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everyone is a monster to someone. since you are so convinced i am yours i will be it

if you insist in making me your villian i’ll play the part

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I'm looking for a fic and I can only remember a scene where Clarke cuts her hair and it turns Bellamy on? I think it's canon and there is Octavia/Raven relationship in the story.

In My Dreams We Are Always Together

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Romance, Part Two

An inbox prompt that got way out of hand… Mulder and Scully attempt a little bit of romance. 

Read part one here!

(Buckets of roses to @edierone, @kateyes224, and @piecesofscully for their eyes and ears)

Summary: “It’s really you in there, isn’t it?”
Supplementary Media:
Frank Sinatra - Under My Skin
Nat King Cole - I Love You for Sentimental Reasons
Billie Holiday - I’m a Fool to Want You

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By the time we got to Weathertop, Tolkien had me. ‘Gil-Galad was an elven king,’ Sam Gamgee recited, ‘of him the harpers sadly sing.’ A chill went through me, such as Conan and Kull had never evoked.

Almost forty years later, I find myself in the middle of my own high fantasy, A Song of Ice and Fire. The books are huge, and hugely complex, and take me years to write. Within days of each volume being published, I begin to get emails asking when the next is coming out. “You do not know how hard it is to wait,’ some of my readers cry plaintively. I do, I want to tell them, I know just how hard it is. I waited too. When I finished The Fellowship of the Ring, it was the only volume out in paperback. I had to wait for Ace to bring out The Two Towers, and again for The Return of the King. Not a long wait, admittedly, yet somehow it seemed like decades. The moment I got my hands on the next volume I put everything else aside so I could read it … but halfway through The Return of the King, I slowed down. Only a few hundred pages remained, and once they were done, I would never be able to read Lord of the Rings for the first time again. As much as I wanted to know how it all came out, I did not want the experience to be over.

That was how fiercely I loved those books, as a reader.
—  George R.R. Martin, discussing “the ancestors of Ice and Fire” in “The Heirs of Turtle Castle” from Dreamsongs
Exo Reaction to Their S/O Walking in on Them Changing


He would recover quickly from his shock and start making flirty faces at you. He’ll probably start taking off more clothes in a pretend strip-tease for you. Baekhyun would make sure to add some lip biting and seductive hand gestures to make the experience even more memorable.


This slow- reaction king would be dazed while the both of you stared at each other in shock. After realization settled in, he’ll quickly finish changing under your admiring gaze. He’ll probably feel shy for the next couple days especially if the both of you are not passed that stage of the relationship yet.


When he saw you standing in the doorway with a surprised look, Chanyeol’s first reaction would be to burst out laughing in an awkward manner. His ridiculous laughter would infect you, and the both of you would quickly forget the fact that Chanyeol was half-naked.


Out of all of Exo, Kyungsoo would be the member that is the most embarrassed. He’ll probably shout at you to leave out of reflex. In the next few days, he’ll be really ashamed at how he reacted and can’t even look you in the eye until he mustered the courage to apologize and all is forgiven.


The leader would just carry on changing while giving you awkward smiles because of the situation. He would not be that affected by you seeing him naked since the both of you are already in a relationship.


When the both of you made eye contact, he’ll freeze and stare at you for a couple seconds. After coming back to his senses, he’ll change at the speed of lightning. It’ll be of the rare times that you see Chen so flustered, so this will be teasing material for you later on.


Due to his inexperience and young age, Sehun would feel self-conscious about his naked body in front of you. He’ll try to mask his face, but his expression will be slightly awkward. However, he’ll be be comforted with your reassuring smile.


He’ll try to act suave and cool to hide his shyness. Kai will wink at you and blow you a kiss while he tries to change as quickly as possible in a discreet manner. Though, his embarrassed smile and blushing cheeks would give away his bashfulness.


Absolutely no shame since he worked hard to get the body that he has today. He’ll be really pleased with your open admiration of his body. His smugness would be obvious as he starts changing in a sensual manner while looking straight at you.

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wouldn’t you get a yeast infection from the sugar… ..
keep smarties far from your hooha folks
also i did everyone for this because it was really fun to do!! it’s kind of short just because it’s hard when i think a lot of people would react the same.

// nsfw



- it brings back his flashbacks of when he was drunk and wore a candy g string to a party once
he would too don’t you lie to yourself

- He does spit everywhere and it’s sort of awkward to eat all of the candy since it’s hard candy?? and he doesn’t want to.. well; you know, bite you. But boy does he try. Yeah it’s messy and sticky but still really nice. He’ll still always like playing around with whipped cream over this, but hey he’s down to do this again.


- Papa Jumin can roll with anything so he’s not phased

- Sure it’s surprising.. But he finds it enjoyable. Even amusing, how cute of you to think of something so silly. But holy shit with him it’s literal heaven? He’s the king of slow foreplay so hardcandy in his way makes it even more slower. But in the best possible way.

- The only one that doesn’t really drool a lot. Must be magic.

- But no; never again will you get that because Elizabeth the 3rd found she likes your new toys too. He found her eating a pair of pasties and that was the last of the ordeal. Curse you Elizabeth the 3rd.



- Candy + MC = Heaven !!
sure it’s super surprising at first, but then when he tastes you PLUS the candy it’s absolutely amazing.
comes to prefer it, if you do. actually might want some of his own.. lolol

- It’s something he likes, so he’d be down to do it again. Just no licorice, he hates that stuff.



- momma jaehee is saving you here please listen to her

- Hey but nipple pasties? she’s down. It’s hard candy so again, takes a pretty long time to melt but she doesn’t really mind. It’s not something she’d like to be frequent but it was pretty cute this one time– She’ll let it slide.

- Won’t wear any herself even if you try to get her to. No way. She’s not trying to cosplay candy-land the game over here.


- No no. Try honey buddha lingerie. Much better.

- Seriously though; He’d love it. It would be silly as always with Seven, he’d want to pretend he’s a monster coming to eat up the pretty little damsel in distress. And he ends up doing so.. just in a different way lolol

- Yes, he’ll snack on them later. Or wear it himself– He really likes this. Look at the monster you’ve created


- For your sake, he’ll go with it. But he thinks it’s difficult, he’s drooling everywhere and it’s not exactly the most pleasant. Since the candy is super sticky when wet.

- Is this what the kinky folks do? is this what it’s like?

- He cant really be serious about it. I mean, he just cracks some jokes. He tries his best but it’s pretty hard. All in good fun though, he’s a sweetheart.

- Probably got those little candy bracelets from sunday school– and they taste exactly the same. he doesn’t need church flashbacks in the bedroom right now, save him.


- Confused and scared because he’s so used to lace or something like that but there’s.. candy? instead?

- He’d try but he’s usually fast so he’d end up ripping it off and getting to the point pretty quickly.

- But he might snack on them later, much to your horror lolol

LEGION 1x08 Highlights


- “And boom goes the dynamite”
- Cinematography (as usual)
- the half fucked up Avocado 🥑
- Syd saving Davids ass, again
- David being a badass overall
- “The war is over, if you want it”
- badass hallway confrontation between David and the Shadow King (#2)
- Cary and Kerry making up adorably
- David levitating
- David’s moment of memory flashbacks, along with Shadow King confrontation (#1)
- “Did we win?” “Does it look like we won?”
- finding out Aubrey Plaza is back as Lenny/the Shadow King for season 2
- Oliver remembering a certain someone, yet getting possessed by the Shadow King
- the Shadow Kings slow-mo body possession moment in the lab
- ^click, click
- Song choices, such as “Breathe” and “On the run” by Pink Floyd, “If I Ruled the World” by Jermaine Clement, and “Children of the Revolution” by T Rex
- ^Lets be honest with ourselves, pretty much all the song choices from Legion have been the shit.
- ^Mojo? Division 3?

{I’m so happy this show has a second season, seriously, these characters can’t catch a break but there all in it together. The only unfortunate highlight of this show is that we have to wait a WHOLE DAMN YEAR, to watch it again, hope these highlights sparked your interest, feel free to add more}

mikeybound  asked:

I have only the vaguest idea of what your plot is about. Could you give a brief summary?

Yeah, sure.

Briefly: There is this influential family surrounded by secrets. There is this young edgy dude who no one trusts. And then some bizarre creatures start showing up.. And if the dude wants to understand what’s going on he’ll have to go after these creatures himself and squeeze the answers out of them. And that’s how his shiba+bike road trip begins.

but I’m not fast drawing pages, so I’m only starting to introduce the characters and the universe. The story is separated in 3 main parts. And part 1 did not begin yet.

“Chaos” is how I’m calling this big intro phase. 


Yata and Fushimi’s First Encounter with the Red King in Slow Motion featuring Kamamoto Rikio