slow homestuck music


Person A is violinist and the heroine in a harem anime. Person B is a cellist and doesn’t stand out very much. Person A is not interested in the people in their harem because they’re super gay they think that kind of stuff is stupid. One day Person A hears Person B playing their cello and immediately falls in love. Love isn’t so stupid now huh? Person A tries to get close to Person B, but Person B is kinda prickly and doesn’t want to be in any relationship with Person A. This causes Person A to do stereotypical things people do to get their crushes to like them back. (Like serenading Person B with ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’). Doing all these things causes Person B to see that Person A isn’t some perfect god that nobody can touch; they’re actually a big dork and Person B loves that. They slowly become closer and become good friends. This comes to the immense displeasure of Person A’s harem and they try to get in the way of their relationship. After many moments ruined between the two, Person A tells them off with a super cheesy love confession towards Person B. They end up dating and when Person B finally purposes to Person A they play ‘Can’t help Falling In Love With You’ on their cello for them.

The Path
PhemieC- sung by Wuffielover

GAH I liked this last night when I recorded it and I still kind of like it now so here it is. A cover of the awesome song ‘The Path’ by PhemieC, I worked out a bit of piano accompaniment to go with it. Also I hadn’t listened to the song in a while when I did this and when I went back and listened to it there are a couple of things I’d change…but it’s OK! I’m gonna post it! Because otherwise I know I’ll end up re-recording it like 16 times until I think it’s perfect and then probably won’t post it anyway. ANYWAYS I’ll stop babbling and ya’ll can listen to my mouth-noises or not as you prefer.