Learning a language closely related to your mother tongue


-you are fluent in your target language after two months

-you don’t have to spend much time learning vocabulary because it’s all the same as your mother tongue

-same with grammar, idioms etc.

-you're top of the class without any effort

-you can omit the basics because they are so obvious

-you don’t have any problems with pronunciation

-you understand the spoken language after few lessons  

-actually you don't  have to learn it, it’s so easy!


-you constantly make mistakes because something sounds weird in it’s correct form

-you understand everything from course book but you cannot tell anything yourself

-you have a feeling you learn something obvious for tomorrow text and you’ll remember it so you can relax

-you don’t remember nothing but your name on the test

-you have a feeling the pronunciation is funny and you giggle when you try to read something loud

-you cannot pronounce correctly every second word because of differences in vowels too subtle for your ears to hear

-you start to wonder whether spelling in your mother tongue is correct because identical word in your target language the has different spelling

-you cannot force yourself to use the suspicious conjugations

-every time you don’t know a word and you try to use an unchanged word from your mother tongue the word in your target language will be different

-every time you don’t know a word in you try to modify a word from you mother tongue the words in both languages are homophones

-people ask you why you learn the language and suggest it’s useless because you should be able to communicate with your target language natives in your mother tongue (which has nothing to do with reality and is really annoying)

-everything is similar and different at the same time and you are constantly confused

-you can never be sure if you teacher doesn’t make a joke when something on the blackboard is really really funny (he probably doesn’t but it sometimes happens so…)

-there is a possibility that some words from your mother tongue are curses in your target language and vice versa

slovac beings.

i know i dont got much in life

but music is what i stand for

it brings me up whit i hit the floor

no need to beg, not anymore

i got my bags packed

no lookin back for no lost past

all eyes future, nothing lacked

time for a revolution, a change in the class

no more sick government ways

you are you, so live life for you

never live it for anyone else, it never pays,

if you do, youll be lost, with out a clue