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The first time you meet him he’s funny. The second time, he’s amazing. The third time you realize he’s the most dangerous man in the universe. He says he’s a man of peace but he walks in war. I’m having the time of my life and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Even if it kills me. A Time for Heroes

A Fish Out Of Water.

Request from anon:I’m sorry about my anonymous request but I’m having trouble with my login. So, I wanted that Bucky went to the aquarium and in one tank he see a mermaid (she isn’t a real one but it’s her job to entertain the visitors but she can be a mutant with hydrokinesis so she can control water and can stay much more time than average under) and he starts to visit more frequently because of her and falls for her and then meet her and falls even more and they knows about each other’s powers after some time.

Note: I hope this is okay! Think it ended up a little different to the request but I still hope it works for the anon that requested it. <3

Bucky x Enhanced!Reader

Words: 1,282

Warnings: None that I can think of really….if there is something you think I should put a warning about just let me know.

Disclaimer: GIF used was created by me.

Aquariums…they weren’t something new to Bucky as he would often visit them when he took ladies out on dates in the 40’s. Of course back then there were nothing like they were now  - not only did they have a bigger variety of sea life but some of the entertainment they had here was just out of this world, one prime example being the mermaid show they had.

A group of absolutely stunning women dressed as the mythical creatures swimming in one of the large water tanks to entertain young and old alike; it was like something out of one of those moving pictures he saw with Steve when they were kids. He couldn’t quite believe that people were capable of such a feat and yet here he was seeing it with his own eyes. It didn’t matter that this was the third day in a row he found himself watching it because it was still as mesmerising as it had been the first time.

Especially one of the girls in particular….


Your [h/c] locks fanned out around you and moved with the water in an almost hypnotic manner and even when everyone else had stood up from their seats and left he remained where he was just watching you. There was something about you that drew him here on a daily basis and it wasn’t just the fact that you looked absolutely breath-taking, no, there was something only he had noticed; where the other girls would have readily available oxygen during the show there wasn’t anything to indicate that you did and since being injected with the serum his sight had been sharper than that of a hawk.

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You May Say That I’m A Dreamer

Fandom Writing Challenge | envydean
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Destiel
Prompt: Ice Skating
Word Count: 2,362
Summary: Dean’s been a fan of the men’s figure skating for as long as he can remember. He’s always been fascinated by how the contestants move on the ice, contort their elegant bodies into beautiful positions and land each jump with grace – not that anyone at school knows this, they only know Dean as the tough-man soccer player. When Dean’s favourite under twenty-one’s figure skater transfers to his school, sparks fly.


Dean glances at the clock in the corner of his laptop screen only for a spark of panic to shoot through him. There’s still seven minutes left of the YouTube catch up video he’s watching and he wants to finish it, except that will make him late for school. Four lates in a row and he’ll end up getting a detention which means he’ll be even later watching the video. Dean wishes it would be a simple choice, school or men’s figure skating semi-finals.

Dean growls as he hits the pause button before slamming his laptop harder than he intended. He’ll watch it after school, he decides he would rather wait than get yelled at by his dad for the late mark letter he’ll no doubt receive. Dean grabs his backpack and heads down stairs before locking the door behind him and walking the well-known route to school.


There’s barely anyone around when he arrives, only the last few people filing into their classes for the start of the day. His English class is, unfortunately on the other side of the school grounds and he makes a dash for it. Mr. Crowley isn’t Dean’s number one fan in the first place and Dean doesn’t want to get into his bad books when he’s in his final year of high school.

When Dean sneaks into class, there’s none of the usual hustle and bustle that he’s used to at the start of the lesson. Instead, the class is silent and they’re all looking to the front of the class. For a moment, Dean wonders if all eyes are really on him and when he looks to the front, he’s expecting Mr. Crowley’s glare.

Except, he’s met with strikingly familiar blue eyes.

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Just imagine…

  • his low-pitched laugh resonating in his chest when you’re watching a comedy together and he keeps you in his arms
  • his voice trembling a little when he asks you out for the first time
  • half-whispered lullabies when you can’t sleep
  • his voice raising an octave when he’s excitedly telling his friends about you
  • when you’re on a walk, a dog starts barking at you from behind a fence and Chan barks back at him playfully
  • you opening the door to his studio slightly just to admire him completely lost in composing, sitting with his headphones on and humming a cute melody to himself
  • how he embraces you tightly and keeps saying “I’m here” and “You’re safe now” after you had a nightmare
  • late night talks, when he speaks to you cheerfully about music and his other passions
  • him murmuring in his sleep when he dozes off on the couch after a tough day
  • the way he wakes you up laying a hand on your tummy and saying a slow “Hello, beautiful” in a raspy morning voice
  • when he finds you crying and shushes you, starting to softly sing your favourite song and letting you curl into him
  • him murmuring to himself while writing down the lyrics at random moments during the day
  • him repeating the same instructions to you several times because you’re stubborn to learn how to use music software
  • how he knows very well that his voice turns you on so he makes use of it while away, talking to you on the phone, telling you in details what he’ll do when he comes back from the tour
  • how he sounds when you’re making out and you bite on his earlobe lightly, making him shiver
  • him being really vocal in bed so he’s whispering all kinds of loving words and compliments or very dirty things depending on his mood
  • how he likes control so he covers your eyes with a blindfold to make sure you can only feel his touch and hear his deep voice

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anonymous asked:

Hello! My problem with writing is pacing. All the important scenes always seem really short and the "filler" scenes happen too quickly. How do I slow things down??


First and foremost, take a look and make sure that you are diving deep enough. By this I mean, are you describing the things you should be? Or are you just telling the events as they happen?

Oftentimes we can get carried away by the act of putting words on a page, so excited by the fact that the plot is moving, we’re not thinking of much else other than progress. And thus, the story sometimes becomes a lot of “and then, which lead to, and after that,” without giving a lot of time or breathing room for things like emotions or juicy descriptions.

Take the scenes apart piece by piece in your mind and ask yourself what the actual significance is. What does each event or each line of dialogue mean for a) the plot and b) the characters? If something negative occurs, your characters need to have time to react, process, and rebound. If it’s a happy moment, let them relish it for a moment. That will automatically help slow things down a little.

Leon slapped Finn across the face. Finn punched Leon in the jaw.

That’s and-then storytelling.

Leon slapped Finn across the face unexpectedly, prompting Finn to freeze in shock. But it didn’t last. His surprise was quickly replaced by anger, and before he knew it his fist was colliding with Leon’s jaw.

Wow! There are so many more words here, just because we used Finn’s emotions- in this case, shock and his anger- to fuel his actions.

And now, we can even add some juicy description to the mix:

There was a resounding slap as Leon’s hand careened across Finn’s face. For a moment, Finn was frozen in shock, his cheek stinging with pain. But it didn’t last. His surprise was quickly replaced by anger, and before he knew it, his fist collided with Leon’s jaw with a loud thwack.

And then, if you want to, you can even sprinkle in a little depth or background, depending on how significant you want this little altercation to be:

  There was a resounding slap as Leon’s hand careened across Finn’s face. For a moment, Finn was frozen in shock, his cheek stinging with pain. Leon was a pain in the ass, but never, in all the years that Finn had known him, never had he ever raised his hand against him. It wasn’t the pain that bothered him. It was the betrayal. Just like that, his surprise was quickly replaced by anger, and before he knew it, his fist collided with Leon’s jaw with a loud thwack.

And now, we have all these words on the page- and not just that. Those words all mean something that serve the story. We can now feel Finn’s physical and emotional pain, and this event that was previously a Small Deal is now a Much Bigger Deal. Pretty cool.

And particularly for your “filler” scenes… no scene is truly a “filler.” Even if it doesn’t directly contribute to the overarching plot, each moment should still serve a purpose- advancing plot, advancing character, advancing a relationship, making something clear that wasn’t before, providing foreshadowing, etc. Like with any other moment, take a look on it and find its real significance. 

It might be tough for a while to pick apart every scene, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot more natural in your writing as a whole. Hope this helps!


Like A Sinner In Church

Bray Wyatt/OC: Bray is a preacher with a bit of a secret that no one knows…Or so he thought. Smut. This fic is literally about people fuckin in a church so, if that’s not your thing and you feel like it’s in poor taste, don’t read it.

I’m going to hell anyway so I might as well go out in a blaze of glory ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Teaser video for Tokwa Penaflorida & Soleil Ignacio’s collaboration for their Hello Sailor exhibit at Heima Cubao X on April 14, 2012

Music by Tarsius (feat. Slow Hello), remixed by Similar Objects. 

Video: Fold Canela
Assisted by: Eldzs Mejia and Chi Jihan

Thursday Room, April 2012

Expensive Taste // A.F.I


a/n: I’m gonna make this quick bc my computer is not really cooperating but !!! my first ashton imagine!! ive had this idea forever but it took so long to write but here it is now!! I hope you like it!!

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