slow dancing in a burn

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if I may derail, this “old authors using current times fanfiction language” thing is absolutely amazing. do you have any more?

Hemingway: drabble challenge, 100 word challenge, yes the title is included in the word count, fight me, angst, sad, baby shoes

F Scott Fitzgerald: idk what I’m doing, lol party fic, I’m supposed to be working on something else right now, the real otp is despair

Virginia Wolfe: stream of consciousness, tw: depression and anxiety, tw: food mention, not sure what else to tag this as

Sylvia Plath: esther is not like other girls, depression, suicide, hurt/comfort, fuck the patriarchy

Edgar Allan Poe: detective au, everyone’s a suspect, darkfic, this was supposed to be satire, I’m not sure what happened,

Shakespeare: historical au, for Lizzy <3 <3 <3, either everybody lives or no on lives I haven’t decided yet, dick jokes, puns, stole this from Marlow not even sorry lmao

Jane Austen: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, true love, dancing!, slow burn, don’t worry they all get there in the end (:

lovely ; songs i listen to when i’m so full of love that i feel like i could burst.

1. cherry wine - hozier // 2. nothing - lewis watson // 3. you - keaton henson // 4. only love - ben howard // 5. holocene- bon iver // 6. slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer // 7. bones - ben howard // 8. work song - hozier // 9. sweetheart, what have you done to us? - keaton henson // 10. stay - lewis watson // 11. from afar - vance joy // 12. first day of my life - bright eyes // 13. we all die trying to get it right - vance joy // 14. latch (acoustic) - sam smith // 15. cough syrup - young the giant // 16. for emma - bon iver // 17. we found each other in the dark - city and colour // 18.  make it to me (stripped) - sam smith // 19. skinny love (cover) - ed sheeran // 20. let it go - james bay // 21. tenerife sea - ed sheeran // 22. your body is a wonderland - john mayer // 23. hold back the river - james bay


“I could teach you.”

And Sherlock clears his throat.

Looks at the ground.

Tries to work out where, precisely, that suggestion came from- Since he certainly hadn’t meant to offer his teaching services today.

Molly’s blinking up at him, her expression startled. His heart is thudding rather loudly in his chest- So loud that he feels an odd terror she’ll be able to hear it. That she’ll be able to tell that, whatever his attempts at nonchalance, his last offer was far from casual. The urge to babble under her gaze is becoming almost overwhelming but he tamps it down, makes himself look at her-

When he speaks next, his voice is surprisingly even.

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we didn’t get the chance to become what we wanted but that’s okay because tonight 
I could have set the sky on fire and slow danced as it burned, and you would’ve drifted out of my mind, just like smoke
and I was never the salt of the earth, brave girl I wanted to be, 
but I never stopped choosing peace 
even when I felt like hell, and I think one day, peace will conquer all the thoughts of you 
so I think I’m just going to keep slow dancing,
watching the fire, because what else is there to see
—  laceerainspoetry, Smoke & I
the fire
slowly burned
around us
like the whiskey
that we drank
to ignore it.
we were always drunk,
not drunk on love
but drunk on the idea
that somehow
we could make it work.
let’s confess that
you can shift your gaze
away from the flames
as much as you please,
but you cannot
avoid the smoke
as you gasp for air.

♫ My dear we’re slow dancing in a burning room ♫


Noctis and Prompto have been dating since their second year of high school, they’re so, so in love. When the news of the treaty and what it entails hits, they’re devastated. Cue a week of fights and tears, they both have no idea how to handle their grief and take it out on each other. 

A couple days before they depart for the journey, Noct texts Prom and apologizes, asks Prompto to come over to his apartment and hang out one last time. They have a couple drinks, and Noctis leads them to the living room, which he’d decorated with rose petals and candles, because he knows how much of a hopeless romantic Prom is, and he wanted him to remember the last moments of their relationship as something he could look back on fondly.

Noct would turn on some heartbreaking music and they’d slow dance and cry into each others shoulders until they couldn’t stand the distance between them any longer. Noct would lead Prompto back into his bed, and they’d make slow, sad, love for the last time, and fall asleep in each others arms.

Record Player (fluff)

You strolled hand in hand down the rows at the flea market, the warm sun shining down on your faces.

You made your way over to a table covered in crates that were filled with records. You greeted the man selling them as you let go of Shawn’s hand, wanting to properly flip through all of the vinyls.

“Babe, look at this!” you said, holding up an Elton John record, “Remember when you sang Tiny Dancer with Elton John?”

“I’ll never forget it,” he chuckled, “I think you were even more excited about it than I was.”

You continued looking through the crates, holding onto a John Mayer record that you wanted to purchase. Shawn came up behind you and rested his chin on your shoulder, and you could tell that he was smiling.

“You’ll never guess what I found,” he grinned, holding something behind his back.

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We drank the elbow room.
Wandered into the wine glass.
Cradled the birds.

You held my yellow dress
in your picnic hands.
A sun was in your eyes.
The kiss was warm and

I could taste your teeth.
Your mouth was a thousand
mothers weeping.
We ate the sad sounds,
chewed them slow, shared
the broken.

We danced the slow burn.
Tongued the wound.
Laid the blanket.

All was well in the hunger,
in the wet grass.

—  Caitlyn Siehl, The Hunger