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“Trust your training and do all the workouts but most importantly, trust yourself. You can do it. It’s a mental sport and you need to break out of those shackles that are holding you back from being the runner you want to be. You have the power, you have the form, you have the heart now all you need to do is set yourself free.”


Košice, Slovakia 12.09.16

i had a surprisingly good week in košice. it was kinda intended as a buffer week between the mountains and meeting my friend zita in budapest. i worried that there wouldn’t be much to do because of the relatively small old town, and admittedly i had to do a LOT of research and digging, but i found some really cool places. i also used the extra spare time ive had to apply to a ton of internships to places that are and aren’t looking for interns lol. it was mentally exhausting but im glad ive done it :)

im in budapest now! i already love it here
l8r allig8rs xx

Hi ! ^^ I’m Ema, from Slovakia, 16, I would like to get to know someone who is phan trash as me ¡! :3 [or just someone to chat] Kik: MindFreak1989 add me ♡