slow jamming the news


Last night, Brian Williams, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots slow jammed the news on fallontonight


(via “Slow Jam the News” with President Obama - YouTube)


Jimmy, Brian Williams, and The Roots Slow Jam the News


Watch: Mitt Romney slow jams the news on ’Fallon’


“The United States has been a leader in developing clean energy to ensure the health of our planet for future generations. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, an additional 20 million Americans now have access to quality health care. And same sex couples across the country now have a constitutional right to marry.” | Slow Jam the News with President Obama

Jimmy/TSJF/LNJF Questions:

by: jfallonlove, mrsfallontimberlake, buymeapenguinplz

1. A guest you’d like to see on The Tonight Show.

2. A musical guest you’d like to see on The Tonight Show.

3. A game you miss from Late Night that you’d like to see on The Tonight Show.

4. A favorite guest from The Tonight Show.

5. A favorite guest from Late Night.

6. Favorite Jimberlake moment.

7. Favorite Jimmy gif.

8. Favorite cooking segment.

9. Favorite musical guest.

10. Favorite Root.

11. Favorite Jimmy impression.

12. Favorite song of Jimmy’s.

13. Favorite movie of Jimmy’s.

14. Favorite SNL sketch of Jimmy’s (as cast member).

15. Favorite SNL sketch of Jimmy’s (as guest).

16. Favorite segment from Late Night.

17. Favorite segment from The Tonight Show.

18. Favorite “Thank You Note.”

19. Favorite “#Hashtag.”

20. Do you watch The Tonight Show every night?

21. Favorite sketch from Late Night.

22. Favorite sketch from The Tonight Show.

23. Favorite song Jimmy has sung with guests.

24. What are your thoughts on Fuzzy Fallon?

25. Favorite Jimmy quote.

26. Favorite theme song - Late Night “Here I Come” or Tonight Show “Hey Hey Hey Hey”

27. Best Higgins moment.

28. Favorite stand-up comedian that has been on either show.

29. City you’d like The Tonight Show to visit.

30. Favorite musical impression of Jimmy’s.

31. Song you most want Jimmy to sing.

32. Favorite thing about the set(s).

33. Favorite location so far?

34. Favorite member of the social media team.

35. Favorite History of Rap?

36. Best lip-sync battle.

37. Favorite writer.

38. Who would you like to see do a lip-sync battle with Jimmy?

39. Would you rather be interviewed by Jimmy, play a game with Jimmy, be in a sketch with Jimmy or sing with Jimmy?

40. Favorite character by a writer.

41. Favorite Jimmy SNL break.

42. If Jimmy were to host SNL again, what sketch would you want him to revive?

43, Favorite classroom instruments video.

44. Favorite casual outfit.

45. Favorite suit/tie combo.

46. If Jimmy were to host SNL who should make surprise appearances?

47. Favorite Jimmy/Higgins banter.

48. Have you ever been to a taping?

49. Have you ever been to a monologue rehearsal?

50. Favorite magazine cover.

51. Besides BriWi, Christie, and Obama who would you want to see him slow jam the news with?

52. Favorite ragtime cover.

53. Favorite Jimmy interview where Jimmy was the guest.

54. Favorite Jimmy selfie.

55. Have you ever met Jimmy?

56. What would be your reaction if you met Jimmy?

57. Favorite revival/reunion moment (i.e Full House guys, Jesse and the Rippers, Footloose, etc).

58. Best moment from Timberweek.

59. Favorite Jimerlake gif.

60. Favorite instrument Jimmy plays.

61. Favorite Jimmy video.

62. Favorite Weekend Update musical performance.

63. Favorite joke from Weekend Update.

64. Favorite ‘during the commercial break’ moment.

65. Favorite reoccurring character from SNL of Jimmy’s.

66. Dream episode line up - 2 guests, 1 segment/game, 1 musical guest/comedian.

67. Late Night segment, game or parody that needs to be revived on Tonight Show.

68. Favorite Jimmy haircut.

69. Favorite Jimmy charade.

70. Least favorite guest.

71. Favorite BriWi rap.

72. Favorite Update moment with a walk-on guest.

73. Favorite SNL cast member that Jimmy worked with.

74. Favorite “EW” episode.

75. Do you own any Tonight Show merchandise?

76. Do you own any Late Night merchandise?

77. Favorite Jimmy tick (i.e nose scrunch, lip bite, licking lips etc)

78. Favorite Jimmy and Nancy picture.

79. Favorite Jimmy and Winnie picture.

80. Talk show that Jimmy should do a guest appearance on.

81. Favorite 'casual’ Jimmy picture.

82. Favorite 'photo shoot’ Jimmy picture.

83. Who would you want to replace Higgins for a day?

84. Who would you want to replace Jimmy for a day?

85. Who would you want to replace The Roots for a day?

86. Favorite Video Vision.

87. Favorite Head Swap.

88. Favorite Lip Flip.

89. What costumes would you want Jimmy, Higgins and The Roots in if they were to do a Halloween themed show?

90. What Christmas song would you like Jimmy to cover?

91. What tv show would you like to see Jimmy guest star in (not a talk show or SNL)?

92. What person of history would you want brought back from the dead to have Jimmy interview?

93. Does Jimmy follow you on Twitter?

94. What musical guest of the past would you like to bring back to life to perform with Jimmy?

95. Moment you became a falpal.

96. Favorite falpal blogs.

97. Have you made any friends from being a falpal?

98. What is one sentence you would say to Jimmy if you met him?

99. Be in the audience of an SNL episode he’s hosting or an episode of The Tonight Show?

100. Favorite Jimmy fanfiction.