slouchy t shirts

The Tayvin Wooing Series

The knock at the door came unexpectedly, even though she knew he was on his way up – perks of having security. No one can take you by surprise at your front door. Yet, the gentle thud of his knuckles on her door caused a disruption in her thoughts, in her heartbeat. She looked at the time. Almost fifty minutes have passed since his unknown phone number called her and he invited himself over to her apartment. Since then, she threw on two different outfits before deciding the navy shorts with a slouchy white t-shirt set the mood very distinctly that this was a very casual thing. This wasn’t a date because she dresses up for dates; for casual things, she wears casual clothes. She had lit a candle, inviting the smoky scent of sandalwood to fill the room. No reason other than to make her place smell inviting. Not to set the romantic mood.

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