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Hi, can you write something quite angsty but with a happy ending. So Aaron and Robert decide to work through it but Rob is constantly scared that Aaron will change his mind, so really starts to over compensate. Maybe, constantly cleaning, and making food, just being perfect, and keeping his distance to not pressure Aaron, doesn't try to kiss him. And he feels isolated, and alone, doesn't go to the pub. And Aaron realising all of this, and reassuring Rob that he's not leaving. Thank you so much😌

i need something (tell me something new)

Robert is cooking tea. It’s not his turn. It wasn’t his turn yesterday either, but he’s cooking tea anyway. He’s making homemade pizza, because it seems like a nice thing to do. Something that takes time and thought. Something that says I put in time and effort because I wanted to do something nice for you, because I love you, and I hope you love me too.

It could just be pizza, but he can’t think of anything as being just anything anymore. He can’t afford to be complacent.

He’s putting the pizza in the oven when Aaron gets back from the pub. He comes up behind him, waiting for him to stand up straight before threading his arms around his waist and pressing his nose into his shoulder. It should be easy; a welcome closeness, but Robert’s heart batters against the inside of his ribcage. His arms hang loose at his side, despite how badly he wants to turn to Aaron and embrace him. He lost his right to initiate months ago.

‘Looks fancy,’ Aaron says, peering over Robert’s shoulder at the various ingredients spread over the work surface. ‘We could have ordered a pizza if you’d fancied one, though.’

‘We still can,’ Robert says so quickly that his words trip over one another in their rush to leave his tongue.

‘What? After you’ve literally just put a pizza in the oven? Don’t be dim.’

Wrong again. Always wrong.


Aaron places his hands on Robert’s hips and turns him around to face him. He smiles, lifting a hand to his face to wipe some flour off his cheek. It takes all of Robert’s strength not to lean into his palm.

‘Don’t be daft,’ he says. ‘I was just thinking, if we’d ordered a takeaway you could have come to the pub with me.’

‘You had Adam.’

‘Yes, but Adam isn’t my husband.’ You’d be better off. ‘And I’ve been at work with him all day. I wanted to spend some time with you.’

Robert bites back the word that’s been leaving a bad taste in his mouth this past few weeks. Why? Why do you want to spend time with me? After everything I’ve done, after I hurt you in the worst possible way, why do you still love me? Why me? When you deserve someone so much better.

Put your feet up a minute,’ Aaron says, putting his hands in his pockets and glancing around the kitchen. ‘Get yourself a beer. I’ll tidy up a bit while the pizza cooks.’

Robert shakes his head. ‘No.’

Aaron frowns. ‘No?’

‘Sorry, I mean,’ Robert takes a breath, trying to steady himself. This shouldn’t feel like a test. Aaron isn’t testing him. ‘Don’t worry about it. I was just about to start tidying up.’

‘How about you go and tidy yourself up? You’ve got flour and God knows what all down you. You really need to get an apron if you’re going to be so adventurous in the kitchen, by the way. Go and get changed and I’ll tidy up.’

Robert wants to argue, but he can’t. He doesn’t deserve to argue.

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How would Ryuji, Renzo, Yukio and Mephisto react if they came back home after a long day to find their s/o asleep in their clothes? (Love your blog !)


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  • Isn’t mad
  • But confused
  • Blushes at the sight of you
  • Doesn’t wake you up
  • If you weren’t covered by a blanket he would put one over you
  • He would never admit it but would love you wearing his clothes
  • When you wake up he would tell you that you looked cute
  • He actually wanted to take several pictures and hold you tight
  • But he just silently admired you with his usual friendly smirk


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  • He’d walk in and be like “Arww, that’s cute, y/n-chan fell asleep, and cuter, she’s wearing my clothes.”
  • He’s too exhausted after a long day to notice
  • *Starts doing something else*
  • Does a double take
  • “Y/n-chan….is wearing….”
  • Instant nose bleed
  • He instantly wakes you up and screams 
  • “Im sorry, do you want me to take them off.”
  • “What!! No! You look AMAZING in those clothes, you can even keep them if you like!”
  • “Okay, thanks.”
  • “W-wait…you just said…‘do you want me to take them off’?
  • “Yeah.”
  • As much as he loves you and gets turned on by you wearing his clothes, he would much rather see you without wearing any at all


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  • Thinks of a billion reasons why you could be wearing his clothes
  • Goes with ‘you spilled juice on yours’
  • Won’t comment on it
  • Will say he doesn’t mind
  • If it’s a person he’s been with quite a while he may smile and say they look good on them
  • If it were someone he hadn’t known too long he would ask them not to do it again without permission or something
  • Maybe never speak of it again
  • If it were a longterm s/o who he deeply cared for, then he would be happy when they wear his clothes
  • As long as it’s just stuff like slouchy t-shirts and not his work or school uniform
  • He likes that everyone knows your his when you wear them


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  • Does that devilish, infamous smirk and puts a finger to his mouth
  • Huge turn on for him
  • He’d definitely take a few pictures
  • So he can forever cherish the sight of his s/o sprawled on the sofa wearing his oversized white doggoMepphy shirt and pink polka dot shorts whilst smuggling a Mepphy plush
  • Would instantly snap some comfier clothes on himself
  • Snuggle up right to you
  • Cover you both in a blanket
  • And roam his hands up the shirt
  • Gently stirring you from slumber
  • When you wake he kisses you softly and begins teasing you about wearing his clothing
  • Complimenting you telling you how great you look in his clothes

This was super fun to do, thank you for the request! I also need the outfit I described for Memphis s/o because how kawaii would Mephisto pyjamas be? Bonus: High-key imagine he has several clothing lines for men, women, children and pets, and ofc has a sleep range available . No one gives Daddy credit for his businessmen qualities, he’s so wealthy. He has a theme park, with his own march, his own hair care line (as seen in the movie), so no doubt he has other things as well. I might do some head cannons on Mepphy’s march and projects and shit.

Teach Me - Liam Dunbar Smut

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Request; @amylillian22 requested [this is the mini version lmao] a sut with Liam where his best friend doesn’t teach him how to kiss, but instead how to have sex. The plan was to know how it works in real life, positions, what girls like, but hormones are sometimes hard to say no to.

Warning; Smut, nothing much else tbh

Note; Long af, but also this was very odd to write lmao, there might be a few mistakes [i set it in one place before i rewrote it so there might be a few confusions but i hope not]

Word Count; 3,744


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Michael Clifford - Homesick

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 6.1k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yes, by anon

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@notallballs: congratulations on 500!! :D I’d like to propose: asadai or asasuga? annnnd reunited after a long time apart? :O

You guys….I’m sorry, I give up on trying to post these as replies to asks. The read more function gets messed up every time so I’m just going to do it this way >_< That being said, thank you Bees!!! I loved this prompt, and I did AsaSuga since I’ve never written them!

Koushi thinks that the man looks like Asahi, what Asahi would probably look like now, before he realizes that it actually is him. He’s standing in front of Koushi on the train, shoulders broader than the ones Koushi remembers, legs longer, and back straighter than Koushi ever saw it anywhere other than the volleyball court. It’s too straight, too confident, and the chestnut brown hair is too short. Not cropped close like the businessmen standing around them in their crisp suits, but not long enough to be pulled into a bun. Not what Koushi remembers running his fingers through, leaning in to brush his nose against while Asahi said his name in that soft way that made Koushi’s whole body warm.

He swallows when the train begins slowing. His stop is next, the stop he always took when he was going home, back when this was his home, and not the little apartment on the 16th level of his building in Tokyo. If it is Asahi, if he’s here to visit his family too, this will also be his stop. The one they used to get off at together.

The train stops with a bit of a jerk, and Koushi waits for it to become steady again before he gets to his feet. The man has let go of the straphanger he’d been gripping, and is already almost at the door of the train. Koushi is too far behind to catch up to him once they’re on the street without looking like he’s chasing him, and what if it isn’t Asahi? What if it is?

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A Night Out

A/N: Anon request! Hope it lives up to your expectations!


It was time to let off some steam, just you and the girls. Your last year of graduate studies was kicking your ass and you desperately needed to blow off some steam. For one night you needed to not be thinking about your Ph.D. in Toxicology and Environmental Health. No biostatistics. No bacterial pathogenesis. No lab rotation. No dissertation. Just you, your ladies, copious amounts of alcohol, and maybe dancing with a cute guy or two.

You were going out with two of your friends from the program, as well as one from the epidemiology graduate program. You’d met at the library while all cramming for a big exam, downing coffee like it was going out of style. Ever since then, you’d all been close and Spring vacation was fast approaching, so you figured it was time for a night out.

Dressed in your most comfortable faux leather pants with suede trim, slouchy red t-shirt and matching red converse, you and your lovely ladies headed into the club and straight to the bar, making no mistakes about why you were truly here tonight - drinks and dancing. First up was a Jack Rose, a mix of grenadine, applejack, lemon juice and bitters for you, beers for two of your girls and a jack and coke for the other. After downing the first one in about 20 minutes and ordering a second one, you all decided to head to the floor with your drinks, ready to dance the night away.


“I really should go,” Spencer said, crossing his arms and looking mighty uncomfortable. “I’m so out of my element.”

Derek clapped him on the back hard enough to jar the tall, lanky man standing next to him. “Not a chance, Pretty Ricky. Everyone is having fun tonight.”

At that moment, Hotch approached the rest of the group with drinks in hand, ready to start their night. “That’s an order, Spencer,” he said, smiling. “Just relax. Have a drink. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“I’m not quite sure about that,” Spencer said shrugging, looking like he wanted to jump out of his skin. “But I’ll give it a try.”


After about an hour, Spencer started to let his guard down, dancing with a very happy Penelope, as well as Emily, after she’d dragged him out on the dance floor.

“Hey, Emily, I’m gonna go get another drink, do you want?” he asked, walking toward the bar. 

“Absolutely!” She turned her back on him to begin dancing with JJ and Penelope, who’s just joined her.

He met Derek at the bar, where he was getting his own refill, plus a drink for the tall brunette he was flirting with. Spencer decided to take a breath and relax by the bar for a few before heading back out. He was having fun, for sure, but he was still out of his element and needed a few moments to breathe. A few moments turned to 15 or 20 minutes, during which time he hadn’t realized he was focusing on one woman. A short, brunette with a red top that accentuated her deep, brown eyes and shining smile. She was dancing with three other ladies, jumping up and down, enjoying her drink, something fruity it seemed, and just letting loose. At least, that’s what he would say was happening. For some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off her - and he hadn’t realized it until Derek came back towards the bar. “I see you’ve been looking at the same woman for the past 20 minutes, kid. Why don’t you go up and say hi?”

Spencer shook his head almost violently, “She looks like she’s just here to have a good time, Morgan. I highly doubt she’s interested in talking to anyone tonight, no less me.”

“Well, Pretty Boy,” he said, raising his eyebrow and picking up his drinks, “you’ll never know unless you try.”

Derek made his way back to the dance floor to find his partner just as Emily, JJ and Penelope came his way to find out if he was planning on returning to the dance floor or staying at the bar all night. “You coming back?” Penelope said a little too loudly. She might have had a few too many drinks.

“Yea, I’m coming.” He responded without breaking his gaze from the pretty brunette, which drew Emily and JJ’s eyes the same way.

JJ just smiled, biting the straw of her third drink of the night. “It seems like Spencer’s looking at a pretty girl.”

“Oh my god, go for it. Go for it, Boy Genius,” Penelope said, grabbing Spencer’s arm before returning to the dance floor.


With around three drinks worth of liquid courage coursing through his veins, Spencer decided to take a leap and go talk to the woman who’d caught his eye for a large portion of the night. He knew for a fact that this wouldn’t be happening without alcohol, but he figured if he got rejected, he could easily go back to the bar and drink more.

Despite the alcohol, the nerves made him sweaty and jittery as he approached her. She was still jumping around, dancing like she didn’t have a care in the world, when she bumped into him.


“Oh, I’m sorry!” you said, reaching her hands out to apologize to the stranger. He was cute. Really cute. And seemingly really nervous. “Hi! I’m Y/N,” you spoke, giving him an enthusiastic wave. “I’m here to decompress from my insane graduate studies!” What brings you here?”

The slender, dorky, model-looking man seemed to destress when you spoke of graduate school, “I’m Dr. Spencer Reid. I’m actually here with my team from the FBI. We had a night off. What are you studying?”

“Toxicology and Environmental Health,” you responded, “My last year of studies. Finishing up my dissertation.”

Talking about the intellectual was clearly something he was comfortable with, as he immediately relaxed. “Well, Y/N, do you mind if I…I mean only if you want to…I can buy you a refill, while you tell me about your studies?”

“That sounds great, Dr. Spencer Reid,” you said, “But only if you tell me about your job too.”


Over the course of the next hour, both you and Spencer swapped stories of your studies and his job. You told him you hoped to work for the government after you graduated. Either that or possibly go into research, you weren’t sure yet. After he bought you another drink you, he asked if he could have a dance. Just like that actually, which made you immediately say yes. He was very gentlemanly - something you weren’t used to finding in a bar.

You both moved your way to the dance floor, which had become much more crowded in the last hour or so, forcing you close together. Although, it wasn’t much of an issue for you. You just leaned back into him and began swaying to the music, allowing him to twirl and dip you whenever he liked. You thought to yourself that this could be the start of something really great.


Derek had traded phone numbers with his dance partner before she left and then headed to the bar to meet up with JJ, Emily, Penelope and Hotch, who were all standing there, open-mouthed and completely dumbfounded.

“What? Cat got your tongues?” he asked, unaware of what they were staring at. As he followed their gaze, his face mimicked their own. Spencer was in the middle of the dance floor, dancing and kissing his mysterious brunette.

“Well,” he blurted out. “Look at Pretty Ricky go.”

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What size shirt do you wear (there is a reason for this. I am not just being creepy. I swear) also. Do you prefer Baseball Tees, normal t-shirts, or slouchy, off the shoulder shirts?

I do not know what to make of this Anon but I suppose it depends on the softness of the material (tri-blend cotton is a v important factor to my life and happiness)? and I’m generally a small? I don’t know why I’m answering questions with questions but it feels like the right thing to do

Distracted - The Joker

It had been a while after your little chat with J and your relationship was better than ever. He was more affectionate, in private, and he was less aggressive. He even let you come on a heist with him but you were the getaway driver.

You were bored at home, very bored. You had already made dinner and there wasn’t anything that caught your eye when you went online shopping and there was literally nothing good on T.V. From what he said, J was back at the club having a few meetings with his ‘business partners’. You took his absence as a way to get the house cleaned up. You started n your bedroom, putting away clean clothes, filling up a load of dirty clothes and vacuuming your bedroom floor. The ensuite was tidied too and the tub was wiped down with bleach. Then you moved onto the kitchen, which was relatively clean from cooking dinner. The living room just needed to be vacuumed and dusted. Most of the other, less used, rooms were still clean from the maid service that would clean the house fully every month.

There was one place that still needed to be cleaned. The Office. The Office was J’s private home office. Only a few people had been granted access to his room, you being the 3rd one after your conversation. The Office housed all of J’s money, his jewels, his weapons, his ammo, his files on the city, his files on the Bat, blackmail items, anything of value was locked up in there. It had a 4 point security, biometric finger scanner, an iris scanner, voice recognition and a password. Armed with a duster, the vacuum, a damp cloth and a spray bottle you entered his office.

You had probably been in the Office about 3 times. Always accompanied by J. It still made you feel uneasy being in the room, you didn’t know why but it felt odd being in there. It was like you were stood directly in J’s mind. The room was dark with bursts of colour sporadically splattered around. A desk sat towards a wall with an iMac set up ontop of it. A fire place with two seats was opposite it on the other side of the room. Cabinets lined the walls next to the door and to the left of the desk stood the door to his vault. Only J could get through the vault, not even Frosty had made his way to having access to it. 

The first thing you did was dust the surfaces. A playlist of your favourite songs was blaring through the house’s new sound system as you cleaned his room. You were finishing up the vacuum when you felt a pair of eyes boring int you. You stopped the vacuum and looked up to see J standing in the doorway with what looked like his new business partner.

“Look who we have here.” J said leaning in the doorway

“I thought you were going to be home later, babe” You replied, turning off the hoover and standing there awkwardly

“Our friend here needed some cash.”

He stepped into the room and beelined for the vault. He put in his various passwords and scanned different bodyparts before the vault door opened with a hiss. From where you were stood you could see piles of green paper. Guns and knives were hung up on the walls as were some jackets and a handbag, one that looked very familiar to a bag that was to come on sale very soon. It was expensive as hell and only a select few people would be able to buy it and there was one sitting in J’s vault.

J came back out with two wads of cash. He shut the door of the vault and you could hear the clanks of the numerous locks locking themselves into place. J threw the money at the gangster while he stared at you hungrily. You were wearing a slouchy t-shirt and leggings and your hair was out of your face.

The men stood there for a few more moments in silence

“Leave” He commanded.

His men scurried off leaving you and J in the room alone. 

“I was so bored without you, doll”

“Well, you shouldn’t have left me at home then”

J leant on his desk with his legs apart. You stood between them and his hands encircled your hips.

“You’re coming with me tomorrow, kitten”

“Good, because this cleaning is boring”

His hand snaked around your neck and pulled your head down to meet his lips. You pulled back and rested your forehead on his.

“You hungry babe? I made chicken”

“I would much rather eat you, doll. But I suppose chicken will do”

You laughed and moved out from his legs to the kitchen. The pair of you had dinner and then it was straight to the bedroom where you sat reading a book and J sat screaming insults down the phone to a client.

The next morning you woke to J’s arm clamped over your waist. You turned and faced him. He looked most peaceful when he was asleep. His lips were pale pink with the remnants of his lipstick and his hair wasn’t in its usual slicked back style. His mouth was parted to let out a stream of breath. You convinced him to take some mild sleeping pills to help him sleep. They knocked him out but given the right decibel of noise he’d wake right up. 

You rolled out of the bed and padded into the bathroom to quickly shower. Once you had finished you wrapped yourself up in a fluffy white robe and went to pick out your outfit. In natural lavish joker style, the two of you shared a walk in wardrobe. Most of it was taken up by your stuff but J’s clothes took up a sizeable chunk too it was like a 65:35 split. While you were deliberating between two outfit choices you heard shuffling and the tap finally turning on. J was awake. You finally settled on a bodycon dress with lacing at the neck. You scrolled through your social media feeds and once you were done J sauntered into the wardrobe.

“Morning babe”

“Morning, dollface”


“I’ll get Frosty to order something. Daddy’s feeling a little stressed and you know what that means”

You giggled.

“I guess I showered for nothing.”

“Oh on the contrary”

J stalked towards you.

“The robe helps” he muttered, untying your robe and opening it, revealing your naked body.

Hours later J finally decided that the two of you should leave for ‘work’. He already missed one client meeting, not that he cared, and couldn’t be late for another. The pair of you dressed alongside each other and were finished at the same time. You walked to the garage and waited by the Lambo.

“Were going in the Range tonight, Y/N”

“Really frosty? I wanted to drive tonight”

“Boss’ orders”

You rolled your eyes and sat in the back. A few seconds later, J took his seat next to you and his hand slid onto your thigh. Drives were always quiet, J liked to look along the streets of his city like a king would. You would stare out of the windows too or you’d scroll through your phone, either way, there would be total silence. 

A few minutes later, frosty pulled into the club’s car park. The range was parked in J’s spot and the two of you exited the car. J’s arm wrapped its self around your waist as the patrons of the club stared at the two of you, shocked at the fact that they were actually looking at the clown king and his queen.

The two of you walked into the V.I.P section and immediately a bottle of champagne and a bottle of whisky was bought out. 

You read the labels on the bottle and were surprised.

“Bought out the expensive shit tonight huh?”

“Only the best for my princess.”

You pulled the bottle out of the ice bucket and ripped off the golf foil, you unscrewed the metal cage and popped the cork off, not spilling a drop. J looked on at you and a sense of pride filled him. He knew he had chosen well when it came to you. You sipped on the expensive alcohol as a heavily tattooed man walked into your section followed by his own goons. J leant forward on his cane as you sat back in the plush leather seats.

“Joker, Anthony Delfino. Pleased to meet you”


Slightly nervously, Anthony sat down on the seat opposite the two of you flanked by a goon on either side.

“This beautiful woman next to me is my doll, you so much as breath next to her and ill chop off your dick and feed it to you.”

You gave a small smile as a hello and continued to sip on your champagne as the boys discussed business. So far, a rich jeweller was going to be visiting Metropolis and Mr Delfino wanted J’s skill to acquire some new pieces.

“Why don’t you just buy them?” You asked, cutting through J’s conversation.

“Excuse me?”

“You look rich enough. That’s an Armani suit, a $20,000 Rolex on your wrist. a $15,000 signet ring not to mention your men’s firearms just about misses the mark to rival J’s. So why don’t you just pay for them?”

Delfino didn’t know how to respond and J sat there smirking at you.

“I’m gonna go powder my nose and talk to some girls, I’ll be back soon babe”

“Uh uh uh,” J said, wagging his finger.

You turned around

“You’re forgetting something”

You bent your head down and quickly kissed him, well as quick as you could. When it came to kisses, J liked long rough kisses. You turned around and J slapped your ass lightly before you left. 

The V.I.P section wasn’t too far from the bar or the dance floor. You walked into the bathroom and pulled out your lipstick and swiped another layer on.

“You know the Joker’s here tonight?”

“Yeah with his girl, I heard she’s a total bitch”

You took out your powder compact and dusted over your face.

The girls turned the corner and their jaws snapped shut.

“Thanks for the compliment boo, it’s not that easy being a boss bitch, not that you’d know with your 3 month old weave”

You snapped the compact shut and fluffed your hair. You checked for lipstick on your teeth and were finally ready to leave when you turned to the other girl. 

“Your tracks are showing too, might want to get it sewn in profesionally next time”

The girls touched their hair as you walked out of the bathroom and to the bar. J caught your eye and you blew him a kiss before leaning ontothe bar and waving your hand for service.

“Hey, Y/N!”

“Monique! you didn’t tell me you were working today.”

“Yeah I got called in last minute. You want the usual?”


“Be right back”

You slid onto one of the bar stools as you waited for your drink.

“You come here often?”

You turned your head to the stranger that sat next to you..

“Yeah you could say that”

“I’m Conor”


“I’d offer to buy you a drink but you seem like a woman who can buy her own”

“Yeeah and I just ordered one,”

“That too. I just wanted to seem smooth”

The guy picked up conversation with you and slowly moved closer. You didn’t notice but J did. His eyes never left you. His eyes stayed on the curve of your ass as you leant on the bar, they stayed on your lips as you spoke to the stranger.

“Mr. J?”

J snapped out of his anger fuelled trance.



“Frosty, you deal with the money. I have someone to deal with.”

J pulled the gun out of one of his goon’s holsters and swaggered out of his area. He made his way to you and Conor and placed the end of the barrel  on Conor’s neck. He flicked the safety off and loaded a bullet into the barrel.

“I told you my man was around,” You said in a sing-song voice as you sipped on your cocktail

“You think I should pull it, baby,” J asked smiling at you

“It’s your gun, you make the decision”

“I’m sorry! I swear I didn’t know she was your girl.”

“But everyone knows she’s my girl. Why don’t you?”

“I’m not a regular. This is my third time here”

“But you see, she’s my doll, and I don’t like other boys trying to play with what’s mine”

“I’m sorry dude, I’ll stay away. I swear”

J laughed and turned to you.

“What do I do, doll, should I shoot him?”

“Maybe in his arm. He did apologise after all.”

The gun left the base of his neck and a shot rang through the club as Conor howled in pain. J gave one of his infamous laughs and the two of you left the club

Again you drove home in silence. You slipped off your heels in the car and beelined straight for the kitchen and pulled out some leftover pizza. You quickly ate it and went into your room.

“Baby, I need to be unzipped.” You called out through the hallways.

“Boss is in The Office”

You groaned and had to unzip yourself. You got into PJs and wiped off the makeup and put your hair back before making your way into The Office yourself.

“I needed you to help me out of my dress,”

J was sat behind his large oak desk with his feet up. 

“I was a bit preoccupied.”

You padded forward and pushed J’s feet off the desk and you sitting in their place. He rolled forward on his chair and pulled you by your legs so that you were straddling him.

“I’ve been thinking, Doll”

you hummed.

“Were getting married. People think that they can flirt with whats mine.”

“Is this your way of proposing?”

“Take it as what you want. But you will become the clown Queen officailly. If I need to put a rock in your finger to let those idiots know you belong to me then I will.”

“Divorce is a messy ordeal baby”

“Then don’t give me a reason to need one”

You laughed

“Who said you’ll be the one asking for it?” You smirked.

A silence lay over you as J ran his hands up your sides 


J looked at you the slightest bit confused.

“I’ll marry you”

You pulled his head forward as he put one hand on your neck and the other around your waist, naturally, he dominated the kiss but you were used to it.

He pulled back and got up, supporting you. He walked over to his vault and unlocked it and finally let you in. J dropped you down and rummaged through a drawer and pulled out a ring box and pulled the handbag down from the wall. The flipped open the ring box and gave it to you. The diamond was huge. He picked your hand up from your side and slid the ring onto it. It was a large diamond on a bed of smaller diamonds that was sat  on a white gold band. You moved your hand in the light and watched it glimmer.

“Perfect fit”

“I know your body like the back of my hand.”

“Well why don’t you show me, daddy”

“Careful now! Don’t go saying something you’ll regret”

“Hmm who knew becoming a fiance would be the thing to turn you soft?”

“You have 15  seconds to be on that bed, wearing nothing but that rock on your finger. Understood?”

You smirked and walked out of The Office. It was going to be a long night.

Toxic (Handle with Care)

A/N: 2k SehunxKrystal for Nikki. So much sexual tension I felt crushed by the weight of it while writing. Accidental angst. Oops. Sorry I haven’t been a very good author lately ;;;;;;


She looked up as soon as he turned the corner into the hallway. Sehun stood at the end, eyebrow raised inquisitively at the unexpected guest sitting in front of his apartment.

Krystal rolled her eyes and sighed impatiently. “Shut up and open the door.”

Sehun mimicked her eye roll and adjusted the backpack haphazardly slipping off his shoulder. “How about a ‘please’? Or a ‘hi’? Or better yet, how about an explanation ‘cause I distinctly remember you telling Jongin that you never wanted to see him again.”

“I’m not here to see that bastard,” she said indignantly. “I left a sweatshirt in his room.”

“I thought you got all your stuff last week. I’ve still got the broken plate you threw at his head to prove you were here.”

Krystal got up from the floor, hiding a smirk behind her hair before flipping it away from her face. “I can’t find it, and the last time I wore it was in his room.”

Sehun finally approached her and she stood up straighter, pressing herself against the door and making it obvious that she wasn’t going to move until he let her in.

“Open the door, please?” Krystal gave a small smile, even batted her lashes sweetly for added effect.

Sehun took a step closer, which Krystal clearly did not expect. He towered over her, watching in mild amusement as her confidence wavered from the sudden close proximity.

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❅Merry Christmas!❅

In celebration of the holidays, please have this winter headcanon extravaganza~

  • One year, Kagami invites Kuroko over to his house on Christmas Eve. Kuroko explains to him, “Kagami-kun, in Japan, typically couples celebrate that day together.” To which Kagami blushes and stutters, “S-shut up! I know that! Are you coming over or not?!”
  • And with both of them knowing those implications, with Kagami’s cheeks red and Kuroko’s ears pink, they spend the whole day together.
  • Thanks to Kagami and his holiday cooking, Kuroko discovers a love for eggnog.
  • Kuroko wears a big, fluffy Santa hat around the holidays. Kagami nearly dies, of both laughter and how cute it is.
  • Then Nigou wears a matching Santa hat and Kagami’s in twice the trouble.
  • Kuroko has this habit of breathing onto chilled windows, then absentmindedly writing Kagami’s name or the characters for “love” in the condensation. It drives Kagami crazy with embarrassment and overwhelming affection.
  • Kagami makes the absolute best hot cocoa. It’s so rich and sweet and amazing, that Kuroko nearly swoons when it touches his tongue, especially when Kagami adds a dash of vanilla just for him.
  • It’s so much colder in Japan than it ever was in L.A., and Kagami’s never prepared for how much it snows. But it’s okay, because Kuroko’s always there to wrap his scarf around Kagami’s neck.
  • And when Kagami forgets his gloves, Kuroko gives him one of his own, then promptly twines their free hands together to shove in Kagami’s pocket. Kagami conveniently “forgets” his gloves a lot after that.
  • Both of them try to build a snowman together, but it devolves into an impromptu snowball fight after Kuroko tries to give it Kagami stick-eyebrows. Kuroko inevitably wins with an ignite passed snowball to Kagami’s face, though it’s a moot victory when Kagami tackles him and rolls with him in the snow.
  • Kuroko’s favorite part of winter is wearing fuzzy socks. It quickly becomes one of Kagami’s as well when he realizes how unbearably adorable Kuroko is in just one of his shirts and slouchy socks.
  • And Kagami’s favorite part of winter is waking up in the middle of the night with an armful of Kuroko, tangled together in search of warmth, and burying his face in Kuroko’s hair, just so Kuroko responsively nuzzles back in his sleep.
  • Finally, Kuroko carries a sprig of mistletoe, just so he can reach up and dangle it in front of Kagami’s face, and even though it isn’t technically above them, he still indulges Kuroko in a dozen mischievous and laughing kisses.

Your Guide to Travel Basics

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Okay. Blurb not happening tonight. I feel really shitty about it but I’m only about halfway done and it’s really late and I’m really tired.

Rather than give another tired apology that I’m sure you guys are sick of reading I’m gonna leave you with a little thirst post/imagine that will hopefully make up for it a little bit. Enjoy <3

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Sherlock Holmes and the gang has apparently been able to go back in time, Jim Moriarty returning from the dead, Sherlock convention dates for the US are far out in space; unknown to fangirl-kind, episode release dates are mythological…We don’t need any more MYSTERIES, or do we?

Hey Sherlock fans of Tumblr, it’s Amira & Alliah here again from Consulting Fangeeks HQ. After all the mysterious stuff the Sherlock fandom has experienced lately, We want to join the drama with a little thing we call a giveaway, or to be more precise about it,


We’ve gathered for you guys an AMAZING collection of goodies to satisfy the heartfelt feelings of hiatus and mystery. Up for grabs is:

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“Sherlock & John” Dangle Earrings.

“Jim Moriarty” Necklace.

We will be choosing 4 winners for this giveaway, so your chances are a LOT higher than just 1 winner. We will randomly choose a prize for each winner, so your prize is a complete mystery.


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  • We will ship anywhere in the world!!!
  • The 4 winners will be randomly chosen and notified on March 1st 2015.

So good luck and Have fun! :D

-Consulting Fangeeks Team

Being partnered on a project with Michael and arranging for the two of you to work on it together in your dorm room. And he’s already super nervous for it because over the course of your time together in class he’s developed a huge crush on you, but then you open the door with your hair pulled back in a ponytail and glasses perched on your nose, and he can already feel his heart racing. And he’s already falling in love with the freckles and marks that are usually hidden underneath your makeup. Usually seeing you so put together in class, he’s stumbling over his words at the sight of you standing in the doorway wearing a slouchy t-shirt that almost covers the shorts you have on. The whole night spent next to you on your bed working, he’s resisting the urge to push your glasses up when they fall down or move the pieces of hair that fall out of your ponytail behind your ear. Blushing when you catch him him staring and tell him to keep working, while you try yourself to hide the rosy colour forming on your cheeks.

For anarchyaustralia and calumspiercedhood College!5sos blurb night!!