It?" he echoes at a loss. "The sex, Jim!!” Leonard huffs as if that should have been obvious.  Pushing Jim off of him, Leonard gets to his feet so he can start pacing. It’s a slow, smooth, controlled motion, each movement reigned in but radiating with tension. “What is it you want me to do? I can try to make it better for you. More exciting,” Leonard promises with just a hint of desperation before, eyebrows slanting down, he throws his hands up in irritation. “You’ve gotta tell me what you want, though. kid. Cause I’ve got no idea.” Leonard hadn’t meant to get so defensive, but whenever he’s feeling vulnerable, he tends to default to snarky or pissy.  “Whoa—slow down, Bones. What the hell? Where is this coming from?” Jim asks, wide-eyed and taken aback.Had he done something to make Bones think he was unhappy or unsatisfied?  Fucking hell. This was all new to him. Being happy. Being loved. And apparently he was screwing it up. Reaching out, Jim grabs hold of Bones’ forearm and tugs him down so he’s sitting beside him. "Why would you think I want you to do anything different? You….you’re perfect, Bones,” Jim ardently reassures the other man. His hands come up and sink into Leonard’s hair, tilting his head so he’s forced to meet Jim’s gaze. “You don’t have to do anything to make it better. This—you and me—it doesn’t need to get better, okay?” Jim’s cheeks grow pink and he bites his lip before quietly admitting, “It’s already the best.” Leonard lets out a deep, shaky breath, feeling like a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders. The relief was overwhelming. ”For me too, Jim.” Jim’s eyes are shining with sincerity, and Leonard believes his words for the most part—he does—but Leonard also knows he hasn’t been imagining the younger man’s off behavior. Jim may be happy with him, but there is something going on that’s making him unsatisfied. Steeling his shoulders, Leonard’s eyes are pleading and searching as he studies Jim’s face. "And that’s why I want you to talk to me, Jim. I don’t want this to ruin something that’s so good.” “This? What do you mean ‘this’?” Jim asks growing a bit frustrated. Leonard’s jaw tenses. Here he was, asking Jim what he should be doing better in bed—which was humiliating as fuck—and Jim was putting him off. "Your lack of interest, Jim!” he snaps, crossing his arms over his chest. "Did you think I wouldn’t notice how you’ve been acting lately? All quiet and withdrawn after we sleep together. None of your usual happy snoring or insistence on wrapping yourself around me like an octopus.“ Realization gradually dawns on Jim’s face, only to be replaced with  stunned horror. “Shit,” he mutters under his breath. “Shit, shit, shit.”  Jim recovers quickly and surges forward to grab hold of Bones’ hands. “I am VERY happy with our sex life, Bones. Being with you…it surpasses anyone and everyone else.” Pausing, he drops his hands and breathes out. “I was acting different cause I had something on my mind. But believe me it wasn’t at all what you were thinking, Bones. Leonard feels the pit that’s been in the middle of his stomach all week slowly dissipating. “Okay. Good. I think…” he murmurs, eyes narrowing as he starts to scrutinize Jim more carefully. “What was it you’ve been thinking about?” Jim freezes for a millisecond before giving an easy shrug an dismissive smile. “Eh. Nothing important,” he answers a bit tightly. “Just stupid stuff.” "Must be important if you’ve been thinking ‘bout it for goin’ on two weeks now,” Bones counters with his ‘don’t bullshit me, Jim’ look. Jim’s smile fades and his gaze skitters away. “I..there was just something I was. It’s…I guess I’ve just been wanting…”  Jim takes the bedding underneath him into his hands and pulls at it nervously. “Look, it’s not a big deal—not worth even talking about. Let’s talk about something else.”  Playful smirk gracing his face, Jim mock leers at Leonard. “Or we can refrain from talking altogether.” “Jim.” It was only one word, but it was both a warning and a promise: Bones wouldn’t let things slide.  Giving up the seductive facade, Jim sighs heavily. ”It’s really not a big deal, Bones,” he insists, rubbing at the back of his neck. “Just…well, a fantasy, I’d guess you’d call it.”’ “Oh.” Leonard, who had started wondering if the problem was something non-sex-related, frowns, not sure if the confirmation that it was a sex thing was good or bad “So there is something you’ve been wanting then…” he finally starts, waiting for Jim to fill him in further. But Jim just glances away and flushes. Bones’ eyebrows climb to impressive heights. “Jim Kirk…are you blushing???” he asks in dismay. “Shut up. I’m warm,” Jim scowls. “It’s warm in here.” “No, it’s not. You’re blushing. You’re embarrassed.” Bones is torn between amusement and worry. Amusement because Jim was actually embarrassed about something dealing with sex. And worry because….well, if Jim was actually embarrassed about something dealing with sex, whatever his fantasy was, it must be pretty out there. Now Leonard wasn’t a prude, and he would be willing to try a lot of things if they’d make Jim happy, but there were a few ‘kinks’ he wasn’t sure he’d be able to indulge. I mean, he didn’t judge. As long as everyone was a consenting adult, beings could do whatever floated their boats. But, for him, personally, there was no way he’d be able to cause Jim any sort of pain—even if that was what Jim wanted. And sharing Jim with a third party…no. Leonard’s mind called forth images of various things he’d seen on holos and really, really hoped none of them was what Jim was into. Mind reeling at the possibilities, Leonard feels his anxiety building within him. But when he looks up and sees the vulnerability in Jim’s gaze, the tension around his eyes softens. Whatever it was, he’d do his best to make Jim happy, and he knew Jim wouldn’t be out the door if he wasn’t comfortable doing certain things. “You can tell me, Jim. I want you to,” Leonard coaxes, laying a hand on Jim’s shoulder. And then Jim confesses. He’s been picturing them together…but slower, more sensual and gentle. In his fantasies, Leonard is on top of him, and their eyes are locked, their fingers interwoven as Leonard thrusts into him slow and thorough. Tenderly. "And you say things,” Jim goes on, cheeks red, eyes on his lap. “Not like dirty talk things,” he clarifies quickly. “I mean we’ve done that before, and I know we both like it, but this—this is different.” “How’s it different, Jim?” Leonard asks when Jim trails off. Jim speaks so quietly, it’s hard to hear him. “You tell me that…you love me. While we’re…together,“ he rasps haltingly. "You’re looking in my eyes and you’re inside me and all around me, and you keep saying that you love me.” Leonard’s heart plummets to the floor as it slowly sinks in. Jim was blushing so hard you’d think he’d just asked for the most depraved sex act imaginable, when all he wanted was to hear that his boyfriend loved him. Damn, he was a complete asshole. All this time, Jim had needed this from him, fucking longed for it, if his tone was any indication, and Leonard had been too blind to see. Sure, they’d exchanged ‘I love yous’ before, but it was not something that was said often. Usually after near-death experiences, and never during sex before. “Nevermind, it’s stupid,” Jim mutters when Leonard goes too long without replying, standing up and trying to make an escape.  “Not so fast, Darlin’,” Bones counters hastily, grabbing hold of Jim’s hand to keep him from leaving. “It’s not stupid. I’m stupid for not having done it before. You just seemed to like things, you know…fast and hard, it didn’t occur to me you’d want something else.” “I do like it fast and hard,” Jim answers with a little shrug, a hint of a genuine smile ghosting at his lips fleetingly. He glances up at Leonard and Leonard can see it—that Jim is no longer hiding. That he’s letting Bones see everything. Even if he’s still a bit nervous. “Just thought maybe I’d like this, too,” Jim says. “Because it’s you.” That night, Leonard touches Jim like he’s something precious, like he’s everything. When Leonard whispers to Jim that he loves him, repeating the words  again and again, what Jim feels…it’s beyond description. It’s overwhelming. He cries a little bit afterward, but Bones just strokes his hair soothingly and doesn’t mention the tears.  . A/N: Big thanks to sullacat, who helped me revise this and make it much better.  She’s awesome.
Get Some...(Sammy Wilk Fluff)

Hey darling! I love your work do you think you can do an imagine for me with Sammy where him and I are best friends and everyone is always telling us to get together already and idk something like that😂 and if you do personals my name is Gia, thank you so much❤️



Gia’s POV: 

“Alright sounds cool. See ya in 10.” I said after hanging up the phone. I grabbed my bag and started packing. I was getting ready to head to the beach with a few friends and my best friend, Sammy, was coming to pick me up.

I was a little apprehensive about this trip to the beach simply because I was afraid our other friends were going to try and turn it into a love fest between Sammy and I. See, Sammy and I have been friends since the 8th grade. We started out hating each other until one day, freshman year, he comforted me after I had a really bad fight with one my friends, and I gained a whole new respect for Sammy. 

Ever since then we’ve been pretty much attached by the hip. When I first met his friends, Jack, and another Jack who I later found out have been friends since kindergarten, and Nate, they started calling us their “otp”; something they picked up from their fans. I shook it off thinking it was just a silly joke, but the longer Sammy and I were friends, the more they started teasing saying we should just become a couple. 

I can’t lie, Sammy is attractive, but I don’t know if a relationship is the right thing for us. His friend’s teasing has got me considering it though. Sammy and I do get a long pretty well. He understands me, and I understand him. I’ve never met someone as sweet and caring as him. It’s crazy that we didn’t become friends sooner.

I finished packing and made a mental checklist in my head. 

Bathing suit. On.

Towel. Check.

Suntan lotion. Check.

Hair brush. Check.

Extra Scrunggies. Check.

Wallet. Check.

Keys. Check.

Phone. Check.

And I think that’s it. Just as I finished packing I heard a car horn outside. I walked down the stairs, grabbing my water bottle on the way out the door, and locking it. 

I saw Sam sitting there in the driveway. I got in placing my bag in my lap and putting on my seatbelt.

“What’s up pretty lady?” Sam asked pulling out of the driveway.

“Um, on my way to the beach to meet up with some friends.” I said grinning at what he said.

“Haha, okay smarty pants.” he teased.

I shot him a playful glare and rested my head against the seat. The ride to the beach was a little on the longer side, but I enjoy long quiet car rides.


We finally pulled up to the beach. Nate, Johnson, Gilinsky, Swazz, Nash, Tez, Mike and a couple of my friends were standing around waiting at their vehicles. Their heads turned as they saw us pull up. Sammy parked and I got out. I waited for him to get his stuff togehter but it looked like he was having a little trouble.

I walked over to him, seeing as i only had one bag. “Need any help?” I questioned.

“Yeah. Thanks.” He said grinning at me. He handed me a couple bags of his own, while he carried the cooler.

We walked over to everyone, only to find them with smug looks on their faces. I looked over at Sammy and he shrugged his shoulders.

“What’s up with you guys.” I said more as a statment than a question. That only caused them to smile a little wider and even throw in a little chuckle.

I heard Nate whisper to Johnson, “I’m telling you they should just get together already.”

I looked over at him and he gave me an innocent smile.

“You guys are weird.” Sam said making me laugh.

“Yeah, let’s go Sammy. We don’t want their weirdness to rub off on us.” I joked.

Sam and I started walking towards the beach. The warm sand on my feet felt amazing. Sam and I placed our stuff down and set up our chairs. Soon everyone else joined after, taking off articles of clothing to reveal their swimwear. 

I took off my shorts and t-shirt throwing them in my bag. Sam doing the same. 

“Hey when you getting in the water?” Sam asked.

“In a few.”

Sam smirked at me and joined his other friends in the water. I laid in my beach chair. I applied some sun tan lotion and put on my sunglasses. I grabbed a sprite out of the cooler and settled back in my chair. 

“So,” started Marisa, one of my friends,”You and Sam.”

“What about us?” I asked.

“When are you guys gonna cut the best friend act and get together?” asked Casey, another one of my friends.

“I’ll have you know our best friendship isn’t an act and why are you guys so pressed about this anyways?” I asked chuckling at the end.

“Because you guys are so cute.” 

I rolled my eyes at her statement. 

“C’mon, you can’t look at him and say you don’t feel something.” said Marisa.

I looked over at Sam and watched as he splashed Nash in the water. He looked over in my direction and waved to me. I smiled at him and waved back. 

“Okay maybe he is a tad bit adorable but he’s still my best friend.” I admitted.

Marisa and Casey squealed at what I said. I giggled at them and took another sip of my sprite. 

“Speaking of the cutie himself.” said Casey.

I looked up and saw Sam walking my way.

“Alright, it’s time for you,” He said removing my glasses from my face and sprite from my hand, “to get in the water.”

Before I had time to react, Sam picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, running into the water.

“SAMMY DON’T YOU DARE!” I screamed. 

Suddenly I was surrounded by freezing cold water. I resurfaced to be met with  a laughing Sammy. I pushed him and he fell in the water. He came back up to find me giggling. He splashed me and I splashed him back.

“You suck.” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“You mad or nah?” He asked.


“Awww i’m sorry Gia.” He apologized. Sammy came over and wrapped his arms around my waist giving me a hug. 

I gotta admit, although he’d been in this cold ocean water, his skin still managed to feel warmer than ever. The feeling of his skin against mine made me get goosebumps. 

I pulled back from the hug but Sam’s hands remained on my waist. I looked up at Sam and saw him staring down at me. I looked into his eyes and felt him slowly starting to lean in. It was like everything was in slow motion. Like I couldn’t control myself. The gap between us closed into a sweet lip lock between Sammy and I. I felt my lips melt into his as he held me tighter.

This must be what everyone was talking about. Maybe Sammy and I were meant to be together. We pulled away at the sound of cheering. We looked towards all of our friends. Marisa and Casey were screaming, Swazz and Johnson were wolf-whistling, the rest were grinning and clapping.

“GET SOME!” yelled Nate.

I started laughing and hid my face in Sammy’s chest. Sammy kissed the top of my head swayed us back and forth gently. 

Huh. I guess we were meant to be.

(A/N): OHKAY THE ENDING SUCKED but anyways here it is! This was so cute! Special thanks to music-and-shitt for requesting and everyone who read. I really hoped you enjoyed this! Still trying to figure out Matthew’s parents name but i’ll figure it out eventually. So yeah. Another one coming soon. Love yas xx