The Start.

What up Tumblr?  Welcome to my blog that for this summer will be all about my adventures, things I’ve been working on, and the plethora of things that fill my mind.  I’ve decided to make this summer all about taking care of me and #100daysofadventure.  It’s been a rough, wild ride the last year and a half and this feels like the next right move.  Sometimes, we get super caught up in trying to be something more and quickly moving on past our troubles in order to achieve some goal society pressures us to reach for.  But if we’re being true to ourselves, we have to take care of ourselves if we really are to make a true different in this world. This is my step in bettering myself to hopefully one day better the world.

So if you’ll join me on this ride, you are wonderful and I thank you in advance! If you decide to take the #100daysofadventure challenge with me, let me know and I’d love to follow you on that journey!

Here’s to a fantastic, memorable summer. Cheers!


The #100daysofadventure models the #100daysofhappiness project. It’s about not only going out to do something new and cool, but about finding excitement and adventure in everything you do.  Whether it’s trying new foods, exploring a new place, hanging out with your best friends, or simply taking a chill day watching good films, this is all about you living life to the fullest and taking a second to enjoy each and every day.