slow melt

Open up your heart and open up your mind.
We have created these messages in which you’re to find.
Your brazen words of “wisdom” and your attitude worth no dime all expel no confidence that has wasted all our time.
You say you make “informed” decisions for a country you know, living life by standards you’re not willing to let go.
And blaming other people for subjects you don’t know only shows how little knowledge you’re willing to for show.
You say climate doesn’t matter as the icebergs are melting slow, leaving other species warm and without a home.
Let’s build a wall dividing them from us staking claim that it will be the best for the both of us.
Leaving all these people in a sorrowed rut, making sure there all thrown out on their butts.
The fact is you have money claiming its just luck, but the truth is you wouldn’t even spend a buck.
Leaving people homeless doesn’t come as shock, but next time I really hope the world has better luck.
The holes in the ozone really truly suck; it’s just a matter of time before our galaxy becomes unstuck.
You say let’s wreak havoc on some places on this earth; let’s unleash that atomic bomb that started hell on earth.
We’ll wipe out masses with radiation and become just like Hitler without all of the idolisation.
You’re making tasteless statements about our babies, proclaiming that you know just how to treat the ladies.
Yet you ridicule all the media with conflicting allegations saying that they just “don’t know how they’re treating you.”
You just sit in silence while our people protest hate crime and gun violence; you claim that there is no need to create an alliance.
Our world is filled with people who are afraid of what they show, just because their skin isn’t as white as snow.
We are here to let you know, that you won’t make us feel that low.
And that just goes to show that we will never let love go.
You never say you’re sorry for all the pain caused by the worry.
But here you are with your head held high making brazen statements that seem to be all a lie.
Since it is now up to you, I’ll leave you with this.
Please just make sure our world still gets to exist.
—  gaybyday-gaybynight

Let’s run away until we can find a place
where the light fits into the holes
where our hearts should be, 
where the shadows dance away
from under your eyes and the morning sun 
sings another lullaby, let us sleep.

Let’s run away until these kisses
don’t melt like slow churned butter 
in the swelter of summer. Honey, 
let’s run slowly, sticking together
as though we can’t hear the screams 
of the cosmos splintering apart,
the fragments ripping by us, 
it’s only a few more scars to fade.

Let’s run away to the world
we have created in our minds.
You’ve got the sky and I’ve got the ocean,
so blue, brighter than your eyes
the night I took your hand and said “Let’s go.”
When we get there, surely
we would float even further away.

Let’s run away to the dog earred poem
you read every night before bed,
where the pages will be a home
the inked words will be our friend,
I know it gives you hope
and I don’t have any more of that to give 
but I’ve a bookmark and a bag packed.

Let’s run away until the thumping 
of our feet against pavement sounds 
like war drums fading. Everything 
has been a battle and we are both
so tired of fighting, maybe 
we deserve to be deserters.
Maybe we have already been deserted.

—  Let’s Run Away || O.L. 

How to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich

Alright millions of people have basically begged me to give a quick tutorial on how to make amazing grilled cheese sandwiches because I am known as one of the top grilled cheese sandwich chefs in the United States so here we go.

1. Shred your cheese instead of slicing it.

People forget about this one but its important. Shredding the cheese allows a more even spread and ultimately and even melting. You dont want to bite into a half melted/half not melted grilled cheese sandwich do you? No.

2. Use two different types of cheese.

Using two different types of cheese makes a world of difference. You can also use three or four. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try using gouda or blue cheese as a secondary cheese. A textured cheese like one of these adds flavor.

3. Cook it slow.

A slow cook will melt all the cheese and insure that there are no soft spots on the bread. Your bread should be crispy all over.

4. Use light spices.

Along with the cheese, adding a pinch of crushed red pepper or cajun spice can really improve the sandwich.

5. Butter the bread, not the pan.

This covers the bread better and doesnt leave a mess.

Baekhyun - Idiots

#67 : “my clothes look really good on you.”

masterlist // get to know me

    The bed was a mess. Clothes were scattered around the room, the bed’s headboard had a crack on it. You smile as you remembered what happened last night.

     A smooth, beautiful voice echoed from your bathroom. The noise of the shower running made it evident that your boyfriend, Baekhyun, was inside. He always sang as he took a shower which always woke you up, but it never bothered you since he always sang those slow, heart melting songs.

     Not disturbing him from his shower, you head towards your dresser. You look around for comfortable clothes to wear. You found a pair of cotton shirts to wear, but none of your baggy shirts were to be found. As you were in search for something to wear, you come across Baekhyun’s shirt. Immediately, you wore the plain white shirt. The familiar scent of Baekhyun washes over you, comforting you.

     Baekhyun was still in the shower when you finished dressing. After last night’s event, you were pretty sure that the both of you were starving.

     You could still hear his melodic voice as you walk towards the kitchen. Baekhyun was singing Fools this time. A smile appeared on your face as he sang in english. Grabbing a few eggs and sausages, you placed them in a pan and started to cook.

     You didn’t notice that Baekhyun was no longer singing when you placed the food on the dining table. You walk back to your room to change into better clothes.

     As you walk into the room, you noticed that Baekhyun was nowhere to be found. The only evidence of him was his towel on your bed.

“My clothes look really good on you.” Baekhyun says. You were startled by him. He laughs as a blush starts to appear on your cheeks.

“You scared me, you idiot.” You pout, causing Baekhyun to hug you.

“I know. That’s why I did it, cute idiot.” He jokes, pinching your cheeks.

“I’m not a cute idiot, Baekhyun.” You tell him, poking his sides. He laughs as you try to tickle him.
“No. You’re my cute idiot, jagiya.” He says, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead.

devilsxbride  asked:


ante scriptum: I LOVE lengthy fics…..


  • Straight Guys Don’t Do Ballet (~135k words) so in character it’s just beauuuuuuuuuutiful and the dancer!ian thing isn’t weighing too heavily on the plot
  • Boy In The Box (~116k) ANGST. WIP. Mickey discovered in a box, fic is very very very PTSD-heavy, very amazing
  • You’re Not in the Old Country Anymore (~69k words) WIP with ukranian!mickey who’s an exchange student and comes to live with the Gallaghers (IT’S AMAZIIIIIIIING I usually hate wips but THIS ONE!!!!)
  • Secrets (~57k words) professional dom!ian helps mickey discover his inner sub, so angsty and in character too (such bdsm kink…lol)
  • Lost In Translation (~26k words) SOLDIER!IAN AND UKRANIAN!MICKEY AND MICKEY DOESN’T UNDERSTAND A WORD IN ENGLISH AAAAH their love is soooo slow burn, I melted when they finally did the do~
  • Through The Dawn (this is a series of 2 works that are ~15k words) IT. IS. SO HAWT AND SATISFYINGLY IN CHARACTER ian and mickey meet at a gay bar and booty calls ensue (I’m currently reading it lol I’m at the 2nd one)


  • You Are Inked On My Skin Long Before We Begin (~5k words) the best Soulmates AU I’ve read as of now (I’ve read all the most-kudo’d/finished ones and there are a lot that are wayyyy too corny for me so I won’t rec them BUT THIS ONE WAS PERF)

And that’s all I’ve read for now SORRY, I don’t have much time lately but soon as I’ve read enough I’ll start a recs page for Gallavich :))

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Christmas Gift for @casandsip !!! <3

Gabriel loved stargazing. There was just… something about sitting alone at the top of a hill, the cool night air in his face that soothed him, that made him feel /alive.

Gabriel was a man who was often swept up and caught in the rising tide of the world, shunted from one place to another.

 In the calm surrender of the rush of day, Gabriel let himself cool from the heat of the day. He let out a long, slow sigh, letting himself melt backwards into the grass, a small smile on his face.

To him, this was an /enchanted moment, something you’d see in a Disney film, complete with musical montage and a orange-yellow fireflies that flitter around your head. And he liked that. He was restless, and in many aspects, he was a warrior, but in his moment he wasn’t. In this moment? He was Gabriel.

His thumb absently rubbed across the tattoo on his wrist, his soulmark, the one that told him one day, he’d find someone. He knew the words better than his own damn /name.

I think they’re in your eyes.

What it meant, he wasn’t sure. But he knew he hadn’t heard it yet.

He stared up at the sky, the dark enveloping him and holding him, bringing him up into the sky to dance among the stars as he stretched a hand above his head, fingers curling into a fist as he tried to grab onto them, but the white slipped away from him.

The names of stars danced through his head as he pointed at each one. Alya. Caph. Draco. Sirius. He didn’t know the name of every star, then again, no one does.

One night however, someone else was there, sat beside Gabriel’s spot.

Not that he minded; he didn’t on this place. He just sat down, pulling his jacket a little tighter around him, before looking up at the sky, that was bizarrely empty.

No stars tonight, despite the lack of grey clouds dappling the stratosphere. He chuckled, ducking his head to stare at his lap. Then he looked up at his mystery companion, a smile on his face.

“Wonder where the stars went tonight.”

The stranger’s face broke into a smile that lit a /fire in Gabriel’s heart, and he felt a pull towards the man and his messy hair, and shiny eyes, a his dimpled smile.

“I think they’re in your eyes.”

Gabriel stopped, eyes widened as they watered, glittering like they /were full of stars.

“You’re -”

“I saw you. Stargazing. And I knew that - with words like these? It had to be you. I just didn’t know when. Till tonight.”

Gabriel breathed a laugh, holding out a hand.

“So, do you have a name? Or are you just a wide-eyed wanderer?”



They both looked up at the sky then, watching a line of silver streak it, then more chase after it, like waves chasing the shoreline. He grinned, and his right hand twitched to Sam’s, fingers lacing together and their biceps brushed. Soulmates, sometimes, seemed like a load of bullshit. But to the two star-crossed lovers who were sat side by side on the top of a hill watching a meteor shower, their hearts beating in perfect synergy, it was a far from bullshit as it could be.

In the wixen world, being a barmaid is no unskilled profession.

The magical preparation of many beverages served at traditional inns and pubs (such as The Three Broomsticks) requires extensive knowledge of Potions, specifically the branch that deals with fermentation. Because many wixen establishments have their own distilleries and cellars, many prepare their butterbeers, firewhiskeys (including blazebourbon and scorch-Scotch), meads, or ciders through Potion-making technique.

While a wixen bartender may be involved in these tasks, their knowledge of Potions is also required when mixing drinks. As one imagines, recklessly mixing liqueurs with magical components can have disastrous side effects–consuming a cocktail containing the intoxicating Veela venom mixed with triple sec famously causes a slow, irreversible and excruciating melting of the flesh which ends in death.

As a result, wixen bartenders in the British Isles typically are required to have a NEWT in Potions and undergo a three year apprenticeship.

Above, a young Madam Rosmerta during her apprenticeship in her youth, learning to prepare mead, a beverage for which she is now famous.

(photograph from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters)

I seemed to have accidentally deleted the question, however, it was; “nsfw of Kuroo where he teaches his embarrassed, sweet gf (who has never had a relationship before him) how to make out/use her tongue while kissing, ohohoho“ - answered by blushingninja

“Relax, breathe.” Eyes closed and cheeks pink, Kuroo’s heart skipped a heart jump looking at his girlfriend. Sweet, kind and maybe a little too innocent for her good, she had captured his heart well and turly. Nothing was sweeter than her kisses, especially when she was generous enough to give them. Except things were starting to get a little hotter, a litter steamer and the dark haired captain was completely smitten with this development. Their usual kisses were soft and sweet, tempered and slow like melting chocolate but on a whim he’d flicked his tongue out, catching the bottom of her lip and grinning as she panicked. Pushing her hair from her face with a gentle hand, Kuroo tipped her head up, catching her lips in another kiss, angling his head low enough to lap at her lips and listening to the quiet, sounds of pleasure escaping her lips.

“Time out, time out.” Gesturing wildly and shaking her head, she looks up at him with a huff. “That’s not fair.” Pouting playfully at her, Kuroo shrugged, entirely in apologetic.

“Why? Don’t like it?” Opening her mouth and closing it without forming words, she frowned.

“I do” she said slowly, “I think I think I like it too much, is that bad?” She was so careful with her question Kuroo was hard pressed not to laugh.

“No, it’s natural to like kissing your boyfriend. It would be a little weird otherwise wouldn’t it?”

Nodding with a sigh, his girlfriend sighed, reaching out to touch his cheek.

‘I know, but can we just go slow? I’m not really good with the whole…kissing thing.“

"Oh I don’t know about that” Kuroo purred, leaning into her touch. “You’re pretty good. Although if you want a hand I’m always willing help out.” Grinning at her, he pressed a small kiss to the corner of her mouth. “Do you want that?” Flushing, her cheeks burning, his girlfriend agreed with a giggle.

“Fine but slow okay?” Taking her hand and squeezing softly, Kuroo nodded, leaning to capture another small kiss, sweet and slow.

“Always start slow” he muttered against her lips. Pushing back against his kiss, his girlfriend hummed in enjoyment, loving the feeling of being so close and connected.  

Accidental Enchantment


Why shouldn’t it be beautiful?  This forest was a place with wonderful trees and a moss covered floor after all.  The air was pleasantly moist, and sunlight trickled down through a lush green canopy.  Gon was walking in Peijin.  The place where he killed Pitou.  It was where he lost himself, or gave himself up rather..a voluntary act.  

He traversed silently recalling the horrible feelings, the pained expression Killua wore.  Gon came here to make peace with his nightmares, but it was too soon.  Feelings too big to manage rose up from within; claiming his heart.  Trembling, the boy steadied himself on a tree’s trunk.

An enchanting sound reached him.  A female voice singing something lovely. Gon’s pulse slowed and his anxiety melted away.  Was this real?  He felt light and happy.  ‘I must know who is responsible for such a song.’ He thought dreamily.  The boy began to follow the sound as if spellbound.

The Rewrite of Lexa's untimely demise.

We all knew Lexa was probably going to die, right? At some point she had to because there was SO much foreshadowing and also because of her position. Commanders don’t live long. Let’s not forget that Lexa’s recent decision making put her life in grave danger. Only it wasn’t in battle that she died. It wasn’t an assassination, it was an accident, a stray bullet meant for someone else.

I think we can all agree that Lexa’s death was not only badly placed in the episode, but badly paced. And overall, just written poorly. This show spent SIX long weeks building Clexa up. Six long weeks showing Clarke’s guard slowing melt away. Six long weeks showing lexa doing everything in her power to show Clarke she can be trusted. Six long weeks of Lexa painfully, longingly seeking Clarke’s forgiveness. Six long weeks of us watching how deeply she loved Clarke.

Then… not three minutes after they made love and said their goodbyes, she was shot.

I have an idea of how this death (if it ABSOLUTELY had to be in the same episode they made love in) could have been slightly less painful.

Clarke and Lexa say their goodbyes. Clarke goes to her room to find Murphy. Titus tries to shoot Clarke, he misses and chases her out the room. Clarke runs into Lexa, who had heard the gun shots. Lexa is with her guards, why? Because all season long they were a constant. Lexa tells her guards to seize Titus, and take him to the war room. She tells another guard to take Murphy to get a horse and have him wait where Clarke’s horse was all ready for her. Once alone, Clarke begs Lexa to not kill Titus because she can see it in Lexa’s eyes; The Commander is seething. Lexa tells Clarke that he has given her no choice and that Clarke must leave. They say goodbye for a second time with a deep, passionate kiss. Lexa has another guard escort clarke to her horse, she yells after Clarke to hurry back to Arkadia.

Lexa walks into the war room with her commander gear on, she grabs her sword and tells Titus he must have known he would have to pay with his life for attempting to harm Clarke. He’s on his knees waiting to be executed when Lexa asks if he has any final words. He does. He stands and tell her he’s sorry it’s had to come to this. He gives the signal and the guards turn on Lexa. None of them have faith in her anymore, so it was easy to be swayed by Titus. He tells her she’s no longer fit to be commander and puts a knife in her neck himself. He removes the AI and announces the conclave must begin.

And because Titus is such a little shit, he makes sure to send a scout to Arkadia’s doors to inform Clarke that the commander is dead.

Boom. Out.