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Slow motion capture of the steam cloud at Iceland’s Strokkur geyser


Anonymous said:Can you please do an imagine where you transfer to Dauntless, and Peter finds you interesting because you never talk until the one day you do, which just so happens to be when you have him pinned to the floor during a fight?

A/N: Yes I can, anon! Thank you for requesting, I hope that you enjoy this imagine! Sorry that it took so long to post! <3

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Transferring to Dauntless, and Peter finds you interesting, because you don’t talk much. However, the day that you do, is the day that you have him pinned to the ground.

You had barely even murmured a sigh out to anybody around you; your utter silence proving pleasing to your Dauntless leader, Eric, since you obeyed everything that you were taught and ordered to do. You were easily forgotten by your fellow initiates, but they were quick to remember you as their threat.

Peter Hayes was among the initiates that was completely intrigued by you. Your silent demeanor and stoic expression was something he found slightly amusing. He was itching to beat you, itching to get under your skin and get you to speak.

“Peter, (Y/N); you’re up!” Eric’s voice boomed within the spacious training room, echoing. A pleased smirk curled across your opponent’s face slyly as he hopped onto the training podium. You followed his actions at a much more graceful and languid approach.

“When you’re ready.” Eric muttered with folded arms as he hid his slight interest at this unusual sparring pair.

The pair of you drew into your defensive positions, circling one another; that sly smirk curling more and more on Peter’s face. “(Y/N), tell me if this hurts.” he sneered down at you.

A small smile drew across your features, a glimmer of humor twinkling within your eyes.

The next moments went by as though slow motion had captured the two of you, as Peter charged at you, fist flying for your head. Like a thick iron bar, your arm curved up, curling around his elbow and like a king cobra sling shot, you swung and flipped him.

His back clattered onto the ground, your hand wrapping around his throat as you straddled him, fist drawn back. “Why don’t you tell me if this hurts.” you spit out, the sound of your voice surprising not only Peter, but everyone else around you, before your fist collided with his chin, settling him into a long and dark sleep.

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Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part VI

“That was fun,” (Y/N) exclaimed, happily holding onto Jackson’s hand as they were heading back to the village. “I think I’m finally get the hang out it.”

“I think so too. Although it looks like we can’t hold hands as much now," he responded with a cheeky grin, giving her hand a squeeze. "I don’t intend to let go.”

Jack continued to watch, and smiled when he heard (Y/N)‘s laugh. Even from watching them from afar, he couldn’t help but like the girl as well. Then again, he had fallen in love with her before he came Jack Frost. They were the same person, they shared the same feelings.

“You know,” (Y/N) whispered, leaning towards Jack lightly. “My parents approve of you, they basically treat you as if you were their son. They’ve started asking when we’ll actually get together.”

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Slow motion capture of Strokkur geyser, Iceland

Playful Observation (Drabble)

“I don’t get it,” you say loudly. “It’s a stick, why does it move like a noodle?”

Hanzo heaves a frustrated sigh, gnashing his teeth. “I have explained this to you several times now, I grow tired of this.”

“Yeah, but I still don’t get it. Why’s it vibrating and turning?” The arrow in your hand is certainly flexible, but Hanzo’s complicated explanation and crude drawings did little to explain its strange movements that you saw through the slow-motion capture of his shot earlier that morning. Hanzo snatches it from your hands, and you almost nick yourself on the head.

“Cease that! It is difficult to find the proper spine for these arrows.” A moment of hesitation. “If you’ll excuse me, I must prepare for our mission.”

“Mm’kay, Hanny. Thanks for the lesson.” You give him a goofy smile and a wave, and he bristles, leaving in a hurry.

Jesse had watched Hanzo get fed up with multiple explanations of the physics of an arrow’s trajectory and the specifics of the Archer’s Paradox from his corner in the room. Granted, anyone would be annoyed if you asked them to explain something over and over with little results to show for it. Hanzo should’ve known better. But no one can blame him, he hasn’t had any experience handling you yet. It was entertaining, but someone’s gotta keep the peace around here. 

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me, with other history students and serious history people who are talking critically and cynically about wwi media:yeah, there’s way too much inaccurate nationalistic first world war entertainment out there. if i have to see any more *glorious slow-motion running up and down hills with flags* i just can’t take it. yeah, haha, that’s how i feel!’

me, in the privacy of my home: *turns up volume to remake of first world war song* *watches video full of overdone imagery, so much slow motion, nationalistic symbolism, overly sentimental and dramatic vocals*  ‘it’s…. just… so… beautiful and sad…. (weeping) i feel this in my soooooul…. the tragedy (wipes tears) the beauty of that flag…. oooohhh… the slow motion really just…. captures it all…(cries) (watches again)

anonymous asked:

Can I request Bokuto and the reader playing scary video games for the readers YouTube channel??? Like she doesn't really like them but the viewers and Bokuto wanted to so she agreed. THANK YOU!!!!

Ah, I love requests where the reader is a YouTuber because I myself am Youtube trash. Thanks for requesting!

Female pronouns used

“I really don’t want to post this video, Bo. Like, I really don’t want to.”

Bokuto propped his head on his girlfriend’s shoulder and peered at her computer screen. The cursor hovered over the Publish button but Bokuto could see that every detail to the video was perfect. The title was short and sweet: _____ and Bokuto play Outlast. The title card was set to a picture of the couple mid-scream paired with one of the more terrifying monsters in the game.

He craned his neck to stare at her conflicted face. “Why not? Did you not have fun recording it?” She shook her head, sighing. “It’s not that, I did have fun. I’m sure my subscribers will love it.” Bokuto pulled up a chair and sat down, placing a comforting hand on her knee. “Then what’s wrong with it?”

_____ chewed on her lip and fingered the mouse hesitantly. “My reaction was so embarrassing.” Without giving Bokuto time to respond, she clicked through to her editing software where the completed video was saved. Bokuto sat back and watched as she pressed play.

Their intro was the same as usual, beginning with a full shot of the couple sat in front of the computer, but it was clear to anyone that _____ was uncomfortable. “Hey, everyone. Much to your guys’ requests, I’m here with Bokuto-” Her boyfriend cut in with a short “hey” and a wave. “And we’re going to be playing Outlast.”

The girl swiveled in her chair to face her boyfriend, and continued, “And I want to apologize in advance if I shatter your eardrums from screaming.” Bokuto guffawed while taking her hand and giving it a squeeze. “Don’t worry, it’s just a game! And besides, I’m right next to you if you get scared.”

_____ fast forwarded, skipping to the actual game play. Through editing, she had positioned a face-cam of the couple in the top right corner of the layout so their viewers could both see their reactions and the game. Bokuto knew with a chill that this part in the video was when they encountered the first jump scare in the game.

As the horrendous monster’s face overtook the computer screen with a roar, _____ shrieked and in one swift motion, whipped off her headphones. She nearly tumbled out of her seat but thankfully, Bokuto was there to grab her. Bokuto, looking a bit frazzled himself, managed to shake it off with a laugh as he steadied his girlfriend.

However, Bokuto watched as an extra part of the video was added. _____ had taken the face-cam footage of their reaction and changed it to fit the entire screen. He had to resist from laughing as he watched both himself and his girlfriend’s faces pale and their mouths tearing into screams.

What made it even more funny was that _____ had slowed down the footage and audio, them sounding more like distressed elephants and the slow motion capturing each horrified detail of their faces. With a grin, Bokuto turned to his girlfriend. “That’s hilarious! This video is gonna be a hit.”

_____ eyed him nervously before returning to the YouTube editing page. “You don’t think my viewers will laugh at just me?” Bokuto shook his head diligently. “Listen, _____, people watch these kinds of videos because the reactions are funny. They won’t think you’re some chicken ‘cause getting scared is normal. Heck, some might even get spooked watching the video itself.”

Bokuto rose from his seat after pressing a quick kiss to his girlfriend’s cheek. “I think you were just fine. You’re adorable when you’re scared, hah.” _____ gave him a light smack on the arm and jokingly crinkled her nose. “I am not.” Her boyfriend sauntered away with a “Suuuure” and she turned back to her screen.

Her cursor still remained over the Publish button but this time, a smile crossed her lips.



150710 Andromeda Broadcast

SK : During the music show (Inkigayo) last time, during the opening, there’s this gif in slow motion that had been captured really cool!!

HS : Who? You, Seungkwan?

SK : It’s Vernon-ie 2x

HS : Ah.. Yes..

Seungkwan-ah… Are you keep searching for Vernon’s gif on the internet?? 

Vernon’s gif is not mine.. I searched for it on the internet just like Boo ><


Siiiiiick jump! Lame landing. Slow motion image capture performed by Loggy bear aka @loganmckay55

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Proud to say I’ve done this (see previous post from April). Wish I had an awesome slow-mo video like this though!

'Alive With You'

summary: when you’re an actress, sometimes films can be a bit too realistic for your loved ones

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In anticipation of tomorrow’s HG: CF DVD release, here’s an awesome video that was just posted by Slow Motion Sneeze that captures all the lovely Joshifer moments from the Madrid press conference.

Get ready to hold on to your heart at 1:53-2:04.

Scientists record heat moving through materials at speed of sound

Providing unprecedented insight into roles played by individual atomic and nano-scale features, researchers have recorded the first-ever videos showing how heat moves through materials at the nano-scale traveling at the speed of sound.

The groundbreaking videos were made using a state-of-the-art ultrafast electron microscope called FEI Tecnai Femto, which is capable of examining the dynamics of materials at the atomic and molecular scale over time spans measured in femtoseconds (one millionth of a billionth of a second).

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