slow children playing

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karasuno has 4 first years split up and take all 4 of them then run, they can't catch all of you

good plan. nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan

the signs as signs
  • Aries: limited sight distance sign
  • Taurus: do not enter sign
  • Gemini: moose crossing sign
  • Cancer: employees must wash hands sign
  • Leo: biohazard sign
  • Virgo: yield sign
  • Libra: slow children playing sign
  • Scorpio: watch for falling rocks sign
  • Sagittarius: stop sign
  • Capricorn: wrong way sign
  • Aquarius: speed limit sign
  • Pisces: exit sign
the signs as... signs
  • Aries: stop sign.. pls.. just stop
  • Taurus: those cow signs you see in california
  • Gemini: if its symmetrical its probably you
  • Cancer: the no u turn signs bc theres no going back, cancer. ever.
  • Leo: those huge ass signs that say "WELCOME TO _____!!!" stop being so full of urself
  • Virgo: do not enter signs. virgo. virgins. get it lmao
  • Libra: the slow down children are playing one bc libras are all babies
  • Scorpio: the one way sign bc theyre black like your soul
  • Sagittarius: i literally have no idea what you guys even do
  • Capricorn: speed limit signs bc bro u need to sLOW DOWN
  • Aquarius: railroad signs bc trains >>> cars
  • Pisces: i saw a fucking fish sign once that u
every poem is a time capsule

meet me at the corner
of surrender and sacrifice
I’ll be wearing the bloodstains
like righteousness
like America
contemplating trajectories

history repeats itself
we do nothing
history repeats itself
we do nothing
history repeats itself
we do something
repeat history

a human cycle

big wheel turning

children at play

children at play