slough life

Do you see this
It’s a line
A maiden checkered with children

It’s urine on a wall
Marking what gets destroyed

It’s a slope of strongmen
Building 100-foot ramparts
While you watch
While you throw sticks
(Call them arrows, if you like)
While you hesitate with boiling water
Water the thing you can’t find
Water the thing kids lick dirt for
Wary of what comes first
Them or death by dehydration

Cook with dung
Eat your sheep
Their child
The woman down the street
Prioritize, don’t look anyone
In the eye

Find purpose in that
Find God

How can I explain
God there

How do you understand
Tumult and scrambling for life
Like sloughed skin, so tiny so clear
You must become insignificant
A bed bug
To get anything